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November 7, 2012


1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends
2. Business Management
3. Building Design & Trends
4. Codes Standards & Regulations
5. Building Science & Technologies
6. Building Performance Issues
7. Products & Suppliers
8. Installation & Procedures
9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation
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12. Education & Training
13. Costs & Savings
14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

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Here is another special BC Building Info issue on green building and energy efficieny.

The regular BC Building Info newsletter covering all industry topics will come your way in a few weeks as usual. Hope you find at least a wee bit of value here somewhere.

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You will find hundreds more links to online info and resources on green building and energy efficiency in these Directory sections of the BC Building Info site...

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Ken's Top Pick

2012 Building Science Expert Series Seminars Also Available As Webcast
Building Science 2012 Experts Session on December 5-6 is an annual two-day seminar that focuses on advanced building science topics. This session is intended to provide thought provoking professional development for experienced building industry professionals who are interested in healthy, durable and energy efficient new and old buildings. This year it is also available as a live webcast

1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends

BC's Carbon Neutral Controversy
BC Business article says the bet was that collecting a carbon tax and investing in offsets would create a whole new green economy. Five years into BC’s experiment in legislated carbon neutrality, where’s the payback?

Green Chamber Of Commerce BC
Green Chamber of Commerce BC is a new start-up non-profit provincial organization that helps to support local businesses in promoting, educating, and advocating for sustainable business practices in British Columbia.

Trends 2013: Future Of Housing Affordability & Density In Metro Vancouver
Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association presents Trends 2013: Future Of Housing Affordability & Density In Metro Vancouver, on November 28th in Burnaby. Speakers include Neil Chrystal of Polygon Homes, Michael Geller of The Geller Group, and Jake Fry of Smallworks.

Green Building Creates Profits For Real Estate
Forbes online article says green development no longer simply represents an environmentally friendly label, but instead constitutes a new technology that has the capability to create larger profit margins for real estate.

Time To Like The Energy Internet
Energy Efficiency Markets says an alliance that includes the intriguing combination of Opower and Facebook offers promise that the futuristic concept of democratization of energy may not be so far off into the future.

Addressing Market Barriers To Energy Efficiency In US Buildings
US Congressional Budget Office paper Addressing Market Barriers to Energy Efficiency in Buildings identifies three reasons why people undervalue energy savings: misperceived energy prices, imperfect information about energy efficiency, and biased reasoning about energy savings. It then examines four types of policy options for addressing those underlying market imperfections: prices that reflect the social costs of energy use, financial incentives, energy-efficiency standards, and better information about energy efficiency. (PDF)

7 Green Energy Challenges That Are Holding Back Development
Utility Drive says while there has indeed been much development in clean energy technology and expansion of its productive capacity, it is important to recognize the challenges that impede international goals for simultaneously reducing carbon emissions and meeting energy demand.

History Of US Weatherization Assistance Program
State & Local Energy Report online documentary film Filling the Gaps: The History of the Weatherization Assistance Program, looks back on the full history of WAP and the heartwarming story of the hardworking men and women of weatherization who have dedicated their lives to helping those who need it most.

In US Building Industry Is It Too Easy To Be Green?
A USA Today examination shows that thousands of green builders win tax breaks, exceed local restrictions and get expedited permitting under a system that often rewards minor, low-cost steps.

Why Is US Green Building Council So Out of Touch?
Green Building Advisor discusses why glass boxes with tankless water heaters aren’t enough for a LEED building.

2. Business Management

Communicating Climate Change
BC Water & Waste Association bulletin on Communicating Climate Change describes four rules of technical communication: message inversion, audience matching, storytelling and style. (PDF)

Online Sustainability Self Assessment Questionnaire For Contractors
Sustainable Construction online, easy, 11-point Contractor Sustainability Self-Assessment helps you to evaluate your organization’s sustainability construction practices and identify opportunities to improve efficiency and profit.

Greening A Company
Dovetail report describes how Cities Management, a 30-year-old property management company in Minneapolis, increased its profitably to 10-18% in a industry that typically averages 3-6% and realized annual cost savings of $4,300 per employee. It instituted green business practices company-wide, beginning with simple steps like recycling and more efficient use of paper, and that ultimately created a culture that values sustainability.

US Green Guides For Marketing Claims
US Federal Trade Commission online Green Guides are designed to help marketers ensure that claims they make about environmental attributes of their products are truthful and non-deceptive. (PDF)

Getting Consumers To Save More Energy
Wall Street Journal says the key to changing consumer behavior lies not in the size of financial incentives, but in understanding what else stands in the way of change.

Energy Efficency & Energy Savings: A View From The Building Sector
Economist Intelligence Unit report Energy Efficiency & Energy Savings: A View From The Building Sector delves into the actions and perspectives of real estate and construction executives with respect to energy efficiency and the regulatory environment. (PDF)

Communication Of Energy Efficiency Information To Remodelers
US Department of Energy report Communication of Energy Efficiency Information to Remodelers determines the most effective ways to communicate building science and energy efficiency information to remodelers. (PDF)

A New Breed Of Contractor
For Residential Pros says helping customers reduce high utility bills can be a rewarding and profitable opportunity for an enterprising contractor.

3. Building Design & Trends

Passive House Principles & Applications For BC
BC Building Envelope Council online slide show presentation describes principles and applications for passive house design in BC. (PDF)

History Of Passive House Construction
Building Science online slide show presentation from the 2012 North American Passive House Conference provides a pictorial history of various passive homes. (PDF)

Green Home Examples & Case Studies
Green Building Advisor provides detailed accounts of more than 75 new and remodeled resource and energy efficient homes across the United States. You can browse the entire list, or search by region or type of project in the menu on right side of the page.

Identifying Affordable Net Zero Energy Housing Solutions
Natural Resources Canada online report Identifying Affordable Net Zero Energy Housing Solutions outlines best practices for building affordable net-zero-energy homes and offers a wish list of improved technology. (PDF)

Architect's Guide To Integrating Energy Modeling In The Design Process
American Institute of Architects has put together An Architect’s Guide to Integrating Energy Modeling in the Design Process. The guide is an exhaustive, step-by-step map to predicting (and thus reducing) the energy usage of buildings. Free registration required.

New Metric To Help Architects & Green Builders Take Advantage Of Daylighting
Lighting Research Center has proposed a new metric to help architects and builders more easily take advantage of the benefits of daylighting, from significant energy savings to the positive impact of light on health, when designing the built environment.

4. Codes Standards & Regulations

Public Review For BC Code Energy Performance Of All Buildings
Province of BC invites you to participate in a public review of proposed changes to the BC Building Code to adopt updated energy efficiency requirements. The public review is open from November 2 to December 15, 2012.

Purchasable Online & Print BC Building, Plumbing, Fire Codes
BC Crown Publications is offering combo packages for 2012 BC Building Code print and online products, including the BC Plumbing Code and BC Fire Code.

Local Governments Oppose Changes To BC Building Regulatory System
Civic Info BC says at the 2012 UBCM Convention, the UBCM membership endorsed the policy paper Modernizing Building Code Safety Regulations, and in doing so expressed their opposition to proposed provincial changes to the building regulatory system.

Air Quality Regulation: Canadian & BC Developments
Business Council of BC bulletin Air Quality Regulation: Canadian and BC Developments, makes several recommendations with respect to air quality management in the province. (PDF)

Canadian Energy Efficiency Regulations For Incandescent Lamps
Natural Resources Canada describes Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations for general service incandescent reflector lamps, including Bulged Reflectors (BR), Elliptical Reflectors (ER), Reflectors (R), Parabolic Reflectors (PAR), Blown Parabolic Reflectors (BPAR) and lamps of similar shapes.

Guidelines For Canadian Drinking Water Quality
Health Canada Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality summary table describes health-based guidelines of the known health effects associated with each contaminant, on exposure levels and on the availability of treatment and analytical technologies.

Alternative Solutions Guide For Reclaimed Water Reuse
Alberta government Alternative Solutions Guide for Reclaimed Water Reuse provides information for preparing proposals for alternative solutions, limited to the specific reuse of reclaimed water for toilet or urinal flushing, or irrigation. (PDF)

Qualification Of Whole-House Energy Savings Predictions By Calibration To Energy Use History
Building Performance Institute Standard Practice for Standardized Qualification of Whole-House Energy Savings Predictions by Calibration to Energy Use History, specifies a process for the calculation of standardized predicted savings: the difference (delta) between the modeled energy usage before and after an upgrade using approved building energy use simulation software. (PDF)

ASHRAE 90.1 Requirements & Use
RDH Building Engineering describes requirements of the ASHRAE 90.1 standard and offers tips on it's effective use. (PDF)

Additional Compliance Path Proposed For ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Standard
ASHRAE has proposed an optional third path for compliance with the ASHRAE/IES Energy Standard 90.1-2010 that would provide additional flexibility. Addendum bm is open for public review until Nov. 26. The proposed addendum would add a compliance path to Standard 90.1 to allow modeling in accordance with Appendix G (Performance Rating Method), provided the percentage improvement of at least 45% over a baseline design.

Green Building Rating System For Smaller Commercial Buildings
Earth Advantage Commercial is a new green building certification program for smaller commercial buildings (under 100,000 sq ft).

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5. Building Science & Technologies

Training Materials To Support Implementation Of Rainwater Harvesting In Canada
CMHC report Development and Publication of Training Materials to Support the Implementation of Rainwater Harvesting in Canada provides an overview of work supported by CMHC to address the lack-of-knowledge barrier to the wide-scale adoption of rainwater harvesting. (PDF)

Producing Power From Wastewater
Journal of Commerce describes how a new take on an old idea has produced a technology that is certain to interest cash-strapped municipal governments with a lot of wastewater to process.

Heating With Wood Pellets
Building Green describes what to like and what not to like about pellet stoves and pellet boilers.

Designing Superinsulated Walls
Green Building Advisor describes superinsulated 14-inch-thick double-stud walls, that once filled with cellulose insulation will perform at R-53.

Building America Meeting Touches On Ventilation/Insulation Debate
Eco Home says the recent Build America Technical Update conference had a few dominant themes of interest including what innovations are important to future homes, how do we avoid doing harm with high-performance enclosures, why are so many high-performance homes under performing, and how do advancing codes and standards actually get in the way of performance.

Software Quantifies Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Hestia project of US scientists has developed new software that can accurately measure greenhouse gas emissions down to individual buildings and streets.

6. Building Performance Issues

Make Your Buildings WELL: A New Design Standard For Health
Environmental Building News says a new building standard called WELL, now being piloted in homes, offices, and hotel rooms, takes a proprietary set of health-focused design guidelines used by a real estate developer and attempts to codify and share them with the world.

EchoHaven Water Conservation Measures
CMHC EQuilibrium Housing InSight describes the EchoHaven project features that help conserve municipal water resources, including innovative use of non-potable water in combination with water-efficient fixtures and on-site conservation practices. (PDF)

Testing Effect Of Plastic Pipes On Potable Water
Green Building Advisor describes how a government grant is enabling researchers to study how plastic pipe affects drinking water odor and chemical quality.

Building A Climate-Ready Water Utility Regulatory System
BC Water & Waste Association report Building a Climate-Ready Regulatory System identifies laws and regulations that effect a utility's ability to adapt to climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions cost-effectively. (PDF)

Online Video On Toxic Chemicals In Buildings
Green Spec online video on toxic chemicals in buildings is designed to help you sort through the constant barrage of information about everything out there that “might be killing you” and help your clients build healthier buildings. Topics include different approaches to information overload, what we know about toxic chemicals in our buildings, coping with knowledge gaps, tools for finding out more, and voices of experience.

Ultraviolet Emissions Of CFLs Are Within Safe Limits
National Electrical Manufacturers Association says unless an individual is medically diagnosed to be particularly sensitive to UV radiation or visible light, or has a particular medical condition such as a form of lupus, one should be able to use CFLs at the same distance as traditional incandescent light bulbs.

Benchmarking & Energy Savings For Commercial Buildings
US Environmental Protection Agency data analysis examined over 35,000 buildings that from 2008-2011 consistently used the Energy Star Portfolio Manager measurement tool. The buildings showed a 7 percent average savings in energy over three years, with the initial lowest performing buildings making the greatest improvements. (PDF)

7. Products & Suppliers

Safety Notice For Fall Protection Equipment
Guardian Fall Protection is issuing an important safety notice at WorkSafe BC's request. The notice is about potential unsafe conditions due to a supplier defect in a specific style of swivel snaphook.

Energy-Efficient Window Treatments
US Department of Energy describes some window treatments that can reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

Global Directory Of Ecolabels
Ecolabel Index is a global directory of ecolabels, currently tracking 432 ecolabels in 246 countries, and 25 industry sectors.

Environmental Product Declarations
Dovetail report Environmental Product Declarations: What? Why? How? describes how Life Cycle Assessment which focuses on a range of quantifiable environmental impacts can be taken into account along with more traditional cost, functionality and aesthetic criteria. (PDF)

Heating With Wood Safely & Efficiently
Building Green article provides an understanding of wood stoves and wood heat so that you can educate your clients.

Have Your Wood Or Pellet Stove And Cleaner Air Too
Green Spec describes newer wood stove technologies that produce less smoke.

Wood Is Green By Design
Canadian Wood Council Report Green By Design: Renewable, Durable, Sustainable Wood describes key sustainable features and benefits of wood in construction. (PDF)

Economics Of Installing A Ductless Minisplit System
Green Building Advisor describes how a retrofit project decided to get rid of an oil boiler and install an air-source heat pump.

Drain Water Heat Recovery In Canada
Home Builder magazine describes drain water heat recovery (DWHR) technologies, a class of heat exchangers that work by using outgoing warm drain water (from the shower and fixtures) to pre-heat incoming cold freshwater so that the primary water heater does not have to work as hard to meet the hot water energy load.

Power Quality Matters With LEDs
Green Spec says LED replacement lamps look super-efficient on payback charts and utility bills, but they may be sucking more power than you realize.

Life Cycle Analysis Software Models Building Materials
B-PATH model software (Berkeley Lab Building Materials Pathways) estimates the energy, resources, and environmental impacts associated with the manufacture of structural materials; their effects on the energy use of a building during operation; and their impacts when the building is ultimately demolished and its constituent materials are reused, recycled, or disposed.

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Green Your Homes, Your Future, And Your Bottom Line!
Built Green™ BC homes help builders distinguish their brand and their product in the marketplace.

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  •   Better energy efficiency
  •   Healthier indoor air quality
  •   Durable, reduced-maintenance materials
  •   Preserving natural resources

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    8. Installation & Procedures

    Geo-Solar Connection
    HPAC magazine describes how the shift between when the energy is available and when it is needed, allows combinations of solar thermal hardware and geothermal heat pumps to be complementary.

    Installing High Efficiency Natural Gas Furnaces In Retrofit
    US Department of Energy Measure Guideline: High Efficiency Natural Gas Furnaces covers installation of high-efficiency gas furnaces, including: when to install a high-efficiency gas furnace as a retrofit measure; how to identify and address risks; and steps to be used in the selection and installation process. (PDF)

    Installing & Maintaining Small Wind Electric System
    US Department of Energy describes issues associated with installing a small wind electric system, siting, estimating annual energy output, choosing correct size turbine and tower, and deciding whether to connect the system to the electric grid or not.

    Cistern Filtration For Rainwater Harvesting
    PM Engineer magazine describes considerations for cistern filtration for rainwater harvesting.

    Behavioral Perspectives On Home Energy Audits
    Earth Advantage study Behavioral Perspectives on Home Energy Audits: The Role of Auditors, Labels, Reports, and Audit Tools on Homeowner Decision-Making, focuses on the perspective of homeowner decision-making in response to home energy audits, combined with attention to the quality of the recommendations that homeowners receive, as well as the perspectives of some key industry actors on auditing and home energy labels. (PDF)

    How To Insulate & Air Seal Pull-Down Attic Stairs
    Green Building Advisor gives descriptions of methods and products for insulating and air sealing pull-down attic stairs.

    Air Leakage Testing & Air Sealing In Existing Multifamily Units
    US Department of Energy research Air Leakage Testing and Air Sealing in Existing Multifamily Units identified common air leakage pathways in one type of low-rise multifamily building common in mixed-humid climates. It recommends corrective actions for cost effectively remediating leakage. (PDF)

    9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation

    Big Wind In British Columbia
    Green Energy Futures describes how BC got its first three wind farms in the last few years.

    Noise Annoyance From Wind Turbines
    Swedish Environmental Protection Agency report Noise annoyance from wind turbines reviews the present knowledge on perception and annoyance of noise from wind turbines in residential areas as well as in recreational areas. (PDF)

    BC Medium-Sized Businesses Moving To Conservation Rate In April 2013
    BC Hydro describes how all medium-sized businesses will be moving to conservation rate. As of April 1, 2013, all BC Hydro customers in the Medium General Service (MGS) rate class will be billed on the MGS Conservation Rate. The MGS Conservation Rate gives customers a credit on their bill when they reduce their electricity consumption below their historic baseline, or an additional charge if they consume more than their baseline. That means energy efficiency projects pay back faster, and benefit the bottom line more than they did previously.

    District Energy Systems In BC: Facts & Fictions
    UDI has online presentations from their recent District Energy Systems: Facts and Fictions workshop. They cover the two DES business models (municipal vs. utility) work, where it makes sense to implement a DES, what are the cost implications to the developer, how does the build-out timing for an area affect the decision to put a DES in place, and why a DES is considered better for the environment than the current approach.

    Disaggregating Electrical Energy End-Use From Whole-House Hourly Data
    National Research Council of Canada report Disaggregating Categories Of Electrical Energy End-Use From Whole-House Hourly Data proposes a method that can be applied to hourly whole-house electrical energy data to partially disaggregate total household electricity use into five load categories/parameters (base load, activity load, heating season gradient, cooling season gradient and lowest external temperature at which air-conditioning is used). $36 CDN

    Seasonal Changes In Electrical Loads
    Green Building Advisor describes how water heaters use more energy during the winter, and refrigerators use more energy during the summer.

    Why Your Next Car Might Be Electric
    Pembina Institute describes the top five reasons why electric vehicles are right for BC.

    How To Compare Cost Of Electric & Gas Cars
    Earth Techling says using the energy efficiency figures and information on tax breaks, it’s easy to see that fueling an electric car is much cheaper than tanking up with gasoline. And yet, it’s not enough to offset the current price premium of buying an EV.

    Residential Charging Station Installation Handbook For Single & Multi Family
    Advanced Energy online Residential Charging Station Installation Handbook for Single & Multi Family Homeowners and Renters describes best practices to address the unique challenges of charging station selection, installation and operation at single-family residential and multi-family dwellings. (PDF)

    Why You Must Charge Your EV With Clean Power
    Earth Techling says a new study makes the case that when powered by a conventional grid mix, or, worse yet, by electricity produced largely from burning coal, EVs aren’t just not so good; they’re a big environmental loser.

    10. Information Sources

    EQuilibrium Housing InSights & Resources
    CMHC EQuilibrium InSight bulletins present specific housing design strategies and technologies implemented in the EQuilibrium housing demonstration projects.

    Resource Site On Green Building
    Resilient Design Institute provides practical guidance for making our buildings, communities, and systems more resilient in the face of global climate change.

    2012 Market Study On Energy Efficient Homes & Products
    Pike Research report Energy Efficient Homes provides analysis of the global market opportunity for energy efficient homes, including a focus on key market segments such as building envelope improvements, lighting, HVAC and major appliances, water heating, energy audits, and soft costs associated with energy efficiency. Market forecasts are provided through 2020 for both new and existing building stock across five world regions. Details of local, regional, and supranational market drivers and barriers are discussed in depth, and a cross-section of key industry players are profiled, highlighting their product and services offerings.

    Commercial & Institutional Building Energy Use Data
    NRCan provides commercial and institutional Building energy use data from 2000 Survey.

    Commercial Green Buildings Resource Site
    Building Owners & Managers Association of BC provides online information and resources on green buildings including Green Buildings Foundation, total waste management, saving energy, BOMA BESt, e-Energy training, resources, news, energy express newsletter, Energy Management Program, and EMP-Challenge.

    Database Of Buildings And Their Efficiencies & Environmental Amenities
    Honest Buildings Network connects all stakeholders in the real estate industry to discover building information, company profiles, individual profiles and open opportunities to drive demand for better buildings all over the world. It accumulates information about buildings' energy efficiencies and environmental amenities, gathering from public databases, service providers and owners themselves, hoping to create a marketplace for energy efficiency that tenants or buyers can use.

    11. Conferences & Shows

    Aboriginal Energy Forum In Toronto
    The 6th Annual Aboriginal Energy Forum will be held in Toronto, December 6-7. It is a forum that provides timely information on recent developments in the renewable resource sectors that are engaging aboriginal participation in energy and economic development projects.

    ASHRAE & AHR Expo At 2013 Winter Conference
    The 2013 ASHRAE Winter Conference will be held January 26-30 in Dallas. The technical program features more than 200 sessions in these tracks: energy conservation; facility management: operations, technology and energy improvements; large building design; standards, guidelines and codes; HVAC&R systems and equipment; HVAC&R fundamentals and applications; and refrigeration.

    2013 Sustainable Communities Conference & Trade Show
    Federation of Canadian Municipalities 2013 Sustainable Communities Conference & Trade Show will be held in Windsor, February 13-15. The conference theme, Building Blocks for the Next Generation, focuses on best practices in sustainable development from a wide range of Canadian communities and regions, and highlights innovative projects.

    Indoor Environment & Energy Exposition
    US Residential Energy Services Network is joining the Air Conditioning Contractors of America and the Indoor Air Quality Association in hosting the largest energy performance and indoor air quality trade show in America, the Indoor Environment & Energy Exposition. It will take place February 27 to March 1 in Orlando.

    12. Education & Training

    BC Seminars On 2012 Code Changes For Safety, Efficiency & Sustainability
    BC Homeowner Protection Office Building Smart #16 seminar 2012 Code Changes for Safety, Efficiency and Sustainability focuses on the key Part 9 code changes of the BC Building Code and the Vancouver Building By-law. Participants will learn about the impact the new requirements will have on various regions throughout the province. This three-hour seminar will be presented in Burnaby November 13, and Surrey November 21.

    Decoding the Code: New Building Requirements for 2013
    Light House seminar Decoding the Code: New Building Requirements for 2013, held in Vancouver on November 28, will discuss changes that are coming to both the BC Building Code and Vancouver Building Bylaw.

    LEED For General & Trade Contractors
    ICBA half-day seminar, held in Burnaby on November 22, is aimed at introducing LEED to general and trade contractors. It provides a concise overview of the different aspects of a LEED project that contractors are primarily involved in.

    Green Materials & Structures: Where Are We heading?
    APEG BC workshop Green Materials & Structures: Where Are We heading? will be held in Vancouver on November 23. It will provide engineers, architects, designers and builders with the tools, ideas, and strategies to re-think materials and systems.

    Course On Passive House
    Canada Green Building Council presents a one-day Passive House course in Burnaby on November 28th. Instructor Guido Wimmers of the Canadian Passive House Institute will provide advanced knowledge of state-of-the-art air barrier design, air sealing, super insulated envelopes, as well as leading edge ventilation design and glazing characteristics that can be applied on many projects, not just those pursuing the passive standard.

    Canadian Certified Sustainable Building Advisor Program
    Canada Green Building Council offers the Certified Sustainable Building Advisor program, a nine-month certification course that requires no existing green building education or experience. It is focused on practical, forward-thinking ways to design, construct and manage buildings that are resource efficient, environmentally responsible, cost effective, and healthy for all occupants.

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    13. Costs & Savings

    Service Develops Window Energy Savings Estimates
    National Association of Professionally Accredited Contractors has developed the WISE (Window Indagate Savings on Energy) service that creates scientifically defensible savings estimates on the average home.

    Thermal Loss Vs Electrical Savings From Daylighting
    RCI article says besides decreasing roof surface temperatures, reflective roofing systems also increase reflective light levels for high-performance daylighting applications, increasing their efficiency while putting the roof to work for owners and occupants. (PDF)

    Online Green Roof Energy Calculator
    Portland State University online Green Roof Energy Calculator allows users to compare the annual energy performance of a building with a vegetative green roof to the same building with either a dark roof or a white roof.

    14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

    Overview Of New Homes Programs In US & Canada
    Consortium of Energy Efficiency report Overview of Residential New Homes Programs in the United States and Canada summarizes currently active voluntary efficiency programs construction of new homes that meet certain energy performance requirements. (PDF)

    Overview Of Existing Homes Programs In US & Canada
    Consortium of Energy Efficiency report Overview of Residential Existing Homes Programs in the United States and Canada summarizes currently active voluntary efficiency programs aimed at reducing energy consumption in existing homes. (PDF)

    CMHC Mortgage Rebate To Require Energuide 82
    Build Green Canada says effective January 1, 2013 CMHC will require an EnerGuide rating of 82 in order to qualify for their mortgage insurance rebate program.

    Electric Vehicle Rebates & Incentives In BC
    LiveSmart BC describes what electric vehicles and charging stations qualify for rebates in BC.

    Mining For Energy Efficiency Opportunity In NYC
    Energy Efficiency Markets Blog says New York City recently unlocked a gold mine for the energy efficiency industry. It became the first in the US to make public how well (or poorly) large, private buildings within its borders perform when it comes to energy and water use. A city website displays information about 2,065 large commercial properties, encompassing 530 million square feet.

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