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Take A Hike? Sure, I'm Real Honoured To Do So.

So you think you're a good manager, great salesperson, capable leader, or just plain smart eh? Well, here's a not-so-wee challenge for ya'. Stick yourself in a room full of so-called "at-risk" teenagers and see how well you perform in getting them to listen, or do what you want. Take it from me, this is one of the most incredibly humbling situations, and yet powerfully rewarding opportunities for learning, that any adult can ever experience.

Olympic medal winner Clara Hughes recently brought this to light for me...once again. You may have heard that Clara kindly donated her $10,000 Olympic cash bonus to an alternative school program called Take A Hike. This program, which by the way is absolutely awesome, serves a group of youth in grades 10-12 at an East Van high school. One of the things (among many) that makes Take A Hike special, is that it specifically serves those youth who are considered "at risk". Now I'm not personally aware (since I don't ask), nor do I really care, why these teens are called at-risk. What I am acutely aware of is that each and every one of these young'uns not only has some very unique and special skill and/or style, but each also has a genuine fire in their belly. And when you put 20 of them in the same room, or on the same trail, it's like herding cats. Which brings me back to my aforementioned challenge around getting said group to listen, or obey.

As some of you long-time readers may recall, one of the reasons I consider myself to be one of the luckiest ol' dudes around is that I've had the thrill of volunteering with Take A Hike for the last 10 years. Every Thursday I get the opportunity to hang out with this on-the-edge crew while hiking, climbing, canoeing, skating, skiing, rafting, and a whole lot more. And guess what? I've learned more about simple and effective group/personnel management skills from these teens and their teachers, than I ever garnered from any paid-for business course or book.

They've taught me, time and time again, that given an environment of encouragement and support we can all accomplish things we felt either afraid of or impossible. They've demonstrated, oft-times a bit reluctantly, that when we are held accountable for our actions, in a firm-but-fair way, we can accept responsibility and then move forward with a clean conscience. Many times I observed youth see right through the facade of an adult (including me) when they catch said older-ones stretching the truth or mixing morals. Each and every one these Take A Hikers becomes fully capable of making wise choices, given someone takes time to explain consequences to them rather than simply telling them what to do or not do. And, unlike many adults, most teens will tell it like it is, once you give them the freedom to do so and the commitment not to break confidence. Youth are great teachers, especially when I'm humble enough to be a student.

None of this would be possible if not for a few very committed, incredibly patient, highly skilled teachers and counsellors, some of whom perhaps have walked their own at-risk paths. Take A Hike itself would not exist as a program without the time and resources offered by the volunteer board members and great staff of this non-profit foundation. The youth would not get to participate in academics or enjoy adventures unless kind-hearted souls such as Clara Hughes (and some of you) donated to the cause. To all of these special contributors to society, I've got two words...You Rock!

The older we get, the more we fully understand the line...What goes around comes around! So go ahead, tell me to take a hike. I'm honoured to do so.

The greatest lessons in life, if we would but stoop and humble ourselves, we should learn not from the grown-up learned men, but from the so-called ignorant children. - Mahatma Gandhi

A hundred years from now, it won't matter what your bank account was, the sort of house you lived in, or the kind of car you drove, but the world may be different because you were important in the life of a child. - Author unknown

My thanks to Wilma Leung, Fred Tai, Brian Hart, Dean Barrett, Nancy Argyle, Blake Morley, Richard Fearn, Brenda Williams, Mark Gauvin, Jan Field, Rick Vlahos, Christine Reid, Don Vibert, Herman Rebneris, Juvarya Warsi, Kathryn Britnell, Christine Sadler, George Schram, Tim Parsons, and Brian Burton for their comments, tips, and resources. I hope you find at least a wee bit of value in this newsletter.

Have a "Top Drawer" day.

Ken Farrish

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    1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends

    Results Of Winter 2010 Survey Of Canadian Builders
    Canadian Home Builders Association winter 2010 industry Pulse Survey provides insight into housing trends, market conditions and construction practices. They offer summaries for National, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan/Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic regions. The BC results show home builders forecast continued low housing starts and stronger renovation activity.

    February 2010 Canadian Housing Starts
    CMHC says the seasonally adjusted annual rate of housing starts reached 196,700 units in February 2010. This is an increase from an annual rate of 185,400 units in January.

    New Canadian Housing Price Index As Of January 2010
    Statistics Canada New Housing Price Index rose 0.4% in January, registering the same month-over-month growth rate for the third consecutive month. The monthly index has been steadily increasing since July 2009.

    New Canadian Federal Mortgage Financing Rules
    Canadian government has announced the following changes to the rules for government-backed insured mortgages: all borrowers must meet the standards for a five-year fixed rate mortgage even if they choose a mortgage with a lower interest rate and shorter term; the maximum amount Canadians can withdraw in refinancing their mortgages will be 90 per cent of the value of their homes; the government will require a minimum down payment of 20 per cent for government-backed mortgage insurance on non-owner-occupied properties purchased for speculation. The adjustments take effect April 19, 2010.

    BC Homeowner Protection Office Responsibilities Transferred
    BC Government is transferring a number of key responsibilities under the Homeowner Protection Act effective April 1, 2010. The transfer of responsibilities includes: transferring the residential builder and building envelope renovator licensing, owner builder authorization and the research and education responsibilities to BC Housing; transferring the administration of the Reconstruction Program to the Ministry of Finance. (PDF)

    HST Is Better For BC
    Urban Futures report says HST is better for British Columbia as it is more equitable and more efficient, it will promote exporting and, perhaps most importantly, it will promote investment in capital and productivity, issues that are becoming increasingly important as we collectively manage an economic and demographic future that will be much different from the past. (PDF)

    Canadian Contractor Capacity Online Survey - Provide Your Input
    Construction Sector Council is conducting research on the capacity of construction contractors and builders across Canada. Findings will provide contractor profiles that better define your sector and markets for owners, government and suppliers.

    2. Business Management

    Summaries Of 30 Hottest Sessions At 2010 International Builder Show
    Builder Books has compiled summaries of the 30 hottest sessions at the 2010 International Builders Show covering the timeliest topics for builders and remodelers. These 2- to 4-page program summaries include all the takeaways, highlights, and action items. $50 USD

    7 Questions About Market Research
    Professional Builder article features market research experts discussing the latest research tools and techniques, the impact of foreclosures on the new-home building market and the importance of analyzing consumer behaviour.

    Remodeler Of Year Lists 10 Keys To Business Success
    US National Association of Home Builders article summarizes Doug Sutton's 10 best practices that he believes helped him become the 2009 NAHB Remodeler of the Year.

    No-Brainer Tips For Site Managers
    Custom Home Magazine offers list of field crew guidelines called Site Manager No-Brainers from Chicago custom builder Jake Goldberg.

    Online Calculator For Concrete Slabs & Footings
    Concrete Network site provides these handy online calculators for a quick calculation of how many cubic yards you require for both slabs and footings.

    Modest Pay Increase Expected For Canadian Workers In 2010
    Conference Board of Canada 28th annual Compensation Planning Outlook survey says Canadian workers can expect average pay increases of 2.7 per cent next year, a slightly higher rate of growth than the actual salary increases handed out in 2009.

    Job Search For Canada
    Indeed is a comprehensive search engine for jobs. In one search, Indeed provides free access to jobs and internships from hundreds of job boards, newspaper classifieds and company websites.

    2010 Study Of US Builders Cost Of Doing Business
    The US National Association of Home Builders released their Cost of Doing Business Study 2010 Edition, based on a survey of builder financial data. It discusses financial performance according to builder type and size, as well as industry-wide averages using the following key indicators: gross margin, net profit, cost of sales, operating expenses, financial ratios. $150 USD

    3. Building Design & Trends

    2009 BC Georgie Award Winners
    Canadian Home Builders Association of BC lists winners of the 2009 BC Georgie Awards for the BC home building industry. (PDF)

    2009 Gold Nugget Awards For Residential Design
    Builder Magazine describes 2009 Gold Nugget Award winners for urban revitalization, green building, affordability, and small-scale luxury. Infill development is commonplace, jewel-box homes are in vogue, affordable housing has never looked so luxurious, and energy efficiency is the order of the day. The competition celebrates outstanding design in the 14 Western states and international markets.

    2009 Best In American Living Award Winners
    The 2009 Best in American Living Awards, co-sponsored by Professional Builder magazine and NAHB, show winning homes with design trends influencing the architecture and marketability of new homes. These include: exquisitely detailed custom homes that bring the outdoors in; a wide variety of architectural styles, but less regionalism; creative, contemporary solutions for rental projects; green technology that is more effectively integrated with quality architectural design; infill projects that target specific market niches; simplicity of form inside and out.

    8 Hot Kitchen Trends For 2010
    Builder Magazine online video of 8 Hot Kitchen Trends For 2010 features three leading designers describing winning kitchens in the new economy.

    Hottest Outdoor Living Trends In 2010
    American Society of Landscape Architects survey of residential landscape architects identifies the hottest outdoor Living trends for 2010.

    Top-Selling House Plans Under 2,000 Square Feet
    Builder Magazine provides information and pictures of 10 of the best-selling house plans under 2,000 square feet. The selection is based on data provided by their house plan operation which provides the plans for dozens of house plan books along with the search engines BUILDER House Plans and ePlans. Most of these homes owe their best-seller status to a pleasing elevation that could fit into many neighbourhoods, though usually not in the master planned communities in which large production builders toil.

    Aging-In-Place Checklist For Home Remodel
    US National Association of Home Builders aging-in-place checklists for home remodeling contain features you may want to consider for your next new construction or renovation project. They also give you a quick reference for various aging-in-place issues.

    What Are Industry Members Saying About BC Building Info?

    Leigh Grelish, President, Trademark Custom Homes & Renovations says: "Your newsletter is a good instrument to offer the industry and I think there is a real need for it. Looks Great."

    Please feel free to let others know about BC Building Info.

    4. Codes Standards & Regulations

    Advisory Meetings On New Energy Standards In BC Building Code
    The Province of British Columbia is developing proposals for energy performance standards for Part 9 housing equivalent to Energuide 80. They are inviting residential construction sector stakeholders to attend a meeting where they will explain this project and hear attendees perspectives on the approaches they are considering. Meetings will be held in Abbottsford, Kelowna, Prince George, Vancouver and Victoria. (PDF)

    New BC Energy Efficiency Standards For Electric DHW Tanks
    BC Ministry of Energy describes the new energy efficiency standards for electric storage-type water heaters with a rated storage capacity of 50 to 454 litres. These take effect September 1, 2010. (PDF)

    BC Water Act Modernization Discussion Paper
    BC government Water Act modernization discussion paper outlines opportunities for using, sustaining and managing water resources in a changing environment and has been developed to encourage dialogue on ways to modernize the Water Act. It proposes principles to underpin a modernized Water Act and presents goals, supporting objectives and possible solutions. It is designed to help you prepare a response or submission and includes links and references to other information sources. The closing date for submissions is April 30, 2010.

    BC Incident Reporting Requirements For Gas Technology
    BC Safety Authority directive describes reporting requirements for incidents involving gas technology, occurring in a residential home. (PDF)

    New BC Wood First Initiative
    Province of British Columbia new Wood First Initiative aims to promote use of BC wood products. The Act requires wood to be considered as the primary building material in all new publicly-funded buildings, such as schools, libraries or sports complexes.

    Energy Efficiency To Be Included In Next Canadian National Code
    Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC) describes how energy efficiency will be considered as a new objective in the National Construction Codes and the approach it will follow in developing requirements.

    National Building Code To Improve Resistance Of Wood-Frame Buildings To Lateral Loads
    The new 2010 National Building Code of Canada will contain new requirements with respect to both seismic and wind loads. The bulk of the new requirements apply to areas of high risk, mainly the Pacific coast of British Columbia. For these areas, prescriptive requirements have been added to NBC Part 9 so that builders can incorporate adequate lateral load resistance without the need for structural engineering design. These include constructing walls using braced wall panels in braced wall bands that are continuous horizontally and vertically throughout the building and extend from the top of the supporting foundation, slab or sub-floor, to the roof framing above.

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  •  Toilets, sinks, faucets
  •  Custom mirrors, glass, glass counter tops
  •  Wood closet shelving, bathroom vanities

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    5. Building Science & Technology

    Evolution Of Wood Frame Walls
    Building Science describes how wood frame walls have evolved to look the way that they do, and what they may look like in the future.

    Evolution Of Wall Systems And Air Gaps
    Building Science provides a short history of the evolution of walls and sheathing in residential construction, and provides tips on installing various components of walls that work to properly drain and dry moisture.

    Air Leaks Waste Energy & Rot Houses
    Green Building Advisor article describes how leaks through holes in your house can cause moisture and indoor air quality problems, and waste energy. Also covered are air leakage via wind, stack effect, and fans, as well as moisture issues.

    How Air Leakage Causes Condensation
    Green Building Advisor podcast by Dr. John Straube of Building Science Corporation provides details on the issue of air leakage condensation.

    Components Of Plumbing Piping & DWV Systems
    Building Officials Association of BC slide show presentation describes basic components of water pipe and drainage, waste and venting systems commonly installed in single family dwellings and small Part 9 buildings. (PDF)

    Designing EIFS For Predictable Service Life
    Morrison Hershfield technical paper identifies key performance parameters that affect EIFS service life, and provides recommendations for designers to follow in designing the assembly of a given EIFS clad wall assembly. The most critical parameters include moisture management of EIFS (including substrate considerations), limitations of use and exposure, consistency of testing components, and proprietary systems with actual application and designing for serviceability and maintenance. Free online registration required.

    6. Building Performance Issues

    Ventilation System Energy Performance & Cost
    Building Science summarizes a study that was conducted to determine the annual difference in energy consumption between various ventilation options in different climates.

    Drying Response Of Wood-Frame Construction
    Canadian Institute for Research in Construction report on Drying Response Of Wood-Frame Construction summarizes experimental results and use of an advanced hygrothermal computer model called hygIRC to assess hygrothermal response of various components in wood-frame wall assemblies when subjected to nominally steady-state environmental conditions. (PDF)

    Simple Air Testing Not Adequate For Mould In A Home
    CMHC explains why air testing a house for mould is not recommended and why an investigation by a trained professional is more useful, as well as what to do if testing is deemed necessary.

    Combustible Contents & Floor Areas In Multi-Family
    Canadian Institute for Research in Construction survey results of combustible contents and floor areas in Canadian multi-family dwellings provides insight into types and quantity of combustible contents found in the dwellings, as well as the types of floor configurations and other information that are pertinent to fire issues. Typical furnishings that constituted a significant portion of the movable fire load were identified and possible values of fire load densities were calculated for rooms such as: kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. (PDF)

    Controlling Air-Borne & Structure-Borne Sound In Buildings
    Canadian Institute for Research In Construction report provides an overview of some key advances in dealing with sound transmission within buildings, especially in the context of multi-family residential buildings. (PDF)

    No Hazard From CFL Ultraviolet Radiation And Electric & Magnetic Fields
    Health Canada report Survey of Ultraviolet Radiation and Electric and Magnetic Fields from Compact Fluorescent Lamps puts to rest any speculation that CFLs cause harm to the general public.

    Online WCB Videos On Power Tool Safety
    WorkSafe BC online videos describe safety considerations and procedures for using power tools.

    Current 2010 Housing Research Projects At CMHC
    CMHC 2010 Current Housing Research report is a directory to ongoing housing research on social, economic and technical issues. It describes research currently underway and provides announcements on newly completed research reports and research highlights. (PDF)

    7. Green Building & Energy Efficiency

    Green Home Features Should Appeal to What Women Want
    US National Association of Home Builders says when talking green to the female buyer, focus on four main areas: Lower home operating costs through cost efficiencies reflected in utility bills and decreased water usage; Increased comfort through more effective design and HVAC technologies; Improved indoor quality that offers a healthier indoor environment for the family; Enhanced durability and less maintenance through the incorporation of longer-lasting materials that require fewer resources for replacement and reduce long-term repair and maintenance costs.

    EnergyValue Housing Awards 2010 Winners
    EnergyValue Housing Awards (EVHA) are presented by the US National Association of Home Builders to builders who voluntarily incorporate energy efficiency in the design, construction, and marketing of new homes.

    We Need To Retrofit Homes Different This Time
    Building Science describes how to stay out of trouble when energy retrofitting houses, based on our past 30 years of experience. In order of priority: make sure all combustion appliances have combustion air; make sure all combustion appliances are vented correctly; make sure all houses have controlled mechanical ventilation; make sure all houses that are going to have their attics insulated have their attics ventilated; then air-tighten and insulate to your hearts (and budgets) content.

    Production Builder Enters Whole-House Retrofit Market
    Home Energy Magazine describes how Grupe Homes completed its first Home Performance with Energy Star whole-house retrofit. Grupe achieved whole-house energy savings of 48% compared to the pre-retrofit energy usage in the 20-year-old, three-bedroom ranch home, located in California’s Central Valley. The home marks the first foray into the retrofit market for the award-winning Sacramento area production builder, who was building 300–400 homes a year prior to 2007.

    Green Product Association
    The mission of the Green Product Association is to lead an industry-wide market transformation so that all construction and building operation products meet a continuously increasing level of sustainability throughout their life cycle. Our vision is that all products in the creation and maintenance of our built environment will be green, and that their performance criteria and metrics will be visible to all.

    Solar Financial Incentives For BC Social Housing
    Solar BC describes how social housing providers can now reap the benefits of renewable energy savings with cash incentives for solar hot water.

    Living Building Challenge Road Show
    Living Building Challenge now has more than sixty projects in process from coast to coast pursuing certification. On April 8th in Vancouver the Canada Green Building Council provides opportunity to share the tenets of the program with advanced practitioners in the United States and Canada.

    US National Green Building Conference In Raleigh
    US National Association of Home Builders presents the annual National Green Building Conference in Raleigh, N.C., May 16-18. Here you will find the latest information about the green building market, technical expertise, product developments, and educational sessions lead by some of the most successful builders in the industry.

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    8. Building Products & Suppliers

    Product Recall Of Hitachi Pneumatic Coil Nailer
    Health Canada Consumer Products Safety announces a recall of Hitachi Koki Pneumatic Coil Nailers. The recalled coil nailers have model number NV83A2, which can be found on the body of the product. They can eject nails sideways under certain conditions, posing a risk of injury to users and bystanders.

    New Tools Shown At Tool Trade Show
    Tools Of The Trade describes new tool products and technologies shown at the Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association industry trade show.

    Current Trends In Decorative Concrete
    Concrete Network describes five trends in decorative concrete as seen in projects submitted by contractors throughout 2009.

    Pictorial Buyers Guide Of New Products
    Qualified Remodeler annual pictorial buyers guide displays new products that have recently been introduced, or will be introduced in the coming year.

    Pros & Cons Of Oriented Strand Board Vs. Plywood
    Remodeling magazine describes the pros and cons of oriented strand board vs. plywood to help select which panel is right for your homes.

    Overview Of Automatic Faucet Controllers
    US National Association of Home Builders describes types of automatic controls for kitchen or lavatory faucets that can reduce water consumption and eliminate cross-contamination by keeping hands and germs away from commonly-used surfaces.

    Types Of Domestic Water Heating Systems
    Green Building Advisor describes how water can be heated efficiently with a solar hot water system, an on-demand gas or electric heater, or a tank-style heater using gas or electricity.

    Tool Test Of Compact Drills & Drivers
    Tools Of The Trade tool test review says cordless drill/drivers have come a long way in more than 20 years, and some have come full circle and ended up about the same size as those small, early tools, but with much better performance.

    9. Installation Procedures

    Installing French Doors So They Don't Leak
    Journal of Light Construction describes how to fix the leaks before they start with careful framing and the proper sill pan, flashing, and sealant when installing French doors.

    Installing Proper Foundation Drains
    Green Building Advisor article describes how proper installation of footing drains keeps basements dry from the outside.

    Advanced Framing Techniques
    Building Science describes how the current industry standard wall (a 2x4 frame at 16-inch centers with double top plates, three stud corners, jack studs, cripples and double headers) can be replaced by a 2x6 frame at 24-inch centers with single top plates, two stud corners, no jack studs, no cripples and single headers (and in many cases no headers at all).

    5 Ways To Avoid Common Roofing Pitfalls
    Professional Builder magazine describes 5 simple rules for getting your asphalt shingle roofing projects just right.

    Garage Door Safety & Maintenance Tips
    International Door Association offers information and resources on garage door safety and maintenance.

    Articles On Fasteners & Connectors
    Simpson Strong-Tie provides access to selected articles authored by them and published in various trade publications.

    Details & Guide To Attic Air Sealing
    Building Science online guide provides background and approach for prep work necessary prior to adding attic insulation. focusing on combustion safety, ventilation for indoor air quality, and attic ventilation for durability. The Attic Air Sealing Details package provides a scope of work and specification for the air sealing of many points of air leakage in common attic spaces.

    10. Information Sources

    Free Newsletter On Use Of Concrete In Homebuilding
    Portland Cement Association publishes a bi-monthly newsletter called Concrete Homes to communicate ideas for promoting the use of concrete in homebuilding.

    Online Archives Of Past Popular Science Magazine Issues
    Popular Science offers free access to their entire 137-year archive for free browsing. Each issue appears just as it did at its original time of publication, complete with period advertisements.

    Podcasts For Construction Industry
    AEC Daily offers Online Learning Courses as podcast downloads. Podcast courses are free, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All courses are AIA-certified, and many are recognized by a variety of other leading authorities including Construction Specifications Institute, AIBC, AIBD, BOMI, IDCEC, NKBA and more!

    Online Publications On New Building Products Procedures & Technology
    US Partnership For Advanced Technology In Housing provides publications sorted by category covering new innovations in housing technology.

    Fact Sheets On Renovation Planning & Products
    CMHC online fact sheets cover renovation planning and product considerations for interior renovations, exterior renovations, general renovations, energy efficient renovations, and accessibility.

    Information & Resources On Remodeling From Fine Homebuilding
    Fine Homebuilding magazine offers remodeling videos, articles, and expert how-to advice for upgrading every room in the house.

    11. Conferences & Shows

    2010 British Columbia Trade Show Directory
    Small Business BC 2010 BC Trade Show Directory lists dates and contact information for more than 200 trade shows being held in and around B.C. this year. (PDF)

    Canadian Trade Show For Plumbing & Heating Industry In Toronto, March 25-27
    CMX-CIPHEX Show is the Canadian national trade show for the air conditioning, heating, hearth, plumbing, piping, refrigeration and ventilation industries.

    Annual Wood Solutions Fair In Vancouver, April 22
    Canadian Wood Council presents the annual Vancouver Wood Solutions Fair, a one-day trade show and educational event on wood products and construction.

    Buildex Vancouver, BC Building Industry Trade Show, April 21-22
    Buildex Vancouver, the BC design, real estate, and construction show, held April 21 & 22 at Vancouver Convention Centre, features products, services, information, and education related to the management, design and renovation of commercial buildings, single family, multi-family, condominium, and community developments.

    Building Officials Association Of BC Conference In Nanaimo, April 25-28
    The Annual General Meeting & Conference of the Building Officials Association of BC will be held in Nanaimo, BC from April 25-28. It will include a trade show, plenary sessions, and workshops on a number of building topics. (PDF)

    Radiant Heating Industry Conference In Reno, May 5
    Radiant Panel Association is holding its annual radiant heating conference in Reno May 5-8.

    AIBC Conference & Exhibition In Vancouver, May 6-8
    Architectural Institute of BC annual conference, May 6-8 in Vancouver, is the largest annual gathering of architects and allied professionals in British Columbia. Conference sessions will address a wide range of timely topics including sustainability, science & technology, health, social responsibility, education, business, sport, cultural heritage and design.

    12. Education & Training

    Seminar On GST/HST Basics For Real Property, In Vancouver March 18
    Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association Academy of Housing is presenting GST/HST Basics for Real Property on Thursday, March 18, 2010.

    Luncheon Seminar On Stucco Cracking
    BC Building Envelope Council luncheon in Vancouver on March 25 will examine data collected in the field to suggest a cause for horizontal cracking of stucco applied on steel furring. A conceptual solution that addresses the failure mechanism of stucco is proposed.

    BC Seminars On Build & Renovate To Avoid Mold
    CMHC one-day workshop Build and Renovate to Avoid Mold is intended for the builder, renovator, architect, health or housing inspector, appraiser and other housing professionals. Case studies of mold in new and older houses are presented followed by fundamentals of mold to enable one to understand why mold grows and how to avoid mold problems. Seminars are being held March 24 in Kelowna and March 26 in Nanaimo.

    BC Seminars On Changes To BC Building Code & Emerging Green Technologies
    BC Homeowner Protection Office spring 2010 Building Smart seminars around BC will explain upcoming changes for greening the BC Building Code and new requirements for the City of Vancouver Greenest City initiative. The seminar will also explore emerging technologies, including: solar hot water, photovoltaic electric generation, energy efficient lighting, geoexchange and other heat pump technologies, energy efficient windows, structural insulated panels, and non-potable on-site water treatment and re-use. (PDF)

    BC Courses For Heating Industry
    Thermal Environmental Comfort Association of BC offers Quality First training programs for HVAC (forced air and hydronic) contractors. TECA training programs are developed by the industry, for the industry, setting minimum standards for the residential and light commercial heating, ventilating and cooling trades. They provide contractors the information they need to install equipment that operates safely and comfortably at rated efficiencies.

    Certification For Hydronic Heating
    Canadian Hydronics Council certification program includes Certified Hydronic Installer, Certified Hydronic Designer or Registered Hydronic Designer courses.

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    Green Your Homes, Your Future, And Your Bottom Line!
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    13. Computer, Internet & Fun

    Construction Software 2009 State Of Industry Report
    Software Advice offers their opinion on trends in the construction software market including estimating and takeoff solutions are in demand, Software as a Service is in the right place at the right time, LEED credit tracking creates new demand, fewer accounting & job costing replacements, and more.

    Listing Of Online Resources For Entrepreneurs
    Entrepreneurial Resources is a Subject Tracer Blog from Marcus Zillman that brings together the latest entrepreneur resources and sources from the Internet.

    Alphabet Shoot
    Here's another one of those frustrating...oops, I mean challenging...time wasters. Simply aim and shoot the blocks to blow up the letters. Bet you won't quit after your first miss!

    Dittie For Today: On Youth

    The soul is healed by being with children. - Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky

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