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Ken's Top Pick

Library Of Building Science Research
US Department of Energy online Building Science Publications tool helps connect you to the Building America Library of building science research. It analyzes publications in the Building America Library to help users to: Look for articles based on topics, authors and other features; See how their chosen topic is included in articles on related subjects; See the proportion of total documents their chosen topic takes up in the library; See how Building America documents cover selected topics over time; Access documents of interest. (It takes a while to load the tool and database).

1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends

Key Demographic Trends In BC
Business Council of BC describes key demographic trends in BC as found in the new census and national household survey.

BC Housing Forecast 3rd Quarter August 2013
BC Real Estate Association report Housing Forecast 3rd Quarter August 2013 says BC MLS residential sales are forecast to increase 3.9 per cent to 70,300 units this year, before increasing a further 6.1 per cent to 74,600 units in 2014. (PDF)

BC Economic Impact Of Real Estate Development Industry
UDI report Economic Impacts of the B.C. Property Development Industry describes how the real estate development industry contributes to the economy of BC. (PDF)

Affordable Home Ownership in Greater Vancouver
Homes Now Initiative report Affordable Home Ownership in Greater Vancouver outlines barriers municipalities must overcome to create affordable housing for residents with low to mid-level incomes in Greater Vancouver. These include competing demands for municipal funding, disagreements about government jurisdiction, and a lack of a political consensus over subsidizing housing for any but low income households. (PDF)

BC Economy Slows In 2013, Rebounds In 2014
Business Council of BC Mid-Year Update says the near-term growth outlook for BC has been trimmed. While an improved external economic setting will eventually translate into stronger growth for BC, the timing for this positive turn has been pushed back. (PDF)

2012 Statistics On WCB Claims, Assessments, Prevention, Service
WorkSafeBC Statistics 2012 includes statistics covering key areas of operation, such as claims, assessments, prevention, and service. (PDF)

Immigrants & Canadian Housing Markets
Canadian Home Builders Association report Immigrants & Canadian Housing Markets provides information on the connection of immigration to current issues facing the residential construction industry. In particular, it addresses the views of commentators who foresee an end to robust housing markets in Canada. (PDF)

Baby Boomers Could Boost Demand For Condos
Canadian Property Management says for multi-residential property owners and managers, the growing baby boomer demographic, which is looking to transition into condominium apartments and townhomes, can be an important source of stable tenants and revenue.

New Canadian Research Initiatives For Industry Needs
National Research Council Canada is launching four research initiatives focused on development and deployment of new technologies to benefit Canadian business. These will support commercialization of innovative, validated and cost-effective products and systems, including high performance buildings, building regulations for market access, mid-rise wood buildings, and critical concrete infrastructure.

2. Business Management

Shea Homes Creates Flexible Floor Plans & Better Way To Sell Them
Builder magazine describes how looking for what is missing can be an effective way to innovate, and listening to customers can help you see what is missing.

Canadian Website to Buy & Sell Homes
Search Realty website provides all-inclusive real estate solutions for buyers, sellers and realtors all in one place.

Are You Selling Products Or Experiences?
Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency says sales people overwhelmingly list price as the number one reason for customers making the purchase with a company, when actually most customers list price as number eight in importance.

BC's New Limitation Act Now In Effect
Construction Business says BC’s new Limitation Act came into effect June 1. It follows a national trend toward much shorter limitation periods for legal claims, which are intended to encourage people to act on their legal problems quickly and to prevent stale-dated claims.

New Federal Skilled Trades Program
Home Builder magazine discusses the new Canadian skilled trades program and whether or not it will solve labour shortages in the residential construction industry.

Attracting Young People Into The Construction Field Positions
Association of Wall & Ceiling Industry report Attracting Young People Into Construction Field Positions concludes that successful construction companies need to think of themselves not so much as builders, but as talent developers. (PDF)

Temporary Foreign Workers In Canada: Separating Fact From Fiction
Business Council of BC report Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada: Separating Fact from Fiction, sees the temporary foreign worker program as an important channel by which skilled workers, intra-company transfers, people involved in reciprocal employment arrangements, and foreign researchers are benefitting Canada’s economy. (PDF)

Is Your Company Prepared For WorkSafeBC Experience Rating Changes?
Vancouver Regional Construction Association says a change to WorkSafe BC's Experience Rating System means the safer you are, the fewer premiums you pay. Employers who have fewer serious injuries, and whose employees Return To Work sooner after an injury, can earn discounts on their base rate of up to 50 per cent over time.

Changes To EI Program & Shortage Of Labour
Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses says the Working While on Claim (WWC) pilot project for Employment Insurance (EI) has seen a few changes recently.

iPads Supplanting Blueprints Boosts Builder Productivity
Business Week online article says armed with iPads linked to the newest plans, work orders and information requests, specialists are leading a shift to building information modeling, or BIM. New types of jobs are being created, such as modelers, and updated skills are becoming mandatory for designers and contractors.

Building Online: 12 % Of Couples Admit To Considering Separation Or Divorce Mid-Remodel
Building online says a new survey from Houzz reveals 12 percent of couples admit to considering a separation or divorce mid-remodel.

3. Building Design & Trends

Dunn-Edwards Releases 2014 Color & Design Trend Report
Dunn-Edwards latest trend report, Simply Enlightenment 2014, provides a look at key colors and design trends we'll see next year, and how social, culture, and demographic changes influence these trends. Sara McLean, color expert and blogger at specs+spaces, explains that the palette is rich in earthy colors, with influences from the depths of the ocean to the vast skies above, with blues threading throughout. (PDF)

Examples Of Coastal Cool Colours
Sherwin-Williams displays cool, maritime blues and dune grass greens that create a fresh, breezy feeling that beckons barefoot comfort.

Trends In Kitchen Design
Custom Home magazine online video features coveted kitchen designers from across the US sharing insights on what custom home clients want.

Home Entryway Design Ideas Using Concrete
Concrete Network online video describes numerous ways to use concrete to create a warm, welcoming entryway to a home.

133 Bathrooms Designed By Professionals
HGTV Remodels online slide shows describe 133 bathrooms designed by professionals.

2013 Brick In Architecture Award Winners
2013 Brick in Architecture Awards winners described by the Brick Industry Association honor outstanding design incorporating genuine clay brick for both aesthetics and sustainability.

Professional BC Engineering Practice Guidelines, Designing Guards For Buildings
Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of BC online Professional Practice Guidelines: Designing Guards for Buildings, is for individual practitioners preparing drawings and specifications in the design and implementation of guards used in buildings. (PDF)

2012 Characteristics Of New US Housing
US Department of Census compiles a list on the characteristics of new housing completed that year. The stats provide some interesting insights into what builders feel are the most in-demand features that might interest buyers. (PDF)

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4. Codes Standards & Regulations

BC Bulletin On Fire Department Response Time & Spatial Separation
Building Officials Association of BC bulletin Fire Department Response Time clarifies how the BC Building Code uses different criteria to establish spatial separation requirements for un-sprinklered buildings, depending on the response time of a fire department. (PDF)

Consultation Begins For 2014 WorkSafe BC Rates
WorkSafe BC says the average base premium rate for 2014 is projected to be higher by less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the average employer’s total payroll costs. They will be consulting with stakeholders on the expected rates over the course of the next two months, and a final decision on premium rates for 2014 will be made in October.

WorkSafe BC Preliminary Assessment Rates For 2014 Announced
Journal of Commerce report says that the preliminary assessment rates for 2014 have been announced by WorkSafeBC.

Interview With Dr. Joe Lstiburek On Ventilation Debate
Energy Vanguard says Dr. Joe Lstiburek of Building Science Corporation is on a mission. The issue is residential ventilation. He contends that the residential ventilation standard, ASHRAE 62.2, ventilates at too high a rate, causing problems with humidity in hot or mixed humid climates, comfort and dryness in cold climates, and too much energy use everywhere.

Building Science Standard 01-2013 Ventilation For New Low-Rise Residential Buildings
Building Science Corporation Standard 01-2013 Ventilation for New Low-Rise Residential Buildings defines the roles of and minimum requirements for mechanical ventilation systems in new low-rise residential buildings.

Strategy For North American Harmonization of Standards & Certification Requirements
Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating and Electro-Federation Canada updates the support of harmonization of standards and certification requirements, and regulation between Canada and the United States for electrical, electronic, IT & Telecom and plumbing products. (PDF)

BIM Process Streamlined For Fenestration Industry With New Specification
American Architectural Manufacturers Association released AAMA 912-13, Voluntary Specification for Non-Residential Fenestration Building Information Modeling (BIM) which identifies and outlines minimum requirements for two widely used model types, design intent (DI) models and project execution and coordination (PEC) models.

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5. Building Science & Technology

Overview Of Weather, Vapour, Air Barriers
Ecobuilding describes how weather, vapor, and air barriers protect buildings and their occupants, and when each should be used.

Summary Of Summer Camp, 2013 Westford Symposium On Building Science
Green Building Advisor provides a summary of activities at this year's Westford Symposium on Building Science, hosted by Joe Lstiburek and Betsy Pettit. Informally known as summer camp, the invitation-only annual gathering attracts hundreds of builders, engineers, architects, professors, and building science researchers.

Thermal Metric Project
Building Science Thermal Metric project was initiated in 2007 to support good design and construction practices by improving the way thermal performance is measured. Ultimately, the project goal is to develop a metric that can capture the in-service thermal performance of whole assemblies.

History Of HRV's & ERV's
Healthy Heating provides a history of heat recovery ventilators and energy recovery ventilators. Some of the earliest models to be marketed in North America dating back to the late 1970's.

Supplemental Dehumidification In Warm-Humid Climates
Building Science report Supplemental Dehumidification In Warm-Humid Climates covers a description of the need and applied solutions for supplemental dehumidification in warm-humid climates, especially for energy efficient homes where the sensible cooling load has been dramatically reduced.

Soffit Venting Solutions When No Roof Overhang
Builder magazine describes some simple roof venting solutions if the roof doesn't have a projecting eave and soffit.

Fast Floors With Structural Insulated Panels
Journal of Light Construction describes why structural insulated panels are a fast way to build an effective insulated floor over a cold space.

Dynamic Thermally Disconnected Building Envelopes
Oak Ridge National Laboratory study Dynamic Thermally Disconnected Building Envelopes, A New Paradigm for Walls and Roofs in Low-Energy Buildings found that testing conducted on several strategies to thermally disconnect wall and roof components showed 70% to 90% reductions in peak hour loads as compared to conventional building practice. (PDF)

Research Into Next Generation Attics and Roof Systems
US Department of Energy describes their current research project Next Generation Attics and Roof Systems. The goal is to reduce space conditioning due to attics, and convince industry to adopt designs. (PDF)

6. Building Performance Issues

Ventilation System Effectiveness & Tested Indoor Air Quality Impacts
Building Science study Ventilation System Effectiveness and Tested Indoor Air Quality Impacts added new elements of ventilation effectiveness research, accounting for source of outside air, particle contaminants, and VOC contaminants. These new data give further support for ventilation rate credit for better performing ventilation systems.

Performance Of Installed Cooking Exhaust Devices
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory study Performance of Installed Cooking Exhaust Devices shows that airflows of installed devices are often below advertised values and that less than half of the pollutants emitted by gas cooking burners are removed during many operational conditions. (PDF)

Fixing A Tankless Hot-Water Delivery Problem
Green Building Advisor describes solutions for when new tankless water heaters take too much time for the hot water to reach the faucet.

Assessing Energy Savings Of Tankless Water Heater Retrofits In Public Housing
US Department Of Energy report Assessing the Energy Savings of Tankless Water Heater Retrofits in Public Housing describes the methodology, analysis, and findings from a case study of a 110-unit retrofit of gas tankless water heaters in a hot/humid climate. The gas-fired tank type water heaters in the housing units were replaced with gas-fired tankless water heaters as part of a federal program that targeted reduced energy use in public housing. (PDF)

Radiant Flooring Can Cause Legionnaires Disease
Builder Magazine says knowing how Legionella grows in a domestic hot water system makes it clear why connecting potable water to a hydronic floor is of concern, and also helps us understand solutions.

3 Reasons Your 3 Ton Air Conditioner Isn't Really 3 Tons
Energy Vanguard gives description of why a 3 ton (or 2 ton or whatever size you have) air conditioner may not be what you think it is even when everything's designed, installed, commissioned, and maintained perfectly.

Dealing With Rising Damp In Masonry Building Reconstruction
Green Building Advisor describes how old buildings with stone or brick walls face problems with capillary moisture and efflorescence.

Creating & Implementing A Building Envelope Maintenance & Renewals Program
HPO bulletin Creating & Implementing A Building Envelope Maintenance & Renewals Program describes how to create and implement a program that will protect your building’s assets and the owners’ investment. (PDF)

Thermal Bridging Solutions For Steel
Modern Steel magazine article Thermal Bridging Solutions For Steel: Minimizing Structural Steel’s Impact on Building Envelope Energy Transfer focuses on strategies, solutions and improved details to address thermal bridging specific to steel members. (PDF)

7. Green Building & Energy Efficiency

Information & Resources On Green Demolition
City of Vancouver offers information and resources on green demolition, and deconstructing a house.

Solar Power Knocking At Gates Of Meeting Site Power Requirements
Journal of Commerce says construction sites that aren't located conveniently near the electrical grid are largely dependent on generators powered by fossil fuels. A British Columbia company is challenging the status quo by developing a line of solar and solar/hybrid generators that take maximum advantage of renewable solar power.

Energy Efficiency Trends In Canada 1990 To 2010
Natural Resources Canada report Energy Efficiency Trends In Canada 1990 To 2010 tracks trends in energy efficiency and delivers on Canada's commitment to provide a comprehensive summary of secondary energy use and related greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.

Solving Comfort Problems Caused By Attic Kneewalls
Green Building Advisor describes how insulation and air-sealing in attic kneewalls can solve many comfort problems, especially in bonus rooms.

Getting Biggest Bang For Your Air-Sealing Buck
Green Building Advisor describes which cracks you should air seal first if you don’t have time to seal every last crack.

Gas Furnace Performance: A Field & Laboratory Study At End Of Life
US Department of Energy report Improving Gas Furnace Performance: A Field and Laboratory Study at End of Life provides results of nine furnaces, with 15–24 years of field service, that were removed from Iowa homes and tested in the lab under four conditions to determine the effects of installation practices, field operating conditions, and age on efficiency.

What To Avoid In Interior Paints
Building Green says occupant health and performance are the key consideration when choosing an interior paint, and offers tips and resources for product selection.

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8. Building Products & Suppliers

2013 Tools Of The Trade Editors' Choice Award Winners
Tools of the Trade provides descriptions of the winners of their 2013 Editors' Choice Awards for tools, equipment, and technology.

New & Improved Tools
Home Builder Canada magazine describes a few of the latest improvements in tool technology.

Tool Test Of 5-inch Random-Orbit Sanders
Tools Of The Trade puts nine brands of random-orbit sanders to the test.

Which Sander Is Right For You?
Handy Guys online video goes through various power sanders on the market, and discusses which one is best for certain applications.

Devices To Tell When To Replace Filter
Green Building Advisor discusses devices and procedures for deciding when to replace a filter.

Shocking Truth About Heat Pumps
Energy Vanguard says the shocking truth about heat pumps is that they might well be a great fit for your home, or they might not. It depends. Are your priorities low energy bills, environmentally friendly energy sources, uniform heating with lower temperatures or short blasts of higher temperatures?

LED Office Lighting Benefits Individuals, Employers Environment
Canadian National Research Council online slide show presentation describes how LED lighting systems offer the potential to add individual or automatic color tuning of light source spectrum. They found that there is a broad range of preferred light source spectra and a desire to have this feature.

Find BC Engineers Or Geoscientists For Small Projects
APEGBC online Discrete Scope Projects Directory helps you find an engineer or geoscientist for your small project.

9. Installation Procedures

Window Installation Details For Effective Sealing Practice
National Research Council Canada new bulletin Window Installation Details for Effective Sealing Practice explains how the degree of airtightness and the location of the plane of airtightness of the wall-window interface affect water entry.

Recoating Wood Floors
Journal of Light Construction describes how slightly worn or dulled finishes on wood floors can be recoated after just a light buffing and cleaning.

Installing Metal Roof Over Asphalt
Journal of Light Construction describes best practices for installing a new metal roof over existing asphalt shingles.

Installing Direct Vent Equipment
Building America online solution center describes how to install direct vent equipment, including scope, description, ensuring success, climate, training, CAD, compliance, and more info.

Guide To Side Wall Venting & Flues
Inspectapedia online guide provides information on choosing, installing, & troubleshooting through-wall or side-wall venting exhaust devices for heating appliances like oil or gas fired boilers, furnaces, or water heaters.

Squash Blocks & Web Stiffeners For I-Joists
Journal of Light Construction provides explanation of the difference between squash blocks and web stiffeners, two reinforcing elements used in the load path of wood I-joist floor framing. (PDF) Free site registration required.

Foundation Heat Exchangers For Ground Loop
Oak Ridge National Laboratory report Foundation Heat Exchanger Final Report: Demonstration, Measured Performance, and Validated Model and Design Tool investigates reducing the cost of horizontal closed-loop ground heat exchangers by installing them in the construction excavations, augmented when necessary with additional trenches. The potential cost savings comes from using the construction excavations for the installation of ground heat exchangers, thereby minimizing the need and expense of digging additional trenches. (PDF)

Testing Home Ductwork For Leaks
Journal of Light Construction online video provides an introduction to performing tests for air-tightness of heating and cooling ducts.

10. Information Sources

BC Masonry Experts To Answer Your Question
Masonry Institute of BC Provides contact information for experts to answer questions on clay brick and concrete block.

Real-Time Metro Vancouver Traffic Map From TransLink
TransLink online map tracks traffic levels in real time across Metro Vancouver region.

Fall-Prevention Procedures & Resources
BC Construction Safety Alliance provides information and resources on fall prevention.

Recent Presentations From 17th Building Science Symposium
Building Science provides online slide show presentations from their recent Building Science Symposium: Lies, Damned Lies and Modeling; A Tale of Two Cities; In Hot Water; Case Studies in Building Commissioning; Building Science Myths; Thermal Metric, The End is Near; German Perspective on Energy Efficient Windows; Liquid Applied Membranes; German Enclosures; Sucking and Blowing.

E-books On Decorative Concrete Applications & Industry
Concrete Network free e-books provide in-depth reports on the state of various decorative concrete applications including concrete stamping, concrete staining, concrete overlays, and concrete polishing.

Online High-Speed Videos Of House Construction
Fine Homebuilding online videos show the process of house construction in high speed.

11. Conferences & Shows

Modern Hydronics Summit
Modern Hydronics Summit will be held in Mississauga on September 10th. The conference and trade show is dedicated to the hydronics market, with demonstrations of latest technologies, informative speakers, networking reception and dinner.

National Conference & Exposition For Building Owners & Managers
Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada annual BOMEX conference and exposition, taking place October 1-3 in Halifax, will provide educational seminars and product displays for building owners and managers.

BC Municipal Occupational Health and Safety Conference
The BC Municipal Occupational Health and Safety Conference will be held in Victoria, October 20-22. Discover what's new in occupational safety and health. Choose from 25 informative and educational sessions. Visit the tradeshow and learn about WorkSafeBC's annual safety committee training requirements.

BC Windows Doors & Glazing Conference
Fenestration Association of BC presents Fenestration West 2013 Conference. This year’s conference features sessions on glass innovation, materials and systems; energy performance specification of glazing products; acoustic performance of windows; thermal bridging for building assemblies; and building water-tight side hinged doors/hardware performance. It takes place Wednesday, October 23, 2013 from 8:00–3:00 at the Delta Burnaby.

2013 National Home Inspector Conference
Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors 2013 National Conference will be held in Ottawa, November 8-10.

2013 BC Construction Safety Conference
Individuals employed on construction sites throughout BC are invited to this workshop on November 15-16 in Richmond. You can network with peers while learning about and discussing a variety of health and safety issues including those identified in WorkSafe BC’s Construction High-Risk Strategy.

12. Education & Training

Industry Training Authority Replaces Kevin Evans
Journal of Commerce says the chief executive officer of the Industry Training Authority in BC is being replaced by the board of directors with new leadership, while the organization’s mandate is being reviewed by the provincial government.

NAFS, BC Building Code & Side Hinged Doors
Fenestration Association of BC workshop for door prehangers NAFS, the BCBC and Side Hinged Doors: What Can You Do?, will be held in Surrey on September 10th. It covers a short presentation on NAFS and Exterior Side Hinged Doors, report from the trenches: what it takes to build a NAFS-rated door, options: Test your own? Buy tested doors? Bit of both?, and next steps for you and your business.

BC Seminars On Framing A House, From Basics To Best Practices
BC Homeowner Protection Office presents Building Smart seminar #18 at various locations around the province. It looks at the evolution, details and best practices for the use of wood in the framing of homes. Basic and complex framing details will be explored, along with the use of structural composite lumber, laminated veneer lumber and wooden I-joists.

Strategic Selling For Professionals
Vancouver Regional Construction Association workshop Strategic Selling For Professionals will be held in Vancouver on September 20th. It will equip attendees with strategies and skills suited to today’s constantly changing sales environment, helping them overcome obstacles they face when trying to network, qualify and sell.

Small Business Growth Workshop
ICBA presents Small Business Growth Workshop, a two-day course to be held in Burnaby on October 2-3. You will learn principles you need to know to expand your business and take your revenues to the next level.

Red Seal Trade Construction Electrician Undergoing New Standards Development
Electrical Business Magazine says the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship has decided to proceed with piloting new standards development processes, features and formats in two Red Seal trades, one of which is Construction Electrician.

Supports For Overcoming BC Apprenticeship Barriers
BC Industry Training Authority is exploring additional supports to help apprentices complete their certification and help employers manage apprentices. A province-wide consultation identified four priority areas to help overcome key barriers for apprenticeship continuation: Building knowledge of the BC apprenticeship system; Advising apprentices and sponsors; Boosting apprentice success; Supporting apprentice and sponsor connections.

Effect Of Apprenticeship Restrictions In Skilled Trades
C.D. Howe Institute report Access Denied: The Effect of Apprenticeship Restrictions in Skilled Trades, says outdated provincial regulations are needlessly limiting the number of apprenticeship opportunities available to trades workers, and that reforming those tight regulations is crucial to meeting demand for skilled workers. (PDF)

13. Computer, Internet & Fun

Top 10 Tablets For Business
IT Business says while the iPad is still a good choice for business, there is now a wide variety of other tablets, running both Android and Windows 8 Pro, for businesses to choose from. In this slideshow you'll see 10 of the best tablets for business currently available.

Apps For Engineers
CFE Media free online Apps for Engineers is an interactive directory of almost 70 engineering-related mobile applications that were created by various companies. This app saves engineers time by providing a pre-sort of relevant mobile engineering applications loaded with various calculators, catalogs, file viewers, measurement tools, and more.

The Greatest Alcohol Test Ever!
When the blood alcohol testing machine doesn't work, these police officers have to go to plan B to make sure these drivers aren't driving drunk. Get Down!!!

Dittie For Today: On Theory of Relativity

The more relatives are visiting you, the slower the time passes. - Author Unknown

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