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February 23, 2016


1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends
2. Business Management
3. Building Design & Trends
4. Codes Standards & Regulations
5. Building Science & Technology
6. Building Performance Issues
7. Products & Suppliers
8. Installation & Procedures
9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation
10. Information Sources
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12. Education & Training
13. Costs & Savings
14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

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Here is another special BC Building Info issue on green building and energy efficieny.

The regular BC Building Info newsletter covering all industry topics will come your way in a few weeks as usual. Hope you find at least a wee bit of value here somewhere.

Have a “Top Drawer” day.

Ken Farrish

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With 30+ years of experience, the Building Performance Center team delivers certification courses and customized training in a broad range of home performance skills. They are focused on helping the industry make buildings healthier, safer, energy efficient, and more comfortable. You can advance your skills by taking training in real-world scenarios in their state-of-the-art, hands-on training lab or at your own facility.

Ken's Top Pick

Provide Input Into BC Climate Action Leadership Plan
British Columbians now have an opportunity to participate in this 60-day engagement process on the development of the new Climate Leadership Plan.

1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends

BC Public Views On Sustainability & Built Environment
Real Estate Foundation of BC summarizes their public opinion poll, Public Views on Sustainability and the Built Environment, that is meant to help us understand the public perceptions on the built environment and sustainability. (PDF)

BC Economic Tools For Climate Change Adaptation
BC Government report Economic Tools for Climate Change Adaptation: Private Real Estate Decisions looks to better understand decision-making in the real estate sector and where it may break down in the context of climate change adaptation; It looks at the real estate development process as a whole, and three areas that usefully illustrate the case for intervention: planning developments; property occupancy & renovation; property redevelopment. It provides a case study of the barriers to efficient adaptation decisions by private individuals and businesses in the sector, and the economic instruments that governments in BC could potentially use to overcome them. (PDF)

Towards A Sustainable Built Environment For BC
Real Estate Foundation of BC report Towards A Sustainable Built Environment For BC is the culmination of a research study with the following aims: understand the state of BC’s Built Environment movement through literature research, interviews and focus groups; articulate a theory of how change happens in the built environment; use these insights to generate strategic recommendations for where and how REFBC and others can intervene most effectively in the Built Environment system to accelerate change. (PDF)

Green Building In Canada: Assessing Market Impacts & Opportunities
Canada Green Building Council report Green Building in Canada: Assessing the Market Impacts & Opportunities details the wide economic impact that the green building industry has had in Canada over the past decade.

US & Canadian Zero Energy Residential Inventory
Net Zero Energy Coalition report Zero Energy Residential Inventory shows zero energy residential buildings are gaining momentum in the US and Canada. The report includes trends and market data. (PDF)

Year Ahead In 2016 For Home Performance
Energy Circle discusses their projections for 2016 for home performance, solar, programs and more.

Top Green Building Trends For 2016
New York Real Estate Journal says in 2016 the green building sector will focus on LEED, green and cool roofs, sustainable materials, LED lighting and net-zero energy buildings.

Real Estate Industry Inspired To Lead Low Carbon Revolution
Building Strategies & Sustainability says the commercial real estate industry is being encouraged to be fearless leaders and embrace innovative technology to adapt to climate change and accelerate a new economy.

2. Business Management

There Is Business Opportunity In Climate Change
Engineering News Record says the people claiming that our economy will collapse under the burden of efforts to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions are the same ones who tout the free market’s infinite ability to solve technical problems.

Green Building In Cheap Energy Era
Green Building Advisor says in 2016, green builders will need to face the implications of low energy prices.

Solar Growth Faces Obstacles Among Builders & Homeowners
Construction Dive says solar energy is not yet the game-changer proponents say it is, and experts say the reason, hands down, is cost.

Proven Practices By Energy Advisor Services
US Department of Energy says residential energy efficiency programs across the United States have found that providing homeowners with a single point of contact increases the likelihood of an upgrade being completed and increases customer satisfaction levels. Often called an energy advisor or energy coach, this professional assists the homeowner through every step of the upgrade process and can provide a variety of services to help customers overcome the traditional barriers to completing a home energy upgrade.

As-A-Service Marketing Of Energy Efficiency
The business model shift driving growth in digital music, solar panels, and other consumer technologies is poised to have the same impact on commercial energy efficiency in the United States.

Telling The Home Performance Story
Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency says through the exchange of stories, clients will feel familiar enough to comfortably change the way they view the problems and solutions for their homes. This ability to influence change will result in a measurable increase in the number of whole home retrofits for satisfied clients.

2016 Digital Marketing Predictions For Home Performance
Energy Circle predicts how digital marketing will continue to advance in 2016 and will shape the specific tactics that successful home performance organizations need to have in their overall lead generation mix.

The State Of Green Business 2016
Green Biz report The State of Green Business 2016 is their annual assessment of corporate sustainability trends and metrics. This year it says the good news is that there's some good news, and that bad news is getting, well, less bad. Free registration required.

3. Building Design & Trends

Builder Survey Reveals New-Home Energy Conservation Trends
Builder Magazine says storage and energy conservation lead list of likely new-home features in 2016.

2015 LEED Numbers Show Canadian Green Building Growth
Canada Green Building Council saw a steady increase in LEED certifications in 2015. A total of 527 LEED projects were certified between January 1 and December 31, bringing the grand total of certified projects in Canada to 2,576, for a total of 34,054,312 million sq. meters of certified space.

10 Smart Green Buildings
Urban Land Magazine describes 10 smart green buildings that supplement their green design strategies with a range of computerized technologies, providing feedback on energy or water use, shutting off lights and other equipment when not in use, monitoring and adjusting comfort levels, or opening windows and skylights at night to bring in cooling air.

Net-Zero Enthusiasm
Architect Magazine says the net-zero building belongs in the pantheon of top contemporary innovations. So where's the popular appreciation and demand?

Is Construction At Tipping Point Of New Green Building Era?
Construction Dive says net-zero energy buildings are today’s ultimate green building statement and the biggest players in building design and innovation are choosing the net-zero path.

Green Construction & Retrofits On Upswing
REMI Network says green construction and retrofits are on an upswing as global survey results show early idealists are now ceding the field to mainstream developers.

2016 Sustainable Community Award Winners
Federation of Canadian Municipalities lists the winners of its 2016 Sustainable Communities Awards, a program recognizing municipal environmental projects across Canada that demonstrate excellence in environmental responsibility.

Building Energy Modeling Draft Roadmap
US Department of Energy draft Building Energy Modeling Roadmap provides background and context, then outlines steps to help increase the use of BEM tools for the design and operation of energy-efficient buildings. It is based in part on stakeholder input received through two workshops and telephone interviews. Stakeholders included experts in all aspects of BEM tool development and real world applications.

4. Codes Standards & Regulations

Updated Green Buildings Policy For Vancouver Rezonings
City of Vancouver updated Administration Bulletin provides applicants information on the required process and submissions related to the Green Buildings Policy for Rezonings. (PDF)

BC Building Code Updating Package Now Available
BC Government has released the online update package for the 2012 BC Building Code binder, for Revisions 1 thru 7. (PDF - 634 pgs)

NAFS Technical Interpretations Available From CSA
RDH Building Engineering describes five technical interpretation bulletins relevant to users of the NAFS standard in Canada, all now available from CSA.

Canada Is Increasing Energy Performance Standards For 20 Products
Government of Canada is proposing to update the Energy Efficiency Regulations to increase minimum energy performance standards for 20 currently regulated products.

Sustainability Standard For Household Clothes Washers
CSA Group, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, and UL Environment has announced that AHAM 7003/CSA R7003-16/UL 7003, Sustainability Standard for Household Clothes Washers has earned the American National Standard Institute accreditation as an American National Standard and also met the requirements of the Standards Council of Canada.

Canadian National Benchmarking Framework
Canadian Green Building Council preliminary report National Energy Benchmarking Framework is meant to provide support to local governments (cities and provinces) that are developing energy benchmarking strategies and regulations. (PDF)

Community-Wide Zero Energy Ready Home Standard
US Department of Energy report Community-Wide Zero Energy Ready Home Standard outlines steps a developer can take when creating and implementing high-performance standards such as the US Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) standards on a community-wide scale. (PDF)

WELL Building Standard Poised To Accelerate
Building Strategies & Sustainability magazine says further refinement of the WELL standard are expected as pilot studies and feedback roll in. WELL offers certification that takes into account seven areas: air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind.

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Built Green: The path to compliance, competitiveness, and affordability!

Built Green allows builders to differentiate themselves, stay ahead of energy-related code changes as environmental regulations continue to increase, and show leadership. Our programs are third-party certified, offer a simple way to add green features (checklists include pre-approved samples), and participation is affordable.

As a BUILT GREEN® builder, you’re able to pass on the benefits--a healthier, more comfortable, durable home with a lower environmental impact.
And BUILT GREEN® homes are affordable with a reduction in monthly operating costs, rebates, and more.

5. Building Science & Technology

BTU Explained
Energy Vanguard describes a BTU (British Thermal Unit) as the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

A Conventional High-R Wall System
Journal of Light Construction online video discusses a partnership between Tyvek and Owens-Corning to create a high-R wall using conventional off-the-shelf materials.

Insulation Is Secret Blueprint For Net-Zero Home
Green Energy Futures describes how insulation is an Edmonton builder's secret blueprint for a net-zero home.

HVAC Improvement Guide For Contractors To Share With Homeowners
US Department of Energy online HVAC Guide for Contractors to Share with Homeowners describes ways to reduce energy costs and improve the comfort, health, and safety of homes by upgrading heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. (PDF)

Why Is It So Cold In Here?
Green Building Advisor discusses what happens when the furnace can put out plenty of heat, but the house feels cold unless the furnace is running.

Building Science History Behind Revolving Doors
Energy Vanguard describes the building science reason behind the invention of revolving doors.

Shining A Light On Solar Energy Myths
Green Energy Futures responds too some myths that are passed off as facts when talking about solar energy.

Airflow In Mid To High-Rise Multi-Unit Residential Buildings
BRIK online slide show presentation Airflow in Mid to High-rise Multi-Unit Residential Buildings provides a summary of a study examining airflow for this building type, and in particular examines performance of the corridor pressurization based ventilation system. (PDF)

6. Building Performance Issues

Ground Source Heat Pumps In Cold Climates
Cold Climate Housing Research Center in Alaska study Ground Source Heat Pumps In Cold Climates shows the COP of the heat pump dropped from 3.6 the first winter to 3.3 the second winter. There was a corresponding drop in the ground temperature. (PDF)

Unvented Gas Appliance Industry Falls Flat
Energy Vanguard says at the ASHRAE winter meeting the unvented gas appliance industry folks attempted a defense of their products. Based on the results they presented and the reaction from most committee members, they failed.

Water Risks Higher In Green Buildings
Fine Homebuilding says researchers found water conservation measures in green buildings can increase the length of time that water stands in plumbing systems and increase the risk water will become contaminated with microbes, including the bacteria that causes Legionnaires' disease.

Health & Wellbeing In Green Buildings
Canada Green Building Council says green buildings and homes are also healthy places to be. They are built with better ventilation and furnished without toxic materials resulting in fewer volatile organic compounds and better air quality. They are designed to increase natural daylighting and to encourage activity by location choice and interior design. They are engineered to minimize indoor noise pollution and create better thermal comfort through increased insulation and improved temperature control.

Pictures Of Poor Quality HVAC Systems
HVAC Hacks is a social site that allows contractors and homeowners to share their hacks, by posting pictures of poor quality installations and systems.

Tale Of Two Roofs & Frost, Snow, Attic Heat Loss
Energy Vanguard describes two roofs and the effects of frost, snow, and attic heat loss. These show what happens when ceilings are porous to heat.

Evaluation Of Passive Vents In New Multi Family
US Department Of Energy case study Evaluation of Passive Vents in New-Construction Multifamily Buildings looked into performance of passive vents such as trickle vents and airlets that rely on a pressure differential created by an exhaust system to provide outdoor air to apartments. The data from the evaluation of three buildings showed that the passive vents did not perform as expected. (PDF)

Resources Help Measure Building Energy Benchmarking Policy & Program Effectiveness
US Energy Department has released two resources to help stakeholders analyze the energy, non-energy, and market transformation impacts of building energy benchmarking policies and programs.

7. Products & Suppliers

8 Energy-Saving Solutions On The Horizon
US Department of Energy describes a few technologies they expect to see in the marketplace within the next few years that will make our homes even more sustainable.

5 Sustainability Apps To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Sustainability Television describes five sustainable living apps that may be worth downloading.

Online Guide To Indoor Air Quality Monitors
Energy Circle online Guide to Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Devices For Healthy Home provides a listing of new products, along with descriptions, prices and links to suppliers for more information.

High Efficiency Toilets & Testing
Plumbing & Mechanical magazine describes toilet technology in the 21st century, with an overview of the testing of high efficiency toilets.

Looking Up To Radiant Heating Systems
Mechanical Business says like radiant floor heating, radiant ceiling uses the same three types of heat transfer: conduction, radiation and convection.

Guide To Choosing Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
Energy star describes different types of energy efficient light bulbs, and give tips for choosing the right bulb for various lighting fixtures.

Reprieve For Incandescent Bulb?
Green Building Advisor says researchers have tweaked conventional incandescents to make the bulbs far more efficient.

Green Concrete Stores Carbon
Journal Of Commerce says a Canadian company is hoping to make the concrete industry greener with new technology that allows the product to store carbon dioxide.

Building With Sunshine
Automated Buildings says the solar energy market has created a substantial and growing movement to integrate photovoltaics in buildings, where many of the building components and the solar energy production are one in the same.



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8. Installation & Procedures

Tankless Or Demand-Type Water Heaters
Department of Energy describes features, benefits and considerations for tankless or demand-type water heaters.

Getting Spray Foam Right
Green Building Advisor says spray polyurethane foam is an incredible material when applied correctly, but in the wrong hands it can be finicky.

Low-Load High Efficiency HVAC System Design & Selection
US Department of Energy online webinar video and slide show discusses key issues associated with designing high efficiency HVAC systems for low-load homes. It covers appropriate load calculations, selection of equipment, duct layout strategies, selection of supply and return air locations, and proper register selection for air mixing in rooms.

Energy Star Checklist For Indoor HVAC Fan Airflow
Building America Solution Center describes the online Energy Star checklist for Indoor HVAC Fan Airflow requirements.

Energy Star Checklist For Balancing Registers & Grilles
Building America Solution Center describes the online Energy Star checklist for Air Balancing of Supply Registers & Return Grilles.

HRV Guide For Multi-Unit Residential Buildings
HPO online Heat Recovery Ventilation Guide for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings consolidates best practices for the design, installation and maintenance of heat recovery ventilation systems in multi-unit residential buildings. (PDF)

Roof Anchor System For Solar Panels
Building America Solution Center describes how to install a mounting system for solar thermal or solar photovoltaic panels.

Difficulties In Measurement Of Air Leakage
BRIK paper Air Leakage: Difficulties in Measurement, Quantification, and Energy Simulation examines difficulties of measuring air leakage through building enclosures on components, assemblies, systems, and whole-buildings. The authors discuss commonly specified air leakage criteria and testing requirements from a practical standpoint based on both theoretical and field testing experience. (PDF)

9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation

Canada's Energy Future As Of 2016
Business Council of British Columbia summarizes the National Energy Board forecast of Canada’s energy supply and demand. The top line conclusion is that Canada will continue to produce oil and natural gas and remain a net exporter of fossil fuels.

Database Links Renewables Businesses With Equipment Manufacturers
World Bioenergy Association bioenergy equipment directory aims to provide a comprehensive list of companies manufacturing equipment for all parts of the biomass to bioenergy process.

Biogas Turns Brown Waste To Green Power
Green Energy Futures describes how Lethbridge Biogas takes manure and food waste, mixes it together, heats it to 39 degrees Celsius and captures methane to power twin 1.4-megawatt generators, producing enough power for 3,000 homes.

GE Forms New Company In $1B Play For Disruptive Energy Market
Microgrid Knowledge says GE is making a $1 billion play to offer microgrids, energy efficiency, energy storage, and other disruptive energy technologies to large energy users through a new company called Current.

Maturing Solar Industry Focuses On Long-Term Performance
Solar Electric Power Association says the Solar Photovoltaic Asset Management and Performance conference reflected both the shifting focus of a maturing technology sector and the healthy debate taking place around key issues. Up until now, conversations typically centered on getting equipment into the ground. But now they have turned attention to ensuring that what is put in the ground stays in the ground and continues to perform at expected levels throughout its useful lifespan.

Renewable Microgrids Are Solution For Remote Communities
Earth Techling says renewable microgrids help remote communities overcome unique electricity challenges by providing reliable power for individuals living there.

Will Utilities Look At Solar Microgrids And Say Uh Oh?
Microgrid Knowledge says solar microgrids and all forms of distributed solar are on the rise. So much so that utilities better jump into the market now or risk watching it pass them by.

2015 The Year Technology Transformed Demand Management
Utility Dive says utilities are now increasingly looking to solve energy issues with data, rather than building new infrastructure.

10. Information Sources

Where To Add Insulation To A Home
North American Insulation Manufacturers Association describes where and how to add insulation to a home.

Purchasable Book The Power of Zero
Living Future sells The Power of Zero: Learning from the World's Leading Net Zero Energy Buildings. It showcases the world's leading net zero energy buildings, describing examples, successful strategies, and proven performance data. Projects include commercial, residential, and institutional buildings, both new and remodeled, in an array of different climates. $40 USD

How Canadians Can Reduce GHG Emissions
North American Insulation Manufacturer Association of Canada provides information and links to resources on how Canadians can work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Code Innovations Database For Green Building
Northwest EcoBuilding Guild online Code Innovations Database is a resource for technical permitting precedent on high-performance green building innovations throughout the US Northwest and nationwide.

Energy Efficiency Resources For Municipalities
BC Hydro provides information on energy efficiency resources for municipalities including MyHydro, which programs you can use, business energy saving incentives and e.Catalog, Sustainable Communities program, assess your energy use, and technologies and tips.

Alberta Climate Records 1950 To 2010
University of Lethbridge interactive online database provides access to climate records from 1950 to 2010 for the province of Alberta.

US Home Advisor Website For Homeowners To Manage Improvements
Energy Star online Home Advisor is an online tool designed to help homeowners save money and energy by improving the energy efficiency of their homes through recommended, customized and prioritized home-improvement projects.

2015 International Solar Energy Provisions & Commentary
International Code Council sells 2015 International Solar Energy Provisions and Commentary. It contains the complete solar-energy-related provisions and referenced solar standards from the 2015 International Codes plus the NFPA 70: 2014 NEC National Electrical Code provisions related to solar energy in one document. It is a comprehensive tool for the design, installation and administration of both solar thermal (or solar heating and cooling) and photovoltaic systems. $51 USD

11. Conferences & Shows

2016 RESNET Building Performance Conference
US Residential Energy Services Network 2016 RESNET Building Performance Conference is a national forum on home energy ratings, existing home retrofits, building codes and energy policy. It will take place in Scottsdale, February 29 - March 2.

Better Buildings: Better Business Conference
Better Buildings: Better Business Conference, held March 2-4 in Wisconsin presents latest developments in high performance residential buildings.

Solar Fair And Okanagan Symposium On Solar Energy
First Things First Okanagan presents Solar Fair, A Symposium on Solar Energy, in Penticton on March 12th. It is free and features drop-in, lectures, displays, and tours.

WaterTech 2016: Water Technologies Symposium
WaterTech 2016, held in Banff, April 6-8, is the premier water technology transfer event for environmental professionals. It is recommended for all industry sectors that have an interest in the technical aspects of water and wastewater management.

Energy OutWest: 2016 US Weatherization Conference
2016 Energy OutWest Conference, held this year in Spokane May 9-13, features seminars and trade show for the weatherization industry.

2016 Canadian Green Building Conference
Canada Green Building Council 2015 national conference and expo will be held in Toronto June 6-8. Building Lasting Change 2016 will provide the platform to hear Canadian and global experts share their insights. The focus is on how green building and sustainable neighbourhood development contribute to building resilient cities and enhancing human health and well-being while helping regenerate our natural environment.

12. Education & Training

Webinar Series On BC Climate Leadership Plan
Pembina Institute is hosting a series of webinars to help British Columbians engage in the provincial government’s process for developing its next climate-change plan.

Net Zero Energy Builder Workshops In Burnaby & Kelowna
Canadian Home Builders Association of BC presents two Net Zero Energy Builder Workshops, covering the NZE Builder Training that is mandatory for participation in the CHBA NZE Labelling Program. They will be held in Burnaby, April 4-5, and Kelowna, April 7-8.

Net Zero Energy Builder Boot Camp
CHBA is presenting a 1-day intensive Net Zero Energy (NZE) Builder Boot Camp in Kelowna on May 2nd. It will cover a variety of techniques for how to take a home to NZE performance, lessons learned in past projects, and the next steps along the road to NZE.

BC Energy Efficiency Compliance for Wood Window & Door Manufacturers
UBC Centre for Advanced Wood Processing one-day seminar Energy Efficiency Compliance for Wood Window & Door Manufacturers will be held in Surrey on March 3rd. It will review updates to energy efficiency and other requirements in the NAFS, BC Building Code and Vancouver’s Building Bylaw. Manufacturers and experts of energy efficient windows and doors, as well as experts involved in the development of building bylaws/codes and product testing will present.

Mastering Building Science 7-Week Online Course
Heatspring seven-week course covers language, framework, and systems needed to make your buildings resource-efficient, comfortable, and durable. Dr. Allison Bailes covers: strategies and materials for controlling heat, air, and moisture; wood-frame building enclosure construction and alternatives; assemblies with vented-rain screens, exterior insulation, and smart vapor retarders; climate zones; compare options for heating and cooling equipment; cost-effectiveness of improvements; testing and commissioning techniques; commissioning protocols.

Online Training For Home Performance Contractors
US Home Performance Coalition offers online training, a new opportunity for you to gain the knowledge you need to take your business to the next level.

Online Canadian Courses On Green Building
Canadian Green Building Council offers on-demand courses delivered to your desktop at your convenience. 1.0 to 1.5 hours in length, these sessions are co-developed and delivered by experienced professionals.

RPA Offering Discount On Online Radiant Hydronic Training
Radiant & Hydronics says Radiant Professionals Alliance and online education portal HeatSpring have announced the schedule for late winter/early spring hydronic heating courses. For a limited time, take $100 off the registration fee for these courses (except advanced radiant design).

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13. Costs & Savings

Energy Consumption Of Major Household Appliances In Canada
Natural Resources Canada report provides data and analysis on trends for energy consumption of major household appliances shipped in Canada, for 1990-2014.

Approval For FortisBC Natural Gas & Propane Rates
FortisBC has received approval from the BC Utilities Commission to modify natural gas and propane rates. Beginning January 1, 2016 customers will see changes to their bill.

Approval For FortisBC Electricity Rate Increase
FortisBC has received regulatory approval for a 2.96 per cent increase for electricity rates to take effect January 1, 2016.

Unveiling High-Performance Home Premiums In Washington
Institute for Market Transformation report What is Green Worth? Unveiling High-Performance Home Premiums in Washington, D.C. shows homebuyers are not only increasingly interested in high-performance homes, or homes incorporating green features, but they are also willing to pay more for them. (PDF)

Appraised Value & Energy Efficiency, Getting It Right
Appraisal Institute online guide, Appraised Value & Energy Efficiency: Getting It Right, provides important information for buyers, sellers and home builders. Energy efficiency can be overlooked in the appraisal process for a variety of reasons, but specially trained appraisers can assess the value of these features. (PDF)

Benefits Of Benchmarking Buildings
Institute for Market Transformation report Benefits of Benchmarking highlights the positive effects that can be achieved through benchmarking and transparency policies. (PDF)

14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

Incentives For BC Energy Star New Homes
FortisBC has adopted the Energy Star energy performance standard for their New Home Program across the province. Receive rebates when building a natural gas heated Energy Star new home or when installing high-efficiency natural gas appliances.

2016 Expansion Of Vancouver Home Energy Efficiency Grants
Vancouver Council has created a $1-million Building Energy Retrofit Fund to provide grants and program support to homeowners for upgrades and renovations. The money is intended to complement existing grant programs run by BC Hydro and Fortis BC and further lower the financial burden of home improvements. (PDF)

BC Innovative Clean Energy Fund
BC government Innovative Clean Energy Fund is a Special Account, funded through a levy on certain energy sales, designed to support the Province's energy, economic, environmental and greenhouse gas reduction priorities, and to advance the BC clean energy sector.

Ditch Tax Credits For Renewables
Green Building Advisor says a growing body of research suggests that the ability of tax credits to slow climate change would be greater if the value of the subsidies is linked to the amount of GHG emissions displaced by installing renewable energy.

Energy Advisors: Improving Customer Experience & Efficiency Program Outcomes
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory report Energy Advisors: Improving Customer Experience and Efficiency Program Outcomes, discusses energy advisor services that can help overcome barriers. (PDF)

Actions We Can All Take To Scale The Home Performance Industry
US Home Performance Coalition summarizes the Home Performance Market Innovation Forum and describes actions to take to scale the industry. (PDF)

Local Energy Efficiency Self-Scoring Tool
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy free 2015 Local Energy Efficiency Self-Scoring Tool allows communities to evaluate their progress on energy efficiency efforts to get a better understanding of where they stand in relation to peers.

Case Study On Community Engagement
Better Buildings Residential Network case study of the Community Home Energy Retrofit Project in California explains how a nonprofit organization supported almost entirely by local volunteers engaged more than 10 local communities to invigorate energy efficiency in California homes. (PDF)

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