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  “Due to the advertising on
  your website, we have
  dramatically increased the
  interest in our products
  from valuable decision
  Thanks and keep up the
  good work!”

  Ross Power
  Powerhouse Building
  Solutions Inc.

5 Reasons You Should Advertise Here!

 1. Get Qualified Leads By Targeting Decision Makers
  • Our site users are Pros: They are among the leading builders, renovators, trades, specifiers, and other professionals in BC

  • They are receptive: Visitors are doing research, and are receptive to ads related to the topic of their search

  • They are a hot demographic: Internet users are better educated, more affluent, and leaders in their fields

  • You can be selective: Choose specific Topic sections of the site where you want your ad displayed
 2. Increase Your Exposure By Having Your Ad Seen Quickly & Often
  • Your ad will be highly visible, placed close to the top of the pages

  • Prospects see your ad often. It is displayed on every page within a site Topic

  • 24/7 exposure to prospects any time of day, at work, home, or on the road

  • Our loyal users regularly return to view new content and do more research

  • More effective than “one-time” view in newspaper, magazine or yellow pages
 3. Gain Recognition & Trust By Delivering Your Complete Story
  • Optimize your branding by displaying your logo in full colour (at no additional cost), along with your company name and your offer

  • Prospects click directly to your Web site to find out more about your company, your products, and credentials (not possible with print ads or commercials)

  • Improve your ad or offer “on the fly” by monitoring its effectiveness, re-designing, and inserting an upgraded ad (at no additional cost)

  • You are associated with a trusted source of industry information and news
 4. Save Time & Money By Getting Instant Results
  • Traditional advertising is a one-way mechanism, usually without any way for customers to immediately act on your information

  • Online ads get immediate response as prospects can click to learn more, make decisions, e-mail you, or possibly even buy on the spot
 5. Ensure You Are Spending Wisely By Tracking Your Return On Investment
  • Web site ads are the most trackable advertising available

  • You know how many times your ad is viewed

  • You know how many interested buyers click through to your Web site

Support Services For Advertisers

We help you plan the advertising that best suits your needs. Our team can help you:

  • Select the best placement areas for your ads
  • Design your ad copy

To reserve your ad spaces, or to inquire about advertising you can;

Thank you for considering BC Building Info as one of your promotional channels.



“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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