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July 11, 2012


1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends
2. Business Management
3. Building Design & Trends
4. Codes Standards & Regulations
5. Building Science & Technologies
6. Building Performance Issues
7. Products & Suppliers
8. Installation & Procedures
9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation
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12. Education & Training
13. Costs & Savings
14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

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Here is another special BC Building Info issue on green building and energy efficieny.

The regular BC Building Info newsletter covering all industry topics will come your way in a few weeks as usual. Hope you find at least a wee bit of value here somewhere.

Have a "Top Drawer" day.
Ken Farrish

You will find hundreds more links to online info and resources on green building and energy efficiency in these Directory sections of the BC Building Info site...

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Ken's Top Pick

The Function Of Form: Building Shape & Energy
Building Science describes how in all buildings, the ratio of enclosure area to floor area is important, and hence simple shapes are preferred and are less expensive to build and maintain.

1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends

BC Provincial Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report 2012
BC Government says BC’s greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 4.5 per cent between 2007 and 2010, according to B.C.’s Provincial Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report. It is possible that B.C. will meet its 2012 interim target of a 6 per cent reduction below 2007 levels by 2012. (PDF)

Energy & GHG Emissions In British Columbia 1990-2010
Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions report Energy and GHG Emissions in British Columbia 1990-2010 provides an overview of energy supply and use, greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency in British Columbia. (PDF)

Towards A Green Economy For Canada
Sustainable Prosperity white paper Towards A Green Economy For Canada seeks to promote and support a dialogue among decision-makers in both the public and private sectors on what the green economy means, and what it could mean for Canada. (PDF)

Sector Profile For Canadian Photovoltaics Industry
Canmet Energy online Sector Profile For Canadian Photovoltaics Industry provides a comprehensive look at the state of the PV market. (PDF)

Home Energy Management Market Will Surpass $2 Billion By 2020
Globe summarizes a report from Pike Research saying combined revenue for all home energy management segments will grow from a base of $93 million in 2011 to more than $2 billion in 2020.

Partner Engagement For Community Sustainability
Sustainable Prosperity online State of Knowledge report Partner Engagement for Community Sustainability: Supporting Sustainable Development Initiatives by Reducing Friction in the Local Economy, explores collaborative community sustainability strategies (CCSSs) and specific incentives and disincentives for partner engagement in CCSS implementation, and best practices in governance.

Global ESCO Market Will More Than Double To $66 Billion By 2017
Pike Research says that driven by growth in energy efficient buildings, the global energy service company market will more than double to $66 billion by 2017.

2. Business Management

With Net-Zero KB Homes Hopes Story Sells The Difference
Miami Herald article reports on KB Home's net-zero incursion in to the Washington D.C. metro market, where it hopes a more-than-average sophisticated market will go for the sustainability story as a product value differentiator.

10 Green Marketing Strategies For Design & Construction Firms
Sustainable Industries describes 10 green marketing strategies for design and construction firms that address new expectations created by the surge in green building projects.

Building Energy Ratings Have Positive Affect On Housing Sales & Price
University of Oxford paper analyses the effect of energy efficiency ratings on the sale and rental prices of properties in the Republic of Ireland. The results show that energy efficiency has a positive effect on both the sales and rental prices of properties, that the effect is significantly stronger in the sales segment of the property market, and the effect of the energy rating is stronger where market conditions are worse. (PDF)

Interview With Gord Cooke On Selling Home Performance
Building Performance Podcast features an interview with Gord Cooke about how to do a fantastic job at building, retrofitting, and selling home performance.

Quality Management System Resources For Home Performance Contractors
Building Performance Institute offers tactics and tools that adapt quality management systems (QMS) for home performance contractors.

Defining Undefined Loss Exposures In Green Construction
Claims Journal says it's becoming more common for building owners to sue construction companies if their green-building elements don't bring expected tax breaks. The crux of the matter, according to this article, is the true definition of green and who decides what constitutes a green building. In the end, the contract may be the deciding factor.

Green Insurance For Green Buildings
Living Green Magazine says green insurance covers a variety of costs that traditional insurance coverage does not, the most notable of which is the cost difference between green systems and their traditional counterparts.

2012 Study On Corporate Energy Management Insights
Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions annual survey reSources 2012 found that ninety percent of companies have set goals on electricity use and energy management practices, businesses are driving efforts to cut energy consumption and plan to cut their energy use nearly 25% over three to four years, and eighty-five percent of respondents view reducing electricity costs as essential to staying financially competitive. (PDF)

3. Building Design & Trends

Vancouver Net Zero Ready House
Insightful Homes is building a net-zero energy ready (NZER) home in Vancouver. This house is designed and constructed to deliver the same energy performance as a NZE (Net-Zero Energy) home, but has not yet installed the on-site renewable energy generation capacity needed to achieve NZE performance.

New Net-Zero Community In Maine
Green Building Advisor describes a subdivision in southern Maine that will feature net-zero-ready houses at moderate prices.

Begin With The End In Mind As A Model For Sustainability
Healthy Heating describes how beginning with the end in mind applies to design principles for controlling the energy flows through a building for what is called, the ergonomics of the indoor environment.

Edmonton Habitat Team Builds Net-Zero Precast Concrete Home
Canada's Habitat for Humanity Edmonton, in cooperation with Lafarge and Stantec, have built a prototype net-zero, precast-concrete home, which was put together in a few hours. The Concrete Sustainability Hub at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will evaluate the home's performance in the next two years.

Strategies For Deep Energy Retrofits
US Department of Energy report National Grid Deep Energy Retrofit Pilot uses five case studies (test homes) to evaluate strategies to elevate the performance of existing homes to a level commensurate with best-in-class high performance new construction homes. Retrofit strategies are evaluated for impact on durability and indoor air quality in addition to energy performance. (PDF)

Towards Carbon Neutral High-Rise Multi-Unit Residential Buildings
Light House Sustainable Building Centre report Towards Carbon Neutral Buildings in BC: Framework for High-Rise Multi-Unit Residential Buildings, presents performance targets that would reduce the carbon footprint of new high-rise residential buildings in the Lower Mainland by up to 70%.

System & Software For Solar Site Analysis
Solar Pathfinder, with its related software, assesses any location's solar exposure, determines sun paths, and figures out proper orientation of solar PV panels or water heater collectors.

Green Charrette Toolkit
Enterprise Community Partners online Green Charrette Toolkit helps project teams and facilitators design and implement successful Enterprise Green Communities charrettes.

4. Codes Standards & Regulations

Provide Input For BC Carbon Tax Review
The B.C. government is seeking written submissions on the revenue-neutral carbon tax to help inform the comprehensive review announced with Budget 2012.

BC Committee Report On Cosmetic Pesticides
BC government Special Committee on Cosmetic Pesticides report summarizes their public consultation on the sale and use of pesticides for cosmetic use in BC. (PDF)

BCWWA Position On Water Metering
BC Water & Waste Association position on Water Metering is that every water utility should actively work towards accurately metering all water taken into its system and all water distributed from its system at its customers’ point of service, read its meters at sufficiently frequent intervals to support its rate structures, and provide accurate bills to its customers. (PDF)

Calculating Energy Savings & Cost Effectiveness In Building Energy Codes
US Department of Energy describes a methodology for evaluating the energy and economic performance of residential energy codes. It serves to ensure DOE proposals are both energy efficient and cost-effective, and will help states and local jurisdictions better understand the impacts of updating residential energy codes.

EnerPHit Passive House Standard For Deep Retrofit
Green Building Advisor describes the Passivhaus Institut retrofit standard called EnerPHit.

2011 BESt Energy & Environmental Report
Building Owners & Managers Association 2011 BBEER (BOMA BESt Energy and Environmental Report), contains information about the energy and environmental performance of 415 commercial buildings. It shows BOMA BESt buildings perform on average 16% better than the national average, and includes case studies and articles on existing building commissioning, energy management, waste diversion, and tenant engagement. It includes information from different asset classes: offices, shopping centres and light industrial buildings. (PDF)

New ISO Standard Deals With Concrete, Sustainability, Environment
International Standards Organization standard ISO 13315-1:2012, Environmental management for concrete and concrete structures – Part 1: General Principles, aims to provide the basic rules on environmental management for concrete and concrete structures.

Australian Green Star Communities Rating Tool
Green Building Council Australia developed the Green Star Communities rating tool. It is an independent, national, voluntary rating tool to drive the development of more sustainable, productive and liveable Australian communities. It contains 38 credits across five sustainability categories (plus innovation) for the planning, design and delivery of sustainable communities.

New Standards For Green Meetings
Green Biz says the American Society of Testing and Materials developed eight recently released standards that can assist planners and suppliers in producing more environmentally friendly meetings.

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5. Building Science & Technologies

Green Lighting Basics
Green Energy Futures describes LEDs, CFLs and light multiplying fixtures.

Airflow Resistance Of Densepack Insulation
Building Science research shows dense-packed cellulose insulation, installed to densities of 3.5 pcf and higher, was shown to provide a significant resistance to airflow. (PDF)

Resource Site On Water Softeners
Water Softener Facts provides information and resources on hard water and water softeners.

Overview Of Passivhaus Movement
Online video Passive Passion is a documentary film on the Passivhaus movement, including interviews with European and American designers and builders.

Heat Waves & Climate Change
Climate Communication features experts discussing the connections between extreme heat and climate change. IT summarizes our current scientific understanding of the connection between climate change and the recent increase in extreme temperatures, as reported in peer-reviewed research articles published through May 2012.

6. Building Performance Issues

Solid Waste Generation In BC 2010-2025 Forecast
BC Stats report Solid Waste Generation In BC 2010-2025 Forecast, highlights three projection scenarios with varying degrees of measures taken to divert waste from British Columbia landfills. The report includes a summary of the methodology and the results. (PDF)

Field Energy Performance Of ICF Wall
Canadian National Research Council research report summarizes their study of field energy performance of an insulating concrete form (ICF) wall. (PDF)

Summer Shading Performance Of Awnings
National Research Council of Canada research report Summer Shading Performance of Awnings says movable external shading devices such as awnings can significantly decrease the amount of energy required for cooling a house while keeping temperatures closer to the desired level compared to houses without any shadings. (PDF)

Healthy Indoor Environment Protocols For Home Energy Upgrades
US Environmental Protection Agency voluntary Healthy Indoor Environment Protocols for Home Energy Upgrades are intended for voluntary adoption by weatherization assistance programs, federally funded housing programs, private sector home performance contracting organizations, and others working on residential retrofit or remodeling efforts. (PDF)

7. Products & Suppliers

10 Green Products From Kitchen & Bath Industry Show
EcoHome Magazine describes 10 green products from the recent kitchen & bath industry show.

New Advances In Water-Saving Toilets
Builder magazine online slide show describes new high-performance units that save even more water than the 1.6-gallon-per-flush toilet.

2012 Most Efficient Energy Star Products In Canada
Natural Resources Canada lists the most efficient Energy Star products in Canada for 2012.

Selecting Windows Based On Orientation
EcoHome magazine describes how spot-specing windows based on their orientation, rather than installing a houseful of the same model, can have a significant impact on energy savings and comfort.

Choosing An Energy-Efficient Refrigerator
Green Building Advisor says select a small refrigerator with the freezer at the top, and one without a through-the-door ice dispenser.

Purchasing Toolkit For LED Lighting
Natural Resources Canada provides information and resources for purchasing LED lighting.

Five Steps To Choosing Healthier, Greener Furniture
GreenSpec describes five steps to help you make safer, greener choices when selecting furniture.

Labels For Building Products Gain Traction
Journal of Commerce says Canada is planning a labeling system that would determine building products' contents and carbon footprint.

Green Verification Reports For Engineered Wood Products
Engineered Wood Association provides Green Verification Reports that help building officials and design professionals determine a product's eligibility for points under recognized green building standards. Free site registration required.

New Heat Pump Clothes Dryer
Home Energy magazine describes a new heat pump clothes dryer being successfully marketed In Europe, and shown to use up to 50% less electricity than the traditional dryer in North America.

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8. Installation & Procedures

How To Insulate A Basement Wall
Green Building Advisor describes how to insulate a basement wall, saying that if you want to avoid moisture problems and mold, choose your insulation materials carefully.

How To Grade Installation Quality Of Insulation
Energy Vanguard describes how home energy raters can put a grade on the installation quality of insulation, by recording each assembly as having a Grade I, Grade II, or Grade III quality.

Airtight Drywall & Air Sealing
Journal of Light Construction online video shows how to create a continuous air barrier in the home by sealing all cavities before putting up drywall.

Essential Energy Audit Equipment
Green Building Advisor describes the contents of an auditing tool belt and splits the list by must-have or merely useful.

Safety Precautions For Blower Door Tests
Retrotec describes some job site dangers and how to eliminate them when doing blower door tests.

Repair, Renewal, Rehabilitation Of Commercial Buildings
Building Science online slide show presentation Repair, Renewal, Rehabilitation Of Commercial Buildings Enclosure covers design fundamentals, windows/storefronts curtainwalls, masonry, precast/tiltup, and EIFS. (PDF)

Recommissioning Finds Quick Fixes For Energy Savings
Canadian Property Management describes the process of recommissioning commercial buildings and how low-cost measures can deliver sustained energy savings.

9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation

Understanding Energy Units
Green Building Advisor explains energy, power, and the units used to measure them.

BC Rural Renewable Energy Economic Development Tool Project
Green Energy website provides information on the economic opportunities that a boom in renewable energy is expected to provide in northern BC.

Overview Of Solar Ready Implementation Practices
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory online report Solar Ready: An Overview of Implementation Practices, explores three mechanisms for encouraging solar ready design and construction: solar ready legislation, certification programs for solar ready design and construction, and stakeholder education and communication methods. (PDF)

Buy & Sell Power From Your Home
PowerMatching City Project, described in this video, shows how a smart grid can manage a home's power supply and even sell energy back to the grid. A small village in the Netherlands, outfitted with smart grid appliances, has been trading energy at the local market level since 2007.

Cultivating Green Energy on Brownfields
US National Association of Local Government Environmental Professionals report Cultivating Green Energy on Brownfields, is a primer to aid local governments in investigating whether renewable energy development may be the right choice for brownfields in their communities.

Energy’s Next Frontiers
Deloitte paper Energy's next frontiers: How technology is radically reshaping supply, demand and the energy of geopolitics, gives descriptions of how new energy efficiency and smart technologies will democratize energy.

Case Studies Of Global City Electric Vehicle Initiatives
EV City Casebook provides a snapshot of current deployments, highlighting global city case studies in EV infrastructure build-out, policy incentives and consumer education programs.

10. Information Sources

30 Green Leaders You Should Follow On Twitter
The Guardian list their selection of 30 green leaders you should follow on Twitter.

Resource Site On Green Building & Energy
Green Energy Futures provides information and resources on green building and green energy.

Canadian Resource Site On District Energy
Canadian District Energy Association provides information and resources on district energy systems.

Environmental Educational Resources On Forestry
Forest Info is an online source for forestry-related environmental education resources for students, teachers, forestry professionals and those with a general interest in protecting, managing, and enhancing the natural environment.

Guide For Landlords & Tenants In Working Together For Sustainability
Rocky Mountain Institute and BOMA International guide Working Together for Sustainability: The RMI-BOMA Guide for Landlords and Tenants, addresses some of the nontechnical barriers to energy efficiency in commercial buildings, especially those barriers related to split incentives between building landlords and tenants.

Strategic Local Solutions For Green Buildings & Neighborhoods
Green Playbook provides local governments with guidance and resources to rapidly advance green buildings, neighborhoods and infrastructure.

Climate Change Adaptation Resource Guide For Local Governments
Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions report Climate Change Adaptation for Local Government A Resource Guide, provides links to information for local government adaptation. (PDF)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions By Country
Find The Data lists greenhouse gas emission information by country, with data on 42 countries from 1990-2008.

11. Conferences & Shows

2012 Summer Study On Energy Efficiency In Buildings
2012 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, held in California August 12-17, features professionals from around the world discussing the technological basis for, and practical implementation of, actions to reduce energy use and the climate impacts associated with buildings.

Solar Power International 12
Solar Power International, to be held in Orlando September 10-13, is the annual US solar industry conference and trade show, organized by the Solar Electric Power Association and the Solar Energy Industries Association.

Excellence In Building Conference & Expo
Energy and Environmental Building Association annual Excellence in Building Conference & Expo is being held in Scottsdale, September 25-27. Builders, remodelers, developers, architects, designers and manufacturers come to learn the science behind green and sustainable building practices, to understand new regulations and legislative measures, and to capitalize on increasing opportunities.

North American Passive House Conference
Passive House Institute US presents the 7th annual North American Passive House Conference in Denver, September 27-30.

Canadian Conference On Sustainability
Sustainability Applied 2012, to be held in Toronto October 17-18, will feature hands-on workshops, keynote presentations, plenary sessions and interactive discussions to share knowledge, inspire change, create new business relationships and opportunities, as well as celebrate outstanding accomplishments in sustainability.

Electric Vehicle Conference & Trade Show
EV 2012 Conference & Trade Show is being held in Montréal, October 23-26. It will underscore the efforts made by car manufacturers, suppliers, electric utilities and governments to make electric transportation a reality, and will discuss technological breakthroughs, business perspectives and the priorities within this industry.

12. Education & Training

Webinar On Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in BC
BC Sustainable Energy Association webinar Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in BC on August 14 discusses the Province of BC initiative and incentives for a province-wide network of up to 570 electric vehicle charging stations.

Cob Workshop On Pender Island
Tracy Calvert of Cobworks is offering an opportunity to learn about building with cob while constructing a woodworking shop on Pender Island, August 10-13.

Living Future Accreditation
International Living Future Institute will offer Living Future Accreditation, a professional designation that demonstrates that an individual has a holistic understanding of sustainability and the depth of knowledge needed to assist in the creation of transformative communities.

Understanding Living Building Challenge Workshop
International Living Future Institute is bringing the Understanding the Living Building Challenge Workshop to Vancouver on November 5th. This public workshop provides a 6-hour introduction to the Living Building Challenge, the world's most rigorous green building standard.

Climate Change Courses In BC Postsecondary Institutions
Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions report A Scoping Review of Climate Change Courses in BC Postsecondary Institutions found a total of 383 climate change related courses offered by 37 institutions. (PDF)

Job Task Analysis For Retrofit Installer Technician
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory report NREL Job Task Analysis: Retrofit Installer Technician is intended for those who install energy efficiency upgrades in single-family homes, and small multi-family housing (2-4 units). It includes all of the tasks a Retrofit Installer Technician may perform, as well as the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to do these tasks. (PDF)

Online & Classroom Building Science Courses
Conservation Services Group offers building science training that can lead to home performance industry certifications such as BPI, RESNET, ACCA, and the Weatherization Assistance Program.

Online Courses In Building Science & Weatherization
US National Training and Education Resource provides online learning courses in building science, energy efficient building, weatherization, and others.

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    13. Costs & Savings

    Report On LED Energy Savings
    Lighting the Clean Revolution study concludes that LEDs achieve 50% to 70% energy savings compared to conventional lighting, and savings can be as high as 80% when LEDs are coupled with smart controls. The report is the result of a two-and-a-half-year pilot program, called LightSavers, which tested 533 LED lamps in 15 trials in 12 cities, including New York, London, Hong Kong, Toronto, and Sydney. (PDF)

    Window-Mounted Air Conditioners Save Energy
    Green Building Advisor says compared to homes with central air conditioning, homes with window units have lower cooling costs.

    Manufacturers Can Slash Utility Costs By Benchmarking & Energy Monitoring
    Building Rating says on average, the cost of gas, water and electricity can represent 30 percent of a manufacturer’s budget. By benchmarking and monitoring energy consumption, companies can save five, even six figures, on their utility bills.

    Likely Effect Of Carbon Pricing On Energy Consumption In Canada
    Sustainable Prosperity report The Likely Effect of Carbon Pricing on Energy Consumption in Canada says the effectiveness of a carbon pricing policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions depends on the behaviour of consumers faced with increased energy prices.

    14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

    FortisBC Joins BC Hydro To Provide Incentives For New Home Efficiency
    Fortis BC is joining the Power Smart New Home Program, with new incentives for efficient gas fireplaces and water heaters.

    FortisBC & BC Hydro Provide Energy Conservation Assistance Program
    The Energy Conservation Assistance Program provides qualified, low-income FortisBC natural gas and BC Hydro residential customers with a free home energy evaluation, free installation of energy saving products and personalized advice from our representatives to help you save energy and money on your utility bill.

    Find Energy Efficiency Programs & Financial Incentives In Canada
    Natural Resources Canada directory of energy efficiency and alternative energy programs in Canada allows search for programs of the Canadian government, provincial and territorial governments, major electric and gas utilities and companies and major municipalities in Canada.

    Funding Energy Efficient Retrofits & Overcoming Uncertainty
    CoStar says it has become increasingly evident to those in the commercial real estate industry that improving building energy performance and making other sustainable and green improvements can impact property values and balance sheets. But how do stakeholders in this profit-driven industry go about financing these building improvements in an uncertain economy?

    Role Of Appraisals In Energy Efficiency Financing
    US Department of Energy research report The Role of Appraisals in Energy Efficiency Financing, identifies barriers and challenges and current industry status including several key appraisal industry developments for identifying and valuing energy efficiency. (PDF)

    Green Leases Are Key To Keeping Buildings Sustainable
    Canadian Property Management online video discusses how a green lease differs from a regular lease, what's wrong with existing commercial leases and the risks to tenants of entering into a green lease.

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