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March 10, 2011


1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends
2. Business Management
3. Building Design & Trends
4. Codes Standards & Regulations
5. Building Science & Technologies
6. Building Performance Issues
7. Products & Suppliers
8. Installation & Procedures
9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation
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11. Conferences & Shows
12. Education & Training
13. Costs & Savings
14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

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Here is another special BC Building Info issue on green building and energy efficieny.

The regular BC Building Info newsletter covering all industry topics will come your way in a few weeks as usual. Hope you find at least a wee bit of value here somewhere.

Have a "Top Drawer" day.
Ken Farrish

You will find hundreds more links to online info and resources on green building and energy efficiency in these Directory sections of the BC Building Info site...

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    Ken's Top Pick

    30% Cost-Neutral Energy Savings In New Homes In Marine Climates
    Building America report summarizes research results for the 30% energy savings level and demonstrates that lead builders can successfully provide 30% homes in the Marine Climate Region on a cost-neutral basis. (PDF)

    1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends

    Six Trends That Will Shape Green Homes In 2011
    EcoHome Magazine says conservation of energy, water, resources, and homeowners’ money will drive green home building in 2011. Energy-efficient and low-water-use products, smaller homes, affordable design ideas, and denser neighborhoods will score big with homeowners and buyers.

    Climate Change, Density & Development
    US National Association of Home Builders report Climate Change, Density & Development: Better Understanding the Effects of Our Choices, says the assumption that higher density equals fewer GHG emissions is not based in fact. Instead, multiple factors involving density, vehicle miles traveled, market forces, and demographics are what determine the overall impact of land use on climate change.

    PulteGroup Expands Use of Home Energy Efficiency Labeling In New Home Communities
    PulteGroup and the Residential Energy Services Network are teaming up to expand the use of home energy efficiency labels already available in a number of PulteGroup communities including Centex, Pulte Homes and Del Webb.

    KB Home Mileage Sticker For Household Energy Use
    Fine Homebuilding says KB Homes new Home Energy Performance Guide, or EPG, is intended to provide prospective homebuyers with an estimate of average monthly energy costs. The estimated costs are calculated using the home energy rating protocol known as the HERS Index rating, which is based on an analysis of the building's design and performance, and on local utility rates.

    Study Of US Home Energy Retrofit Programs
    National Home Performance Council study provides information on programs across the U.S. which promote whole home energy retrofit. It covers what they are and why they work, including financing, audits, and other program characteristics. (PDF)

    Fewer Americans Going Green
    Qualified Remodeler says results of a recent Harris poll show American adults overall are now less likely than they were in the summer of 2009 to espouse certain green attitudes and engage in various environmentally-friendly activities.

    Are Sustainable Cities An Oxymoron Or Shape Of The Future?
    Harvard Business School paper reviews the goals, business models, and partnerships involved in eight early ecocity projects to begin to identify success factors in this emerging industry. (PDF)

    US Commercial Real Estate Is $190B Market For Energy Retrofits
    Sustainable Business summarizes a report that shows the market potential for energy efficiency retrofits in commercial real estate is projected to total $190 billion over the next ten years.

    2. Business Management

    Energy Labels A Powerful Tool For New Homes & Retrofits
    Custom Home magazine says like a car's MPG rating, a national metric for home performance is essential for helping consumers make decisions on home purchases and energy upgrades.

    US Realtor Resources For Selling Green Homes
    Green MLS Tool Kit provides a snapshot of the green home industry, outlines why adopting a green initiative for the MLS is important, and offers strategies for effective changes. The recommendations in the tool kit are a best practices and step by step guide to a successful implementation.

    Whole-System Remodeling
    Qualified Remodeler says offering to include energy efficient measures and improving the overall comfort of a home is a smart strategy on any project.

    Tips For Selling Green HVAC Systems
    Air Conditioning Contractors of America offers tips for selling green HVAC systems by looking at the whole house as a system in order to obtain the best results.

    Top 10 Ways Canadians Can Reduce Tax Bill
    Canada Revenue Agency describes some of the various credits and deductions you may be entitled to and that can save you money when you file your 2010 Income Tax and Benefit Return.

    3. Building Design & Trends

    Five Myths About Green Building
    The Tyee describes five myths about green building and how green doesn't have to mean expensive, exotic or uncomfortable.

    Ten Ways To Improve A New Home
    Green Building Advisor describes ten important steps to ensure your new home is an energy miser, not an energy hog.

    30% Cost-Neutral Energy Savings In New Homes In Marine Climates
    Building America report summarizes research results for the 30% energy savings level and demonstrates that lead builders can successfully provide 30% homes in the Marine Climate Region on a cost-neutral basis. (PDF)

    Towards Net Zero Housing
    Building Science online slide show presentation describes features, benefits and different procedures for building net zero homes. (PDF)

    Two Different Specs For Superinsulated House
    Green Building Advisor describes how two experienced designers decided on their optimal wall designs, roof designs, insulation R-values, and window glazing. Is either system right for you? It depends on your climate, performance goals, and budget.

    Overview Of PassivHaus
    Dovetail report provides an overview of the PassivHaus phenomenon including a brief history, a summary of the certification standards, design and construction techniques, and the potential economic benefits and energy savings.

    10 Dumbest Green Buildings on Earth
    Green Building Elements says while any structure built in a way that lessens its footprint is welcomed, some of the buildings that people try to turn green simply make no sense.

    Overview Of Integrated Design
    Green Building Advisor provides an overview of integrated design, and how to treat designers, builders, and subcontractors as a team.

    2011 Re-Skinning Awards
    Zerofootprint Re-Skinning 2011 awards aim to improve sustainability in old buildings by revamping and retrofitting them to greener standards.

    2011 Sustainable Community Award Winners
    Federation of Canadian Municipalities lists the winners of its 2011 Sustainable Communities Awards, a program recognizing municipal environmental projects across Canada that demonstrate excellence in environmental responsibility. (PDF)

    Working Lands Conservation Is Path To Sustainable Land Use
    Dovetail report highlights recent trends toward the integration of resource conservation with other land uses and the benefits of a multi-functional approach to land use. (PDF)

    4. Codes Standards & Regulations

    Free 2009 International Energy Conservation Code
    2009 International Energy Conservation Code can be downloaded free of charge. The IECC serves as a basis for US federal tax credits for energy-efficient homes, energy efficiency standards for federal residential buildings and manufactured housing, and state and energy code determinations. It will produce approximately 15% in residential energy-efficiency gains compared to the 2006 edition.

    2009 Green Residential Building Study Companion
    International Code Council 2009 Green Residential Building Study Companion, is a study guide to assist the user in the review and application of the ICC 700-2008 National Green Building Standard, and the referenced code sections in the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code. $46 USD

    A MPG Rating For Your Home
    Change describes the need and method for a clear metric to express the energy consumption of homes. An MPG Rating for Your Home explains the Energy Performance Score procedure and gives reasons why we should move forward with this idea.

    Meeting US Energy Codes In Log Homes
    US National Association of Home Builders articles says New Hampshire codes now recognize log building standards. The article covers guidelines for evaluating log structures to ensure compliance, the complexities of rating energy efficiency of log walls, and energy updates for existing log homes. (PDF)

    Overview Of Standard 189.1 For High-Performance Green Buildings
    ASHRAE BC online slide show presentation describes Standard 189.1 for High-Performance Green Buildings, how to differentiate it from green building rating systems, how to identify mandatory provisions, and the two compliance path options (prescriptive and performance) and their associated provisions in the standard. (PDF)

    Standard For Building Energy Performance Assessment
    ASTM E2797 -11 Standard Practice for Building Energy Performance Assessment for a Building Involved in a Real Estate Transaction is intended primarily as an approach to conducting a standardized inquiry designed to identify building energy performance in connection with a commercial property involved in a real estate transaction. $55 USD

    Center For Climate Change Law
    The Columbia Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia Law School develops legal techniques to fight climate change, trains law students and lawyers in their use, and develops databases on climate law and regulation.

    Provide Your Opinion On Long-Term Clean Energy Planning For BC
    BC Hydro customers and stakeholders are invited to help shape B.C.'s clean energy future by sharing their ideas with BC Hydro.

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    Green Your Homes, Your Future, And Your Bottom Line!
    Built Green™ BC homes help builders distinguish their brand and their product in the marketplace.

    Research shows consumers care about environmental concerns and long-term energy costs. Built Green™ BC is designed to satisfy these desires. We can help you “Green” your future by assisting you in adding these key, market-proven, sustainable building practices to your new home products:
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  •   Healthier indoor air quality
  •   Durable, reduced-maintenance materials
  •   Preserving natural resources

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    5. Building Science & Technologies

    Energy Quiz
    Green Building Advisor online quiz will test your knowledge of building science and energy efficiency.

    Cold Climate Deep Energy Retrofit Of Cape Cod
    Building Science describes a cold climate deep energy retrofit of a Cape Cod, 1 1/2 story single family home with 1,100 ft2 living space and conditioned basement. The overall retrofit strategy was to apply exterior insulating sheathing to the walls and roof, replace the existing windows with high performance windows, and insulate the basement.

    Building A Cob House
    Green Building Elements article describes the creative, beautiful, and highly ecological building process for a cob house.

    Reclaimed Lumber & Wood Flooring In Construction
    US Forest Product Laboratory research results indicate that reclaimed framing lumber and wood flooring have a significantly lower environmental impact than their two virgin alternatives.

    Traditional Timber Framing For Today
    Woodworks online slide show presentation on timber framing describes examples of relevance, practice, and applications. (PDF)

    Top 10 Smart Metering Program Myths & Facts
    BC Hydro says there is currently a great deal of misinformation circulating about their Smart Metering Program, and describes some myths and facts related to smart meters.

    Ten Myths About New Efficient Light Bulbs
    BC Sustainable Energy Association offers responses to myth-making going on about compact fluorescent bulbs.

    6. Building Performance Issues

    Greenest Option For Home Heating
    Green Building Advisor article says electricity and wood pellets may be the greenest option for your home heating.

    Say No To Furnaces In High Performance Homes
    Energy Vanguard suggests a gas furnace is usually a poor choice for high performance homes.

    Energy Consumption Of Major Household Appliances In Canada
    Natural Resources Canada report provides data and analysis on trends for energy consumption of major household appliances shipped in Canada, for 1990-2008.

    Duct Leakage Testing
    Green Building Advisor describes how to seal heating duct seams with mastic and test them with a Duct Blaster for an energy-efficient forced-air system.

    View Real Time Performance Of Whistler Passivhaus
    Resort Municipality of Whistler, Pulse Energy and BC Hydro have produced an Energy Management Information System for the Lost Lake PassiveHaus and anyone, around the world, can watch how the PassivHaus is performing, in real time, online.

    Disappointing Energy Savings For Energy Star Homes
    Green Building Advisor says Energy Star homes are supposed to have energy savings of 15% to 30%. Trouble is, they don't seem to come close. A Houston study shows that homes without an Energy Star label perform almost as well as Energy Star homes.

    Mixing The Quality Serum
    Advanced Energy excerpt from John Tooley's upcoming book Mixing the Quality Serum describes how to define quality, establish a blame free workplace, define standardized work requirements, implement competency training, and provide continual improvements. (PDF)

    Evaluating Performance Of Double Facade In Cold Climate
    Read Jones Christoffersen paper examines operation and performance of a recently constructed 14 storey double façade building located in downtown Toronto, Ontario at the University of Toronto campus. The goal of the investigation was to compare intended performance with measured performance of the double façade assembly.

    7. Products & Suppliers

    Efficient Options For Tank-Type Water Heaters
    eBuild says advancements in both electric and gas tank-type water heaters are offering leaps in efficiency that are putting tank water heaters back on the green radar.

    Understanding Pellet Stoves
    Green Building Advisor describes features and benefits of pellet stoves.

    Buyer's Guide To HEPA Vacuums For Work
    Tools Of The Trade offers tips to help contractors choose the HEPA vacuum that best suits their needs and provides good service over a period of years.

    Choosing Energy Efficient Lighting Equipment
    Natural Resources Canada provides an introduction and tips for selection of energy efficient lighting.

    Bright Future With New Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
    eBuild says as the traditional incandescent bulb fades away, these new energy-efficient options are quickly taking over, may eventually change the way we light our homes.

    New Electron Stimulated Luminescence Light Bulbs
    Electron Stimulated Luminescence commercial grade bulbs shine bright for up to 10,000 hours via accelerated electrons and phosphor, a combination that makes the surface of the bulb glow. While ESL technology hasn't entered the dimming market yet, the bulbs are comparably priced versus LEDs.

    More Construction To Incorporate Triple Glazing
    Glass Magazine says it's possible that more triple glazing will be used in future construction projects, thanks in part to changes in code as well as programs like the High Performance Windows Volume Purchase Program. According to the experts in this article, a major change may take place as soon as the next 5-10 years.

    Sustainable Wood Design Strategies
    Woodworks online slide show presentation describes how to identify sustainable wood products, use design strategies for efficient use, select non-toxic treatments, and specify responsible waste management practices. (PDF)

    Environmental Product Declarations Are Coming
    Dovetail reports on how Environmental Product Declarations are coming, discusses guidelines for their development, and examines global and national developments that point toward greater use of this tool within the near future. (PDF)

    Research Report On Energy As A Managed Service
    Continental Automated Buildings Association completed a research study that measured consumer opinions and attitudes about energy as a managed service in the home. The report found that the concept of energy as a managed service is appealing to the great majority of North American homeowners. The majority of consumers surveyed said that they would consider purchasing energy as a managed service if it was available at a reasonable price. (PDF)

    US Labelling Program For Biobased Retail Products
    US Department of Agriculture new BioPreferred labeling program provides a product label that would appear on qualifying BioPreferred biobased products. It allows biobased product manufacturers to participate in a voluntary labeling program to identify biobased products on retail store shelves.

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    Build a better home, a Power Smart Home

    In a competitive market, every distinguishing feature helps. When buying a Power Smart Home, homeowners know they’ll enjoy increased comfort and decreased operating costs for the lifetime of the home. Give your development the added advantage of the Power Smart label.

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    8. Installation & Procedures

    Flash & Batt Technique For Wall Stud Cavities
    Builder Magazine describes flash and batt technique for wall stud cavities. It combines more expensive but airtight closed-cell, expanding foam insulation and affordable fiberglass batts to create a thermally efficient and cost-effective envelope.

    Is Double Stud-Wall The Path To Efficiency On A Budget?
    Green Building Advisor Q & A discussion provides various opinions on whether double wall construction with blown fiberglass insulation is worth the extra cost, and what other options might work well.

    How To Seal Heating & Cooling Ducts
    Oikos Green Building Library weatherization tips describe how to seal heating and cooling ducts.

    Breathing New Life Into Aging Homes
    Building Science provides online slide show presentation describing steps for energy retrofit of existing homes. (PDF)

    Rigid Insulation Rehabs
    Green Building Advisor discusses what type, where, and how much rigid insulation should be used to retrofit exterior above-grade walls and roofs.

    Dense Packing Walls From Interior
    Home Energy Pros gives online video showing how to dense-pack walls with cellulose from the interior of an old home.

    9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation

    Comparative Unit Fuel Costs For Dollar Net Heat Output
    Alaska Building Science Network chart on Comparative Unit Fuel Costs for Equivalent Dollar Net Heat Output provides one method of comparing unit fuel costs based on equivalent net heat production in British Thermal Units per dollar of fuel expenditure. (PDF)

    Plug-In Hybrid & All-Electric Vehicle Deployment Case Studies
    National Renewable Energy Laboratory online collection of case studies in electric vehicle deployment details early experiences of four U.S. locations on the leading edge of home-charging implementation.

    Practical Plan For Progress Of Plug-in Electric Vehicles
    Indiana University report, Plug-in Electric Vehicles: A Practical Plan for Progress, examines public policies toward PEVs, taking into account the promise and limitations of PEVs, recent improvements in battery technology, market dynamics, and the proliferation of policies around the world that promote the use of PEVs. (PDF)

    Illinois Livable & Sustainable Transportation Rating System
    Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association, the Illinois Department of Transportation, and the American Council of Engineering Companies of Illinois today announced the release of the I-LAST Manual, the Illinois-Livable and Sustainable Transportation Rating System and Guide. The I-LAST manual is modeled after the USGBC’s LEED green building certification program and establishes a scoring system for road and transportation construction projects.

    10. Information Sources

    BC Collaboration On Green Building Policies
    Green Building Leaders Project brings together local governments, developers, home owners, real estate agents, contractors, utilities, environmental organizations, and the provincial government to work collaboratively on the design and implementation of new green building policies.

    Online Multifamily Buildings Group
    Home Energy Pros Multifamily Buildings Group provide an online venue to share experiences on cost effective audit & retrofit strategies and analysis tool needs for multifamily buildings.

    Purchasable Book On Wood Pellet Heating Systems
    Earthscan sells Wood Pellet Heating Systems: The Earthscan Expert Handbook on Planning, Design and Installation. This fully-illustrated and easy-to-follow guide shows how wood-pellet heating works, the different types of systems (from small living room stoves systems to larger central heating systems for institutions) how they are installed, and even how wood pellets are manufactured. $60 USD

    Searchable Summary Table Of Chemicals
    Canadian Environmental Quality Guidelines online Summary Table provides the ability to search by chemical or chapter.

    Online Videos On Net Zero At Lowest Cost
    Peter Amerongen online videos cover approaching net zero energy at the lowest possible cost.

    Presentations From 2011 Sustainable Communities Conference
    Federation of Canadian Municipalities provides online access to the presentations made at their 2011 Sustainable Communities Conference and Trade Show.

    Online Videos On Smart Grid Technology
    National Electrical Manufacturers Association online videos Vids For Grids series features smart grid equipment, explains electrical engineering concepts, and portrays careers in power engineering.

    Integrated Community Sustainability Planning Tool
    BC Royal Roads University offers online Integrated Community Sustainability Planning Tool that presents a series of steps and questions for communities to build their own ICS plans, and an introduction to a number of tools and techniques that are now available and readily accessible. (PDF)

    Sustainable Land Development International
    Sustainable Land Development International is a member-owned organization dedicated to promoting land development around the world that balances the needs of people, planet and profit. for today and future generations.

    11. Conferences & Shows

    Living Future 2011 Green Building Conference In Vancouver
    Cascadia Region Green Building Council presents the Living Future 2011 conference in Vancouver April 27-29. It is designed to show products and address skills that industry leaders need to effectively transform our built environment.

    US National Green Building Conference In Salt Lake City
    US National Association of Home Builders presents the annual National Green Building Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, May 1-3. Here you will find the latest information about the green building market, technical expertise, product developments, and educational sessions lead by some of the most successful builders in the industry.

    GeoExchange Industry Conference & Trade Show In Vancouver
    GeoExchange BC presents their 4th Biennial GeoExchange Conference and Trade Show in Vancouver May 5 & 6. It provides an opportunity to network with colleagues and future clients, to learn about leading edge technology and design, policy and system advances and to hear the latest news in the world of geoexchange from the earth energy source to the point-of-use supply.

    Solar West Conference & Trade Show In Vancouver
    Canadian Solar Industries Association presents Solar WEST 2011 Conference & Trade Show in Vancouver May 30-31.

    Vancouver Sustainable Business Networking Group
    Sustainable Vancouver Business Networking meetings usually occur on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 07:30-09:00 at the Light House Sustainable Building Centre in Kitsilano. They begin with an introduction circle followed by a featured speaker and then round-table discussions on topics of interest to the sustainable business community. Members have plenty of opportunity to share stories, support each other, and leave with new ideas and business referrals.

    Calendar Of Green Building Events In BC & Cascadia Region
    Cascadia Region Green Building Council online calendar of green building events, searchable by regions of British Columbia, Oregon, Washington, and Non-Cascadia, provides details and links to more information for each event.

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    12. Education & Training

    LEED Canada For New Construction 2009
    UBC course Building Green with LEED: LEED Canada for New Construction 2009 provides an in-depth review of the LEED Canada for New Construction Rating System. It helps building professionals develop their technical proficiency in this latest standard, supporting those planning to write the LEED Professional Accreditation Exam with the Building Design + Construction Specialty.

    BC Seminar On Managing Project Costs
    Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC workshop on Managing Project Costs is for technical personnel involved in capital projects, focusing on forecasting future costs.

    LEED Canada Core Concepts & Strategies In Victoria
    Canada Green Building Council full-day workshop LEED Canada Core Concepts & Strategies, in Victoria on March 29th, provides essential knowledge of the LEED Rating Systems and sustainable building concepts.

    Vancouver 2010 Olympic Village: A Living Laboratory
    SFU City Program presents Vancouver 2010 Olympic Village: A Living Laboratory. This 3-day workshop, starting the evening of March 31st, is presented by the planners, designers and builders of Southeast False Creek 2010 Olympic Village and describes what it takes to create one of the greenest neighbourhoods in the world.

    Environmental Professional Certification
    ECO Canada offers professional designations specifically for environmental professionals. the Environmental Professional certification is the only designation of its kind in Canada to provide professionals with formal recognition of their unique environmental competencies. It demonstrates an individual’s professionalism, commitment to the field, and desire to remain on top of current practices. It is also a measure of a professional’s competencies against verified standards.

    13. Costs & Savings

    Operating Costs Of Appliances & Electronics
    BC Hydro describes how to use the Energuide label to calculate how much you pay to operate an electrically-powered appliance or device.

    14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

    Incentives For Energy Efficient Lighting Design
    BC Hydro gives description of their incentives for energy efficient lighting in offices, warehouses, and multi-unit buildings.

    Small Business Incentives For Lighting Upgrades
    Small businesses in the Okanagan and Kootenays can now upgrade to energy-efficient lighting systems at virtually no cost, thanks to a new program sponsored by the Province of British Columbia and FortisBC. FLIP, the FortisBC/LiveSmartBC Lighting Installation Program will arrange for and provide eligible small businesses with the direct installation of up to $5,500 in energy-efficient equipment such as lamps, occupancy sensors and controls.

    Free Energy Assessment Program For Businesses
    Fortis BC is offering a free energy assessment to businesses that consume over 2,000 GJ/year, and are located in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Squamish or the Interior.

    Carbon Credits Clarified
    Online video interview with Scott MacDonald, CEO of Pacific Carbon Trust, explains how the trust brings together B.C. companies and the B.C. public sector to make carbon trading work. Initiatives like energy efficiency, fuel switching and sequestration can qualify B.C. companies for carbon credits while reducing their carbon footprint.

    Innovations & Policy For Energy Retrofit Of Affordable Multifamily Housing
    US Urban Institute paper Scaling the Nationwide Energy Retrofit of Affordable Multifamily Housing: Innovations and Policy Recommendations suggests a variety of HUD initiated actions that will reduce regulatory barriers, promote a capital market that incentivizes retrofits, and cultivate a cross-silo funding stream to ensuring the energy and water efficiency of federally subsidized multifamily housing. (PDF)

    Dittie For Today: On Forgiveness

    An eye for an eye and the whole world is blind. - Mahatma Gandhi

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