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October 28, 2014


1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends
2. Business Management
3. Building Design & Trends
4. Codes Standards & Regulations
5. Building Science & Technology
6. Building Performance Issues
7. Products & Suppliers
8. Installation & Procedures
9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation
10. Information Sources
11. Conferences & Shows
12. Education & Training
13. Costs & Savings
14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

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Here is another special BC Building Info issue on green building and energy efficieny.

The regular BC Building Info newsletter covering all industry topics will come your way in a few weeks as usual. Hope you find at least a wee bit of value here somewhere.

Have a “Top Drawer” day.

Ken Farrish

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Ken's Top Pick

Building Officials Association of BC online slide show presentations provide overviews of new 2014 BCBC Energy Efficiency Requirements for Part 9 Buildings. (PDFs)

BC Code 9.36 Energy Requirements For Part 9 Buildings, Introduction

BC Code 9.36 Energy Requirements For Part 9 Buildings, Building Envelope

BC Code 9.36 Energy Requirements For Part 9 Buildings, Airtightness

BC Code 9.36 Energy Requirements For Part 9 Buildings, HVAC & Water Heating

BC Code 9.36 Energy Requirements For Part 9 Buildings, Ventilation

BC Code 9.36 Energy Requirements For Part 9 Buildings, Compliance Options

1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends

Green Builders Must Battle For Fair Market Valuation
Builder Magazine says sustainable, energy-saving homes don't always appraise for what they're worth.

Net-Zero Home Builders Push The Envelope
Green Energy Futures discusses the three super energy efficient homes in the mature Edmonton neighbourhood of Belgravia.

Edmonton Proves Hot Spot For Net Zero Homes
Edmonton Journal says what was once a niche environmental dream is edging toward the mainstream, and enthusiasts say Edmonton is a hot spot for net-zero technology in wintry Canada. At least 27 homes that produce as much energy as they consume have been completed here and several more are under construction, including a net-zero office building.

KB Home Builds ZeroHouse 3.0 In Northern California
Market Watch says the 5th-largest home builder in the US unveiled its second ultra-efficient house in California, with double zero energy features.

Zero Energy Building Revenue Expected To Exceed $1.4 Trillion By 2035
Navigant Research study says worldwide revenue from Zero Energy Buildings is expected to grow from $629 million annually in 2014 to more than $1.4 trillion in 2035.

Green Movement, Where It's Been and Where It's Headed
Reed Construction Data considers the energy and economic frameworks of tomorrow’s world.

2011 Survey Of Canadian Household Energy Use
Natural Resources Canada 2011 Survey Of Canadian Household Energy Use includes data on energy consumption habits of households, dwelling characteristics, usage of appliances, energy efficiency characteristics, and energy consumption. (PDF)

2014 Emerging Themes In Energy Management
When reviewing applications for the 2014 Energy Star Partner of the Year awards for Energy Management, they noticed 12 major themes that seemed to keep popping up. They describe what the best-of-the-best are doing to enhance their world-class energy programs. (PDF)

Climate Policy Implications Of Hiatus In Global Warming
Fraser Institute study Climate Policy Implications of the Hiatus in Global Warming highlights the pause or hiatus in global warming and what it means for public policy in Canada and around the world. It says there has been no statistically significant temperature change over the past 15 to 20 years, despite an 11 per cent increase in atmospheric greenhouse gas levels since 1995.

2. Business Management

Canadian Net Zero Energy Housing Council
Canadian Home Builders Association new Net Zero Energy Housing Council supports industry innovation with the goal of creating a market advantage for CHBA builder and renovator members.

BC Employers Now Able To Apply To Canada Job Grant Program
Journal Of Commerce says federal government has announced that as of October 24th employers in British Columbia can apply for the Canada Job Grant program.

Best Practices Guides To Employing Women In Trades
BC Industry Training Authority online Best Practices Guide to Employing Women in the Trades will help you to create a work environment to get the most out of all of your employees.

Economics Of Change
International Living Future Institute project The Economics of Change is a collaborative effort that unites theoretical approaches of ecological economics and practical techniques of real estate appraisal and valuation. The project expands the methodologies used to evaluate the multiple benefits of high performance green buildings and infrastructure.

Energy Efficiency Factoids That Will Influence Investors
Energy Efficiency Markets says the energy saved in 2011 by the US and 10 other countries that are members of the International Energy Agency puts in perspective just how important energy efficiency has become. Together, the 11 countries reduced their energy use by more than all of the fuel consumed by the European Union from all energy sources combined.

How A Risk Screening Tool Can Set Up Solar For Success
GreenBiz says Rocky Mountain Institute and the truSolar working group have developed a risk-screening tool targeted toward middle-market commercial solar projects.

Hard Truths Of Home Performance
Green Building Advisor contributor says among other hard truths, residential energy retrofit work isn’t cost-effective.

Keeping Millennials At Peak Performance In Home Performance
Home Energy magazine describes strategies to keep millennials at their peak performance in a Home Performance Company.

3. Building Design & Trends

Optimized Climate Solutions For New Homes
Building America Solution Center online interactive map provides climate-specific guidance on Building America’s Optimized Solutions for New Homes.

Top Things To Consider In Building Green Homes
Green Building Advisor podcast describes the first 7 of 15 things that you don’t want to blow on your next green building project.

More Top Things To Consider In Building Green Homes
Green Building Advisor podcast describes the other 8 of 15 things that you don’t want to blow on your next green building project.

Passive House Explained In 90 Seconds
EcoBuilding online video explains the basics and benefits of passive house design.

Passive Narrow House In Vancouver
Sustainable Architecture and Building magazine says the Passive Narrow House in East Vancouver makes green home ownership more affordable through careful planning, use of simple forms, and a combination of inexpensive yet durable materials that reduce maintenance costs.

Passive House Gains Momentum In Apartment Design
Building Design & Construction magazine says Passive House, an ultra-efficient building standard that originated in Germany, has been used for single-family homes since its inception in 1990. Only recently has the concept made its way into the commercial market.

Net-Zero & Net-Positive Design
Building Research & Information article says in ‘Shifting from net-zero to net-positive energy buildings’, Cole and Fedoruk explore the notion of net-positive energy by viewing the role of a building in adding value to its context and systems in which it is part.

Design Challenges Of NIST Net Zero Energy Residential Test Facility
Building Science describes the ten general principles for the design of net-zero energy capable houses, and specific strategies and details that were used for the design of the Net Zero Energy Residential Test Facility.

Toward Zero Net Energy Super High-Rise Commercial Buildings
Continental Automated Building Association online report Toward Zero Net Energy Super High-Rise Commercial Buildings examines the driving force for zero net energy buildings, various definitions and technologies, and a concept for a feasible net-zero solution applied to a building cluster consisting of an office building and homes. (PDF)

Hungerford Builds Green Industrial Building Without Certification
Real Estate News Exchange says Vancouver's Hungerford Properties is riding the wave of green industrial development and bucking convention by bypassing LEED certification.

4. Codes Standards & Regulations

BC Building Code Requirements Part 3 Energy Efficiency
BC Homeowner Protection Office and BC Hydro Power Smart online videos of five webinars describe how to apply the 2011 National Energy Code for Buildings and ASHRAE 90.1 2010 standards to different sections of the Building Code for large residential buildings.

Better Than Code In Ontario Uses HERS
Canadian Residential Energy Services Network online video describes their Ontario program, Better Than Code, that provides builders flexibility in meeting the new energy efficiency requirements in the 2017 Ontario Building Code.

LEED for Homes v2008 Energy Requirements
US Green Building Council says beginning on October 1, 2014, newly registering LEED Homes projects are required to meet new energy requirements. LEED for Homes v2008 addresses changes made to energy codes over the last three years in the residential construction market sector.

WELL Building Standard
International Well Building Institute developed the WELL Standard to enhance people’s health and wellness in the built environment. Free registration required.

Health & Wellness Guidelines Coming From Interior Designers
Building Green says with demand for healthy buildings on the rise, American Society of Interior Designers are developing protocols to put principles into practice.

Refrigerators & Freezers Energy Star Version 5.0 Effective September 15, 2014
Energy Star Version 5.0 specification for residential refrigerators and freezers came into effect September 15, 2014. The specification requires certified models use at least 10 percent less energy than US minimum efficiency standards set by regulations effective in 2014. Canadian regulations are being brought into alignment with U.S. standards. (PDF)

Energy Star Score For Multifamily Housing In US
Energy Star Score for Multifamily Housing applies to buildings that contain 20 or more residential living units. The objective is to provide a fair assessment of the energy performance of a property relative to its peers, taking into account the climate, weather, and business activities at the property.

US Building Industry Groups To Streamline Green Building Tool Coordination & Development
International Code Council, ASHRAE, American Institute of Architects, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and the US Green Building Council will collaborate on the development of Standard 189.1, the International Green Construction Code and the LEED green building program.

Is It Time For Anti-LEED?
ArchDaily says the LEED rating systems were a great idea in the beginning, but they have become a symbol of all that is wrong with green building today. Getting a LEED rating is slow, difficult, and expensive, and the rating is skewed heavily to Gizmo Green solutions that are completely ignorant of where the building is being built, and for whom.

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As a BUILT GREEN® builder, you’re able to pass on the benefits--a healthier, more comfortable, durable home with a lower environmental impact.
And BUILT GREEN® homes are affordable with a reduction in monthly operating costs, rebates, and more.

5. Building Science & Technology

The Difference Between Efficiency & Efficacy
Green Building Advisor describes the reason that the term efficacy pops up frequently in the field of energy efficiency.

Zeroing In On Net Zero
Building Science describes issues and considerations around practical limits to the efficiency we can squeeze out of a house and its systems and occupant behavior.

All About Attics
Green Building Advisor article provides answers to frequently asked questions about the space under your roof.

Determining The Best Attic Option
Green Building Advisor says choosing between a conditioned or unconditioned attic hinges on the merits of spray foam insulation.

Solar Hot Water Heater Thermosiphon
Building America online Solution Center describes features, benefits, and design considerations for solar hot water heater thermosiphon.

Modern Approaches To Wood-Fired Hydronic Heating
Plumbing and Mechanical magazine describes features and considerations for modern wood-fired hydronic heating systems.

Enlighten Yourself About Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
NRCan offers a quick online reference guide to the main types of light bulbs that are available to consumers, including halogen, compact fluorescent and LED. They describe various performance characteristics that you need to know to pick the right bulb for the job. (PDF)

Thermal Benefits Of Light To Dark Roofs & Alternate Insulation Strategies
RDH Building Engineering Ltd. study Conventional Roofing Assemblies: Measuring the Thermal Benefits of Light to Dark Roof Membranes and Alternate Insulation Strategies looks at both insulation and roof membrane color and utilizes calibrated energy modeling to look at the impact in different climate zones. (PDF)

Energy Efficient Glass In The Battle For The Wall
REMI Networks article explains the future of the Canadian glass industry isn’t opaque; it’s full of sustainable possibility.

6. Building Performance Issues

Why You Should Keep Your Home Air Filter Clean
US Residential Energy Services Network describes why air filters need to be cleaned regularly in order for your HVAC system to function effectively.

NOx Inserts & Heat Exchanger Failure
David R describes issues and considerations around NOx inserts and heat exchanger failure.

Evaluating DHW Distribution System Options With Validated Analysis Models
US Department of Energy report Evaluating Domestic Hot Water Distribution System Options With Validated Analysis Models summarizes a developing body of work that collects data on domestic hot water consumption, water use behaviors, and energy efficiency of various distribution systems. (PDF)

Residential Consumer Electronics Energy Consumption In 2013
ACEEE paper Residential Consumer Electronics Energy Consumption in 2013 reports on consumer electronics energy consumption in homes in 2013. (PDF)

Achieving 2012 IECC Air Sealing Requirements In Multifamily Dwellings
US Department of Energy report Challenges of Achieving 2012 IECC Air Sealing Requirements in Multifamily Dwellings summarizes research that was conducted to assess the feasibility of meeting the 2012 IECC air leakage requirements in 3 multifamily buildings. (PDF)

Guidelines For Multifamily Energy Ratings
RESNET online Guidelines for Multifamily Energy Ratings provide guidance specific to multifamily ratings based on the RESNET national home energy rating standards. The guidelines address definitions, energy modeling, performance testing, inspections, and sampling. (PDF)

Imprecision Of HERS Ratings
Energy Vanguard says a home energy rating is supposed to tell you how energy efficient your home is. A certified home energy rater goes to the home and collects data relevant to energy consumption in the home, then enters data into energy modeling software to get results: consumption for heating, cooling, water heating, lights, and appliances plus this thing called a HERS Index. But what if the results were off by 50%, 100%, or even more?

Major Energy Reporting Initiative Soon To Hit Canada
Real Estate Management Industry News says with energy reporting initiative Green Button currently being rolled out in Ontario, property managers and building owners are a step closer to better managing their energy consumption.

7. Products & Suppliers

Giant & Best Canadian Hot Water Heaters Recalled
BC Safety Authority says Giant Inc. has issued a voluntary recall for atmospheric gas water heater models in 30, 40, 50 or 60 gallon capacities. The Giant and Best Canadian hot water heaters are white and have a red Giant logo or a red Best logo, attached to the upper front portion of the outside surface of the device. Under certain circumstances, there could be a higher risk of fire or explosion of the flammable material.

Top Shelf Products From GreenBuild 2014
Builder Magazine highlights innovative and eco-friendly products from GreenBuild 2014.

Top 10 Green Products for 2015
Building Green, publisher of the GreenSpec Directory and Environmental Building News displays their picks for the Top 10 Green Building Products of 2015.

Top 10 Plants For Living Roofs
EcoBuilding Pulse says a green roof can help regulate a home's temperature year-round, but you need to choose plants that can rough it.

3 Myths About Fiberglass Windows Debunked
Home Energy debunks three of the most popular myths about fiberglass windows.

Solar Water Heating Systems
CMHC describes features, benefits and considerations for various types of solar water heating systems.

High Efficacy Lighting
Building America Solution Center describes types, issues and considerations for selecting energy efficient lighting.

Adaptive Thermostats
Home Energy Pros online webinar video shows that in buildings where variations in occupancy would fool a standard programmable thermostat, new adaptive thermostats have potential for significant energy savings.

Get Ready For Smart Appliances
Green Building Advisor wonders if homeowners are willing to let utilities have remote control over their air conditioners, dishwashers, and refrigerators.

Sustainable Strategy For Precast Concrete
Construction Business study says Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute has published an ISO compliant Life Cycle Assessment study of a five-storey precast concrete building. The study represents the cornerstone of the precast industry’s sustainable strategy and its commitment to a sustainable future.

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8. Installation & Procedures

Excavationless Exterior Foundation Insulation Field Study
US Department of Energy report Excavationless Exterior Foundation Insulation Field Study summarizes installation of an innovative, minimally invasive foundation insulation upgrade technique on an existing home, using hydrovac excavation technology combined with liquid insulating foam. (PDF)

Buried & Encapsulated Ducts
US Department of Energy report Buried and Encapsulated Ducts evaluates insulating ducts in unconditioned space in three homes in Florida. This technique can reduce duct thermal losses, which can range from 10%-45% in single-family homes. (PDF)

Installing Ceiling Fans
Building America online guide describes basic steps for installing ceiling fans.

Results Of Roof-Only Air Sealing On 1 ½-Story Homes In Cold Climates
US Department of Energy report Airtightness Results of Roof-Only Air Sealing Strategies on 1 ½-Story Homes in Cold Climates shows the wide variation in air leakage reduction across the combined data indicates that there is a continued need to help contractors understand best practices for air sealing existing 1 ½-story homes, especially under the variety of conditions that might be encountered. (PDF)

Sustainable Water Heating Solutions
Plumbing Engineer says two water heating options for reducing the energy consumed for a building are instantaneous systems and storage-type water heaters. But you must be aware of the energy demand of a building with both of these options.

Solar Plumbing & Wiring Chase
Building America describes how to install a plumbing and wiring chase from the utility room to the roof space designated for the future solar hot water array.

Anti-Freeze Solar Hot Water
Building America Solution Center guide Anti-Freeze - Solar Hot Water describes basic steps for designing and installing an indirect (anti-freeze) solar hot water system.

Drain Back Solar Hot Water
Building America Solution Center online guide describes basic steps for designing a drainback solar hot water system.

9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation

Honda Smart Home Energy Modernization
Builder Magazine describes how the Honda Smart Home effectively uses renewable energy to embody the company’s vision of a zero carbon footprint for living and transportation.

Passive Heating From Solar Energy
Healthy Heating animation shows the passive loading of a building using short wave solar energy.

SunMine Solar Farm Construction Begins In Kimberley
CBC News says construction on SunMine, the biggest solar field west of Ontario, is part of a $5.3M project to make use of a contaminated mine site in Kimberley, British Columbia.

Realizing True Value Of Solar Energy In Alberta
Canadian Solar Industries Association online policy position paper From Proven Reserve to Developed Resource: Realizing the True Value of Solar Energy in Alberta, outlines recommendations that would ensure a meaningful role for solar energy in Alberta's electricity mix. (PDF)

Technology Roadmap For Solar PV
International Energy Agency online Technology Roadmap for Solar PV shows how solar photovoltaic systems could generate up to 16% of the world’s electricity by 2050. (PDF)

Overview Of Combined Heat & Power
US National Institute of Building Sciences online Whole Building Design Guide provides an overview of combined heat & power including introduction, description, applications, emerging issues, relevant codes, standards, and guidelines, and additional resources.

Overview Of Hybrid-Electric Vehicles
Natural Resources Canada online video describes features, benefits, and considerations for hybrid-electric vehicles.

Potential For Wireless Vehicle Charging
US Department of Energy says wireless charging has the power to greatly increase the convenience and accessibility of plug-in electric vehicle charging for drivers.

Wind Power O & M In Canada
Wind Energy Update report Wind Power O & M In Canada whitepaper provides insight into the blades, gearboxes and generators that are most capital-intensive components of a wind turbine. It discusses the causes for their failure, their reliability and their failure rates. Free registration required.

10. Information Sources

Online Construction Best Practices Manual
Hammer & Hand online Best Practices Manual describes field-tested construction details, many of which have been shaped by high performance building and Passive House building experience.

New Books On Green Building
Green Building Advisor provides review of four new books on sustainable home construction and net-zero buildings.

Online Fact Sheets On Sustainable Features
CMHC online fact sheets describe innovative technologies that can be used to make housing more energy and water efficient and reduce the environmental footprint.

Window Selection Tool Now Available As Mobile App
Home Energy Pros says Efficient Windows Collaborative has released a mobile app based on its web-based Window Selection Tool.

Net-Zero & Net-Positive Design
Taylor & Francis provides information and links to various published documents on net-zero and net-positive design.

Presentations Form Solar West 2014
Canadian Solar Industries Association provides access to online presentations from their Solar West 2014 conference.

The World's 14 Tallest Green Buildings
National Real Estate Investor says as green building technology advances, architects and developers are creating buildings that aren't just boldly innovative, but are increasingly bigger and taller. Here are the 14 tallest from around the world.

Business Energy Advisors
FortisBC says their Business Energy Advisors help business owners and managers identify energy-efficiency opportunities to help eliminate energy waste and improve profitability.

Online Guide To Green Infrastructure
American Society of Landscape Architects online guide provides information and resources on green infrastructure, including Overview Of The Benefits, Forests & Nature Reserves, Wildlife Habitat & Corridors, Cities, Constructed Wetlands, Green Streets, and Green Roofs & Walls.

11. Conferences & Shows

Intelligent Efficiency Conference
ACEEE is holding its first Intelligent Efficiency Conference in San Francisco, November 16-18. Speakers will include experts and thought leaders from the information and communication technologies, energy efficiency, utility, and end-user communities.

QUEST2014: Innovation To Implementation
Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow presents QUEST2014: Innovation to Implementation, held in Vancouver, December 1-3. This 8th annual conference & tradeshow will engage leading decision makers and practitioners from: Cities & local government; utilities; the real estate sector; technology & service providers; the energy industry; the finance sector; provincial & federal governments; and other community energy stakeholders.

2014 Canadian Solar Industry Conference
Canadian Solar Industries Association presents its annual conference and trade show in Toronto on December 8-9, aimed at all sectors of the solar and building industry.

Northwest Home Performance Conference 2015
Affordable Comfort presents the ACI Northwest Home Performance Conference 2015, which will be held in Seattle February 2-3. It offers leading educational and networking events in home performance and weatherization.

2014 RESNET Building Performance Conference
US Residential Energy Services Network 2015 RESNET Building Performance Conference is the premier national forum on home energy ratings, existing home retrofits, building codes and energy policy. It will take place in San Diego, February 16-18, 2015.

12. Education & Training

Online e-Learning Courses In Green Building
Canada Green Building Council offers on-demand online green building courses that are delivered to your desktop at your convenience.

Industry Courses On Green Building & Energy Efficient Homes
EnerQuality offers online and in-class green building curriculum with workshops to adopt a green building strategy for your business.

Understanding Project Management
Independent Contractors and Businesses Association course Understanding Project Management will be held in Burnaby, November 17-18. This two-day course is designed to provide an understanding of the elements of project management while providing a broad range of hands on experience addressing project challenges.

Pacific Housing Research Network Symposium
Pacific Housing and Research Network symposium will be held in Richmond on November 19th. Community-based practitioners, academics, students and government researchers from across housing sectors will share examples of promising practices in creating affordable housing.

BC Building Officials Fall Education Conference
Building Officials Association of BC is holding their Fall Education Conference in Richmond, November 26-28. The 3-days of education seminars are aimed at codes, building standards and regulations relating to the British Columbia Building, Plumbing and Fire Codes. (PDF)

Bootcamp In Home Performance Profits
Corbett Lunsford presents his online Fall Fast Track: 6 Week Master Class Revolutionizes Home Performance Business in the Private Market. It teaches you how to go beyond technical skills to being a master of home performance as a profitable business.

Guidelines For Home Energy Professionals
US Department of Energy project Guidelines for Home Energy Professionals helps establish a national residential energy upgrade industry and a skilled and credentialed workforce. It creates standard work specifications, advanced professional certifications for workers, and accredited training programs.

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13. Costs & Savings

Most BC Natural Gas Customers To See Commodity Rate Decrease
FortisBC has received approval from the BC Utilities Commission to decrease natural gas commodity rates for most customers starting October 1.

Diminishing Returns Of Adding Insulation
Green Building Advisor blog article describes considerations around the diminishing returns of adding more insulation.

The Green Home PC: How To Use Less Electricity
Windows Secrets describes some ways to measure how much AC power your gadgets soak up and how to put them on a power diet.

Replacement Of Variable-Speed Motors For Furnaces
US Department of Energy study Replacement of Variable-Speed Motors for Furnaces recommends BPM motor upgrades only in special circumstances in cold climate homes where: occupants use the furnace fan often for ventilation or filtration; there is a large cooling load; where the furnace or air conditioner, or both, are right-sized and run nearly 2,000 hours per year. (PDF)

It's Not About Space Heating
Green Building Advisor says if you’re designing a net-zero-energy house, it’s important to focus on domestic hot water and miscellaneous electrical loads.

Outcome-Based Approach To Building Energy
Plumbing Engineer magazine describes how an outcome-based approach to building design and operation can provide a path to energy-efficient buildings.

Evaluation Of Low-E Storm Windows In PNNL Lab Homes
US Department of Energy report Evaluation of Low-E Storm Windows in the PNNL Lab Homes summarizes a whole-home experiment performed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory that suggests attaching low-e storm windows can result in as much energy savings as replacing the windows. (PDF)

zEPI, The Zero Energy Performance Index
Plumbing Engineer describes the Zero Energy Performance Index (zEPI) that is a new scale used to evaluate the energy usage in buildings.

New App Tracks Your Carbon Footprint
Earth Techling describes a new app called Oroeco that places a carbon value on most of the decisions you make, including retail purchases, food options, energy consumption and, of course, travel.

14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

New Technology Helps BC Residential Customers Save Energy
Eligible BC Hydro customers can receive $35 off a home energy monitor, a device that can be used in the home and shows real-time electricity use in kilowatt hours, dollars and cents. The devices help homeowners make better decisions around when and how they use electricity.

Energy-Efficiency Incentives From City of Vancouver
City of Vancouver lists various grants and loans that are available for energy-efficiency improvements.

Langley Township Rewards Green Building
Langley Advance says a new program that encourages construction of extra-energy efficient homes has been introduced by Langley Township, and local builders are beginning to get on board. A Green Building Permit Rebate Program that helps developers create homes with energy efficiency beyond that required by the BC Building Code was implemented in January.

Consultation On Carbon Neutral & Net Zero Energy In BC
Light House Sustainable Building Centre study will formulate a systematic road map to achieve carbon neutral and net zero energy residential buildings by 2050. It will provide a series of policies & guidelines for key stakeholders to implement policy and best practices workshops around BC.

SolarShare Grows As Green Bonds Heat Up
Globe & Mail says a small Toronto co-op is tapping into the huge appetite for green investing by letting individual investors buy into solar projects across Ontario. SolarShare has raised $5-million in the past three years from about 700 members, who in return get a stake in a portfolio of rooftop and small ground-mount solar projects.

Designing A Mortgage Process For Energy Efficiency
Institute for Market Transformation study Designing a Mortgage Process for Energy Efficiency says to date, residential retrofit strategies have broadly targeted homeowners, with less emphasis placed on leveraging the home purchase process to trigger renovations early in a homeowner’s tenure. (PDF)

Free Small Commercial Energy Management Package For HVAC Contractors
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory free Energy Management Package can help HVAC contractors expand the business they do with small building owners by providing a simple step-by-step guide to provide basic energy management services. The package focuses on offices, retail, food service and food sales buildings, where large opportunities for low-cost energy savings exist. The project targets three to five percent energy savings per building through low-and no-cost measures.

Designing A One Knob Incentive Program
Green Building Advisor describes a contractor's proposal for a better way for utilities to subsidize energy-efficiency upgrades.

Online Policy Tool For Energy Renovation Programs
Global Buildings Performance Network online Policy Tool for Renovation compares and analyses twelve best practice renovation policies for residential buildings from Europe and the United States, using fourteen criteria that define a state of the art policy package. This detailed analysis of current best practice renovation policies supports decision makers to accelerate the design and implementation of more ambitious energy renovation policies.

Financing Green Retrofits For Affordable Housing
US Multi-Housing News says inherent complexities of the affordable sector make financing green retrofits at affordable properties particularly demanding task. Yet our industry has some very creative professionals that are turning to numerous sources to make federally assisted properties more efficient.

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