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April 26, 2016


1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends
2. Business Management
3. Building Design & Trends
4. Codes Standards & Regulations
5. Building Science & Technology
6. Building Performance Issues
7. Products & Suppliers
8. Installation & Procedures
9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation
10. Information Sources
11. Conferences & Shows
12. Education & Training
13. Costs & Savings
14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

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Here is another special BC Building Info issue on green building and energy efficieny.

The regular BC Building Info newsletter covering all industry topics will come your way in a few weeks as usual. Hope you find at least a wee bit of value here somewhere.

Have a “Top Drawer” day.

Ken Farrish

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Built Green: The path to compliance, competitiveness, and affordability!

Built Green allows builders to differentiate themselves, stay ahead of energy-related code changes as environmental regulations continue to increase, and show leadership. Our programs are third-party certified, offer a simple way to add green features (checklists include pre-approved samples), and participation is affordable.

As a BUILT GREEN® builder, you’re able to pass on the benefits--a healthier, more comfortable, durable home with a lower environmental impact.
And BUILT GREEN® homes are affordable with a reduction in monthly operating costs, rebates, and more.


Ken's Top Pick

R-22 Walls & Insulating For The Future
BC Building Envelope Council online slide show presentation R-22 Walls & Insulating For The Future covers building enclosure & energy codes, highly insulated assemblies, exterior insulation how-to, and R-22 walls guide and other resources. (PDF)

1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends

Putting BC Carbon Price In Perspective
Business Council of BC says our provincial carbon price as of 2016 is the highest in North America by a wide margin, given its attributes and broad application across most of the province’s economy.

Building A Low Carbon Home In Canada
Home Builder Canada says our industry can very easily play a leadership role in helping to combat climate change. And not only can we can make an important difference, we can do it without making major adjustments to our practice, unlike many other sectors of the economy.

$2-billion Canadian GHG Abatement Fund Primed For 2017-18
REMI says for the commercial real estate industry, the key message from Canada’s recently unveiled 2016-17 federal budget could be: wait until next year. The private buildings sector is primarily an indirect beneficiary of the first expenditures in the government’s pledged multi-year infrastructure investment agenda, but the announcement of a pending $2-billion fund to reduce greenhouse gas emissions could hold more promise.

Millennial Home Buyers Expect Energy Efficient Features
EcoBuilding Pulse describes how a three-pronged approach can help meet young buyers’ demands for high-performance homes with proven results.

It Ain't Easy Bein' Green
Trulia says by a wide margin most Americans consider themselves to be environmentally conscious. But when it comes to walking the walk, some are more environmentally responsible than others.

Utilities Are Sending Wrong Message On Energy
Renewable Energy World says many factors influence how people choose to use energy and engage in energy-saving initiatives and programs. A deeply human approach should be reflected in the style and manner of how we market energy engagement programs, through appealing to people’s innate and intrinsic motivations to be better, more effective, and capable as humans.

Need For Quality Data Transparency In Solar Market Meltdown
Renewable Energy World says there is a need for quality data transparency in light of the solar market meltdown. SunEdison, amongst other solar giants, had simply grown too fast and failed to establish checks and balances for data management and sharing.

What They Haven't Told You About Climate Change
Online video by Patrick Moore, a founder of Greenpeace, explains why climate change, far from being a recent human-caused disaster, is, for a myriad of complex reasons, a fact of life on Planet Earth.

2. Business Management

Canada-BC Job Grant Helps Businesses Upskill Employees
The governments of Canada and British Columbia announced that a total of $7 million will be available under the Canada-BC Job Grant to help businesses provide their current or new employees with skills training.

What Millennial House Hunters Want
Market Watch says from rain barrels to vegetable gardens, millennials are remaking home improvement.

Paid Search Engine Marketing For Home Performance
Energy Circle advocates for the role of paid search in the marketing mix of companies delivering comfort, efficiency and healthy home services. They offer their perspective on the search landscape and what they see coming in 2016.

Generate Leads With Contractor Blogging
Building Performance Institute says in order for your blog to effectively achieve the goals that lead you to create it, you need a blog content strategy that will drive the decisions regarding what topics to cover, what style articles are written in and how and when content is published and shared.

Reality TV: Finding Right Time & Place For Home Performance
Home Energy Pros says people watch shows like Property Brothers: Buying + Selling for good a reason: it’s fun to watch and a source of inspiration for home improvement ideas. By flipping the script—leading with exciting real estate stories first and including relevant energy performance insights second—viewers are entertained while also seeing the benefits of including an energy upgrade in their next planned home improvement project.

Sales Tips for Home Energy Contractors
Mike Rogers offers his 13 top sales tips for home energy contractors.

Increasing Home Value Through Energy Upgrades
Home Energy magazine says the recent Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine included an energy efficiency measure—fiberglass attic insulation—and the results were a great indicator of the value provided by energy upgrades.

Big Rewards Of A Deep Energy Retrofit
Green Building Advisor describes why calculating just the financial return on investment of deep energy retrofits may be missing the whole story.

3. Building Design & Trends

Five Award-Winning, Earth-Friendly Homes
Builder Magazine describes five Builder's Choice Custom Home Design Award-winning projects that exemplify sustainable design at its most innovative.

Energy Efficiency Research Homes In Kelowna
REMI Network says an energy efficiency research project in Kelowna will measure the impact of sustainable building materials in residential construction. Known as the Wilden Living Lab, the project will see two homes constructed on separate building lots. One home will be built to current building code standards, and the other will incorporate a number of additional energy efficient features.

Carbon Neutral Laneway Home In Edmonton
Green Energy Futures describes a carbon neutral laneway home in Edmonton that is an an innovative use of green tech.

12 Greenest Buildings In Canada
REMI Network says British Columbia is home to six of the 12 greenest buildings in Canada according to the 2016 Green Buildings Review by Corporate Knights. The review identifies the top 12 greenest buildings in Canada.

Lessons Learned From Award Winning Sustainable Design Projects
American Institute of Architects says high-performance and passive design practices are being applied to projects of all types, scales and budgets.

Case Study Of Affordable, Low-Rise, Energy-Efficient Multi-Family Building
CMHC report Affordable, Low-rise, Energy-efficient Multi-unit Residential Building describes a 155-unit affordable housing project in Montreal that is an example of a holistic approach to sustainable development that took into account the social, economic and environmental aspects of affordable housing and urban intensification. (PDF)

Multi-Unit Building Designed To Meet Passive House Standard
Wire Service says a team of building design experts have designed an ultra-energy efficient and adaptable mixed-use residential building concept that can be swiftly constructed using prefabricated construction techniques. The four- to six-storey concept focuses on contemporary residential buildings aiming to meet the international Passive House Energy Standard.

Green Development Of Old Edmonton Airport Struggling To Take Off
Globe & Mail says Edmonton’s old City Centre airport was to be North America’s greenest community, with 30,000 people living and working in a carbon-neutral neighbourhood. Years later, it is shovel-ready, but struggling to entice actual shovels.

4. Codes Standards & Regulations

Vancouver Rainwater Management Plan & Green Infrastructure Strategy
City of Vancouver staff report Rainwater Management Plan and Green Infrastructure Strategy includes wide-ranging strategies to achieve a stated target that 90% of our annual average rainfall should be captured, infiltrated or treated, before discharge into our marine environment. (PDF)

Regulating Rain Barrels Is Not The Best Idea
Green Building Advisor says rather than devoting resources to regulating individual rain barrels, a logistically difficult task, it may make more sense for water agencies to get serious about enforcing principles of waste.

New EnerGuide Evaluation Report, Rating, Label For Homes
Natural Resources Canada describes details of the new EnerGuide evaluation report, rating, and label for calculating the energy efficiency of new and existing homes.

NRCan Forward Regulatory Plan For Energy Efficiency 2016-18
Natural Resources Canada, between 2016 and 2018, intends to propose a series of amendments to the Energy Efficiency Regulations, with the approximate timing for pre-publication as noted here.

Energy Requirements For Multi-Family Building Enclosures
BC Homeowner Protection Office bulletin describes energy performance requirements for the building enclosure and compliance paths for multi-unit residential buildings under ASHRAE 90.1. (PDF)

US National Green Building Standard 2015 Edition
Builder Books offers a free eBook of the US National Green Building Standard 2015 Edition. A collaborative effort between the ICC and NAHB, NGBS outlines the green practices that can be incorporated into new homes, including multifamily buildings, as well as home remodeling and additions, hotels and dormitories, and residential land developments. The green practices address site and lot design, preparation and development; resource, energy, and water efficiency; indoor environmental quality; and operation, maintenance, and building owner education.

Is LEED Still Relevant?
REMI Network says LEED has become synonymous with green in the mainstream building industry over the last decade. But while the voluntary green building rating system has been a successful market transformation tool, it has its limitations.

Looking At Costs Of LEED Version 4
Green Building Advisor says LEED version 4 raises questions about the costs and benefits of compliance.

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With 30+ years of experience, the Building Performance Center team delivers certification courses and customized training in a broad range of home performance skills. They are focused on helping the industry make buildings healthier, safer, energy efficient, and more comfortable. You can advance your skills by taking training in real-world scenarios in their state-of-the-art, hands-on training lab or at your own facility.
5. Building Science & Technology

Vivid Demonstration Of Benefit Of Exterior Insulation
Energy Vanguard shows that when you put insulation on the exterior of a building, you get two big benefits: Continuous insulation and warmer sheathing.

Green Roof Demonstration Project
American Society of Landscape Architects green roof demonstration project on their headquarters shows environmental benefits of green roofs and showcases what landscape architects contribute to this project type.

Does Your Water Resistive Barrier Really Resist Water?
Energy Vanguard says a water resistive barrier provides protection against water damage for water that gets behind the cladding of a building. But what if it doesn't really resist water?

Exterior & Interior Storm Panels Specification Version 1.0
Energy Star Version 1.0 specification for exterior and interior storm panels (also known as storm windows) is currently in development.

Effects Of #4 Surface Low-E Coatings On Condensation Resistance
Building Research Information Knowledge online paper Effects of #4 Surface Low-E Coatings on Fenestration Condensation Resistance highlights degradation of condensation resistance performance of #4 surface low-e insulating glass configurations of a variety of coating and spacer constructions. It raises awareness of how this specific performance improvement configuration can create a lesser performing system that can lead to confounding problems including water and ice damage to the fenestration system and the wall surround. (PDF)

New Perspective On Foam Insulation & Global Warming
Energy Vanguard provides an update to previous comments blogger Allison Bailes made on the global warming impact of insulation.

Advances in Energy-Efficiency Practices for Manufactured Homes
US Department of Energy report Field Evaluation of Advances in Energy-Efficiency Practices for Manufactured Homes evaluated whole-building approaches and estimated the relative contributions of select technologies toward reducing energy use related to space conditioning in new manufactured homes. (PDF)

Industry-First HPDs & EPDs For Gypsum Products
CertainTeed is the first company in the gypsum manufacturing industry to offer Health Product Declarations [HPDs] and Environmental Product Declarations [EPDs] for drywall products. The HPDs and EPDs provide scientific and transparent information about environmental performance and third-party verification to confirm the true sustainability of a product. The declarations also allow products to contribute towards points in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design building projects.

6. Building Performance Issues

BC Fenestration Energy Performance Requirements
BC Homeowner Protection Office Builder Insight #9, Fenestration Energy Performance, clarifies the energy performance requirements for windows, glazed doors and skylights used in residential buildings, and provides a roadmap for compliance. (PDF)

Finding Insulation That Is Chemically Safe
Green Building Advisor describes how having chemical sensitivities complicates the search for the right insulation, and the right insulation contractor.

Low Carbon Footprint Of Minisplits
Green Building Advisor describes why heating with a minisplit heat pump is greener than heating with fossil fuels.

Airtightness Of Large Buildings
RDH Building Science online slide show presentation Airtightness of Large Buildings: Where We're At and Where We're Going looks at the state of the industry with respect to airtightness performance and testing standards based on a database of over 500 airtightness tests.

Measured Energy Consumption In High-Performance Buildings
RDH Building Science explores the topic of high-performance buildings, how we measure their energy efficiency, and how we can ensure buildings achieve their performance goals during operations.

Canadian National Benchmarking Framework Guide
Canadian Green Building Council report National Energy Benchmarking Framework is meant to provide support to local governments (cities and provinces) that are developing energy benchmarking strategies and regulations. (PDF)

Best Practices For Energy Benchmarking
US Department of Energy online toolkit Energy Data Access: Blueprint for Action is a compilation of case studies, guidance and real-world best-practices adopted by cities and utilities to help building owners measure and track energy use, and benchmark the energy performance of their buildings.

Poor Air Quality Kills 5.5 Million Worldwide Annually
EurekAlert says new research shows that more than 5.5 million people die prematurely every year due to household and outdoor air pollution.

7. Products & Suppliers

Online Guide To Sustainable Plumbing In The Home
CMHC online Guide To Sustainable Plumbing In The Home provides plumbers, building contractors and interested homeowners with an overview of fixtures, appliances and actions that can help conserve water and energy in different areas in the home. (PDF)

Search For High Efficiency Residential Natural Gas Furnaces
Consortium for Energy Efficiency online searchable directory helps you find high efficiency residential gas furnaces based on a wide range of criteria.

Composite Or PVC For Decks?
EcoBuilding Pulse Magazine offers a primer on how to select between composite or PVC decking products for your clients.

Environmental Sustainability Of Log Homes
BC Log and Timber Builders says log and timber homes are a sustainable form of construction.

ECM Air Handler Fans Save Energy
US Department of Energy describes how an HVAC system with a central air handler fan can realize significant energy savings by using a fan with an electronically commutated (ECM) motor.

Cost Of Solar Electricity Hits New Low
Green Building Advisor says under a proposed contract in California, a municipal utility will buy PV electricity for less than 4 cents per kilowatt hour.

Find Canadian EnerGuide Service Organizations For New Homes
Natural Resources Canada online search allows you to find service organizations that offer EnerGuide home evaluations on a new home using the EnerGuide Rating Service.

UK Construction Sector Views On Low Carbon Building Materials
Taylor & Francis report Construction Sector Views On Low Carbon Building Materials explores economic, technical, practical and cultural barriers to the uptake of these alternatives through a survey of UK construction professionals and interviews with industry leaders.

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8. Installation & Procedures

11 Water-Conserving Projects & Products
EcoBuilding Pulse describes six projects built with water conservation in mind, plus five products that will elevate future homes to a new level of efficiency.

Choosing The Best Green Drywall
Ecohome says drywall may all look the same sitting in stacks in the store but they are very different in performance, strength and ecological impact.

Air Barrier For Dropped Ceiling/Soffit Below Unconditioned Attic
US Department of Energy describes how to install a continuous rigid air barrier or other supporting material to cap dropped ceilings or soffits.

Highest Priorities For Air Sealing A Home
Owens Corning study recorded and measured where and how air leakage occurs in a typical home. They summarize the air-leakage-bang-for-your-buck by ranking every opening and joint in a home. (PDF)

Assessment With Infrared Camera
Home Energy Pros online video shows how to use an infrared camera to find insulation defects, thermal bridges and air leaks in a 1970's home.

Standard For Testing Air Tightness Of Buildings & HVAC Distribution Systems
RESNET Online Standard for Testing Air Tightness of Building Enclosures & HVAC Distribution Systems provides a uniform methodology for evaluating the airtightness of building envelopes and heating and cooling air ducts and the air flows of mechanical ventilation systems. These test procedures can be used as building diagnostics, in quality assurance and control, for determining compliance with codes and standards and to determine input to energy simulations and ratings. (PDF)

Different Ways To Pipe A Thermal Storage Tank
PM Engineer describes how to pipe a thermal storage tank used for most hydronic-based renewable energy heat sources.

Design & Installation Of Ground Source Heat Pump Systems
CSA standard ANSI/CSA C448 SERIES-16 - Design and installation of ground source heat pump systems for commercial and residential buildings contains requirements applicable to any system within the scope of the C448 Series, and has alternative requirements for houses and small buildings.

9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation

Clean Energy Communities With BC Hydro Micro-SOP Program
BC Sustainable Energy Association says BC took a modest step toward what could expand into a significant community renewable energy program as BC Hydro unveiled its Micro- Standing Offer Program.

Cogeneration Sparks Canadian Apartment Sector Interest
REMI Network says cogeneration in Canada is no longer just for hospitals and industrial facilities, as multi-residential property owners are beginning to take note of this energy savings technology too.

Lions, Pizza & Energy Internet Of Things
Microgrid Knowledge says back in the old days the electric grid was pretty straight-forward. Power plants generated electricity and sent it over wires to homes and businesses. Then came the energy internet of things.

Role Of Solar Water Heating In Multifamily Zero Energy Homes
US Department of Energy report Role of Solar Water Heating in Multifamily Zero Energy Homes evaluated a solar domestic hot water system on a 12-unit apartment building. (PDF)

Downside Of Low Gas Prices
Green Building Advisor asks if ways can be found to bolster consumer interest in fuel economy for environmental rather than economic reasons, so that progress can be maintained even when fuel prices are low.

Effect Of Low Oil Prices On Climate Emissions
Green Building Advisor says low oil prices make many environmentally troublesome oil drilling and oil pipeline projects infeasible as business ventures, but they do not overly encourage consumption of oil, and hardly affect efficiency at all.

Renewable Energy Stumbles Toward Future
New York Times says the problems at companies like SunEdison, which just filed for bankruptcy as one of the largest in a series of recent green-energy failures, resemble those of past leading-edge industries.

If A Solar Plant Uses Natural Gas, Is It Still Green?
Green Building Advisor discusses how the Ivanpah solar plant in California uses natural gas to generate power when sunlight alone isn't enough.

10. Information Sources

Consumer Guide to High Performance Homes
BC Homeowner Protection Office online Consumer Guide to High Performance Homes assists consumers in making informed decisions when looking to buy, design or build a high performance house. (PDF)

Blog & Site With News On Climate Change For BC & Beyond
Climate Examiner is a free blog and website providing news on climate change for BC and beyond.

Guides & Resources On Air Sealing
Building America Solution Center provides online technical guides and other resources on air sealing.

Online Videos On Home Energy Retrofit Measures
Measured Home Performance online videos describe best practices for many different home energy retrofit measures.

Best Practices For Home Energy Retrofits In California
Gas Technology Institute site Measured Home Performance provides online videos and resources on best practices for home energy retrofits in California.

HPXML Is Common Language Structure For Home Energy Efficiency
Home Energy magazine says one of the next big leaps in home energy efficiency and market transformation hinges on our ability to share standardized data on an individual home’s performance and on the energy upgrades that it received.

Practical Tips For Building Performance & Energy Efficiency
RDH Building Engineering describes, based on lessons learned through measurement and verification of high performance buildings, how building designers, owners, and managers can ensure their buildings perform at their best and meet their energy efficiency goals.

Canada's Marine Coasts In A Changing Climate
NRCan online report Canada's Marine Coasts in a Changing Climate assesses climate change sensitivity, risks and adaptation along Canada's marine coasts. It includes overviews of regional climate change impacts, risks and opportunities along Canada's three marine coasts, case studies demonstrating action, and discussion of adaptation approaches. (Large PDF)

11. Conferences & Shows

Solar Summit 2016
Solar Summit 2016 is the annual solar conference that attracts leaders from across the solar value chain. Held in Arizona, May 11-12, it offers networking opportunities and panel sessions that provide a unique mix of market intelligence and coordination among industry players.

CanSIA Solar Ontario 2016 Conference & Tradeshow
Canadian Solar Industries Association presents its Ontario regional conference Solar Ontario 2016. It is Ontario's largest and most influential solar industry event, taking place in Niagara Falls, May 16-17.

District Energy + Water Academy
District Energy + Water Academy will be held in Vancouver, May 24-26. It will bring executive-level project teams and leaders together to address core challenges in district-scale project feasibility, financing, policy regulations and marketability.

Energy Connections 2016
BC Sustainable Energy Association conference Energy Connections 2016 will be held June 3rd, in Vancouver. It will bring together citizens, community groups, businesses, and government agencies to inspire and inform British Columbians to take action and implement solutions in clean energy generation, energy efficiency and conservation, and low carbon transportation.

North American Passive House Conference
North American Passive House Network presents their NAPHN16 conference in New York June 13-14. It brings together a global community of architects, designers, builders, suppliers, government officials and policy analysts to experience a world-class program of Passive House presentations and workshops, plus networking opportunities.

12. Education & Training

Building Better Buildings With Dr. Joseph Lstiburek
GVHBA presents Building Better Buildings, Building Science with building science guru Dr. Joseph Lstiburek, on May 10th in New Westminster. Topics covered include Heat, Air and Moisture Movement, Capillary/Condensation, Ventilation Rates, Walls, Roofs and Thermal Bridges, Vented/Unvented Roofs, Low Density vs. High Density Foam, and Retrofits. This one-day session is targeted to earn builders 7.5 CPD credits.

Webinar On Clean Power Producers, Building Communities & Green Economy In BC
BC Sustainable Energy Association webinar on April 28th features Clean Energy BC sharing recent report findings, and welcoming questions about the role that the clean power sector could play in helping the province meet its commitments to fight climate change.

Building Smart With Air & Vapour Barriers
Homeowner Protection Office is offering a 2-hour Encore Webinar Presentation on April 28 and again on June 1. Building Smart with Air and Vapour Barriers will focus on the use of air and vapour barriers in single and multi-unit residential buildings.

Roadmap For District Energy
UDI seminar Roadmap For District Energy, held in Vancouver on May 4th, features a panel discussion on the roadmap, challenges, and opportunities for district energy as it pertains to our industry.

Victoria Seminar On Energy Efficiency For Builders
Victoria Residential Builders Association morning seminar on energy efficiency will be held on May 5th. It will cover codes, HVAC, windows, building envelope, and cost effectiveness.

Vernon Eco-Housing Tour
The Okanagan Chapter of BC Sustainable Energy Association is supporting the Canadian Federation of University Women's Eco-Housing Tour and Local Sustainability Night on May 7th. The Eco-friendly Home Tour The Tour will include four 4 Vernon sites.

Protecting Canadian Homes & Buildings From Toxic Radon Gas
BC Building Envelope Council luncheon seminar Protecting Canadian Homes & Buildings from Toxic Radon Gas: What You Need to Know to Build Right and Save Lives, will be presented in Vancouver on May 19th.

IBC Technologies Opens Boiler Training Center In Vancouver
Radiant and Hydronics says boiler manufacturer IBC Technologies opened two training centers late in 2015, one at its headquarters in Vancouver and the other in New Jersey.

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Build a better home, a Power Smart Home

In a competitive market, every distinguishing feature helps. When buying a Power Smart Home, homeowners know they’ll enjoy increased comfort and decreased operating costs for the lifetime of the home. Give your development the added advantage of the Power Smart label.

13. Costs & Savings

Energy Costs & Canadian Households
Fraser Institute study Energy Costs and Canadian Households: How Much Are We Spending, identifies the percentage of Canadian households living in energy poverty, which means energy (electricity and home-heating bills) consumes 10 per cent or more of household expenditures. In 2013, 7.9 per cent of Canadian households were living in energy poverty, up from 7.2 per cent in 2010.

Market Evaluation Of Energy Efficient & Green Northwest Homes
Earth Advantage online report Market Evaluation of Energy Efficient and Green Certified Northwest Homes documents the market valuation associated with energy efficiency home certifications used in the US Northwest. (PDF)

Solar Water Heating In Single-Family, Zero Energy Ready Homes
US Department of Energy report Indirect Solar Water Heating in Single-Family, Zero Energy Ready Homes explores factors and situations in which indirect SDHW may be a practical method of achieving zero energy consumption. These situations include: No natural gas onsite; High SDHW incentives; High energy prices and high domestic hot water consumption; Heat pump water heaters are not practical; Reliable contractors; Reliable, low-cost maintenance. Even when these conditions favor SDHW, it believes substantial reductions in indirect SDHW system cost are needed for the systems to be practical in most US zero energy homes. (PDF)

New Research Proves Insulation Adds Value To Home
Insulation Institute says an attic insulation upgrade, which had an average estimated cost of $1,268, delivered the highest return on the remodeling investment of 117 percent, adding $1,484 to the value of the home if sold within one year.

Number Crunching On A Deep Energy Retrofit
Green Building Advisor summarizes an owner-builder's detailed look at how a retrofit added long-term value to his home.

Theory Of Valuing Building Life-Cycle Investments
Taylor & Francis paper Theory Of Valuing Building Life-Cycle Investments describes a theory that can be used to value life-cycle investments in buildings. It combines real options valuation, investment analysis and building component life-cycle design. (PDF)

Demand-Side Mismanagement: How Conservation Became Waste
Fraser Institute study Demand-Side Mismanagement: How Conservation Became Waste finds that Ontario taxpayers and ratepayers have doled out billions of dollars in energy conservation subsidies over the decades with no verifiable evidence that conservation programs actually save consumers money.

Energy Efficiency Critiques Have Some Truth & Mistakes
ACEEE report Critiques of Energy Efficiency Policies and Programs: Some Truth But Also Substantial Mistakes and Bias, says several recent studies purport to show that particular energy efficiency programs and policies do not work or are too expensive. This short paper is written for people who are not evaluation experts and are trying to understand what conclusions they can take from these studies. (PDF)

14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

To Be Or Not To Be Involved In Subsidized Programs
Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency looks at when and how a contracting business should use subsidized programs to grow their business.

BC Clean Energy Funding For 4 Initiatives
Government of BC announced $1.4 million from the Innovative Clean Energy Fund for a suite of programs to help homeowners reduce energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions and to support training in the construction of high performance, energy efficient homes.

This Green House II Report On Financing Energy Retrofits
Columbia Institute report This Green House II: Building Momentum on Green Jobs and Climate Action Through Energy Retrofits Across Canada discusses experiences and considerations for local government-led retrofit programs that use local improvement charge retrofit financing, and on-bill financing. (PDF)

Community Energy Planning: The Value Proposition
Getting To Implementation online report Community Energy Planning: The Value Proposition Environmental, Health and Economic Benefits bolsters the case for smart energy planning in communities across Canada. Community energy plans deliver results because they help communities overcome the challenge of coordinating energy across different sectors of the local economy, and among energy users and producers alike. (PDF)

5 Demand Management Trends To Watch In 2016
Utility Dive says industry insiders see technology allowing customers and utilities more control over power consumption in the year to come.

Accelerating Home Performance Upgrades Through Synergistic Business Model
US DOE report Accelerating the Delivery of Home Performance Upgrades through a Synergistic Business Model describes an approach to a business model that will manage all aspects of the contractor-homeowner-performance professional interface to ensure good upgrade decisions throughout time. (PDF)

US HomeStyle Renovation & Energy Improvement Mortgages
US Fannie Mae HomeStyle Renovation mortgage enables a borrower to obtain a purchase transaction mortgage or a limited cash-out refinance mortgage and receive funds to cover the costs of repairs, remodeling, renovations, or energy improvements to the property.

Energy Efficiency Finance: A US Market Reassessment
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy online report Energy Efficiency Finance: A Market Reassessment describes the current state of energy efficiency financing, highlighting what is and isn’t working, while offering a look at the future of the industry. (PDF)

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