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January 6, 2014


1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends
2. Business Management
3. Building Design & Trends
4. Codes Standards & Regulations
5. Building Science & Technology
6. Building Performance Issues
7. Products & Suppliers
8. Installation & Procedures
9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation
10. Information Sources
11. Conferences & Shows
12. Education & Training
13. Costs & Savings
14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

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Here is another special BC Building Info issue on green building and energy efficieny.

The regular BC Building Info newsletter covering all industry topics will come your way in a few weeks as usual. Hope you find at least a wee bit of value here somewhere.

Have a “Top Drawer” day.

Ken Farrish

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Webinars Of Past Building Smart Seminars
BC Homeowner Protection Office archives their free, recorded webinars featuring industry experts presenting on a range of topics of interest to the residential construction sector.

1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends

Getting A Handle On BC Environmental Goods & Services Industry
Business Council of BC bulletin Getting a Handle on the Environmental Goods and Services Industry helps shed light on how green jobs and other environment-related activities contribute to the economy. It looks at the environmental goods and services producing sector of the economy. (PDF)

BC Tenants Eye Energy Savings & Space Savings
Business in Vancouver says seven years ago, Bob Rennie said green developments were all the rage, but during the recent CMHC housing outlook conference he said his firm’s survey of 3,700 homebuyers found that green is less of an explicit priority than it used to be.

Developing Roadmap To BC Low-Carbon Buildings
RDH Building Engineering discusses how governments and consumer associations can transform the market to achieve deep reductions in greenhouse gases from buildings, while making buildings more affordable and creating thousands of jobs.

Energy Efficiency, Engine Of Economic Growth In Canada
Acadia Center report Energy Efficiency: Engine of Economic Growth in Canada provides detailed analysis regarding the macroeconomic impacts of energy efficiency programs across Canada. (PDF)

Experts Name Top 10 Greenest Cities In The World
EcoBuilding Pulse says Dual Citizen report ranks the top 10 greenest cities in the world according to their perceived Global Green Economy Index.

10 Things For Solar Industry To Look Out For In 2015
Renewable Energy World offers some cautions about the many announcements to come as the solar industry begins another year in competition with entrenched (and getting cheaper) conventional energy, another year surviving well-meaning government interference, another year of technological progress and struggles to maintain a margin.

Top 10 US Energy Efficiency Stories Of 2014
Energy Efficiency Markets says the top energy efficiency stories of 2014 reveal an industry that’s not only growing, but also redefining itself to capture its full worth. This was a year of mega deals, utility soul searching, rising new tech, rising old tech, financing innovation, and policy invigoration.

7 Home Performance Trends To Watch In 2015
OmStout Consulting says looking ahead to 2015, they see a lot more of the same from 2014 for contractors in the residential energy and efficiency arena. Contractors who figure out how to run their businesses well will thrive, but those who are hoping for programs, mandates, and high energy prices to run their businesses for them won’t do as well.

2. Business Management

Four Reasons Buyers Choose Energy-Efficient Homes
Builder Magazine article describes how to market the benefits of a green home without talking about green features.

Solar Becoming The Norm Thanks To Big US Builders
Construction Dive says Lennar, the second-largest US homebuilder, allows homeowners to purchase or rent the non-optional solar system.

What Buyers Want In Energy-Efficient Home
Builder Magazine says sustainability is important to buyers, but many are confused by the way it's marketed, according to the latest Energy Pulse survey.

3 Simple Green Home Marketing Rules
Home Innovation Research Labs says following some simple green home marketing rules can help you get the most out of your commitment to green by helping buyers better understand what they will get (and what they won't be lacking) by buying a green home.

Business Considerations For Home Performance Contracting
Energy Conservatory online Home Performance Contracting eBook discusses some business considerations for companies considering providing home performance services. (PDF)

Know Nuances Of Energy Benchmarking
Energy Efficiency Markets says energy benchmarking programs may sound fairly simple, but there are a few challenges and tips to be cognizant of before implementing a program.

From Energy Benchmarking To Green Appraisal
Building Rating says while greenhouse gas emissions and energy security receive substantial attention, the financial benefits that arise from benchmarking policies should not be discounted, and in fact more effort should be directed towards properly valuing high-performing buildings.

HECO-SolarCity Partnership Turning Solar Into Grid Asset
Utility Dive describes how the HECO-SolarCity partnership may change how we think about solar interconnection and utility-installer relations.

3. Building Design & Trends

Finalists For 2014 CHBA National SAM Awards
Canadian Home Builders Association lists the finalists for their 2014 CHBA National SAM Awards, recognizing Canadian housing excellence. (PDF)

Mountain Retreat Elevates Zero Energy Design To New Heights
Custom Home magazine describes a contemporary home in the Rockies that takes zero-energy design to new heights.

Martin's Pretty Good House Manifesto
Green Building Advisor describes ten principles that green designers and builders need to keep in mind.

Impressive Green Home Emerges From Tiny Block Of Land
Gizmag article describes how an Australian architecture studio completed an innovative new home, built on a small block of land measuring 9 by 12 meters, boasting a maximum Australian GBCA 6 star Green Rating.

Affordable & Efficient Multi Family Apartment Project
RDH Building Engineering article describes how the Ramona is a model for high-efficiency in a multifamily residential building with low incremental construction costs. The primary design objective for the Portland, Ore., apartments was to pursue a high performance building envelope as a precursor to whole-building energy efficiency. (PDF)

Impact Of Architectural Form On Energy Performance Of Multi-Family Buildings
CMHC report Impact of Architectural Form on the Potential Energy Performance of Multi-Unit Residential Buildings helps increase the understanding of the relationships between the architectural form and features of high performance multi-unit residential buildings in relation to their energy performance. (PDF)

Resilient Buildings Function Through Crises
REMI Network says across Canada, building owners and managers now contemplate increasing odds that they will have to respond to and recover from crises that can compromise operations, assets and/or their tenants' safety, security and business continuity.

Automated Buildings Predictions For 2015
Automated Buildings provides some predictions for 2015. One being that microgrids and distributed energy will be viewed as very attractive, because of reliability, flexibility and profitability and grow into an important role of providing reliable power at reasonable prices in a sustainable way.

4. Codes Standards & Regulations

HVAC & Service Hot Water In 9.36 & BC Energy Efficiency Act
BC Government says as significant overlap exists with BC’s Energy Efficiency Standards Regulation (EESR), manufacturers and other stakeholders within the supply chain should pay special attention to the products listed in the tables below. In cases where the EESR and the BCBC do not align the question arises: which requirements are to be followed? In short, the more stringent requirement should be used. Work is currently underway to harmonize these standards where appropriate. (PDF)

New Vancouver Building Bylaw 9419 Effective January 1 2015
City of Vancouver Building By-law 9419, originally approved by Vancouver City Council in September 2013, is effective as of January 1, 2015.

Vancouver Green Home Building Policies
City of Vancouver Green Homes Program requires new one and two-family homes to include a number of sustainable features that will help save energy, water, and money, while providing an improved indoor environment.

2015 Built Green Checklist, Guides, New BC Contact, New Small Builder Fee
Built Green describes 2015 Single Family Checklist update, 2015 Guides, new delivery contact for BC market, and new small builder fee.

Redefining Passivhaus For North America
Green Building Advisor says the Passive House Institute U.S. takes a stab at developing new passive house standards for North America.

US Window Industry Battles EPA Over Energy Star Version 6.0
Remodeling magazine says according to the US Window and Door Manufacturers Association, early drafts of Energy Star Version 6.0, which rolls out in January, put such stringent U-factor and solar heat gain coefficients into effect that it could have resulted in Energy Star products reaching a market share of less than 50%, compared with the 80% market share it currently has.

Home Energy Auditing Standard
Building Performance Institute online ANSI/BPI-1100-T-2014 Home Energy Auditing Standard provides protocols to conduct a building-science-based evaluation of existing detached single-family dwellings and townhouses that meet specific criteria detailed in the scope of the standard. The evaluation addresses energy usage, elements of building durability, and occupant health and safety; provides a comprehensive scope of work to improve the home; and includes a cost-benefit analysis. (PDF)

International Green Construction Code To Include Outcome-Based Option
Building Design & Construction says the 2015 International Green Construction Code will include option for outcome-based approach that requires the building owner to provide the building’s utility bills for a 12-month period within three years.

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With 30+ years of experience, the Building Performance Center team delivers certification courses and customized training in a broad range of home performance skills. They are focused on helping the industry make buildings healthier, safer, energy efficient, and more comfortable. You can advance your skills by taking training in real-world scenarios in their state-of-the-art, hands-on training lab or at your own facility.
5. Building Science & Technology

Placing Concrete Foundation On Rigid Foam Insulation
Green Building Advisor says by thermally isolating the building foundation from the ground, building performance is improved, not only from an energy performance standpoint but also in terms of comfort and moisture management.

Choosing A Whole-House Ventilation Strategy
Journal of Light Construction describes issues and considerations for choosing a whole-house ventilation strategy.

Cellulose & Wrong-Side Vapor Barrier
Green Building Advisor discusses how an owner/builder in Massachusetts bets that the hygroscopic properties of cellulose will make an otherwise risky wall assembly safe.

Solar Air Heating
Green Energy Futures says solar air heating is a simple, effective heating technology for Canada.

Attaching SIPs To Structural 2X6 Studs
Green Building Advisor describes how the 14-inch-thick walls at the Potwine Passivhaus were built by attaching SIPs to load-bearing 2×6 walls.

Energy Modeling & Energy Auditing
Building Officials Association of BC online slide show presentation Energy Modeling and Energy Auditing covers definitions, applications, process, who does it, examples, and how to verify. (PDF)

Beavers Are Coming To The Rescue In Age Of Climate Change
Resilient Design Institute says land managers are increasingly turning to the ecosystem services of our largest native rodent, the beaver.

5 Steps Before You Invest In New Wind Energy System
US Department of Energy article says before you make an initial investment in a wind energy system for your home, there are several important steps to determining if wind energy makes sense for you and your home.

6. Building Performance Issues

Airflow Resistance Of Loose-Fill Mineral Fiber Insulations
Building Science report Airflow Resistance of Loose-Fill Mineral Fiber Insulations in Retrofit Applications documents airflow resistance test results for dense-pack retrofit applications using mineral fiber insulation materials (i.e., glass fiber and stone wool). The test results are compared to previous airflow resistance tests for dense-pack retrofit applications using 10 different cellulose fiber insulation materials. (PDF)

Energy Recovery Ventilators In Cold Climates
Alaska Cold Climate Housing Research Center study Energy Recovery Ventilators in Cold Climates looked at eight different ERVs in Fairbanks over one winter to see whether they were more likely to freeze up by handing moisture. None of them froze, suggesting ERVs could be a good solution for improving air quality in the cold, dry climate of Interior Alaska. (PDF)

Energy Consumption Of Major Household Appliances In Canada
Natural Resources Canada report provides data and analysis on trends for energy consumption of major household appliances shipped in Canada, for 1990-2012.

Firefighting Tactics For Energy Efficient Homes
Fire Engineering describes some firefighting tactics for air tight energy efficient homes, based on lessons learned by firefighters.

Solar Panels Pose Power Problem For Firefighters
Globe & Mail says a year ago, fire trucks arrived on the scene of a blaze at a cheese and deli-meat distribution facility just outside of Philadelphia. But firefighters had to keep their distance because of worries that the thousands of solar panels on the roof were still generating power, putting them at risk of electrocution. The building was completely destroyed.

Water Efficiency Concerns In 21st Century
Plumbing Engineer says the past 20 years have resulted in significant gains in water efficiency. However there are potential new concerns how long treated drinking water seems to be now sitting within building water supply lines, and the possible impact of all of our efficiency achievements on the drain lines and wastewater systems within commercial buildings.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol For Cities
The Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories uses a robust and clear framework to establish credible emissions accounting and reporting practices, thereby helping cities develop an emissions baseline, set mitigation goals, create more targeted climate action plans and track progress over time.

Natural Cleaning Tips To Avoid Termites & Pests
Environmental News Network provides some natural cleaning tips to avoid termites and pests from pestering your home.

7. Products & Suppliers

New Solar Products For 2015
Renewable Energy World podcast describes some new solar products for 2015.

Existing Insulation Technologies Fundamental To Sustainable Development
North American Insulation Manufacturers Association describes how use of existing energy-efficiency technologies, such as insulation, are fundamental to sustainable development, as regards both the production and consumption of energy.

Is OSB Airtight?
Green Building Advisor says some builders and researchers in North America and Europe report that air can leak right through oriented strand board.

Directory Of Efficient HVAC Equipment
Consortium for Energy Efficiency provides listings of energy efficient HVAC equipment including furnaces, boilers, water heaters, heat pumps, and air-conditioners.

Drain Water Heat Recovery
US Department of Energy describes features and benefits of drain water heat recovery systems.

Drainwater Heat Recovery Comes Of Age
Green Building Advisor blog article says unlike most drainwater heat exchangers, the EcoDrain is installed horizontally.

Online Video On Rainwater Harvesting
CMHC online video Rainwater Harvesting describes systems, features, requirements and benefits of rainwater collection.

Energy Efficient Glass In The Battle For The Wall
REMI Networks article says that the future of the Canadian glass industry isn’t opaque; it’s full of sustainable possibility.

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8. Installation & Procedures

Best Practices For Continuous Exterior Insulation
Journal of Light Construction online guide describes how to select and install rigid foam on walls.

Air Sealing Attached Garage
Building America Solution Center describes ways to air seal an attached garage.

Insulating Cathedral Ceilings
Journal of Light Construction describes practical solutions to insulating cathedral ceilings to prevent call backs and boost energy performance.

Blower Door Applications Beyond Single Family
Energy Conservatory online Blower Door Applications Guide: Beyond Single Family Residential describes procedures and considerations for performing blower door tests on larger buildings. (PDF)

Distribution & Room Air Mixing Risks To Retrofitted Homes
US Department of Energy report Distribution and Room Air Mixing Risks to Retrofitted Homes discusses some issues raised when existing ducts with reduced airflow create a decreased throw at the supply registers, and the supply air and room air do not mix well, leading to potential thermal comfort complaints. (PDF)

Metal, Plastic And Solar Water Heater Temperature Limits
Plumbing & Hydronic Contractor says systems that include alternative-energy heat sources are likely to experience overheating episodes that might cause damage to PEX tubing and other common plastic plumbing components.

Straw-Bale Walls For Northern Climates
Green Building Advisor describes a third generation straw-bale technique that combines a straw-bale interior wall with an exterior stud wall insulated with cellulose.

9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation

Adjustments To BC Natural Gas & Propane Rates
FortisBC has received approval from the BC Utilities Commission to modify natural gas and propane rates. Beginning January 1, 2015 customers will see changes to their bill, and the introduction of a three-year phased-in approach to a common natural gas rate across the province, meaning a majority of customers will pay the same for natural gas no matter where they live.

Wind & Solar Contracts Driving Up Ontario Electricity Bills
Fraser Institute says unless the Ontario government reverses course on its transformation of the province’s electricity system, power rates will continue to soar.

Transportation Futures for BC
Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions report Transportation Futures for BC provides insight on transportation emissions, research and research gaps, and innovative projects in BC in order to shape its Transportation Futures for BC research stream. (PDF)

Fuel Costs Across Canada
Natural Resources Canada provides information on fuel prices, oil and gasoline markets and ways to manage energy costs.

2015 Fuel Economy Guide For Vehicles
US Department of Energy online 2015 Fuel Economy Guide helps car buyers choose vehicles that are the most fuel-efficient and emit the lowest amount of greenhouse gases.

New Grid Will Be Constellation Of Community Microgrids
Microgrid Knowledge says increasingly, community microgrids are becoming central to a larger economic and sociological shift to local energy. Alstom sees nothing short of a constellation of microgrids in our future.

Microgrid-Enablers Market May Reach $155 Billion
Microgrid Knowledge article says world-wide investment in microgrid-enabling technologies may reach $155 billion within less than ten years. Energy storage is the single technology likely to command the most investment.

Micropower Revolution Is Here
The Conversation article gives description on how small-scale electricity generation is slowly replacing big fossil-fuel driven power plants, which are currently the world’s single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

10. Information Sources

Renovator's Green Guide
CMHC online video Renovator's Green Guide describes how green renovation projects can make homes more energy efficient, comfortable and affordable, while reducing environmental impact.

Canadian Net Zero Energy Housing Council Newsletter
Canadian Home Builders Association newsletter Net Zero News is a monthly e-publication that provide updates on the efforts of the CHBA Net Zero Energy Housing Council, related events, webinars, and news. (PDF)

Canadian Energy Efficiency Trends Analysis Tables
NRCan online Energy Efficiency Trends Analysis Tables (Canada) contain detailed background analysis for the energy and GHG indicators. The analysis work is based on data from the Comprehensive Energy Use Database.

Home Performance Industry Resource Site
Home Performance Coalition website is for professionals in the home performance and weatherization industry. It features in-depth information about HPC's upcoming events and ongoing initiatives, as well as industry news and resources for industry professionals.

Online Videos For Retrotec Blower Doors
Retrotec online videos describes procedures for various blower door options, operations, and tests.

Online Videos Help Improve Energy Literacy
US Department of Energy online videos focus on seven essential principles and fundamental concepts about energy.

Most-Read Renewable Energy Articles Of 2014
Renewable Energy World presents the news and analysis stories their readers liked the most throughout the past year.

Favourite Green Energy Stories Of 2014
Green Energy Futures presents their favorite stories of 2014.

Knowledge Solutions To Combat Climate Change
Climate Tagger utilizes Linked Open Data to scan, sort, categorize and enrich climate and development-related data, improving efficiency and performance of knowledge management systems.

11. Conferences & Shows

2015 Net-Zero North American Leadership Summit
The 2015 Net-Zero Leadership Summit, focused on advancing affordable net-zero energy homes and communities across North America, will be conjoined with the North East Sustainable Energy Association's Building Energy 15 conference being held in Boston, March 3-5.

Better Buildings: Better Business Conference
Better Buildings: Better Business Conference, held March 11-13 in Wisconsin presents latest developments in high performance residential buildings.

Living Future unConference 2015
Living Future unConference 2015 will be held in Seattle, April 1-3. Living Future attracts decision makers from some of the world's most respected architecture, engineering and contracting firms. This years conference will explore a genuine sense of place and community as the bellwether of truly restorative design.

12. Education & Training

BC Geoexchange Driller Certification
BC Industry Training Authority offers Geoexchange Driller Certification. Geoexchange drillers set up and operate mobile equipment used to drill vertical closed-loop borehole heat exchangers to provide a heat source/sink for geoexchange heating and cooling systems.

BC Wood Energy Technical Training Certification Courses
Wood Energy Technicians of British Columbia is the provincial governing body of the Wood Energy Technical Training Program in British Columbia. They offer training courses and recognition of professional competence in the field of residential woodburning. The program was developed to promote knowledge of and adherence to, the safety regulations governing residential woodburning systems among those who provide professional services to the public.

Canadian Educational Resources For Energy Efficiency
Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance online resource for energy efficiency education offers Canadians a central location to access information on courses, degrees, certificates and training in the energy efficiency sector.

Infiltration & Duct Leakage Certification
Building Performance Institute now offers the Infiltration and Duct Leakage (IDL) certification, a task-oriented credential that verifies a candidate can successfully conduct air infiltration and duct leakage tests to the ASTM E1554-07 standard.

Certificate Of Proficiency In Benchmarking
Center for Building Knowledge at New Jersey Institute of Technology recently launched the Certificate of Proficiency in Benchmarking, a US national, online, interactive training and certificate program for building energy and water benchmarking professionals.

Climate Insights 101
Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions offers 3 animated and interactive courses that provide an understanding of the causes of climate change, of how society can adapt, and the options for mitigation.

Sustainable Building Contemporary Leadership Webinar Series
Sustainable Building Advisor Program is offering a webinar series on Contemporary Leadership. It will help busy professionals wanting to become leaders in the building industry and who wish to stay competitive in the field.

Climate Knowledge Brokers
Climate Knowledge Brokers Group is an emerging alliance of around 50 of the leading global, regional and national knowledge brokers specializing in climate and development information.

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13. Costs & Savings

Reducing Energy Use In Existing Homes By 30%
US Department of Energy report Reducing Energy Use in Existing Homes by 30%: Learning From Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, summarizes Building America Research Alliance research project to verify whether homes in the New Jersey HPwES program achieved 30% source energy savings, and if so, what measures were implemented to achieve them. (PDF)

Energy Impacts Of Oversized Residential Air Conditioners
US Department OD Energy report Energy Impacts Of Oversized Residential Air Conditioners says with all other home characteristics held constant, oversizing the AC generally has a small effect on cooling energy use, even if the cycling performance of the unit is poor. (PDF)

Solar Thermal Is Really, Really Dead
Green Building Advisor says a new analysis shows how much cheaper it is to heat water with PV modules than with solar thermal collectors.

Heat Pump Water Heaters & Whole-House Energy Consumption
CMHC research highlight Impact of Heat Pump Water Heaters on Whole-House Energy Consumption examines the whole house impact of operating a heat pump water heater, including changes in basement air temperature, and any impacts on energy consumption for heating and cooling. (PDF)

Framework For Comparing Residential Thermostat Energy Performance
Fraunhofer CSE and Nest Labs have co-developed a new data-driven framework for comparing the energy performance of residential thermostats. This paper identifies the key challenges facing thermostat assessment and proposes a framework that can help overcome those challenges. (PDF)

Affordable Housing Framework
Living Building Challenge report Framework for Affordable Housing presents a pathway to overcome social, regulatory and financial barriers to achieving living building challenge certification in affordable housing. (PDF)

No & Low Cost Savings Of Energy & Water In Multifamily Housing
Energy Star checklist for no & low cost savings of energy and water in multifamily housing helps identify and implement changes in apartment and condo buildings. Tips are grouped in categories according to engagement strategies, building upgrades, education & engagement, retrocommissioning, lighting, supplemental load reduction, air distribution systems, heating and cooling systems, as well as water use. (PDF)

Missing Ingredient In Energy Efficient Buildings Is People
Washington State University paper says more than one-third of new commercial building space includes energy-saving features, however without training or an operator's manual many occupants are in the dark about how to use them.

14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

Canadian Net-Zero Energy Low-Rise Residential Subdivision
This project will demonstrate the feasibility of building Net-Zero Energy Housing (NZEH) Communities in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Alberta. The idea of a Net Zero Energy (NZE) home is that it employs enhanced energy efficiency design strategies to cost effectively reduce energy needs, while supplementing with renewable energy technologies, with the result that the building produces at least as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis. The project will also address the challenges in building to NZEH performance levels specific to production housing and to act as a platform for the broader adoption of NZEH across Canada.

How To Upscale Deep Renovations Using Financial Mechanisms
Global Buildings Performance Network webinar How to Upscale Deep Renovations Using Financial Mechanisms discussed how financing schemes can be developed to support and leverage the large investments needed to go deep. Two leading regions (the European Union, the United States) were invited to present their innovative methods of using finance as a way to upscale deep renovations.

Program Details Of One Knob Proposal
Green Building Advisor article describes a vision for a better incentive program for residential energy-efficiency improvements.

Gadgets, Apps And The Science Of Changing Energy Consumer Behavior
Forbes saya US National Grid is launching a pilot program to test a set of technologies that the utility hopes will nudge its customers into cutting their electricity use by over 5%.

Canada Green Bond Market Surged In 2014
Globe-Net says investors embraced Canadian climate-themed bonds in a big way in 2014, pushing the total holdings of Canadian issuers to U.S.$26 billion in funds that are aimed primarily at projects to combat climate change and mitigate its impact.

Hawaii Energy Launches State's First-Ever Energy Efficiency Auction
Energy Efficient Markets says Hawaii Energy, a ratepayer-funded energy efficiency program, is offering $2.1 million in incentives for projects that reduce energy consumption in the state’s first energy efficiency auction.

Resources On Green Leasing
Green Lease Library is a centralized site for commercial green leasing resources. Green leases (also known as aligned leases, high performance leases, or energy efficient leases) align the financial and energy incentives of building owners and tenants so they can work together to save money, conserve resources, and ensure the efficient operation of buildings.

Rise Of Solar Co-ops
Renewable Energy World says while many people associate cooperatives with a place for hippies to buy organic food, the cooperative movement has actually grown far and wide, creating sustainable enterprises that generate jobs and strengthen local economies.

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