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 January 20, 2009


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Here is another special BC Building Info issue on green building and energy efficieny.

The regular BC Building Info newsletter covering all industry topics will come your way in a couple of weeks as usual. Hope you find at least a wee bit of value here somewhere.

Have a "Top Drawer" day.
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You will find hundreds more links to online info and resources on green building and energy efficiency in these Directory sections of the BC Building Info site...

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  •   Preserving natural resources

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    1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends

    Energy Efficiency Trends In Canada 1990 To 2004
    Natural Resources Canada online reports include data and analysis on energy use, and trends in energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions in the residential, commercial, industrial, transportation, and electricity generation sectors in Canada.

    Big Homes & One-Person Households Main Causes Of Energy Waste
    Qualified Remodeler article says changes in household size and home construction have been the main causes of over-consumption of energy by American consumers, according to a new study released by SMR Research Corporation.

    Purchasable 2009 Green Outlook Report: Trends Driving Change
    McGraw-Hill Construction's report 2009 Green Outlook: Trends Driving Change, provides industry outlook on market size, trends and opportunity across green building sectors and regions. Aside from market size estimates you will learn about business benefits from green which are rapidly increasing, and how green is growing in terms of its reference in project plans and specs. $249

    Data Shows Decrease In Appliance Energy Consumption
    TecHome Builder online article notes the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers says that refrigerators, dishwashers and washer machines account for 43 percent of the decrease in energy consumption. The new data issued by AHAM suggests there have been dramatic decreases in energy consumption since 2000.

    Increasing Markets For Weatherization & Energy Audits
    Qualified Remodeler article describes the rise of home energy audits and why the time may have finally arrived for the widespread growth of the building science profession.

    Report On Green Jobs & Work In A Sustainable, Low-Carbon World
    International Labour Organization report Green Jobs: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low-Carbon World describes emergence of a green economy and its impact on the world of work. It includes new data that shows a changing pattern of employment in which green jobs are being generated in many sectors and economies around the world as a result of measures to tackle climate change and to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

    2. Business Management

    How Custom Builders Can Manage Client's Green Expectations
    Custom Builder magazine article describes how custom builders can manage their client's green expectations.It says the onus is on you to make every effort to understand what a “green home” means for your buyer, and offers you tips for doing so.

    Purchasable Book On Profitting From Building Green
    Journal of Light Construction sells the book Profit From Building Green: Award Winning Tips To Build Energy Efficient Homes. It describes how to develop an effective green home building business, with examples and techniques from choosing building products through marketing energy efficient houses. $15 USD

    How Builders Can Sell Energy Efficiency
    Builder TV online video describes how adding energy efficient features in a new home is a good sales tool that builders can use to make their customers feel good about a home purchase that is good for the environment and good for the bottom line.

    BC Resources For Sustainable Purchasing
    BC Sustainability Purchasing Network offers services, courses and resources to corporate, not-for-profit, academic, government, public sector, labour, and co-operative organizations in their sustainability purchasing efforts.

    Sustainable Business: News & Resource Site On Green Business
    Sustainable Business provides global news and networking services to help green business grow, covering all sectors: renewable energy, green building, sustainable investing, and organics.

    3. Building Design & Trends

    Canadian EQuilibrium Housing Projects Demonstrate Sustainability
    CMHC EQuilibrium is a Canadian sustainable housing demonstration initiative showing homes that combine resource and energy-efficient technologies with renewable energy technologies in order to reduce their impact on the environment. Twelve demonstration projects across Canada will be open for public tours.

    1,600-Sq. Ft. Home Wins Green Building Award
    New York House magazine first annual Best in Green Building Competition selected a small, Energy Star-labeled home in upstate Columbia County as the grand prize winner, in part because it's more modest than others vying for the distinction.

    Green Home Melds Industrial Materials
    Oregon Live newspaper article describes how Jaynelle and Colin Nash made every effort to be green throughout the building process, and earned the home a LEED gold certification.

    Postmodern Style Green Remodeling Project
    Qualified Remodeler article describes a small, postmodern style remodel that netted a Five Star green rating from the Austin Green Building Program.

    US Home Renovation Scores Most LEED Points
    Qualified Remodeler article describes how the founder of the U.S. Green Building Council has completed the highest-scoring green home renovation since the LEED for Homes Green Building Rating System launched in January 2008.

    Resources For Integrated Design Process
    Cascadia Region Green Building Council resources from the Integrated Design Process Workshop include Introduction to the Integrated Design Process, Building Green: Adding Value Through Process, Roadmap to the IDP, How to Facilitate an Integrated Design Process, and Facilitation Resource Guide.

    4. Codes Standards & Regulations

    Vancouver Towers First BOMA BESt Level 1 Certified Multi Residential
    Energy Management magazine article describes the Metropolitan Towers in Vancouver as the first multi-unit residential building to receive BOMA BESt Level I certification in the Lower Mainland by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Canada.

    New 2009 Canadian Energy Star Requirements For Domestic Water Heaters
    Natural Resources Canada, as of January 1, 2009, will have a new Energy Star specification for domestic water heating products. The new specification will apply to products with a nominal output range to a maximum of 250,000 btu/hr.

    December 2008 Amendments To Canadian Energy Efficiency Regulations
    Natural Resources Canada outlines the December 2008 amendments to energy efficiency regulations for certain building products including gas furnaces, dehumidifiers, dishwashers, residential wine chillers, torchieres, ceiling fan lighting, and more.

    2009 LEED Ratings To Emphasize Energy Conservation & Climate
    Environmental News Network article says U.S. Green Building Council is remodeling its LEED rating system for buildings, giving greater weight to design elements that reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

    Proposed Nutritional Labels For Green Features Of Homes
    Michelle Kaufmann Designs paper lays out the case for a sustainability labeling system for houses that mimics the labeling system for packaged food, saying housing labels would heighten homebuyer awareness of electricity use, carbon emissions, and insulation efficiency, among other factors. (PDF)

    ISO General Principles For Sustainability In Building Construction
    ISO 15392:2008 purchasable standard identifies and establishes general principles for sustainability in buiding construction. It is based on the concept of sustainable development as it applies to the life cycle of buildings and other construction works, from their inception to their end of life. It is applicable to buildings and other construction works individually and collectively, as well as to materials, products, services and processes.

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    Save Space & Energy With BOSCH Tankless Water Heaters
    Tankless water heaters are now becoming very popular with builders, renovators, homeowners, architects, and commercial building owners. For good reason, as they:
  •   Save valuable floor space
  •   Provide a continuous supply of hot water
  •   Save up to 30% in energy & operating costs
  •   Reduce maintenance & replacement costs
  • Astravan Distributors Ltd. invites you to join our 15-year old environmental partnership with Bosch to bring these benefits to your customers.

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    5. Building Science & Technologies

    Toward Zero Energy Homes
    Building Science online slide presentation uses case studies to describe design and product features of homes approaching zero energy use. (PDF)

    Toward Zero Energy Renovations
    Building Science slide show presents background and details of how a 100 year old house is renewed to last an additional 100 years, along with very high performance in energy efficiency. (PDF)

    Toward Zero-Energy Buildings - Part I
    Building Science Seminars online slide show describes design details and processes for zero energy buildings. Part 1 (PDF)

    Toward Zero-Energy Buildings - Part 2
    Building Science Seminars online slide show describes design details and processes for zero energy buildings. Part 2 (PDF)

    6. Building Performance Issues

    Thermostat Setback Effect On Whole Building Performance
    Canadian Institute for Research in Construction study of energy, indoor humidity and durability of a home suggest thermostat with temperature setback reduces heating energy consumption by as much as 4.42%, in the case of single-step up, and 3.62%, in case of multiple-steps up, when compared to the case with a constant temperature setting (reference case). This energy saving strategy, however, results in high indoor relative humidity fluctuations. (PDF)

    Dimmer Switches May Not Save Energy
    Journal of Light Construction Q & A says dimmer switches heat up, which means that they’re consuming electricity, and dimmed bulbs use more watts per lumen than undimmed bulbs and are therefore less efficient.

    Canadian Light Steel Framing & R2000 Program
    Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute environmental fact sheet describes how light steel frame construction can be used for residential construction to meet the high energy requirements of the R-2000 program. (PDF)

    Highly Glazed Building Facades Are Not Green
    Building Science insight by Dr. John Straube says although it is well accepted that green buildings are above all low energy consumption buildings, there is a mistaken belief, almost a myth, that buildings with large expanses of glass are somehow green.

    Research Into Reclaiming Stormwater Runoff
    Canadian National Research Council Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure Research in Regina has a research program underway to examine possible technologies to reclaim stormwater runoff. Results from this research will be used to help Canadian municipalities decide on the appropriate treatment technologies to be used, given the water quality of their stormwater and the desired applications.

    7. Products & Suppliers

    Top 10 Green Products 2008
    Building Green, publisher of the GreenSpec Directory and Environmental Building News displays their picks for the 2008 Top 10 Green Building Products.

    Guide To Eco Friendly Flooring
    Eco Timber online Eco Friendly Flooring Guide covers sustainability & health in forestry, logging & the hardwood flooring industry, importance of supply chain & sources in developing eco friendly floors, FSC certification & LEED credit points, wood treatments & finishes, environmental factors, as well as what to look for in sustainable hardwood flooring products.

    Overview Of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
    BC Hydro provides information on compact fluorescent light bulbs including light quality, cost, mercury content & recycling, disposing of a broken CFL, choosing the right CFL, where they work the best, dimmers & three-way lights, and sources of more information.

    5 Principles For Selecting Green Products
    Qualified Remodeler article describes five consensus principles for selecting green products, and gives examples of products that can help you meet and comply with each principle.

    ISO Standard For Environmental Declaration Of Building Products
    ISO 21930:2007 standard provides principles and requirements for type III environmental declarations (EPD) of building products. It contains specifications and requirements for the EPD of building products and complements ISO 14025 for the EPD of building products.

    Registered BC Installers Of Solar Hot Water Systems
    Solar BC lists installers serving every part of the Province. You can use the map to find a certified contractor in your area.

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    Pre-Cast Architectural Stone Exterior – CCMC Approved Rainscreen System Stonetile is manufactured to replicate some of the world’s finest architectural designs. Engineered to last a lifetime, it can add meticulous and stunning detail to any home you build or renovate.
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  •   CCMC approved (12886-R) with 11mm rain screen built into all products
  •   Built Green™ Product, accepted by the Built Green™ Society of Canada
  •   No expansion joints required, allowing movement with no caulking separation
  •   Can be installed over existing stucco, a big cost and time savings for renovators
  •   Distinction, elegance, and strength, all offered in 9 custom colours
  •   Custom installation performed by certified Stonetile Craftsmen, with 25-year warranty
  •   You buy direct from the manufacturer, with full showroom and design service available
  •   Proudly servicing Alberta for 18 years, now available throughout British Columbia

  • Stonetile delivers elegance - in look, style, and service
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    8. Installation & Procedures

    Considerations For Net-Zero Energy In Existing Canadian Housing
    CMHC research looks at existing homes of different types and ages in various climatic regions across Canada in an effort to determine the technical feasibility of retrofitting to achieve net-zero energy consumption. Building envelope upgrades are critical, with photovoltaic systems, high-performance windows, and high-efficiency heating and ventilation equipment also contributing to savings. Some existing houses could be transformed to net zero energy. The methods and costs are outlined in the report. (PDF)

    Tap Into Green Remodeling With Home Performance Testing
    US National Association of Home Builders article says remodelers can differentiate themselves and tap into a growing green remodeling market through home performance testing — a series of home assessment tests that can clearly demonstrate where energy losses in a home occur.

    Standard For Conducting Comprehensive Home Energy Audit
    US Residential Energy Services Network and the Building Performance Institute have drafted a certification standard for the Comprehensive Energy Home Auditor. Individuals who are certified through the new joint standard will be able to conduct home energy ratings and building analysis for BPI accredited contractors. (PDF)

    Renewable Energy Guide For Local BC Governments
    Community Energy Association developed the report Powering Our Communities, which is a renewable energy guide for local BC governments.

    9. Information Sources

    New Web Information & Resource Site For Green Building & Renovation Industry
    Green Building Advisor is an online resource serving the residential design, construction, and remodeling industry. It offers differing views on industry issues & ideas, information on green building technology & products, examples of green homes & projects, online community forums, and more.

    Canadian Resource Site On Energy Efficiency For Builders, Renovators & Trades
    Natural Resources Canada now offers information energy-efficient practices and products for home builders, renovators and trades. It covers renovating with EcoENERGY retrofit service & grants, building with EnerGuide rating system, building to R-2000 standard, regional residential energy efficiency initiatives, delivering value to your customers, financial options for your customers, and sources of information to increase your product knowledge.

    NARI Resource Site On Green Remodeling
    US National Association of the Remodeling Industry Web site on Green Remodeling is a resource for both homeowners and industry professionals. It offers a place to learn, gather information and get connected to others in the remodeling industry.

    Podcasts On Green Building & Products
    Green Talk offers podcasts of interviews with top green building and product vendors, authors, & experts from around the world. They discuss critical issues facing the global environment today, as well as the technologies, products, and practices that can be employed to go greener in every area of your life.

    New Social Network Site On Green Building
    Green Link Up is a new socializing site for people concerned about the planet or want additional information on topics including alternative energy, social justice, green building practices, resources & information, green events worldwide, and blogs.

    BC Resource Site On Natural & Green Building
    Eco Sense site provided by cob builders Ann & Gord Baird has information and resources on natural building systems including SLIC Cob, engineering/seismic wall system, living roof, rain water harvesting, composting toilets, grey water, natural plaster, earth floors, high fly-ash concrete, fabric forms, initial design considerations, passive solar, electrical systems, heating systems, and more

    10. Conferences & Shows

    Affordable Comfort Conference In Portland
    Affordable Comfort presents ACI Northwest 2009 conference covering energy efficiency, home performance, green practices, and building science for new and existing residential buildings. It is held in Portland, Oregon on February 4-5.

    BC Conference On Building Sustainable Communities
    Fresh Outlook Foundation is hosting its third annual Building SustainAble Communities conference February 24th to 26th in Kelowna, featuring more than 100 speakers from the public, private, non-profit and academic sectors. (PDF)

    US National Building Performance Conference
    US Residential Energy Services Network annual Building Performance Conference is the national forum on home energy ratings, residential energy efficiency financing, and building performance business development. It will take place on February 16-18, 2009 in New Orleans.

    Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo North America
    Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo North America, held March 10 - 12 in Las Vegas, covers renewable energy industry trends, issues, and emerging technologies including wind, solar, biomass, small-hydro, geothermal, fuel cells, microturbines and energy storage.

    11. Education & Training

    Built Green Builder Training Courses Around BC
    CHBA-BC is offering Built Green Builder Training courses around the province. These cover proven techniques of energy efficient and environmentally sound housing construction including; cost effective ventilation solutions; preventing condensation and moisture movement; advanced framing techniques that save money; and new options in air-barrier materials and methods.

    Conference Calls On Healthy Homes
    National Center for Healthy Housing and Affordable Comfort are co-hosting monthly conference calls designed for health and housing professionals interested in getting the latest word on intriguing healthy homes research and participating in a discussion on its implications and applications.

    Web Seminars On Managing Green Performance Of Existing Large Buildings
    Green Buildings Initiative offers free interactive web seminars Managing Green Performance of Existing Buildings, will help you establish a baseline, prioritize and plan the right improvements, monitor success, and compare multiple buildings within your portfolio.

    BC Course Part Of Certification Program For Green Plumbers
    Green Plumbers Training & Accreditation program trains plumbers in water conservation and climate care issues through a five-course accreditation covering climate care, caring for our water, solar hot water, water-efficient technology, and inspection report service. They are offering a Caring for Our Water course on Thursday, March 19th in British Columbia.

    BCIT Course On Introduction To Sustainable Urban Development
    BCIT is offering a new course Dimensions of Sustainability: An Introduction to Sustainable Urban Development, starting January 8th. Students will be given context in sustainability at individual, community and global levels, and be introduced to the foundations of Sustainable Urban Development.

    Simon Fraser University Offers Certificate In Sustainable Community Development
    SFU Centre for Sustainable Community Development is offering a new certificate course designed to give you the practical information you need to build sustainable communities.

    12. Costs & Savings

    Green Building Rating Systems Should Include Measured Results
    Henry Gifford, of Gifford Fuel Saving Inc., speaks on this video about green building rating systems and energy efficiency at the Westford Symposium on Building Science XII. He suggests that measured energy savings should be included in a final building rating.

    Post-Occupancy Evaluation Of Green Buildings For IAQ & Energy Savings
    Canadian Institute for Research in Construction project goal is to demonstrate the value of green building practices in terms of improved indoor environmental quality and decreased energy use, by evaluating a selection of new or renovated buildings.

    Online Benefits Estimator For Shade Trees
    Sacramento Municipal Utility District online tool estimates amount of energy savings (KWh saved), capacity savings (KW saved) and carbon and CO2 sequestration (lbs) resulting from MATURE trees planted individually in urban and suburban settings.

    Energy Savings Calculator For Drainwater Heat Recovery
    Centre for Energy Advancement through Technological Innovation provides online calculator which allows you to enter specific data to calculate energy savings of a drainwater heat recovery system for any province in Canada.

    13. Incentives, Financing & Programs

    Search For Canadian Incentives & Rebates For Energy & Environment
    Environment Canada allows you to search by province and program for grants, rebates, discounts, and other incentives to help you use less energy, switch to renewable energy, and produce less waste at home and on the road.

    BC Incentives & Costs For Solar Heating
    SolarBC describes the various financial incentives for installing solar heating systems including SolarBc incentives, SolarBC low interest financing, SolarBC neighbourhoods, independent financing, and BC provincial sales tax exemptions.

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