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August 9, 2011


1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends
2. Business Management
3. Building Design & Trends
4. Codes Standards & Regulations
5. Building Science & Technologies
6. Building Performance Issues
7. Products & Suppliers
8. Installation & Procedures
9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation
10. Information Sources
11. Conferences & Shows
12. Education & Training
13. Costs & Savings
14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

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Here is another special BC Building Info issue on green building and energy efficieny.

The regular BC Building Info newsletter covering all industry topics will come your way in a few weeks as usual. Hope you find at least a wee bit of value here somewhere.

Have a "Top Drawer" day.
Ken Farrish

You will find hundreds more links to online info and resources on green building and energy efficiency in these Directory sections of the BC Building Info site...

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    Ken's Top Pick

    10 Products, Technology, Systems For The Future
    Builder Magazine says it’s hard to predict what products, technology, and systems will be important in the next 10 years, but green experts say the looming energy crisis can give us a pretty good idea.

    1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends

    Green Homes Sell For More
    Builder Magazine says in many markets, third party-certified homes command higher prices and sell more quickly than conventional ones.

    Canadian Energy Use Data Handbook 1990 To 2007
    Natural Resources Canada online Energy Use Data Handbook 1990 To 2007 tables provide data on energy use and GHG emissions as well as information on major activities and relevant indicators influencing energy use.

    Greenhouse Gas Mitigation In Canada
    Conference Board report Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Canada says Canada’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have been a patchwork of federal programs and regulations and separate provincial action plans. This report reveals how a more coordinated approach could be more effective and cost-efficient. Free registration required.

    2009 Results On Improving Energy Performance In Canada
    In this report to parliament for the fiscal year 2008-2009 Natural Resources Canada outlines its results in improving energy performance in Canada.

    2011 EcoLiving Award Winners
    Scotiabank EcoLiving Awards presents winners and finalists for their Canada-wide awards program recognizing businesses, innovators and students for excellence in the development of home energy efficiency products, services and solutions.

    Canadian Energy Star Market Transformation Award Winners 2011
    Natural Resources Canada describes the winners of the 2011 Energy Star Market Transformation Awards that recognize leadership in marketing a wide range of energy-efficient products, technologies and services.

    Challenges & Opportunities To Achieve 50% Energy Savings In Homes
    US Department of Energy Building America program report outlines key opportunities, gaps, and barriers that must be addressed to meet Building America’s long-term 50% energy savings goal for homes. (PDF)

    Is Industry Ready For Net-Zero Energy Buildings & Homes
    North American Insulation Manufacturers Association co-sponsored Building, Design & Construction’s eighth White Paper on the Green Building Movement that addresses the current state of the industry on Zero and Net-Zero Energy Buildings and Homes. The paper highlights the key role that insulation and energy efficiency must play in any move toward zero energy building.

    Prices, Incentives, Image Driving Energy Efficiency
    Building Energy Performance Assessment News says rising energy prices, government incentives and improved public image are driving energy efficiency in buildings to new heights as a growing number of building owners race to reduce energy consumption, according to the results of the fifth annual, global Energy Efficiency Indicator survey.

    2. Business Management

    How To Sell More Efficient Homes
    Builder Magazine describes how three builders sell more-efficient houses.

    Savvy Consumers Put Premium On Green Building Professionals
    US National Association of Home Builders interview with a green builder discusses her experiences selling green and energy-efficient homes, consumer response to green features and the benefits of being knowledgeable and open minded when it comes to green building concepts.

    Guide For Sustainable Projects
    American Institute of Architects online Guide For Sustainable Projects 2011 provides a clear understanding of new roles, responsibilities, risks and opportunities for those involved in the sustainable design and construction industry. (PDF)

    Energy Labels For Houses Are An Idea Whose Time Has Come
    Builder Magazine describes how public builder KB Home is using its Energy Performance Guide label, which now comes standard on every house it builds.

    How Social Responsibility Fosters Business Success
    American Express asked a social branding consultancy to provide the top 10 ways for a company to align its business strategies and marketing around corporate social responsibility in order to benefit from the social business marketplace.

    Green Job Growth To Skyrocket
    Journal of Commerce says clarity and better training will be essential if the construction industry wants a piece of the green job pie that is expected to boost the Canadian economy over the next five years.

    Lighthouse Executive Director Position Open
    Light House Sustainable Building Centre Society is seeking an Executive Director who is a sustainable building thought-leader and practitioner passionate about making change to drive Light House's consulting business. (PDF)

    Staffing A Successful Finance Program
    US Department of Energy provides a list of key positions that can ensure success in running energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.

    3. Building Design & Trends

    2011 Built Green BC Awards Finalists
    BC Homes Magazine list the finalists, along with pictures of the projects, for the Second Annual Built Green BC Awards.

    New England Net Zero Energy Production Houses
    Building Science online slide show compares present and predicted future affordability of net-zero energy homes, provides an estimate of required PV price for NZEH to be an optimal solution in 2030, describes measures leading to market-rate net-zero houses, describes temperature distribution due to minimally distributed heating, explains whether or not an overall net-zero balance achieved is highly dependent on the user, and more. (PDF)

    Compact Affordable Energy Efficient House
    L41home, designed by Architect Michael Katz and Artist/Designer Janet Corne is an ultra-compact, affordable, sustainable, high-design, high quality, energy-efficient house.

    10 Great Green Houses
    Mother Nature Network describes 10 homes from across North America that have been constructed and operate in the most environmentally conscious and beautiful ways.

    Green Home Technology Popularity Increases With Familiarity & Lower Costs
    US National Association of Home Builders says even though prospective home buyers balk at incorporating green home technology in their new homes because of the perceived costs involved, their apprehension is beginning to wane as the technology becomes more affordable and its benefits become more apparent.

    What Women Want In Green Remodeling
    HGTV Pro says that when it comes to being green at home, female homeowners say they want eco-friendly features that: make sense for their lives; reinforce their feelings as chic, smart buyers; are easy to do; save them money; improve their families' quality of life; minimize their impact on the Earth.

    Historic Preservation & Green Building
    Environmental Building news says when rehabbing a historic property, taking an unmoving stance as either a green building advocate or as a historic preservationist can lead to considerable differences with the other camp. There is, however, a growing desire within both communities to align their agendas, as demonstrated by several recent events.

    4. Codes Standards & Regulations

    BC Building Code Administration Survey
    The Building and Safety Standards Branch is conducting a survey of users of the BC Building Code to gather information on the level of code compliance and efficiency of the building regulatory system across the province. The goal is to determine where and how they might be able to make improvements to the system.

    Conflict In Energy Efficiency Goals
    Fine Homebuilding says it’s one thing to design, build, and market energy efficient houses, but for some in the industry, it’s another matter entirely to endorse development of a national model building code that would surpass requirements of the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code and ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2010, and also establish goals of zero-net-energy performance for new residential and commercial buildings by 2030.

    Requirements For Solar DHW Systems
    Alberta Municipal Affairs bulletin on Requirements for Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems informs the construction industry of requirements associated with the sale and installation of solar domestic hot water systems. (PDF)

    Get Fresh Air Into Your Home With ASHRAE 62.2
    Energy Vanguard provides a brief overview of the new ASHRAE 62.2 standard for residential ventilation.

    Standardized Qualification of Whole House Energy Savings Estimates
    Building Performance Institute standard Standardized Qualification of Whole House Energy Savings Estimates is now available for public comment. It specifies a process for the calculation of standardized estimated savings. It applies to residential buildings of 4 units or less. (PDF)

    CSA Carbon Neutral Program For Building Owners
    CSA Standards has launched the CSA Registered Carbon Neutral Program. It provides organizations and building owners with a credible, transparent process by which to declare their carbon neutrality and receive recognition in the program registry, as well as authorized use of the new program label.

    Energy Rating & Disclosure Implementation Report
    Institute for Market Transformation online report Building Energy Transparency: A Framework for Implementing Commercial Energy Rating & Disclosure Policy, presents comprehensive review of commercial building energy rating and disclosure policies in the United States, and a blueprint policymakers can use to identify challenges and apply best practices.

    Roadmap For Local US Governments On Implementing Green Ordinances
    US Build It Green program offers the Roadmap for Local Governments that offers guidance for a city that is looking to write a simple ordinance or create a detailed green building program.

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    Green Your Homes, Your Future, And Your Bottom Line!
    Built Green™ BC homes help builders distinguish their brand and their product in the marketplace.

    Research shows consumers care about environmental concerns and long-term energy costs. Built Green™ BC is designed to satisfy these desires. We can help you “Green” your future by assisting you in adding these key, market-proven, sustainable building practices to your new home products:
  •   Better energy efficiency
  •   Healthier indoor air quality
  •   Durable, reduced-maintenance materials
  •   Preserving natural resources

  • Find out more about Built Green™ BC here…


    5. Building Science & Technologies

    Understanding R-Value
    Green Building Advisor gives description on how R-value measures heat transfer by conduction, convection, and radiation.

    Energy Efficient, Durable, Healthy Basements
    Building Science online slide show presentation describes how to build and retrofit basements so they are energy efficient, durable, and healthy. (PDF)

    Rammed Earth Construction
    Sustainable Architecture and Building Magazine provides description of rammed earth construction, the process of building with sub soils and compacting them into a formwork of some kind, until they are as solid as stone.

    What Is Solar Air Heating?
    Canadian Solar Industries Association provides information to help you understand how buildings can use solar thermal collectors to convert the sun's rays and heat air that comes into a building.

    What Makes High-Performance Windows Perform
    Green Building Advisor looks at the three generations of low-e coatings, whether argon leaks from windows, and more.

    Deep Energy Retrofit Of Building Enclosure
    Rob Dumont slide show presentation describes the deep energy retrofit of a Canadian residential building enclosure using the double wall and double roof approach. (PPT)

    ASHRAE Funding Canadian Research On Building Shape & Density
    Journal of Commerce says the only Canadian to be awarded a Grant-in-Aid grant from ASHRAE is studying the effects of building shape, site layout and orientation on the design of net-zero energy solar neighbourhoods.

    6. Building Performance Issues

    IAQ & Air Tightness
    Building Science online slide show describes the relationships between indoor air quality and air tightness. (PDF)

    Climate Change, Indoor Environment, Health
    Institute of Medicine report Climate Change, the Indoor Environment, and Health decries how buildings that are being weatherized and made energy-efficient and air tight can be hazardous to one's health. It recommends that the US Environmental Protection Agency ensure that building weatherization and energy-efficiency efforts not generate new indoor health issues or worsen existing air quality.

    Is LEED The Gold Standard In Green?
    Miller-McCune discusses a lawsuit that challenges the claims of the nation’s foremost green building effort, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED certification) program.

    Life Cycle Assessment Of LEED vs Conventional New Homes
    US Air Force constructed 1,028 LEED for Homes Silver and/or ENERGY STAR certified energy efficient homes. They compared these energy efficient homes to conventionally built homes using a hybrid LCA and energy simulation. These energy efficient homes have a 16% less environmental impact, consume 15% less energy, and save 2% in total life cycle cost while incurring a 1% cost increase in project construction compared to conventional homes. The simple payback period of the project to payback this initial 1% construction cost increase is 10 years. (PDF)

    The Folly Of Deep Energy Retrofits
    Remodeling magazine article says by understanding the home is a system within a system within a system that operates under more complex lines of impact than BTUs consumed, that there is a danger of strapping blinders on and pursuing a single-minded goal without considering the systemic implications of such actions.

    Ten Steps To Clean Up A Broken CFL
    Green Building Advisor says a broken compact fluorescent lamp isn’t exactly hazardous waste, but it does call for special steps.

    Safety Concerns With DIY Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Kits
    Heating Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Institute of Canada consumer safety awareness campaign warns Canadians about the risks of using flammable hydrocarbon refrigerants in home and business air conditioning systems. They provide safety information about do-it-yourself kits containing flammable hydrocarbon refrigerants that are being offered by major retailers to home and business owners. (PDF)

    Best Practice Target For Water Use Could Deliver Savings
    Canadian Property Management says commercial office buildings in Canada are large consumers of water, using 1 per cent of the total municipal water supply. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is the largest user of water in a typical commercial building, largely due to the operation of cooling towers. Other main sources of water consumption in commercial buildings are domestic use for toilets/sinks and irrigation/landscaping. A best practice range for water use would provide owners and managers with a tool to evaluate their buildings’ water performance.

    2010 BESt Energy & Environmental Report On Building Performance
    2010 BOMA BESt Energy and Environmental Report provides an overview of the energy and environmental performance of approximately 300 existing office buildings certified under the BOMA BESt program between June 1, 2009, and June 30, 2010. Building owners and managers who may be reluctant to take on retrofits or upgrades can be encouraged by statistics indicating that, when it comes to a building’s energy performance, age is irrelevant. Findings on these buildings reveal that operations and management practices have more impact on energy performance than age and size. (PDF)

    Climate Change Poses Growing Risk To Concrete Building Safety
    Click Green says higher atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and higher temperatures under climate change are likely to increase the rate of corrosive damage in reinforced concrete structures, according to a recent study.

    Sustainability Rating System For Infrastructure Being Considered
    Journal of Commerce says the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies plans to take a closer look at a sustainability rating system for North American infrastructure that is under development in the United States.

    7. Products & Suppliers

    Recall Of Electric Baseboard Heater Thermostats
    Honeywell has announced the voluntary recall of certain electric baseboard and fan heater thermostats (model numbers T4700, CT1950 and CT1957) sold from 2000 to 2007 under the Honeywell and Cadet brand names.

    Most Efficient 2011 Energy Star Products
    Energy Star new Most Efficient 2011 designation recognizes the most efficient products among those that qualify for the Energy Star.

    Types Of Home Energy Monitoring Systems
    Green Building Advisor describes types of home energy monitoring systems.

    New Dishwashers Saving Water & Energy
    Custom Home magazines describes some new dishwashers and washing machines that are working hard to save both water and energy without compromising performance.

    New Energy Saving Products & Technologies
    US Department of Energy report showcases numerous energy-saving products and technologies, made possible through DOE research and development, which are currently available in the market or projected to enter the marketplace in the future. (PDF)

    Modular Structures Helping To Meet LEED Targets
    Journal of Commerce says modular units have moved beyond their single-storey, box-style origins and are turning up in large scale projects offering opportunities for LEED credits that sometimes outweigh traditional building assemblies.

    Determining Optimal Residential Energy Efficiency Packages
    US Department of Energy report describes an analysis method for determining optimal residential energy efficiency retrofit packages. (PDF)

    RONA Recovers Unused Paint In Western Canada
    RONA has launched its in-store paint recovery program in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Consumers can drop off cans of any brand of old or unused paint at any RONA or TOTEM Building Supplies store, no purchase necessary.

    Webinars On Selecting Green Building Products
    EcoHome, Custom Home, and Residential Architect have teamed up with to bring together a free virtual conference and webinar series focused on selecting green building products, to be held online Aug. 9-10.

    Nine Types Of Greenwashing
    Building Green says most of the greenwashing we see falls into one of nine types, and offers tips on how to spot them.

    BC Solar Hot Water Heating Manufacturer
    Solaris Inc is a new Green BC manufacturer of solar hot water equipment that uses Austrian solar and industrial robotic technologies applied to the Canadian residential, commercial and industrial markets. They sell wholesale to plumbers, installers, and commercial projects.

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    In a competitive market, every distinguishing feature helps. When buying a Power Smart Home, homeowners know they’ll enjoy increased comfort and decreased operating costs for the lifetime of the home. Give your development the added advantage of the Power Smart label.

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    8. Installation & Procedures

    Achieving Attic Energy Efficiency
    Qualified Remodeler describes three successful approaches to achieving a well-insulated attic.

    Guide To Window Attachments For Sun Control
    Building Green gives description of various good ways to modify windows to prevent too much solar gain in the summer.

    Getting The Most From Old Windows With Attachments
    Building Green describes methods of using attachments to get more life out of old windows, and improve performance, without replacing them.

    Reusing Barnboard For An Interior Project
    Journal of Light Construction explains how to remove the risk of bugs or mold in old barnboard for use in an interior project.

    Priorities For Residential Energy Retrofit
    Building Science online slide show describes key priorities for retrofitting homes including bringing combustion appliances up to code, controlling pressures, installing controlled ventilation, getting rid of big holes, and insulating. (PDF)

    Blower Door Basics
    Energy Conservatory online slide show on Blower Door Basics describes tried and true techniques for using this diagnostic tool effectively. (PDF)

    Zone Pressure Diagnostics
    Energy Conservatory online slide show summarizes a webinar they held on Zone Pressure Diagnostics for Optimal Air Sealing and Insulation. (PDF)

    Straw-Bale Walls
    Green Building Advisor says if you want to build your home out of natural materials, and want a well-insulated wall, one natural material is the clear winner: straw bales.

    9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation

    New Renewable Natural Gas Program For BC Residential Customers
    FortisBC has launched its renewable natural gas product offering for residential customers in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Interior and the Kootenays. Eligible customers now have the option of designating 10 per cent of their household’s natural gas usage as renewable natural gas. FortisBC will then inject an equivalent amount of renewable natural gas into its distribution system from local renewable natural gas projects.

    How Will We Power Canada's Electricity Future?
    Canadian Electricity Association paper How Will We Power Canada's Future? Our Electricity System in Transition, presents a vision of Canada's electricity sector, explores how to build our nation's future electricity system, and offers policy considerations for realizing this vision. (PDF)

    US Renewables Surpass Nuclear Output
    Renewable Energy News says according to the most recent issue of the Monthly Energy Review by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, renewable energy has passed a milestone as domestic production is now greater than that of nuclear power and is closing in on oil.

    Richmond Producing Renewable Energy From Urban Waste
    NRCan describes how Fraser Richmond Soil & Fibre is implementing the first Canadian high-efficiency system for turning food scraps and yard waste into a source of renewable energy. This clean energy project will generate electricity and heat from organic waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills.

    Power Storage Reservoirs To Address Wind Power Irregularity
    To address wind power irregularity, a wind power system in Wyoming is using pumped storage where excess power is used to move water uphill, from a lower reservoir to a higher one. At times of insufficient wind, water from the upper reservoir is released through turbines to generate power.

    Vancouver & BC Hydro Launch Electric Vehicle Public Charging Project
    City of Vancouver and BC Hydro have launched the EasyPark Easy Charge Pilot Project that will see the installation of up to 15 public charging stations at EasyPark lots throughout the city, helping to accelerate the use of plug-in electric vehicles.

    Charging Station Technology Review For Plug-in Electric Vehicles
    Advanced Energy interactive, web-based tool compares charging stations from various vendors in the United States.

    Community Planning Guide For Plug-In Electric Vehicles
    Advanced Energy online Community Planning Guide for Plug-In Electric Vehicles includes best practices on charging station installation, codes, standards, permitting and inspections, as well as information on municipal and utility involvement and community outreach and education. (PDF)

    Ranking Of Hybrid Vehicles In US
    Union of Concerned Scientists provides its latest Hybrid Scorecard that rates 34 vehicles from economy to luxury on fuel economy, improved environmental impact, value, and features required to be included on the particular model.

    10. Information Sources

    Resource Site For BC Green Economy
    BC's Green Economy provides access to key facts on existing and emerging green jobs, green education and training, reports, resources, and job boards.

    BC Solar Resources & Advocacy Site
    Stand Up For Solar offers a number of educational tools for the public-at-large to learn more about how solar energy works, the real costs associated with the production and transmission of solar energy and important facts and figures associated with the industry. It also provides one location for interested individuals to show their support for solar energy and the government programs that help to make Canada a positive environment for investment in solar energy production.

    Kelowna City Web Site For Resident Input Into Sustainability
    Kelowna residents can log onto this Web site to have their say in how their city grows. The Greening Our Future initiative is seeking broad community input to develop a new Official Community Plan that focuses on sustainability.

    Green Technology News & Reviews
    EarthTechling is an online consumer publication focused on green technology, including clean energy, electric vehicles, green gadgets, green buildings, and green news, services, and products.

    Sustainability Industry News
    SmartBrief, an industry news aggregator, provides links to sustainability industry news and information.

    Resource Site For Green Building Businesses
    Green Collar Economy site has resources to help businesses learn about and share ideas for going green. There is a directory of green business links, daily news in 7 channels, a Green Collar Job board and channel specific discussion forums.

    Online Community For Energy Auditors
    Energy Auditor Talk is an energy auditing forum for weatherization professionals who want to stay up to date and take advantage of new green building practices.

    Podcasts On Building Performance
    Green Dream Group offers free access to podcasts on building performance.

    Newsletter On Wind Turbine Technology
    GlobalSpec published this special edition newsletter on wind turbine technology.

    iPad & iPhone Apps For Greening Your Life
    Earth Techling provides description of some iPhone and iPad green apps that help minimize your impact on the earth.

    11. Conferences & Shows

    Ecocity World Summit In Montreal
    Held in Montreal from August 22-26, Ecocity World Summit offers keynote talks on six Ecocity themes, two mayors' panels, design charrettes and a GreenStorming, more than 60 sessions and facilitated discussions, mobile workshops, training workshops, poster presentations, film screenings, artistic and cultural activities, conference exhibits, and more.

    Excellence In Building Conference & Expo In Las Vegas
    Energy and Environmental Building Association annual Excellence in Building Conference & Expo is being held in Las Vegas, September 14-16. Builders, remodelers, developers, architects, designers and manufacturers come to learn the science behind green and sustainable building practices, to understand new regulations and legislative measures, and to capitalize on increasing opportunities.

    International Green Building Conference & Expo In Toronto
    Greenbuild International Conference & Expo will be held in Toronto, Oct 4-7. It features networking, educational programs, speakers and exhibits. Highlights include LEED workshops, green building tours, poster sessions, plenary and master speakers and the annual Leadership Awards celebration.

    Green Infrastructure Conference In Vancouver
    Pacific Business & Law Institute presents the Green Infrastructure conference in Vancouver Oct 20-21. It will provide you with expert advice on the current state of green infrastructure and the anticipated impact of future developments.

    Home Energy Trainer Conference 2011
    Affordable Comfort Home Energy Trainer Conference 2011 in Charlotte, on November 1-2, brings the vision of industry education into sharp focus, covering topics such as principles of adult education, integrating diagnostic tools and props, education that is interactive, participant-based learning, best practices in curriculum development, skills for the on-the-job trainer, and more.

    Conference On Green Buildings & Health In Vancouver
    SustainaBUILD is a one day conference in Vancouver on November 23rd that will address myths and misconceptions surrounding sustainable green buildings and health in the context of the building envelope and ventilation.

    Canadian Solar Industry Conference In Toronto
    Canadian Solar Industries Association presents its annual conference and trade show in Toronto on December 5-6, aimed at all sectors of the solar and building industry.

    12. Education & Training

    BC Seminar On Wind Power Technology & Design
    Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC seminar On Wind Power Technology & Design on August 25 & 26 will cover technologies for converting wind energy to other useful forms of energy. Also, the wind energy potential in BC and Canada, wind speed measurement techniques and relevant calculations for over-all system design, effects on CO2 emission reduction, and wind energy system, components, potentials, and design will be discussed.

    BC Seminar On Introduction To Passive House Standard
    Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC seminar on Introduction To Passive House Standard, on September 14, covers what is a Passive House, what are the requirements to achieve certification, what are typical design concepts and details, how is the air tightness achieved, what kinds of systems are being used, and an example Passive House design.

    Dr Joe Lstiburek Coming To Vancouver
    Dr. Joseph Lstiburek of Building Science Corporation will present a day-long workshop on building science in Vancouver on November 1.

    National Construction Safety Awareness Course
    Construction Sector Council online Construction Safety Awareness course was developed by the construction industry as a national course to give you an overview and encourage a general awareness of the health and safety issues you’ll be faced with on any worksite in Canada.

    Free Network: Educational Resources On Sustainable Forests
    Forest Resource Environmental Education Network is for teachers and students at all grade levels who want to learn more about forests and the management of forests. It offers curriculum guides, teaching tools, environmental quiz, and more.

    Careers In Solar Power
    US Bureau of Labour Statistics report Careers in Solar Power provides information on the process of generating solar power and details various occupations in the solar industry. It provides a brief job description of several occupations; credentials needed to work in the occupation, such as education, training, certification, or licensure; and wage data. (PDF)

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    Gienow High Performance Windows can serve your specific needs
    By choosing Gienow windows that meet ENERGY STAR performance levels, your customers will reduce their energy costs, help protect the environment, and enjoy increased comfort in all seasons. Gienow offers SOL-R® glass that has a transparent coating which acts as a shield from heat and cold, blocks ultra-violet rays, and provides thermal insulation.


    13. Costs & Savings

    Comparison Chart On Operating Costs For Lighting
    BC Hydro online chart compares the features and costs of different lighting options including incandescent, LED, CFL, and halogen.

    Defending LEED
    Canada Green Building Council online article explains there is a big difference in criticism that is intended to make the LEED program stronger and criticism that is intended to tear down and destroy something. (PDF)

    US DOE & Appraisal Institute Include Energy Performance & Building Appraisals
    US Department of Energy and The Appraisal Foundation will work to ensure that appraisers nationwide have the information, practical guidelines, and professional resources they need to evaluate energy performance when conducting commercial building appraisals. This will help enable investors, building owners and operators, and others to accurately assess the value of energy efficiency as part of the building’s overall appraisal.

    14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

    Vancouver Retrofit Energy Efficiency Financing Pilot Program
    Vancouver City council proposal recommends proceeding with a Retrofit Energy Efficiency Financing Pilot Program for up to 500 homes as a proof of concept for a future on property tax bill green energy financing program. (PDF)

    BC High-Efficiency Water Heater Pilot Rebate
    Fortis BC is looking for households to participate in a national high-efficiency water heater pilot program to test the performance of high efficient water heating technologies. If chosen, you’ll receive a rebate equal to 50 per cent (up to $2,500) of the qualifying water heater’s quoted installation price.

    Lower Mainland Small Businesses & Non-Profits Can Save Money On Energy Bills
    City Green works with the BC Hydro Product Incentive Program to provide small & medium sized businesses a free energy assessment from a Business Energy Advisor. Incentives are available for upgrading lighting, heating and cooling systems, refrigeration systems, and more.

    Canadian Home Retrofit Grants Available Again
    ecoENERGY Retrofit for Homes program provides grants up to $5,000 to help homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient and reduce the burden of high energy costs. The Government of Canada has renewed the program from June 6, 2011, until March 31, 2012.

    Home Energy Efficiency Pays Steady Dividends
    Green Building Advisor describes how, as you plan for retirement, improving the energy efficiency of your house could be the wisest investment you make.

    Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds
    US Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (QECBs) are federally-subsidized debt instruments that enable state, tribal, and local government issuers to borrow money to fund a range of qualified energy conservation projects. QECBs offer issuers very attractive borrowing rates and long terms, and can fund low-interest energy efficiency loans for home and commercial property owners. (PDF)

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