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February 21, 2017


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Ken's Top Pick

Brief Overview of 2017 Lower Mainland Development Industry Forecast
Urban Development Institute provides a brief overview of what 2017 holds for real estate and development in the Lower Mainland.

1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends

BC Development Industry Forecast 2017
Urban Development Institute online video from their recent Forecast 2017 features real estate experts sharing their insights and market predictions.

BC Economic Briefing February 2017
Central 1 Credit Union online BC Economic Briefing says employment jumped in January and unemployment rate eroded to 5.6 per cent, and January housing starts retreated in January. (PDF)

2017 10-Year Labour Requirements For BC
BuildForce Canada annual Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward forecasts offer a 10-year scenario of workforce supply and demand by trade, province and region. These forecasts help industry, training providers and government decision makers manage workforce requirements.

Interest Rate Forecast February 2017
Central 1 Interest Rate Forecast says growth momentum carries into 2017, and policy and geopolitical risks rise. (PDF)

What Is Causing Canadian Home Prices To Rise
Real Estate News Exchange article by the President of CHBA says all three levels of government must take a close look at what they are doing to the housing market and realize that if they don’t make adjustments to the way they tax and regulate housing supply, affordability will just become a bigger problem.

What Will Cost Canadians More & Less in 2017
Conference Board of Canada says inflation will pick up in 2017. Prices for goods that have been rising will rise some more and prices for goods that get discounted will tend to be discounted by less. Higher energy prices and a weaker Canadian dollar will drive some of this story. The pace of inflation won’t pose a threat to the economy, but it does mean that Canadians will be shelling out more money for their purchases.

VR Is Totally Changing How Architects Dream Up Buildings
Wired says virtual reality has the ability to draw designers and their clients into a visceral world of dimension, scale, and feeling.

2. Business Management

How 50-Plus Buyer Shops for Homes Online
Builder Magazine says the 50+ buyer looks for homes online differently than their younger peers, with some common behaviors and pet peeves of searching for homes online.

Squeeze Page Is Powerful Lead Capture Tool
Remodeling magazine says the squeeze page is an internet-based tool that is designed with one very specific purpose—to get visitors to fill out the opt-in form, providing you with their critical contact information.

Developing a Document Control System
Fine Homebuilding says without a well-designed document control system, your construction business will lose money.

Staying Behind the Corporate Veil
Kuhn LLP says incorporating your construction business has many clear advantages, however there are exceptions to the corporate veil.

Running a Successful Construction Company
Fine Homebuilding interviews long-time builder, master carpenter, and author David Gerstel who offers his insight into building and running a construction business that can roll with economic ups and downs.

The Square Foot Pricing Mystery
Builder Magazine describes how to stop worrying and love the infamous square foot pricing question.

Want to Get Better at Selling Remodeling?
Remodeling magazine asks how can a salesperson have a chance of getting the project if he does not know what the client is concerned about.

3. Building Design & Trends

BC Central Okanagan 2017 Tommie Awards Gold Winners
CHBA Central Okanagan displays pictures of the winners of the 2017 Tommie Awards.

BC Central Interior 2017 Keystone Awards Winners
CHBA Central Interior describes 2017 Keystone Home Builders Awards winners.

2017 Fraser Valley Housing Awards of Excellence Winners
Canadian Home Builders Association of Fraser Valley has announced the winners for the 2017 Housing Awards of Excellence.

Best in American Living Award Winners Design Trends for 2017
Builder Magazine says from clever storage solutions to colors, this year's winning projects showcase a variety of prominent design trends expected to pop up in homes in communities over the next several years.

IBS 2017 Best Design Solutions for 55+ Buyer
Builder Magazine describes some tried and true methods for building the best home for the active adult buyer.

2017 Design Trends for Senior Living Industry
Building Design & Construction says 2017 sees the evolution of attracting baby boomers versus the silent generation.

Top 2017 Home Improvement Projects
Redfin describes nine of the top 2017 home improvement projects to make a home more desirable.

NKBA Reveals 2017 Design Choices Trending in Kitchen & Baths
Remodeling magazine presents the National Kitchen and Bath Association results of its 2017 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends.


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4. Codes Standards & Regulations

Window Performance, Installation, Field Quality Control Standards
RCI describes standards, issues and considerations for window selection, performance, installation, and field quality control.

Approved Amendments to BC Occupational Health & Safety Regulation
WorkSafe lists the approved amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation. These amendments will become effective on May 1, 2017.

Energy Efficiency Updates to the Vancouver Building By-Law
Vancouver City Council has passed the Energy Efficiency Updates to the Vancouver Building By-Law. (PDF)

Safe Asbestos Removal to Be Ongoing Challenge
Journal of Commerce says a 60-year-old remediation contractor said his health is fantastic, a state he credits to his insistence on always wearing protective gear, even when regulations and attitudes were lax or ignored.

BC Court of Appeal Overturns Controversial Asbestos Ruling
Journal of Commerce says the BC Insulators Union and the BC Federation of Labour are celebrating the BC Court of Appeal decision to overturn a controversial ruling that stated asbestos laws were too difficult to enforce.

Code-Compliant Detailing for Mid-Rise Wood Structures
WoodWorks online slide show presentation describe practical, code-compliant detailing for mid-rise wood structures. (PDF)

2017-2019 Business Plan for BC Safety Authority
BC Safety Authority has released its 2017-2019 Business Plan, outlining its goals for the next three years and defining how it will measure success.

5. Building Science & Technology

Animation of Capillary Action
Construction Instruction online animation shows how capillary action takes place.

2-Inch Exterior Insulation with Structural Rainscreen
Construction Instruction online animation shows steps to installing 2-inch exterior insulation with structural rainscreen.

Air Permeability of Wood Structural Panels as Air Barriers
Engineered Wood Association technical bulletin Air Permeability of Wood Structural Panels as Air Barriers addresses questions regarding the performance of wood structural panels in air barrier systems. Free site registration required.

Modular Vs. Site-Built: Changing the Debate
Builder Magazine features Unity Homes founder Tedd Benson weighing in on home building's elephant in the room debate on automation.

Online Videos on Building Science & Passive House Technology
Passive Buildings Canada online videos cover various topics of building science and passive house technology.

Natural Ventilation
Whole Building Design Guide describes natural ventilation including introduction, description, relevant codes and standards, and additional resources.

Construction Industry Not Embracing Tech Tools
Construction Business says despite substantial investments, the construction industry is struggling to gain the full benefits of technologies including advanced data and analytics, mobility, automation and robotics.

6. Building Performance Issues

Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide Version 1.1
BC Hydro online updated version of the Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide focuses on the thermal performance of the opaque building envelope. (PDF)

Measuring & Understanding Humidity
Green Building Advisor offers humidity sensor recommendations for building professionals and homeowners.

Asbestos Mitigation Needs Government Support
Victoria Residential Builders Association has been a leading advocate for a reno tax credit to mitigate asbestos in homes. They have asked the federal and provincial govts to help address the hazards and costs of asbestos.

Soundproofing Your Home
BC Hydro specialist engineer Gary Hamer describes 10 ways to limit the noise in your home.

Magazine on Healthy Indoor World
Healthy Indoors magazine provides information and resources on healthy housing issues, products, and the industry.

Review of Life Cycle Assessment Tools
Dovetail report A Review of Life Cycle Assessment Tools provides information to assist first-time LCA practitioners in selecting appropriate LCA tools and data sources. (PDF)

7. Green Building & Energy Efficiency

City of Vancouver Strategy for Energy Retrofits for Existing Buildings
Vancouver City Council online slide show presentation provides an update on their strategy for energy retrofits for existing buildings. (PDF)

Yale First Nation Gets Active About Passive Housing
Green Building Advisor describes how Yale First Nation contracted Britco to build 10 two-bedroom units in a pair of buildings that meet the high-efficiency Passive House design requirements.

Most Efficient 2017 Energy Star Products
Energy Star lists their 2017 Most Efficient products in various Energy Star categories.

Homeowner Save Big with LED Lighting
BC Hydro says a homeowner knows his lighting, and has low bills to prove it.

Four Environmentally Responsible Hardwood Floors
Custom Home Magazine describes four guilt-free, reclaimed, and sustainably sourced flooring options that will keep you grounded.

How Renewable Energy Advocates Are Hurting Climate Cause
Green Building Advisor says subtle miscommunication about renewable energy is leading to some unfortunate misperceptions.

2017 BC Bettering Environmental Stewardship & Technology Conference
BC Environmental Industries Association annual Bettering Environmental Stewardship & Technology Conference will be held May 10-12, in Whistler. It includes programming with technical sessions and panel discussions.

Absolute Sustainability: Diamond Head Development Embarks on First Legacy Project
Built Green Canada says the Diamond Head Development project aligns with the key tenants of sustainability, the strategic priority areas of the District of Squamish, and the company commitment to the environment.

Free Webinar on Higher R-Value Walls
City Green is presenting a free webinar, Higher R-Value Walls, on March 1st. It covers a number of promising wall systems that can meet the requirements for better thermal control. Topics include: Introduction to High R-value Walls, Materials for Thermal Control in Buildings, High R-value Wall Systems for New Buildings, and High R-value Wall Systems for Existing Buildings.

8. Building Products & Suppliers

Best of KBIS 2017 Award-Winning Products
Builder Magazine presents the five winning products for the Best of KBIS Awards, from 2017 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.

Editors Pick Of Products From IBS 2017
Builder Magazine describes a few of the new and exciting products launched at the recent 2017 International Builders' Show.

What's New in Flooring and How to Upsell It
Remodeling magazine offers some new flooring product insights from the recent Surfaces Show.

Insulation for an Airtight House
Fine Homebuilding says when building a high-performance house, insulation goes hand in hand with an airtight envelope. In this online video, builder Mike Guertin walks through the different kinds of insulation used in the ProHOME project and how they fit into his strategy.

Duct Sizing Calculator Available
A new duct sizing calculator from ASHRAE and the Air Distribution Institute allows HVAC air distribution system designers to more accurately size ducts, especially flex ducts under varying amounts of compression.

Tools to Set Your HVAC Technicians Apart from Competition
Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency says when service techs are properly trained to understand the home as a system, they’ll need a few tools that aren’t on the typical service truck to correctly evaluate comfort problems.

Modular Is Gaining Ground
Construction Dive describes how the emerging modular building method is gaining ground in construction.

9. Installation Procedures

Simple Approach to Paneled Wainscot
Fine Homebuilding online video shows a simplified technique paneled wainscot using a pocket-screw-joined frame assembled on a workbench or sawhorses, which is then finished with a piece of plywood attached to the backside and panel molding attached to the front.

Common Errors with Framing Connectors
Journal of Light Construction says installation errors can affect the load capacity of framing connectors and, if not corrected, cause long-term problems such as cracking and separation of finishes or failure in weather or seismic events.

Taping Drywall Seams
Fine Homebuilding online video describes how to tape drywall seams.

Installing Fiberglass & Mineral Wool Attic & Ceiling Insulation
Insulation Institute online guides describe installation details for attics and ceilings that will assist with proper installation for fiberglass and mineral wool batt insulation. Covers topics from hatches to ventilation baffles, and provides links to publications and videos for more information.

Best Practices For Air Sealing & Insulation Retrofits
BC Home Renovation Rebate Program online video presentation by RDH Building Science describes results of their field inspections, and describes best practices for air sealing and insulation retrofits.

Mail Delivery Planning Standards for Builders & Developers
Canada Post online Delivery Planning Standards Manual for Builders and Developers helps you plan the right type of service for centralized mail delivery that is now part of all new residential and commercial developments in Canada. (PDF)

10. Information Sources

Details & Tips for Moisture Resistant Homes
Engineered Wood Association provides construction details and tips for designing and building moisture resistant building envelopes, including foundations, walls, and roofs. Free site registration required.

Purchasable Permanent Wood Foundations 2016
Canadian Wood Council sells the book Permanent Wood Foundations that brings together all of the standards and building practices used to build these types of foundations. The 2016 edition has been updated to conform to the requirements of CSA S406-16, CSA O86-14 and NBC 2015. In addition, updated stud selection tables for PWF which support up to 3-storeys above the foundation, updated selection tables for PWF walls which support even backfill heights (e.g. walk-out basements), updated building science guidance and details, and additional requirements for PWF in high wind and seismic locations are also included. $65 CDN

What You Should Know About Buying or Selling A Home
Canada Revenue Agency has tax-related information that may help you if you are buying or selling a home.

50-Year Histories of Housing Starts in Canada’s Largest Cities
Construct Connect provides a 50-year histories of housing starts in Canada’s largest cities.

Visual Guides to Domestic Architectural Designs
99% Invisible online visual guides to domestic architectural designs features single-family home styles in the US. There are 121 hand-drawn houses representing urban and rural residential styles, including: Colonial, Romantic, Victorian, Eclectic, Modern, Neo-Eclectic with subsections such as Italian Renaissance Revival and Ranch.

BIM Guide for Building Owners
US National Institute of Building Sciences online comprehensive BIM Guide for Building Owners outlines steps for creating standardized BIM documents for design, construction, operations and maintenance of facilities. (PDF)

New Registry for Landlords in BC
LandlordBC has developed a registry that will allow tenants to screen their potential landlords to ensure they are familiar with the basics of the Residential Tenancy Act, the guideline for rental agreements in BC. Upon successful completion of the e-learning program, landlords will receive an I Rent It Right certificate and the right to be listed on the Landlord Registry, demonstrating their commitment to providing secure, professional rental housing.

11. Conferences & Shows

Western Conference on Safety 2017
The 22nd Annual Western Conference on Safety will be held in Vancouver, April 3-4. This occupational health and safety event offers sessions specifically for safety committees and supervisors, the latest information on provincial and federal regulatory updates, and higher level sessions for safety professionals.

Canadian HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical & Lighting Expo
MCEE, Canada's largest plumbing, HVACR, hydronic, electrical and lighting industry expo will be held in Montreal April 26-27.

2017 Log Building Industry Conference In Banff
International Log Builders Association annual conference will be held in Banff, April 28-30. Log and timber builders from around the world will gather and share ideas, new technology and industry trends.

12. Education & Training

Earn All Your 2017 CPDs At BC Builders Super Week
Canadian Home Builders Association of BC allows you to earn all of your Homeowner Protection Office CPD Credits at their Builders' Super Week, held in Vancouver, March 8-10.

Building Smart with Radon Mitigation
BC Housing webinar Building Smart with Radon Mitigation will be presented on March 8th. It covers radon basics, testing solutions, cost estimates and mitigation options for new and existing construction.

Sales Skills Workshop
Independent Contractors and Businesses Association workshop on Sales Skills will be presented in Burnaby on March 15th. It will help everyone in your company grasp the strategies and tactics required to meet your best potential clients and close the sale.

BC Certified Renovator Programs
CHBA-BC offers the Certified Renovation Company and Certified Renovation Professional programs.

Free Trades Training in Ironworking Industry
Construction Industry Training Network is offering free training in the ironworking industry in the Lower Mainland.

Gold Seal Expands in 2017 to Add Construction Foreman Designation
Journal of Commerce says Canadian Construction Association Gold Seal manager certification program is expanding for 2017, adding the Construction Foreman designation amidst an overall modernization of the program.

13. Computer, Internet & Fun

Most Useful Chrome Extensions Ever Made
Gizmodo says one of the great things about Google Chrome is that it offers thousands of third-party extensions that developers have come up with to add features, boost performance, and fix problems. Here are 17 Chrome extensions that we’d have a difficult time living without.

4 Tricks to Work Faster in Google Docs
Gizmodo says if you use Google Docs, here are four smaller and lesser-known options you might not know about that can take your productivity to the next level.

Software Library of Free MS-DOS Games
OK, spouses and friends of those who like games, please don't shoot me for recommending this storehouse of time wasters!


Dittie For Today: On Meetings

If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be 'meetings'. - Dave Barry


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