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November 2, 2011


1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends
2. Business Management
3. Building Design & Trends
4. Codes Standards & Regulations
5. Building Science & Technologies
6. Building Performance Issues
7. Products & Suppliers
8. Installation & Procedures
9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation
10. Information Sources
11. Conferences & Shows
12. Education & Training
13. Costs & Savings
14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

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Here is another special BC Building Info issue on green building and energy efficieny.

The regular BC Building Info newsletter covering all industry topics will come your way in a few weeks as usual. Hope you find at least a wee bit of value here somewhere.

Have a "Top Drawer" day.
Ken Farrish

You will find hundreds more links to online info and resources on green building and energy efficiency in these Directory sections of the BC Building Info site...

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Green Your Homes, Your Future, And Your Bottom Line!
Built Green™ BC homes help builders distinguish their brand and their product in the marketplace.

Research shows consumers care about environmental concerns and long-term energy costs. Built Green™ BC is designed to satisfy these desires. We can help you “Green” your future by assisting you in adding these key, market-proven, sustainable building practices to your new home products:
  •   Better energy efficiency
  •   Healthier indoor air quality
  •   Durable, reduced-maintenance materials
  •   Preserving natural resources

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    Ken's Top Pick

    Energy Efficiency & Future Of Building Science In BC Buildings
    BC Building Envelope Council online slide show presentation by Dr. John Straube presents issues and ideas around the future of building science as it relates to energy efficiency and buildings in British Columbia. (PDF)

    1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends

    Sustainability Theme Running Through 2011 VRCA Awards
    Journal of Commerce says sustainability is a theme running through this year's Vancouver Regional Construction Association awards.

    Energy Use Inside & Outside Canadian Dwellings
    Natural Resources Canada report Energy Use Inside and Outside the Dwelling builds on the 2007 Survey of Household Energy Use and provides a first-time analysis of the data gathered about energy use outside the dwelling.

    Canada's Emission Trends
    Environment Canada report Canada's Emission Trends presents projections of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada to the year 2020. It shows how the future path of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada will depend on a number of factors including: government actions, technological change, the growth in the economy, and developments in energy markets. (PDF)

    Economic Impacts Of Climate Change For Canada
    Canadian National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy online report Economic Impacts of Climate Change for Canada summarizes a national-level study that assessed costs of growing climate change in our country and what it could mean to people, places, and prosperity. (PDF)

    Research Report On Super Greenies
    Scarborough Research report examines the luxury tastes, online interests, local makeup, lifestyles and media usage of America’s most environmentally friendly consumers. (PDF)

    25% Of US Homes Built In 2010 Earn Energy Star
    Energy Star, in partnership with stakeholders, achieved an average national market presence in the new homes sector of 25% in 2010.

    One Third Of US Construction Has Green Jobs
    Green jobs are now firmly established in the design and construction workforce, according to a new study released by McGraw-Hill Construction. The study shows 35% of architects, engineers and contractors report having green jobs today. That share is expected to increase over the next three years, with 45% of all design and construction jobs being green by 2014.

    2. Business Management

    12 Ways To Turn Green Intentions Into Green Actions
    Environmental Leader article describes 12 key points that can help middle-of-the-road mainstream consumers turn their green intentions into green actions.

    D.R. Horton To Market Its HERS Index Scores
    Fine Homebuilding says the US Residential Energy Services Network’s Home Energy Rating System, known as the HERS Index, continues to advance in the marketplace. So far, more than 60 state and regional builders have committed to marketing the HERS Index scores of the homes they build, and one of the newest to join the list is the Illinois division of the largest builder in the US, D.R. Horton.

    Value Of Energy Performance & Green Attributes In Buildings
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory report The Value of Energy Performance and Green Attributes in Buildings studies labels, certifications, and rating systems for energy efficiency performance and green attributes of buildings. Such certifications and ratings can make energy efficiency more visible, and could help spur demand for energy efficiency if these designations are shown to have a positive impact on sales or rental prices. (PDF)

    Building Energy Performance Litigation
    Sustainable Real Estate Solutions says flaws in LEED, EPA Energy Star, and other building certification tools should encourage the industry to do their own due diligence in terms of evaluating building energy efficiency before promoting energy savings in the marketplace.

    Needs & Opportunities For Residential Energy Efficiency
    US Department of Energy report on Summary of Needs and Opportunities from the 2011 Residential Energy Efficiency Stakeholders Meeting describes a wide variety of needs and issues associated with delivering high-performance new and existing homes. (PDF)

    Transitioning HVAC Contractors To Whole House Performance Contractors
    US Department of Energy Report Transitioning Traditional HVAC Contractors to Whole House Performance Contractors discusses how HVAC companies can transition from a traditional contractor status to a service provider for whole house house energy upgrade contracting. (PDF)

    Running Your Home Performance Company
    Green Dream podcast The Business as a System: the Science behind Running Your Home Performance Company, features Mike Gorman, the mind behind the business training and consulting firm TechKnowledge, on the disconnect between building science and business practice in today's rapidly evolving high performance contracting industry.

    Online Green Tenant Toolkit
    San Francisco Business Council on Climate Change free online Green Tenant Toolkit will assist tenants and landlords in reaching their sustainability goals within commercial buildings. The objective is to enable and enhance partnerships with owners or managers, occupiers, and their agents to minimize operating costs, save water, manage energy, and reduce carbon emissions by identifying split incentives and offering best practice solutions.

    3. Building Design & Trends

    2011 LEED For Homes Award Recipients
    US Green Building Council lists their 2011 LEED for Homes Awards recipients, recognizing projects, developers and home builders who have demonstrated leadership in the residential building marketplace. The categories recognize innovative multi and single family projects, production builders, affordable housing projects and developers, an overall commitment to LEED for Homes, as well as Project of the Year. (PDF)

    Building Green From The Ground Up
    The Tyee sought insights from knowledgeable veterans from across the building industry on what they think works in green building, and where it might take us.

    Cost-Effective Passive Solar Design
    Green Building Advisor says cost-effective passive solar design includes orienting your house properly, including an adequate amount of south-facing glazing protected by roof overhangs, and including some interior thermal mass.

    Ultra-Green Modular Homes
    Builder Magazine describes how modular homes, which have been around for a few hundred years, are adopting an ultra-green identity.

    Building Blocks For Sustainable Communities
    US Environmental Protection Agency online Sustainable Communities Building Blocks is a toolkit of proven techniques to help communities find smart-growth answers for challenges they face.

    2011 US Residential Energy Efficiency Awards
    State Energy Report describes winners of the 2011 US Residential Energy Efficiency Awards that recognize the people behind best projects that leverage government funds to improve the efficiency of the country’s housing stock.

    4. Codes Standards & Regulations

    BC Code Questionnaire On Balancing Energy Efficiency and Housing Affordability
    BC Building and Safety Standards Branch invites input in this short online survey on balancing energy efficiency and housing affordability.

    Public Review Of Proposed 2012 Canadian Energy Star Standard For New Homes
    Natural Resources Canada has posted for public review their recommendations for the 2012 Energy Star for New Homes Standard.

    Two Year Postponement For Canadian Light Bulb Efficiency Standards
    Canadian government says people have expressed concerns about certain aspects of the minimum energy performance standard for light bulbs scheduled to affect 100 and 75 W bulbs on January 1, 2012, and 60 and 40 W bulbs on December 31, 2012. This recent amendment proposes to delay the effective dates for these wattages by two years in each case in order to enable Canadians to better understand the benefits of the standards, the alternatives that will be available to them and to allay their concerns.

    Canadian Engineers National Guideline On Environment & Sustainability
    Engineers Canada online National Guideline on Environment and Sustainability was created to provide guidance and encourage professional engineers to be proactive in environmental stewardship and in following the principles of sustainability. It summarizes how professional engineers should strive to influence the practice of engineering in an environmentally responsible direction. (PDF)

    2011 National Energy Code Of Canada For Buildings To Be Published This Fall
    National Research Council Canada says the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2011 is scheduled to be released on November 18, 2011.

    An Overview Of 2012 International Energy Code
    Green Building Advisor gives an overview of the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code that will require more insulation, a tighter envelope, tighter ducts, better windows, and more efficient lighting than the 2009 code.

    Multifamily High Rise Buildings Can Now Qualify For Energy Star
    Multifamily high-rise buildings are now eligible to qualify as Energy Star projects. To qualify, new or substantially rehabilitated multifamily high-rise buildings must meet energy-efficiency guidelines set by the EPA and be designed to be at least 15% more energy efficient than buildings that meet the ASHRAE energy use standard.

    CSA Standard For Energy Management Systems
    CAN/CSA-ISO 50001:11 Standard For Energy Management Systems specifies requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an energy management system, whose purpose is to enable an organization to follow a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy use and consumption.

    Net Zero Energy Building Certification
    Net Zero Energy Building Certification is a program operated by the International Living Future Institute using the structure of the Living Building Challenge.

    Building Code Barriers To Green Innovation
    Dovetail report explores the barriers to green building design approval and makes recommendations for streamlining approval processes. It says it is critical to supplement existing building codes with provisions for innovation in order to create opportunities to introduce technological and other improvements more rapidly. (PDF)

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    In a competitive market, every distinguishing feature helps. When buying a Power Smart Home, homeowners know they’ll enjoy increased comfort and decreased operating costs for the lifetime of the home. Give your development the added advantage of the Power Smart label.

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    5. Building Science & Technologies

    Vancouver Design Considerations For Green Roofs
    Metro Vancouver online report Design Considerations for the Implementation of Green Roofs provides background information and data to assist regional municipalities and developers in understanding the benefits, issues and costs associated with green roof installations and to provide guidance on where research and the green roof business are headed in the near future. (PDF)

    Emerging Hot Water Technologies & Energy Efficiency Savings
    American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy report Emerging Hot Water Technologies and Practices for Energy Efficiency as of 2011 shows energy-efficient water heating technologies and practices can save residential and commercial buildings on average 37% more energy than conventional technologies. The study examines a suite of 16 products and services including heat pumps and high efficiency gas water heaters, as well as various maintenance practices for multifamily buildings.

    Demand For Home Health Technology To Rise With Aging Baby Boomers
    US National Association of Home Builders says with the huge generation of baby boomers starting to turn 65, builders and remodelers can expect a corresponding rise in demand for home health technology and integrated systems, which are of particular interest to individuals in the upper age cohort.

    Solar Panels Keep Buildings Cool
    Physorg says rooftop solar panels generate power and provide a cooling effect. Thermal infrared imagery confirmed the ceiling under solar panels of a University of California building was 5° F cooler than under exposed roof sections. Since they permit air circulation between the structure and the roof, tilted panels were more efficient than flush-mounted units as roof shades.

    High Performance Building Facade Solutions
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories report High Performance Building Facade Solutions looks at significant near-term opportunities to reduce energy use in California commercial building stock by targeting voluntary, design-based opportunities derived from the use of better design guidelines and tools, and developing and deploying more efficient glazings, shading systems, daylighting systems, façade systems and integrated controls. (PDF)

    Reducing Environmental Footprints With Wood
    Engineered Wood Association provides results of an environmental impact analysis of wood versus concrete house designs. Free site registration required.

    Impacts Of Wood Utilization On Carbon Mitigation
    Future Science paper on Life Cycle Impacts Of Forest Management & Wood Utilization On Carbon Mitigation examines complexities in accounting for carbon emissions given the many different ways that wood is used. It says when designing a new structure, if architects reconsider concrete and steel materials and instead use sustainably harvested wood they reduce the amount of carbon dioxide associated with construction.

    6. Building Performance Issues

    BC Plan For HVAC Systems Stewardship Regulations
    Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada, along with AHRI, CIPH, CWQA, and CAPM are submitting this Stewardship Plan on behalf of manufacturers and distributors responsible for selling heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and plumbing products into British Columbia. The goal of this plan is to develop and deliver a harmonized approach across Canada for the end-of-life of HVACR and plumbing products. (PDF)

    Evaluation Of Residential Integrated Heat Pump Water Heaters
    US National Renewable Energy Laboratory report discusses a significant opportunity for residential integrated heat pump water heaters to provide energy savings in domestic hot water heating. (PDF)

    Wood Stove Safety & Efficiency
    Green Building Advisor says that wood stoves provide reliable heat, but make sure that yours is safe and efficient.

    White Roofs May Actually Add To Global Warming
    Discover Magazine summarizes a study that shows white roofs may actually add to global warming.

    Impacts Of Net Zero-Energy Homes On Western US Utility Grid
    US Pacific Northwest National Laboratory prepared the report An Exploration of Impacts of Wide-Scale Implementation of Net Zero-Energy Homes on the Western Grid. It says that although minimized via utilization of advanced building technologies, Zero-Energy Homes still consume energy that must be balanced on an annual basis via self-generation of electricity, which is commonly assumed to be from rooftop photovoltaics. This results in a ZEH having a significantly different electricity demand profile than a conventional home. (PDF)

    2008 Canadian Commercial & Institutional Consumption Of Energy
    Natural Resources Canada presents results of the 2008 Commercial & Institutional Consumption of Energy Survey that collected data on the energy consumption of establishments in the commercial and institutional sector.

    Assessing & Reducing Plug & Process Loads In Office Buildings
    US National Renewable Energy Laboratory report Assessing and Reducing Plug and Process Loads in Office Buildings provides an overview of plug and process loads and provides strategies for building owners, occupants, and facility managers to reduce them. (PDF)

    7. Products & Suppliers

    Top 10 Green Products 2012
    Building Green, publisher of GreenSpec and Environmental Building News, displays their Top-10 Green Building Products for 2012. This annual award recognizes the building products representing important green building innovations for the year ahead.

    Reinventing The Thermostat
    Green Building Advisor describes the Nest Learning Thermostat that can be programmed by simply turning the dial to the preferred temperature as each day of the week progresses. The device remembers the settings for each day and replicates that schedule thereafter.

    New Insulating Glass Is World's Highest Performing
    Southwall Technologies announced the world's highest performing insulating glass. The new Heat Mirror Quad-Cavity R20 IG achieves a 0.05 center of glass U-factor (R20 insulating value) at the same weight as standard dual-pane IG, enabling a new generation of zero-energy windows.

    Purchasing Specifications For Energy-Efficient Gas Storage Water Heaters
    US Federal Energy Management Program describes their purchasing specifications for energy-efficient gas storage water heaters. (PDF)

    Alternatives To Clothes Dryers
    Green Building Advisor describes and discusses different options to clothes dryers, besides the old outdoor clothesline.

    Android Phones Control Your Appliances
    Google Android OS for mobile devices will soon be able to reach out and touch appliances in your home. The open Accessory Development Kit will allow developers to wire lights and other common electrical devices to control boards that can interact directly with Android via USB or BlueTooth.

    Little Light Bulb Maker That Could
    Earth Techling describes how TCP has leap-frogged larger traditional lighting companies in a global quest to make innovative energy-efficient bulbs of the future.

    Green Building Products To Become $70-Billion Market
    Building Products says demand for green building materials is forecast to grow 13% a year to $71.1 billion in 2015.

    How To Choose The Right Eco-Label For Your Brand
    Advertising Age article says eco-labels can be a powerful green-marketing tool, but unless they're used carefully they can confuse rather than convince consumers. It describes how working through the maze of claims can help marketers win consumers.

    Personal Eco-Concierges Ease Challenges Of Going Green
    New York Times says a new breed of eco-concierge businesses are helping well-heeled city dwellers reduce their carbon footprints.

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    Self-Flashing, Exterior Electrical Mounting Blocks
    Fast, inexpensive, patented, Over Air Barrier electrical plug & light mounting blocks protect the integrity of your building envelopes and rainscreen systems.
  •  Eliminate the need for cutting large holes into the envelope
  •  Divert water from back of wall before it can penetrate the envelope
  •  Save time & labour with a two-in-one application
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  • Find out more…
    8. Installation & Procedures

    7 Steps To Commissioning A New Home & HVAC System
    Energy Vanguard describes 7 steps to commissioning a new home & HVAC system.

    10 Rules Of Energy Efficient Lighting
    Green Building Advisor says although most homes are poorly lit, they still use too much energy for lighting. Follow these rules to brighten up your home while lowering your energy bills.

    Demolition, Land Clearing & Construction Waste Management Toolkit
    Metro Vancouver online Demolition, Land Clearing and Construction Waste Management Toolkit is a reference guide for contractors, design professionals and building owners, to help them maximize the amount of construction and demolition waste diverted from disposal through salvage, reuse and recycling. (PDF)

    Hydronic Heating Retrofit In Multifamily Buildings
    US Department of Energy report Hydronic Heating in Multifamily Buildings discusses cost-effective controls and distribution retrofit options for hot water and steam space heating systems in multi-family buildings. (PDF)

    Energy Efficiency Tune-Ups For High Rise BC Residential Buildings
    BC Building Envelope Council conference presentation by Graham Finch of RDH Building Engineering provides a summary of a mid- to highrise multi-unit residential building energy study, measured energy savings from full building enclosure rehabilitations, and strategies to retrofit and improve the energy efficiency of existing MURBs. (PDF)

    Building Exterior Retrofit & Impact On Energy Performance
    Read Jones Christoffersen case study Building Exterior Retrofit and Its Impact on Energy Performance describes improvements made to an office building envelope and the mechanical system and how the integration of the two systems has significantly improved overall occupant comfort and reduced energy consumption. It presents a comparison of current energy consumption data with historical data obtained prior to the retrofit. (PDF)

    Modeling Air Infiltration Through Door Openings On Commercial Buildings
    US Pacific Northwest National Laboratory report Energy Saving Impact of ASHRAE 90.1 Vestibule Requirements: Modeling Air Infiltration Through Door Openings On Commercial Buildings presents a methodology for modeling air infiltration through door openings. (PDF)

    9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation

    BC Natural Gas Vehicle Grants
    FortisBC is providing promotional grants up to $10,000 for the purchase of a factory-built natural gas vehicle, or the conversion of a vehicle (five years old or newer) to natural gas that meets federal emissions and air quality requirements.

    Electric Car Serves As Backup Battery For House
    Nissan Leaf can run 70-plus miles on a single charge. Now, it can also power a family home for two days if it needs to. The “Leaf to Home” project Nissan is rolling out in Japan allows the electricity stored in the Leaf’s lithium-ion battery to be fed back into a home, running major appliances for up to two days.

    2011 Government Review of BC Hydro
    BC Government report on its review of BC Hydro provides an independent look at expenditures and the way they conduct business. (PDF)

    Energy Storage Industry Grows To Integrate Wind, Solar
    Renewable Energy News article says energy storage has long been touted as the silver bullet needed for widespread renewable energy adoption but costs have remained high. It describes several projects that hold promise.

    US On-Farm Renewable Energy Production Survey
    2009 On-Farm Renewable Energy Production Survey conducted by the US Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service says the number of solar panels, wind turbines and methane digesters on America's farms and ranches has increased significantly over the past decade and there are now 8,569 operations producing their own renewable energy.

    10. Information Sources

    Articles On How To Build An Energy Efficient House
    Green Building Advisor offers links to a number of their articles on things you need to know to build an energy-efficient house.

    Technical Fact Sheets On Green Home Building
    Southface provides technical information and resources on various green home building topics.

    Vancouver Green Home Renovation Guides
    City of Vancouver online series of Green Home Renovation Guides covers common remodeling topics, giving helpful hints on materials and strategies to create a home that's healthy, saves money, and is easy on the environment.

    BC Resource Site On Deconstruction
    BC Building Deconstruction provides information and resources on deconstruction and reusable building materials in the lower mainland.

    BC Resource Site For Service Station Redevelopment
    Brownfields BC site provides information and resources for service station redevelopment. They have created a number of tools that help reduce risks and lead to successfully redeveloping a former service station site.

    Free Newsletter With Green Tips For Consumers
    US Environmental Protection Agency free monthly email newsletter provides green tips to use in homes, communities, and offices.

    Talk Show On Green Building & Energy Efficiency
    Home Energy Radio with Joe Novella is a talk radio show focused on green building, energy conservation, building performance, alternative energy, and sustainable living. It features weekly interviews with prominent industry professionals and topical news events.

    11. Conferences & Shows

    UBC Celebrates CIRS & Accelerating Sustainability
    University of British Columbia presents Celebrating CIRS: Accelerating Sustainability on November 3-5. It will explore ways we can advance debates, technologies, discoveries, and instruction that support a sustainable future, and will celebrate the opening of CIRS (Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability), a Living Laboratory built using regenerative design principles.

    US Clean Energy Industry Growth Forum
    US National Renewable Energy Laboratory presents The Industry Growth Forum in Denver November 8-10. It is an event for clean energy startups to maximize their exposure to receptive venture capital, corporate investors, and strategic partners.

    Canadian National GreenBuilding Conference & Exposition
    The National GreenBuilding Conference will be held November 30th - December 1st, concurrently with the 22nd annual Construct Canada, PM Expo, HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo, DesignTrends, and Concrete Canada, Canada largest design and construction event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre South Building.

    US Conference For Sustainable Buildings
    Ecobuild conference, held in Washington DC, December 5-9, explores sustainable, green, high-performance solutions for the built environment with the newest information technology. Topics include building information modeling, geographic information systems, green technology, high performance building, sustainable design, energy-efficiency, smart buildings, security and more.

    Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo North America
    Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo North America, held February 14-16 in Long Beach, covers renewable energy industry trends, issues, and emerging technologies including wind, solar, biomass, small-hydro, geothermal, fuel cells, microturbines and energy storage.

    BC Conference On Building Sustainable Communities
    Fresh Outlook Foundation is hosting the 2012 Building Sustainable Communities conference February 27th to March 1st, 2012 in Kelowna. It will feature a variety of plenaries, breakouts, panels, workshops, debates, and interactive sessions to provide opportunities for enhanced communication & collaboration.

    12. Education & Training

    Excellence In Sustainable Construction Certification Program
    Vancouver Regional Construction Association has launched the Excellence in Sustainable Construction Certification Program. They help construction companies identify synergies between profit, protecting our environment, and enhancing our communities. VRCA will support companies in implementing innovative solutions for reducing their carbon footprint during construction.

    Sustainable Economics For The Real World
    Simon Fraser University course Sustainable Economics for the Real World on November 4–5, provides an overview of key concepts in sustainable economics and finance, and discusses practical tools and techniques to aid planning and decision making.

    2011 Market Insights On Green Rating Systems
    Lighthouse Sustainable Building Centre November 30th Market Insights seminar Convergence of Green Rating Systems & Design discusses the impact that leading green rating systems, such as Living Buidling Challenge and Swiss-based Minergie, are having on the design of buildings and communities.

    Selling Energy Conservation On Its Merits
    Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada seminar Selling Energy Conservation on its Merits will be held in Burnaby on January 19th. Led by Gord Cooke, this session will focus on how to effectively sell the features and benefits of a full range of energy saving HVAC equipment to your customers. Group exercises, case studies and role playing will be incorporated to allow participants an opportunity to practice integrating the information into their sales approach.

    Construction Electrician Solar Photovoltaic Systems Certification
    CSA Standards through the support of the National Electrical Trade Council, is now offering a national, third-party, independent personnel certification program intended for Construction Electricians installing photovoltaic (PV) equipment in Canada.

    Understanding Renewable & Clean Energy Systems
    UBC continuing studies course Sustainable Energy Systems: Understanding Renewable and Clean Energy covers past, present and future trends in energy consumption and socio-economic and ecological impact of energy generation, distribution and consumption. It provides an understanding of the classification and comparison of energy sources, including fossil fuels, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and ocean energy.

    Online Continuing Education Courses On Solar
    Solar Energy International offers their Continuing Education Series of online courses that serve solar and renewable energy professionals, electricians, roofers, inspectors, plumbers, architects, K-12 educators and more.

    Online Training Resources On Blower Doors
    Building Pressure offers online training materials for Residential Pressure Measurement, Residential Duct Leakage Measurement, and Residential Air Leakage Measurement.

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    Gienow High Performance Windows can serve your specific needs
    By choosing Gienow windows that meet ENERGY STAR performance levels, your customers will reduce their energy costs, help protect the environment, and enjoy increased comfort in all seasons. Gienow offers SOL-R® glass that has a transparent coating which acts as a shield from heat and cold, blocks ultra-violet rays, and provides thermal insulation.


    13. Costs & Savings

    Energy Impacts Of Envelope Upgrades To Existing Homes In BC
    BC Building Envelope Council conference presentation by BC Ministry of Energy describes the energy assessment tool, energy performance of single family houses in BC, recommended efficiency upgrades, actual upgrades implemented, and lessons learned. (PDF)

    Investor's Perspective On Environmental Metrics For Property
    United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative, Property Working Group paper An Investor's Perspective On Environmental Metrics For Property describes how the investment community is now experiencing both confusion and excessive demands being made upon it, and how might it make a meaningful and worthwhile contribution to metrics development and their role in carbon emission reduction going forward. (PDF)

    Residential Green & Energy Efficient Valuation
    Appraisal Institute now provides real estate appraisers with this Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum, a voluntary form to help analyze values of energy-efficient features. (PDF)

    Value Of Green Home May Be Included In US Appraisal Reports
    US National Association of Home Builders says continuing effort to provide recognition for the added value of energy-saving and other green features in homes may take another step forward around mid-summer when the Appraisal Institute is expected to add a green and energy addendum to its appraisal report form.

    Energy Reports Helping Residents Trim Bills
    Earth Techling says the Washington Home Energy Report program provides residents with reports that help them understand their household energy usage while offering personalized suggestions on how to save energy and money. Since the launch of the program, nearly 90,000 households participating in the program have reduced energy use by 1.6 percent in aggregate, reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by more than 5.2 million pounds.

    Beginning To Really Hate Eco-Bling
    Green Building Advisor discusses problems with putting cool stuff such as photovoltaic systems, geothermal systems, and other expensive stuff on their buildings before making sure that those buildings actually operate well.

    Building Energy Performance Litigation
    Sustainable Real Estate Solutions says flaws in LEED, EPA Energy Star, and other building certification tools should encourage the industry to do their own due diligence in terms of evaluating building energy efficiency before promoting energy savings in the marketplace.

    Tracking The Sun & Cost Of US Photovoltaics 1998-2010
    Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories report Tracking The Sun provides a summary of installed cost of US photovoltaics in the US from 1998-2010. (PDF)

    14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

    Time Of Sales Energy Labelling Project In Victoria
    For a limited time, through the Time of Sale EnerGuide for Houses Labelling Pilot Project, residents living in the Capital Regional District can get a free home energy efficiency assessment along with an EnerGuide for Houses Rating to post on MLS.

    BC Program For Recycling Thermostats With Mercury
    Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Institute of Canada administers the Switch The Stat program that encourages installation of programmable thermostats to increase the energy efficiency of homes, while offering of a free service to properly dispose of older mercury-containing thermostats.

    Report On Energy Efficiency Financing Models & Strategies
    Capital-E online report Energy Efficiency Financing Models & Strategies provides a description of existing and emerging models and strategies for energy efficiency financing. (PDF)

    Energy Efficiency Finance 101: Understanding The Marketplace
    American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy report catalogues different categories of institutions in the marketplace so that readers will be more equipped to determine which type may offer the best fit for a local initiative. It offers descriptions of the different types of loan structures and mechanisms most often used in energy finance. Free site registration required.

    What Have We Learned From Energy Efficiency Financing Programs
    American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy report summarizes results and lessons learned from energy efficiency finance programs that have moved beyond the initial start-up phase. It is written for energy efficiency program planners and implementers. Free site registration required.

    Transferring PACE Assessments Upon Home Sale
    US Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory policy brief analyzes one of the advantages of PACE, which is the transferability of the special assessment from one homeowner to the next when the home is sold. This analysis focuses on the potential for the outstanding lien to impact the sales negotiation process, rather than the legal nature of the lien transfer itself. (PDF)

    Problems With Carbon Credits
    Mother Nature Network says carbon credits have their drawbacks, whether purchased voluntarily by corporations or by individuals as a way to offset carbon dioxide emissions or are mandated by governments. Also, many carbon-offset and cap-and-trade programs create debate over their credentials and management.

    2011 Auditor Report On Canadian Climate Change Plans
    The 2011 October Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development Canada covers the federal government’s climate change plans laid out under the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act.

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