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July 10, 2018


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My thanks to Sabine Just, Joey Fearn, Elizabeth Wolf, Karen Tam Wu, and Karen Frank for their comments, tips, and resources. I hope you find at least a wee bit of value in this newsletter.

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Ken's Top Pick

Performance of Wall Assemblies Using Mineral Wool Exterior Insulation
BRIK online slide show presentation Performance and Durability of Wall Assemblies using Mineral Wool Exterior Insulation in the Pacific Northwest looks at the in-situ performance of mineral wool insulation used in combination with a vapor permeable weather resistive barrier on the exterior side of the assembly in the Pacific Northwest, in a test hut application with intentional wetting cycles and a monitored building. (PDF)

1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends

Advocacy Update from BC Home Builders Association
CHBA BC Government Relations Committee provides an update on their advocacy and government relations activities. (PDF)

Greater Vancouver Economic Scorecard 2018
Greater Vancouver Board of Trade Scorecard 2018 offers a comprehensive analysis of how Greater Vancouver performs among 20 international city-regions measured on 38 key economic and social indicators.

Housing Costs Put Brakes on Migration to BC
Business Council of British Columbia says looking ahead, they suspect BC may receive fewer interprovincial migrants than pundits and policy-makers have been counting on – particularly working-age migrants, as opposed to retirees. If that is correct, employers in BC are likely to face more widespread hiring challenges in the years ahead.

Homebuyer Choices, Bidding Wars, Social Influences
CMHC study Examining Escalating House Prices in Large Canadian Metropolitan Centres was developed to gain a better understanding of key drivers of rapid price growth in the markets of Vancouver and Toronto. (PDF)

Rise of the Older, Single Female Home Buyer
Wall Street Journal says unmarried women over 55 is one of the largest, and fastest-growing, demographics of home buyers. With longer lifespans and careers, many look for homes with no bad memories.

More YIMBY Housing Bills Are On the March
CityLab says the defeat of California’s ambitious pro-housing bill masks a wider trend: Similar initiatives are on the march nationwide.

Single-Family Rental Companies Cozying up to Home Builders
Curbed says the burgeoning single-family rental business, shut out of much of the housing market by a lack of inventory, is now eyeing new-home stock for the product it needs.

Bob Rennie & Steve Schmidt Discuss US Politics
Bob Rennie shares an intimate, candid and highly engaging conversation about US politics with MSNBC political commentator Steve Schmidt.

2. Business Management

4 Stages of Sales Coaching: Position of Strength
Builder Magazine says the key to true behavior change runs through conscious competence.

Taming the Problem Child, A Look at Sales Ego
PHCP Pros says sales superstars are open-minded, curious, collaborative, and team-oriented.

How to Grow a Construction Business
Fine Homebuilding says the goal of many construction businesses is growth, but undisciplined growth will put you out of business or stunt your growth just as fast as running out of money.

5 Keys to Growing Your Remodeling Business Without Going Broke
Remodelers Advantage offers five tips for taking advantage of the thriving business environment while protecting yourself, your team, and your company.

What is a Fair Price?
PHCP Pros says once we decide what fair and price mean, actually determining a fair price brings up more questions.

Print Media is Not Dead
Building Excellence says every day print lands on the doorsteps of millions of people who appreciate journalism and want a deeper perspective on local, national and global events beyond the headlines.

Your Job Is to Remodel Homes, Not to Remodel People
Remodeling magazine says be realistic and dogged in your search to find the best people. Leave problem children to the competition.

How to Filter Talent to Trades Early in Life
PM Engineer article by Dan Holohan describes some issues and considerations on filtering talent towards the trades early in life.

3. Building Design & Trends

First Color Trend Prediction for 2019
Builder Magazine says Night Watch, PPG's rich, jewel-toned hue emulates the feeling of greenery and draws the outdoors in.

2018 Gold Nugget Award Winners Announced
Custom Home magazine displays the 2018 Gold Nugget Award Winners. From more than 700 entries, the judges selected Grand and Merit winners in categories including single-family, multifamily, and custom residential.

Fans Choose Top Design Trends for 2018
HGTV displays the top design trends chosen by HGTV viewers as favorites for 2018.

One Thing is Changing the Future of Single Family Home Spaces
Best in American Living says how you live depends on what you want and need. And the demands of our families continue to change single-family homes. So, what are we doing as families, and how is the future of the single-family home changing to adapt? We’re getting outside.

Five Questions to Ask Clients Before Adding a Wine Cellar
Custom Home Magazine discusses which kind of wine storage is best suited for your project.

6 Noteworthy Multifamily Projects
Building Design + Construction describes how six recently completed projects represent some of the newest trends in multifamily housing.

Top 4 Multifamily Interior Design Trends
Multi Housing News says with the increase in home decor/renovation shows and influencers on social media, more people are being exposed to high-end design, which is what they are expecting in multifamily communities.

Canadian BIM Education Update
The goal of the buildingSMART Canada CanBIM Education Committee is to provide a national and international benchmark for openBIM training.


What Are Industry Members Saying About BC Building Info?

Rick Fearn, President of Fab-Form Industries says: “Keep up the great info-sourcing work”

Please feel free to let others know about BC Building Info.

4. Codes Standards & Regulations

Best Practice Alcohol & Drug Policy
Construction Owners Association of Alberta new Best Practice Alcohol and Drug Policy can be adopted and followed by stakeholders in the Canadian construction, maintenance and oil and gas industries. The purpose of the Canadian Model is to ensure a safe workplace for all workers by reducing the risks associated with the inappropriate use of alcohol and drugs.

Onsite Sewerage Systems Guidelines for Engineers
Engineers and Geoscientists BC has updated its Professional Practice Guidelines for Onsite Sewerage Systems. The guidelines provide guidance on professional practice for Engineering/Geoscience Professionals who are qualified to design or advise on Onsite Sewerage Systems under the Sewerage System Regulation. (PDF)

Products Outside the Scope of NAFS
RDH Building Science says Canadian building codes make a clear distinction between products that are within the scope of NAFS, which can demonstrate compliance with air-water-structural requirements on the basis of NAFS testing, and products that are outside the scope of NAFS. What are the products outside the scope of NAFS, and what does the Code expect us to do with them?

State of BC Safety 2017 Report
Technical Safety BC has released its State of Safety 2017 Report. The interactive, online document provides an overview of incidents and injuries related to technical equipment observed over the previous year, and the organization’s efforts to understand and manage safety risk.

BC Municipal Red Tape Report
Canadian Federation of Independent Business report, Red Tape Detective: How Hard is it to Start a Business in BC analyzes the processes and customer service to assist prospective businesses in 20 municipalities across the province.

Politics, Social Policy Overshadow Safety, Affordability in Code
Victoria Residential Builders Association says building code regulations are changing from a focus on safety & affordability to politics and social policy, boosting the cost of new housing.

Is Regulation or Improved Training the Answer to Renovation Industry Woes?
Canadian Contractor says home renovation is largely unstructured in Canada. That might be a problem

Professional Reliance Review Provides Solutions Looking for Problem
Business Council of British Columbia says the Professional Reliance Review Report, despite the facts contained within it, confuses regulatory capacity within government with the role that independent, qualified professionals play in project design, business operations and the protection of the environment.

5. Building Science & Technology

How Heat Moves Through Solids
Oak Ridge National Laboratory supports a century-old theory by Albert Einstein that explains how heat moves through everything from travel mugs to engine parts.

Advanced Detailing Techniques for Building Enclosures
WoodWorks online slide show presentation Advanced Detailing Techniques for Building Enclosures describes building enclosure design fundamentals and considerations, and best practices with references from technical guidelines and case studies. Critical detail interfaces between different enclosure assemblies (i.e., walls, roofs, balconies, windows, foundations) are reviewed with a focus on continuity of critical barriers. (PDF)

Envelope is Critical Factor in Green Buildings
Sustainable Biz Canada says a conference presentation showed the envelope is becoming more and more important as we push things like net zero carbons, net zero energy, passive housing, et cetera. The envelope is connected to every other aspect of a green building, including orientation and configuration, site design, materials and finishing, ventilation, heating and cooling, and lighting and power.

Wall Insulation Systems That Can Provide Affordable Retrofits
Cold Climate Housing Research Center project Safe Effective & Affordable Retrofits looked at insulation options that could serve as an alternative for exterior foam board, using the Mobile Test Lab to evaluate several wall configurations for moisture performance. It found that vapor permeable exterior insulations offer an affordable alternative to foam retrofits. (PDF)

Roots of Radiant Heating
Heating Help online video describes the history of radiant heating, which is as old as the Romans. They're very economical and their effect is similar to what we feel on a cold day when we stand in bright sunshine, or when we wait outside under a radiant heater for the valet to bring our car. Dan Holohan is a masterful storyteller who combines learning and entertainment in delightful ways. And there's even some rock-and-roll in this one!

Do I Really Need to Heat the Basement?
Green Building Advisor discusses a recommendation to a homeowner that the heating system be extended to include the basement.

Future of Home Heating in Ontario
Advanced Energy Centre online report Future of Home Heating compares the economic, electrical demand and GHG-reducing performance of different electrification options, all using air source heat pumps in both retrofit and new homes. This report is intended to inform discussion on how to decarbonize residential gas heating across the province and is based on Ontario averages and archetype homes. (PDF)

Data Dictionary of Building Objects & Attributes
Building Smart online Data Dictionary is a library of objects and their attributes. It is used to identify objects in the built environment and their specific properties regardless of language, so that "door" means the same thing in Iceland as it does in India.

6. Building Performance Issues

Good HVAC Design Is 99% Invisible
Energy Vanguard says a lot goes into a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems design. Yes, looks matter. But so do comfort, noise, vibration, and more.

Update on Residential Ventilation Debate
Energy Vanguard provides an update on what he calls The Great Ventilation Debate, when Joe Lstiburek was battling the ASHRAE 62.2 residential ventilation committee.

Salvage Solutions
Fine Homebuilding says reclaimed materials play an increasingly visible role in residential architecture and interior design.

Avoiding Mass Failures
Building Science describes how to insulate mass buildings on the interior and not get into trouble.

Bending Force of Wood in Resilient Design
Hive article features experts in wood design sharing how its attributes make for a resilient product.

Fire Separation Wall Interface
BC Housing online guide Considerations for Detailing the Closure Penetration and Gypsum Fire Separation Wall Interface recommends considerations when designing the interface between a fire door (closure penetration) in proprietary gypsum separation walls.

Drainage & Heat Loss of Different Inverted Roof Assemblies
Morrison Hershfield report Drainage Capabilities and Heat Loss of Different Inverted Roof Assemblies describes the impact of cold rain events on the effective thermal performance of inverted roofs in an effort to develop best practice inverted roofs design guidelines.

Guide to Home Warranty Insurance In BC
BC Housing online Guide to Home Warranty Insurance in British Columbia provides prospective new home buyers and owners of new homes with information on home warranty insurance in B.C. (PDF)

7. Green Building & Energy Efficiency

2018 Canada Green Building Leadership Award Winners
Canada Green Building Council lists their 2018 Leadership and Green Building Excellence Award recipients. The awards recognize individuals and organizations that show outstanding leadership in the industry, and those who have made a significant contribution to the CaGBC mission and goals in advancing green building in Canada.

Workshop on Building Envelope, Heating Systems, HRVs
Built Green on-site workshop on building envelope, heating systems, and HRVs will be held in Courtenay on July 17th.

$700 Limited-Time Rebate for Natural Gas Wall Furnaces
FortisBC is offering a $700 limited-time rebate for natural gas wall furnaces, if you purchase and install a new unit before December 31, 2018.

Vancouver Zero Emissions Buildings Bylaws & Guidelines
City of Vancouver is advancing the education and support for zero emissions building construction. It is moving forward with: Amendments to bylaws, policies, and guidelines to incorporate zero emission building related rules; Policies and guidelines to remove barriers and facilitate the development of zero emission buildings.

Realizing the Net-Zero Opportunity & Affordability
Green Building Advisor says a panel of experts who convened at the 2018 Getting to Zero National Forum posited that NZE residences can — and should — create the greatest benefits to the populations who we perceive can afford them the least. And, if the NZE industry is going to be successful in the long run, social equity needs to be central to how municipalities, planners, designers, engineers, and financiers develop solutions that enable underserved populations to access NZE residences.

11 Benchmarks for Resilient Homes & Communities
Builder Magazine lists some home construction standards that help prevent losses and promote recovery from hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, and more.

Solution Center & Standard Work Specifications for Existing Homes
US Department of Energy online slide show from this Building America webinar, Technical Resources at Your Fingertips, describes the Building America Solution Center and Standard Work Specifications Guidance for Existing Homes.

Presentations on Energy & Technology from Globe Forum
Globe Series online videos from the Energy and Technology track at the GLOBE Forum 2018 cover technological, financial, political, social, and economic changes that will accelerate a clean energy future.

8. Building Products & Suppliers

Drywall Duty Dispute Much More Than Mere Inches
Journal of Commerce says the Canada Border Services Agency announced on July 21 it is launching an investigation into whether some 54-inch gypsum board originating in or exported from the United States for consumption in Western Canada is being sold at unfair prices or dumped in Canada.

All About Fasteners, Anchoring to Concrete
Canadian Contractor online video with GRK Fasteners technical expert Gustavo Angola explains the 3 main types of concrete anchors: Adhesive anchors, Screw anchors and Expansion anchors.

Concrete Countertop Color Options
Concrete Network says when it comes to color options, concrete offers nearly limitless possibilities. Shades of white, gray, brown, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, black and more can be created.

Does an Electric Tankless Water Heater Make Sense?
Green Building Advisor discuses whether or not a vacation home that gets only intermittent use but needs lot of hot water once in a while, is a good candidate for an electric tankless DHW system.

Past, Present, Future of Structural Wood in Canada
Journal Of Commerce says new and creative ways of making and using structural wood mean the material is becoming familiar even to observers from outside the construction industry.

Safety Vest Integrates LED Lighting & GPS Tracking
Engineering News-Record says the VisionVest looks at first glance like an ordinary safety vest, but it features built-in LED strips and a GPS tracking unit.

Kingspan Kooltherm Phenolic Foam Rigid Insulation
Green Building Advisor describes a deep-energy-retrofit project that uses Kooltherm as part of a high-performance attic insulation system.

Noise-Canceling Windows Soften Sounds of the City
Inspired by the kind of noise-canceling tech used in headphones, researchers have developed a window-based system that can actively cut noise coming from outside.

9. Installation Procedures

Hybrid Timber Framing
Fine Homebuilding describes a process that blends both traditional and modern tools, giving a timber-frame look at a more efficient pace. (PDF)

How To Stamp Concrete
Concrete Network provides a step-by-step overview of the concrete stamping process along with tips for achieving the best results.

Prevent Pneumatic Nailer Blowouts When Installing Trim
Fine Homebuilding online video shows how to prevent pneumatic nailer blowouts when installing trim.

How Much Baseboard Is Too Much?
Heating Help discusses issues and considerations for properly sizing hot water baseboards.

Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems & Radiant Heating
HPAC Magazine describes a low-ambient air-to-water heat pump combined with a low temperature radiant panel distribution system.

Secrets to Smoother Drywall
Fine Homebuilding says dead-flat walls aren’t just about taping; they start with careful planning, smart staging, and solid installation strategies.

Sealing Duct Boots to Floor or Drywall
US Department of Energy describes issues and considerations for sealing connections between grilles, registers and ducts at ceilings, floors or knee walls that typically leak where the boot does not seal tightly to the grille or gypsum board.

Retrofitting Furnace PSC Motors with ECMs
ACHR News describes how replacing PSC motors with ECMs can boost bottom line and improve customer comfort.

10. Information Sources

Construction & Silicosis, What You Need to Know
Construction Canada says according to the International Labour Organization, an estimated 160 million people suffer from work-related diseases, with some two million dying annually as a result. About eight per cent of these occupational disease deaths can be directly attributed to respiratory complications, namely chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders, asbestos-related diseases, pneumoconiosis, and silicosis.

Cannabis in the Workplace
Conference Board of Canada provides information and resources on cannabis in the workplace.

Earnings by Field of Study & Education Level
Business Council of BC says the most recent Canadian Census data sheds useful light on labour market outcomes by level of educational attainment and cumulative earnings across fields of postsecondary study. It turns out that income, on average, can be linked to area of study. But not all postsecondary credentials are created equal, at least when we look at the pattern of life-time earnings.

Long-Term Downward Trend in BC Unionization Rates
Business Council of BC says the proportion of unionized employees in BC has trended lower since 1983 and has persisted through multiple business cycles and several changes in government. In the early 1980s, amid heightened levels of labour strife, the unionization rate increased by five percentage points, but since then it has fallen more or less steadily.

Annual Review of Canadian Labour Market
Statistics Canada online Annual Review of Labour Market, 2017 analyses the Canadian labour market in 2017 using a combination of major indicators from the Labour Force Survey; the Survey of Employment, Payrolls and Hours; the Job Vacancy and Wage Survey; and Employment Insurance statistics. The focus is on national trends, as well as on key provincial and industrial sector changes.

Six Best Practices for Managing Your Remodeling Business Cash Flow
Remodeling magazine says you should implement these tips to build a financially stable company that could thrive.

Google AdWords vs Facebook Advertising
Remodelers Advantage says remodelers are wondering whether to invest in Facebook or Google AdWords. The answer could be to invest in both.

What Maintenance Agreements Will Do for Your Company
IE3 says a well-run Maintenance Agreement Program can become your most reliable income stream.

11. Conferences & Shows

Electric Vehicle Technical Showcase
ElectraFest 2018 will be held in Vancouver on August 18th. This electric mobility and related sustainable tech showcase brings together dealerships, manufacturers, vendors, and installers to exhibit their products and services.

BC Energy Connections 2018
BC Sustainable Energy Association conference Energy Connections 2018 will be held in Burnaby on September 18th. It will bring together citizens, industry, government and academics to discuss the latest innovations and issues in sustainable energy.

US Solar Industry Conference
Solar Power International, the annual US solar industry conference and trade show will be held in Anaheim, September 24-27.

12. Education & Training

BC Builders Education Summit
CHBA BC presents their Builders Education Summit in Vancouver, September 24-26. You can receive up to 22.5 CPD credits over 3 days.

Responsibilities of Joint Health & Safety Committees
Construction Industry Training Network course Responsibilities of Joint Health & Safety Committees will be presented in Burnaby on July 19th. All new joint committee members selected on or after April 3, 2017 must receive eight hours of training. This course will help participants fulfill the new requirement.

IG Fabricator Forensic Investigations
Insulated Glass Manufacturers Association course IG Fabricator Forensic Investigations will be presented in Vancouver on August 2nd. This event features a hands-on tool kit to determine failure modes starting from the basic visual inspection to destructive analysis of the unit. Participants will rotate through 6 workstations with specific failure modes and learn how to detect and remediate them.

RDH Building Science to Conduct Educational Needs Assessment
RDH Building Science has been retained by VRCA to conduct a construction industry education needs assessment. They will research construction industry education best practices, survey current course offerings from VRCA and others associations, and consult with VRCA members, policymakers and key stakeholders in order to establish an optimal suite of educational offerings, structures and delivery formats.

Moving Credentialing Forward
Credential Engine has released a first-of-its-kind centralized credential data platform, the Credential Registry, as well as a common credentialing language to create credential comparability both in the Credential Registry and on the Web, and a free prototype search app called Credential Finder, to search for information.

HVAC is Fast Growing Career Opportunity
Home Energy Pros Forum says if you are looking to make a career change or commitment this year, consider a fast growing, high reward job in the trades!

Training For HVAC Techs, By HVAC Techs
HVAC School provides online training for HVAC Techs, including podcasts, videos, quizzes, tech tips, partners and products.

Online Course on HVAC for Office & Sales Staff
Air Conditioning Contractors of America Association online course HVAC for Office & Sales Staff explains the basics of HVAC equipment, the importance of the HVAC contracting industry, and the role of each employee in running a successful contracting company.


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