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July 5, 2016


1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends
2. Business Management
3. Building Design & Trends
4. Codes Standards & Regulations
5. Building Science & Technology
6. Building Performance Issues
7. Products & Suppliers
8. Installation & Procedures
9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation
10. Information Sources
11. Conferences & Shows
12. Education & Training
13. Costs & Savings
14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

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Here is another special BC Building Info issue on green building and energy efficieny.

The regular BC Building Info newsletter covering all industry topics will come your way in a few weeks as usual. Hope you find at least a wee bit of value here somewhere.

Have a “Top Drawer” day.

Ken Farrish

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Ken's Top Pick

Why Old People Don't Care About Climate Change
Grist online video features hilarious old people explaining why they just don't care about climate change.

1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends

Is BC Really A Laggard On Climate Change?
Business Council of British Columbia says on any reasonable assessment, BC remains a North American pacesetter on a number of important aspects of climate policy, with industry and government continuously improving policies and operational efficiencies through the availability of new innovations. (PDF)

How To Help Canadian Housing Lead Way In Climate Action
Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) has the following recommendations to help Canadian housing and homeowners continue to lead the way in climate change action, to the benefit of homeowners, renters, and society as a whole. CHBA recommendations address opportunities and policies for new housing construction, renovation, community development, and smart transit investments.

Canada Climate & Energy Efficiency Plans Must Be Nuanced
Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance says that taking a totally anti-resource development stance when it comes to economic development could spell disaster for Canada’s Arctic regions.

Ontario Climate Action Plan to Implement Universal Home Energy Audits
Ontario government new Five Year Climate Change Action Plan to promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and to facilitate the shift to a low-carbon economy includes a commitment to implement a Home Energy and GHG Rating and Disclosure (HERD) program for properties at the time of sale. This means that a universal home energy audit, paid for by government, must be conducted prior to the sale of a home and that information must be provided to the seller during the purchase process.

Home Buyer Preferences For Green Features Remain Stable
NAHB says results from their latest home buyer preference survey shows buyers still prefer green features in homes and are willing to pay more up front to save on future utility bills.

How Consumers Really Feel About Energy-Efficient Home Products
EcoBuilding says a recent study shows that even though consumers are interested in energy-efficient products, the majority of them are not interested enough to invest in buying one for their home.

Zero Energy Market Growth Is All About Push
Builder & Developer Magazine says new research shows industry leaders are driving zero energy market momentum, not customers.

Financial Climate Change Hits Abengoa, SunEdison
Engineering News Record says debt and government subsidies added up to financial disaster at firms with talent for renewable energy.

2. Business Management

What Today’s Homebuyers Really Know About High Performance Homes
High Performance Building Exchange says today's builders face clientele who have reams of building science information available.

Business Metrics For High-Performance Homes
US Department of Energy report Business Metrics for High-Performance Homes: A Colorado Springs Case Study explores the relationship between energy-efficiency ratings and the market performance of several builders in Colorado Springs. It shows a builder’s investment in voluntary energy-efficiency programs correlated with that builder’s ability to survive the Great Recession of 2007 to 2009. (PDF)

Managing Climate Risks: Highlights For Business Leaders
NRCan report Managing Climate Risks: Highlights For Business Leaders explains why acting now to prepare for future climate realities makes good business sense. The report draws from the most up-to-date analysis of climate change impacts, risks and responses across Canadian sectors and highlights approaches and resources to enhance climate resilience. (PDF)

6 Ways To Screw Up Hiring A New Sales Person
Mike Rogers says hiring a new home performance salesperson can be very difficult. This is particularly true if you’re using some of these classic blunders in your recruiting and hiring process, making it harder to find and hire the right sales person.

Silent Selling Tool We All Have
Wall & Ceiling says your ability to demonstrate your presence is a powerful and potent silent selling tool, and one that is all too often underestimated and misunderstood.

Online Video Of Consultative Home Performance Sales Webinar
Mike Rogers online video of his Consultative Sales Primer webinar, that was sponsored by the Home Performance Stakeholder Council, offers tips and resources for contractors on selling energy efficiency.

How To Satisfy The Customer Who Always Complains
Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency suggests how to deal with that customer who insists on eating up you and your tech's time on unfounded complaint after complaint.

2016 Canada Green Building Council Leadership Award Recipients
Canada Green Building Council honoured their 2016 Leadership Award recipients, recognizing individuals and organizations that show outstanding leadership in the industry, and who have made a significant contribution to the CaGBC’s mission and goals in advancing green building in Canada.

3. Building Design & Trends

18 New Living Buildings
International Living Future Institute describes 18 Living Building Challenge projects that operate as beautifully and efficiently as nature.

Evolution Of Passive House In North America
Energy Vanguard says the Passivhaus program, promulgated by the Passivhaus Institut in Germany, formalized the requirements but was building on earlier work, much of it from North America.

Eco Smart Home Puts 400 Sq. Ft. To Good Use
Digital Trends online slides show how an interior design firm turned 400 square feet of living space into a spacious, luxury smart home.

Design Of Low-Energy & Affordable Multi-Family Buildings
CMHC case study Design Development of Low-energy and Affordable Multi-unit Residential Buildings describes innovations that could be applied to new affordable multi-unit residential buildings to increase energy efficiency while maintaining the development budget. The research looks specifically at the design process and results for one of the Bois Ellen Co-operative Residence buildings. (PDF)

High-Performance Rammed Earth Wall System For Cold Climates
Building Research Information Knowledgebase article High-Performance Rammed Earth Wall System For Cold Climates describes Casa Sanitas, a prototype designed to be a positive energy home. It combines cost-effective, passive-design strategies that include the high thermal mass of stabilized rammed earth walls, natural ventilation and passive solar orientation, with photovoltaic panels, solar thermal hot water and a small ground-source heat pump for radiant heating and cooling. (PDF)

Discovery And The 55+ Buyer
Builder Magazine discusses zeroing in on what people predict they'll want vs. what they come to expect.

MasterFormat Specifications 2016 Edition Released
Construction Specifications Institute says the 2016 Edition of MasterFormat is now available for purchase. In addition to the many individual sections that were added or clarified as is typical with a new edition, there were two Divisions that benefited from significant work provided by subject matter experts to help their contents better support the work of professionals working in those areas.

Free Heat Pump Pre-Screening Tool
NRCan free Heat Pump Pre-Screening Tool is software that provides rapid assessments of heat pump systems for a specific set of building parameters, with minimal input requirements. This means that feasibility studies can be better justified and focused on only the most promising technologies for a given multi-family or commercial project.

4. Codes Standards & Regulations

Survey On Requirements For Stormwater Management For SFD In Metro Vancouver
Metro Vancouver online survey is asking for input into minimum requirements for stormwater management on single-lot residential developments.

Metro Van Climate Action Committee Meeting Updates
Metro Vancouver Climate Action Committee meeting notes provides updates on various climate change strategies and activities, including an update on the Home Energy Labelling Pilot Project (pages 91 - 95 of the agenda). Thanks to Mark Sakai of GVHBA for this one. (PDF)

Vancouver Zero Emissions New Building Plan
BC Building Envelope Council online slide show presentation describes City of Vancouver Zero Emissions New Building Plan. (PDF)

LEED Gets Tougher Energy Requirements
Green Building Advisor says changes in the US Green Building Council LEED program are significant, and the changes are coming on very short notice.

EcoDistricts Protocol For Sustainable Neighbourhoods
EcoDistricts online EcoDistricts Protocol is a process-based framework and performance standard that empowers sustainable neighborhood and district scale urban development.

Commercial Building Environmental Standards
Building Owners & Managers Association of Canada offers the BOMA BESt, an evolution of their previous Go Green program. BESt stands for Building Environmental Standards, and represents the direction of commercial real estate industry in Canada and BOMA in providing mechanisms for common practices across the industry.

First Sustainability Standard For Household Clothes Drying Appliances
CSA Group, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, and UL Environment have announced the publication of AHAM 7005-2016/CSA SPE-7005-16/UL 7005 Sustainability Standard for Household Clothes Drying Appliances, the first voluntary sustainability standard for household clothes drying appliances.

Report From NRCan To Parliament Under The Energy Efficiency Act 2013-2015
NRCan provided parliament with this report Improving Energy Performance in Canada under the Energy Efficiency Act, for the fiscal years 2013-2015. It describes what NRCan has done to help improve Canada's energy efficiency and use of renewable energy. (PDF)

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5. Building Science & Technology

2X4 Walls With 1-1.5” Exterior Insulative Sheathing
US Home Innovation Research labs Construction Guide: Next Generation High Performance Walls addresses walls constructed with 2x4 wood frame studs, wood structural panel sheathing (WSP) as wall bracing and added backing for foam sheathing, a layer of rigid foam sheathing insulation up to 1.5 inches thick over the WSP, and a cladding system installed over the foam sheathing. It is applicable to low-rise residential buildings up to three stories in height, in Climate Zones 3-5. (PDF)

Graywater Is A New Strategy For Drought-Stressed Cities
Green Building Advisor describes how graywater recycling can improve water conservation by expanding local water supplies and providing a drought-resistant year-round local water source.

Building Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Home Energy Pros describes features, benefits and considerations for building rainwater harvesting systems.

History Of Todays Low Flush Toilets
Plumbing & HVAC says few plumbers who were in the business 15 years ago will forget the problems when low flush (six-litre) toilets were introduced in this country. The problems got so bad that people were going out of their way to buy the older 13-litre models. New designs and test procedures have largely put an end to those issues. Since the early 2000s, the industry figured it out. They figured out how to design the shape of the bowl, the trapway, the tank and how the water moved through the system in order to remove the waste and get it transported down the drain line much more efficiently.

How Radiant Barriers Work
Fine Homebuilding says promoted as a method for reducing cooling costs by mitigating solar heat gain through walls and attics, these shiny (typically aluminum) surfaces have as many detractors as proponents. The dispute is not about the science of radiant-heat transmission; it’s whether applying that science to your roof will make a difference on your utility bill.

How To Get Ventilation You Need In Your House
Natural Resources Canada describes issues and considerations for getting the ventilation you need in your house.

Do Earth Tubes Make Any Sense?
Green Building Advisor discusses whether earth tubes have some merit.

Four Novel Roof Designs For Energy-Efficient Manufactured Homes
US Department of Energy report Field Evaluation of Four Novel Roof Designs for Energy-Efficient Manufactured Homes to see how each design reduced space-conditioning energy use so that the knowledge gained could be applied to new manufactured homes. (PDF)

6. Building Performance Issues

Consumer Protection Initiative For Canadian Solar Industry
Canadian Solar Industries Association new Consumer Protection Initiative goals are to increase consumer confidence and enhance industry professionalism. It includes Going Solar: A Guide for Consumers, Solar Business Code of Conduct, and a Complaint Resolution and Disciplinary Process.

Purchasable Residential Construction Performance Guidelines
Builder Books sells Residential Construction Performance Guidelines, the home building and remodeling industry's reference for residential construction performance. Created specifically for home builders and remodelers, this warranty tool will help you manage customer expectations, prevent and resolve customer complaints, and explain how the home should perform during the warranty period. $45 USD

Reducing Hefty Carbon Footprint Of Concrete
Green Building Advisor says bit by bit, innovators are chipping away at environmental downsides of concrete.

Flame Retardants In Furniture A Health Risk
Ecohome says flame retardants are found in almost all manufactured materials. They pose a serious health risk yet are virtually useless for preventing fires.

Water Efficiency Rating Score Software
US Green Builder Coalition have created water modeling software that generates a Water Efficiency Rating Score, or WERS. The premise is that verified measurement and incentives will increase participation in conservation efforts.

Combustion Safety Testing
IE3 explains what combustion safety testing is, why you need to do the tests, and what tools you need to do them.

Home Performance Is Just Too Hard!
Matt Golden describes challenges he had in solving some home performance issues in a home with some HVAC issues.

Airtightness Testing & Results For Part 3 Buildings
RDH Building Engineering report Airtightness Testing & Results For Part 3 Buildings shows a large number of factors impact in-service air leakage rates, and that a single value for infiltration likely will not address the complexity of estimating infiltration and exfiltration in large buildings. (PDF)

7. Products & Suppliers

Declare Product Database Of Green Products
International Living Future Institute online Declare database categorizes green products. For both manufacturers and designers, it provides a clear, elegant and informative method for ingredient disclosure. Declare stands by transparent and open communication and allows consumers and designers a streamlined point of entry into the world’s most groundbreaking products.

BC & Washington Supplier Of Passive House Products
Small Planet Supply offers products that can be used in Passive Houses, including barriers, insulation and mechanical. They also offer training courses on related building technology topics.

2016 BC Environment Industry Guide
BC Environment Industry Guide 2016 describes an industry sector that is growing faster than the economy as a whole, and lists companies that provide the products and services to protect our natural and social environments. (PDF)

Ultrasonic Dryer Will Dry Clothes In Half The Time
CNN says a new ultrasonic dryer concept forgoes the heat, instead using high-pitched vibrations to wick moisture from clothes in a method that's cheaper, faster, energy-saving and better for fabric too.

Solar Panel Design Ideas For Your Home
US Department of Energy provides examples of building integrated photovoltaic panels.

Getting More Energy From The Sun With PV
Green Building Advisor discusses how to make better solar cells with cheap and plentiful materials.

Tesla Powerwalls For Home Energy Storage Hit US Market
Bloomberg says a year after Elon Musk unveiled the Powerwall the first wave of residential installations has started in the US. The 6.4-kilowatt-hour unit stores electricity from home solar systems and provides backup in the case of a conventional outage.

Are LED Lights In Fridges Spoiling Milk?
EcoBuilding says a recent study found LED lights can actually degrade the taste of milk faster than fluorescent lights.

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With 30+ years of experience, the Building Performance Center team delivers certification courses and customized training in a broad range of home performance skills. They are focused on helping the industry make buildings healthier, safer, energy efficient, and more comfortable. You can advance your skills by taking training in real-world scenarios in their state-of-the-art, hands-on training lab or at your own facility.
8. Installation & Procedures

Illustrated Guide For Northern Housing Retrofits
RDH Building Engineering online Illustrated Guide for Northern Housing Retrofits covers two optimal retrofit programs for a typical single-family dwelling in Canada’s far North, and is intended to be an industry resource for achieving higher energy efficiency in existing homes, while maximizing utility cost savings and home passive survivability through lower energy use. (PDF)

Water Permeable Paver Stones & Landscapes
Ecohome describes how to create landscaping surfaces that allow for the absorption of storm water.

Better Corner Nailing For Drywall
Journal of Light Construction online framing detail provides better nailing for drywall and access to insulate wall corners.

MAD AIR, Duct Systems, Infiltration, & Their Interactions
Energy Vanguard says a paper, MAD AIR: Mechanical Air Distribution And Interacting Relationships showed that duct leakage can have a big effect on the pressure in a home, and so can closing bedroom doors and airtightness of the homes.

Outdoor Reset Is Smart Choice
Plumbing and Mechanical magazine says we are at a point where we should be controlling boilers, even those installed a couple of decades ago, using smart aquastats.

Energy Efficiency Opportunities For Homes With High Usage
Minnesota government report Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Homes with High Usage describes market characterization and customer engagement strategies. It identifies factors that are the greatest contributors to high natural gas and/or electricity use (80th percentile or above) in Minnesota homes, and discusses feasibility of combining high-resolution energy consumption data with tax assessor data to perform remote analysis of potential energy-saving opportunities, supporting the effective targeting of energy efficiency program strategies. (PDF)

Fixing a Botched Job
Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency says if you’re called in to correct another contractor’s poor work, there are potential complications you might not have considered. If handled incorrectly, you or your company could potentially be on the hook legally and financially.

DIY Green Roof Installation
Ecohome online video describes how to install a living green roof that can last far longer than many other roofing systems.

9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation

Online Map Of Canadian Clean Energy Resources & Projects
Natural Resources Canada provides an online map of clean energy resources and projects.

Is Sustainable Energy Really Sustainable?
Fraser Institute says there is no doubt that unsustainability undercuts our kids’ future. But that’s as true for fiscal unsustainability as environmental unsustainability.

Coal & Gas To Stay Cheap, But Renewables Still Win Race On Cost
Bloomberg says low prices for coal and gas are likely to persist, but will fail to prevent a fundamental transformation of the world electricity system over coming decades towards renewable sources such as wind and solar, and towards balancing options such as batteries.

Is Nuclear Power Our Energy Future Or A Dinosaur?
Green Building Advisor says identical data yield very different conclusions on the role nuclear will play in meeting climate goals.

Community Storage Initiative
CSI says community storage is an emerging term for utility-sponsored programs that aggregate distributed energy storage resources that are located throughout a community, such as water heaters, electric vehicles, and interconnected storage batteries, to improve the operational efficiency of electric energy services to consumers.

Transforming The Electric System
Green Building Advisor says electricity markets around the world are transforming from a model where electricity flows one way (from electricity-generating power plants to the customer) to one where customers actively participate as providers of electric services. But to speed this transformation and maximize its environmental and cost benefits, we need to understand how customer actions affect the three distinct parts of our electric system: generation, transmission, and distribution.

10. Information Sources

Presentations From 2016 Canadian NZE Builder Boot Camp
Canadian Home Builders Association provides access to the slide presentations from their 2016 Net Zero Energy Builder Boot Camp.

Canadians Submit Your Ideas On Climate Change
Government of Canada website accepts submissions from Canadians on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change.

Online Presentations From 2016 Better Buildings Summit
US Department of Energy online presentations from sessions at the 2016 Better Buildings Summit include over 300 presentations covering 100 unique session topics. Everything from selecting the right high-impact technologies, organizational strategies, finding financing, creating partnerships, and much more.

Whitepapers & Guides On Home Performance Business
Energy Circle offers free whitepapers and guides on home performance business topics, focusing on online marketing. Free site registration required.

US Home Performance Market Innovation Forum Meeting Highlights
Mike Rogers summarizes some of the key items from the Home Performance Coalition new Market Innovation Forum meeting in San Francisco.

Enhancing Community Resilience through Energy Efficiency
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy report Enhancing Community Resilience through Energy Efficiency discusses ways in which energy efficiency can increase the resilience of energy systems and the communities they serve. It reviews the resilience-related benefits of efficiency measures, discusses the incorporation of efficiency into resilience planning, and presents four case studies showing how local governments and utilities can leverage energy efficiency to increase the resilience of their communities. Free registration required.

US Resource Site For Construction Industry Compliance
US Construction Industry Compliance Assistance site offers resources on regulation compliance for stormwater, debris, hazardous waste, air, wetlands, endangered species, green building, and health & safety.

11. Conferences & Shows

US Solar Industry Conference
Solar Power International, the annual US solar industry conference and trade show will be held in Las Vegas, September 12-15.

Site Remediation In BC: 2016 Conference
BC Ministry of Environment is hosting 2016 Site Remediation in BC Conference in Vancouver, September 21-22. This event is for government, consulting and industry representatives, developers and others looking to learn more about regulatory changes and innovative practices related to land remediation and brownfield redevelopment in BC.

North American Passive House Conference
North American Passive House Network presents their NAPHN 2016 conference in Philadelphia, September 21-25. It brings together a global community of architects, designers, builders, suppliers, government officials and policy analysts to experience a world-class program of Passive House presentations and workshops, plus networking opportunities.

Excellence In Building Conference & Expo
Energy and Environmental Building Association annual Excellence in Building Conference & Expo is being held in Dallas, September 27-29. It offers resources, educational seminars, expert presenters and hands-on tours to help builders tap into profit-building possibilities.

Go West Sustainability Tour Vancouver To Seattle
Federation of Canadian Municipalities event Go West Sustainability Tour, Vancouver to Seattle, October 3-7. It offers a unique professional development experience and an up-close look at green solutions in BC and Washington State, and includes site visits, facility tours, workshops and conference presentations on climate change and brownfield redevelopment.

Solar West 2016: Conference & Trade Show
Canadian Solar Industries Association presents Solar West 2016 Conference & Trade Show in Edmonton October 5-7.

Canadian Energy Smart Show For Consumers
The 2016 premier of Energy Smart Show will take place in Toronto, November 4-5. It is an energy efficiency-dedicated consumer expo, specifically for clean energy and energy efficiency products.

12. Education & Training

BC Net Zero Energy Construction Professionals Training
Canadian Home Builders Association course Net Zero Energy Construction Professionals Training teaches how to build Net Zero/Net Zero Energy Ready homes. It will be presented in Burnaby on July 14th. (PDF)

Free Webinar On How BC Businesses Can Cut Energy Waste
BC Sustainable Energy Association quick and informative 20-minute webinar on July 15th is crafted for green-minded businesses located in BC. It will provide an easy to implement four-step action plan for your business that will immediately reduce your facility’s energy waste by up to 30%.

Green Professional Building Skills Training
Canada Green Building Council has developed GPRO, Green Professional Building Skills Training. It is a national training and certificate program that teaches the principles of sustainability and trade-specific green construction knowledge to people who build, renovate and maintain buildings.

Healthy Home Evaluator Credential
Building Performance Institute offers the Healthy Home Evaluator Credential for those who want to assess home-based environmental health and safety hazards and provide a prioritized list of recommendations to address those hazards.

Online Videos On Introduction To Passive House Design
Passivhaus Institute online video modules are designed as an introduction for beginners in Passivhaus design and as preparatory material for courses leading to certification as a Passive House designer or consultant.

BC University Solar Compass Points Students Towards Brighter Future
BC Sustainable Energy Association says Thompson Rivers University’s Solar Compass project is a convergence of technology, art and education, capable of inspiring generation after generation of students to think outside the box.

Better Buildings Residential Network Training Toolkit
US Department of Energy online Training Toolkit will help residential energy efficiency program managers identify resources and opportunities to help contractors, staff, and volunteers enhance their understanding of building science; sales and marketing; program offerings; and business development.

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13. Costs & Savings

Online Estimation Of Appliance & Home Electronic Energy Use
US Department of Energy online appliance and electronic energy use calculator allows you to estimate your annual energy use and cost to operate specific products.

Single-Family Deep Energy Retrofit Performance In US
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory report A Meta-Analysis of Single-Family Deep Energy Retrofit Performance in the US provides estimates of the potential of deep energy retrofits to address energy use in existing homes across climate zones that can be used in future estimates of the technical potential to reduce household energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. (PDF)

How Lowly Water Heater Could Power The Smart Grid
Utility Dive says the domestic water heater may be the most important, most strategic appliance, because it's the only appliance today that has the ability to store energy.

Why Americans Invest In Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficient Markets says a survey of 2,100 Americans found that their top reason for investing in energy efficiency is to save money. This HomeServe USA podcast says in spite of all the bad news about climate change, that’s not Americans’ first motivation for investing in energy efficiency, as 84% of respondents said they choose energy efficiency to save money.

Financing Critical For Renewable Energy Projects
Green Energy Futures says the challenge for renewable energy projects is not securing the fuel, the sun and wind are free. Rather the challenge is securing financing for projects that have high, upfront capital costs.

US Energy Efficiency Program Financing Summary
Lawrence Berkeley report Energy Efficiency Program Financing, Where it comes from, where it goes, and how it gets there, characterizes the programmatic energy efficiency financing market from a quantitative perspective. The brief also presents information on trends in investment by program type, and on the presence or absence of certain program design features, such as credit enhancements and interest rate buydowns. (PDF)

North Carolina Green Schools Deserve a Failing Grade
Building Energy Performance Assessment News says a report reveals efforts to decrease school energy costs by upgrading and refurbishing existing schools and building new schools using materials and designs recommended by the US Green Building Council LEED system have largely failed to reduce energy costs or energy use.

14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

Search For Canadian Grants & Financial Incentives
Natural Resources Canada online directory allows you to select your province to see what grants, financial incentives or programs are available from different organizations across Canada.

BC Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program
FortisBC is offering rebates of $50 to $100 on qualifying Energy Star appliances.

BC Furnace & Boiler Replacement Rebate Program
FortisBC says replace your aging furnace (or boiler) with an eligible Energy Star or equivalent model that is 95 per cent efficient or higher (94 per cent efficient or higher for boilers) and you could receive an $800 rebate.

Ecolighten Working With FortisBC On Quality Furnace Installations
BC-based Ecolighten is supporting FortisBC with their initiative to promote quality furnace installations in their recently launched Furnace & Boiler Replacement Program.

Canadian Mortgage Loan Insurance Refund For Energy Efficient Houses
CMHC Mortgage Loan Insurance enables Approved Lenders to offer borrowers more affordable financing choices when purchasing an energy-efficient home or making energy-efficient improvements.

New Alberta Municipal & Farmer Incentives For Solar Power
As part of its Climate Leadership Plan, the Alberta government is investing more than $5 million to help municipalities and farmers harness the power of the sun.

Seattle RainWise Program
Green Building Advisor describes how Seattle homeowners get help in developing rain gardens and cisterns, limiting the amount of polluted runoff.

US Certified Sustainable Property Program
Due to the high volume of office, retail and multifamily properties unable to achieve LEED certification because of cost, the Institute of Real Estate Management has launched what is calls an affordable, attainable alternative. The IREM Certified Sustainable Property certification is more customized to property managers who have sustainability programs, but can’t demonstrate green performance to stakeholders.

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