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April 16, 2019


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Here is another special BC Building Info issue on green building and energy efficiency.

The regular BC Building Info newsletter covering all industry topics will come your way in a few weeks as usual. Hope you find at least a wee bit of value here somewhere.

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BC Research & Education Project Highlights
BC Housing describes the wide range of projects recently completed or underway through the BC Housing Research Centre including best practice guides, research reports, case studies, bulletins and videos.

1. Industry Issues, Forecasts & Trends

Jayman BUILT 1st Large Builder in Alberta to Install Solar in Every New Home
Global News says Jayman BUILT is positioning itself as the first large builder in Alberta to include solar panels in every new single-family home it builds. The home builder is installing solar panels on the roofs of an estimated 750 homes a year across Alberta.

Top Green Features Home Buyers Really Want
US National Association of Home Builders survey What Home Buyers Really Want, asked recent and prospective home buyers about the features they would like in a home or community. Nine of the top 10 items are directly related to energy efficiency.

How Much Buyers Are Willing to Pay for Energy Efficiency
US National Association of Home Builders says on average home buyers are willing to pay an additional $8,728 upfront on a home in order to save $1,000 a year in utility bills.

Business Case for Living Buildings in 2019
GreenBiz says the Living Building Challenge was launched in 2006 with an exciting and incredibly audacious question: Is it possible to upend the design and construction paradigm to design and create buildings that function as elegantly and beautifully as anything found in the natural world?

Mobilizing Building Adaptation & Resilience
Mobilizing Building Adaptation and Resilience is a multi-year, multi-stakeholder knowledge and capacity building project led by BC Housing, with participation and contribution from over 30 organizations, including national, provincial, and local agencies; and industry partners. Through facilitating and piloting sustainable and resilient design and renovation of buildings, the MBAR project aims to stabilize communities in a natural disaster.

Meet the Women of Energy Efficiency
In celebration of Women’s History Month in March, the Institute for Market Transformation spoke with women who are leading the way in the energy efficiency industry.

Magic Bullet Carbon Solution Takes Big Step
BBC News says a technology that removes carbon dioxide from the air has received significant backing from major fossil fuel companies. British Columbia-based Carbon Engineering has shown that it can extract CO2 in a cost-effective way.

Fabricated Climate Crises, Scary Camp Fire Stories
Watts Up With That says several politicians and a few scientists tell us we are facing a climate crisis. They warn if we do not act now, we’ll leave our children an uninhabitable world. Naturally nobody wants that. But throughout history, the public has been bamboozled by various “end of the world” stories.

2. Business Management

Using Change Model to Better Gauge Customer Readiness for Change
Small Planet Supply says if you’re an architect or a high-performance builder, you may not think that you have much in common with behavioral health professionals, but in certain cases you’re doing the same work that they do: getting people to change their behavior.

Google’s Recent Changes for Service Area Businesses
Energy Circle says if you’re a contractor you likely understand the frustrations of trying to beat out local competition on Google. Thanks to Google’s proximity bias, it can be tough to rank as a contractor even in cities that are next door to the one your office is located in. That said, there are changes on the horizon designed especially for service area businesses — ones which we hope will help businesses like yours rank better in local searches for the services you offer.

Effective Home Energy Audit Reports
ACEEE says not all home energy audit reports are created equal. A few well-designed elements can really help clients understand an assessor’s findings and recommendations. This fact sheet presents some of the best designs and practices that help customers better understand an assessor’s findings and recommendations. (PDF)

Superior Ways to Keep Your Clients in Hot Water
Heating Help says when experienced plumbers get jobs because they offer substantial benefits rather than the lowest price, they gain long-term, trusting clients and business from their friends, as well.

How Small & Medium Businesses Can Conserve Energy describes some small business energy conservation tips, and long-term strategies on how to get employees involved.

BC Carbon Tax, Relative to Other Regions
Business Council of BC says with the carbon tax set to hit $40 per tonne April 1, we are among the highest of regions, ranging from 38-140% higher than many competitors.

Carbon Pricing in Alberta
Fraser Institute says although there is justifiable concern over the potential harms from climate change, policy makers and the public should also be aware of the economic consequences of carbon pricing.

Carbon Tax Plans & How They Compare
Inside Climate News describes two carbon tax plans gaining traction would both put a price on fossil fuel pollution and send revenue back to taxpayers as dividends. Only one has big oil companies on board.

3. Building Design & Trends

Recipients of the 2019 Landscaping Awards of Excellence
Canadian Society of Landscape Architects describes recipients of their 2019 Awards of Excellence that demonstrate, more and more, landscape architects are leading sustainability by promoting a broad vision of our environment and being key players in planning our cities. (PDF)

Symons Gate Passive Haus
Brookfield Residential has opened the doors to the first passive house built by a major Alberta builder. While it appears to be a typical home, at 2,500 sq. ft., with three bedrooms and two baths, it is anything but typical. It has no furnace and uses 90 percent less energy than the typical home.

Passive House Standard Requirements & Benefits
Passive House Canada online brochure educates government, industry professionals, and end-users in the Passive House Standard requirements and benefits. (PDF)

Passive House Courses & Training Offerings
This online Education Brochure provides industry professionals with outlines for courses and training offered through Passive House Canada. (PDF)

All-Electric Buildings Can Work in Cold Climates
Green Building Advisor says deep efficiency combined with photovoltaic panels can drastically improve the economics of electrification.

Rammed Earth Construction
Fine Homebuilding says one of Ontario’s first insulated rammed earth homes is a testament to attributes of that construction method.

Inquire Within, Realizing Regenerative Design
BuildingGreen says the book Becoming a Regenerative Practitioner: A Field Guide, describes self-actualizing as being about realizing the potential of one’s true self to create and manifest benefit through one’s work in the world. In addition to self-actualizing, the guide identifies four other practice areas that a regenerative practitioner needs.

4. Codes Standards & Regulations

Code Change Revisions in BC Codes 2018
BC Government lists the code change revisions included in the BC Building Code 2018 and the BC Plumbing Code 2018. (PDF)

Summary of BC Fenestration Industry Panel Discussion on Codes
Fenestration Association of BC summarizes their recent Code Talkers panel discussion around code interpretation and compliance issues facing western Canada’s building envelope industry. (PDF)

Now Free Access to Canadian National Codes
National Research Council now offers free access to Codes Canada publications. Electronic and downloadable editions of the National Building Code, the National Fire Code, the National Plumbing Code, and the National Energy Code for Buildings, as well as the provincial codes published by the National Research Council, are free of charge.

Canadian Energy Code Development for Existing Buildings
Canadian National Research Council and its partners have made some significant developments on the subject of energy code development for existing buildings.

Summary of Pesticide Regulations Across Canada
BC Landscape & Nursery Association says since 2001 over 180 Canadian municipalities have passed pesticide regulations, leading to a number of Provinces enacting blanket provincial bans. (PDF)

Change to Compliance of Furnace Fan Energy Ratings
NRCan is no longer proposing a prescriptive path for demonstrating compliance to the standards for fan energy rating for gas, oil-fired and electric furnaces.

Possible Rollback of US Light Bulb Standards
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy says the Department of Energy’s has announced they may rescind the expansion of energy efficiency standards for light bulbs.

Public Review of Technical Standards for Heating Professional
Building Performance Institute announced that BPI-3301-S-201x Technical Standards for the Heating Professional has been revised and is now available for public comment for a period of 30 days ending May 8, 2019. The standard provides minimum criteria for measuring and verifying performance of fossil fuel-based heating systems; optimizing operation and maintenance of these heating systems; and addressing their interaction with other building systems, from a building science perspective. This standard also provides the minimum criteria for worker and occupant safety with respect to carbon monoxide and combustible gases. (PDF)

5. Building Science & Technology

Fire Safety Planning for BC Construction & Demolition Sites
BC government updated bulletin Fire Safety Planning for Construction and Demolition Sites provides the construction and demolition industry with an easy to follow checklist to assist them in meeting the fire safety requirements of British Columbia’s Building and Fire Codes.

7 Minutes of Building Science on Dew Point
ProTradeCraft podcast says dew point differs from relative humidity in that it measures exactly how much vapor is present. With Relative humidity, it's all relative.

Difference Between Vapour Barrier & Vapour Retarder
Canadian Contractor says there appears to be confusion between the terms vapour barrier (VB) and vapour retarder (VR). The term vapour barrier should be reserved to referencing a barrier that essentially does not allow water vapour to pass, and is designated as vapour impermeable. In contrast, a vapour retarder should be used to describe a barrier that has some level of vapour permeance.

Air Barriers Are Essential for Modern, High-Performance Home
Fine Homebuilding says controlling air movement through the walls and ceilings is a key step toward comfort, energy efficiency, and building durability.

Heat Recovery Ventilation
Cold Climate Housing Research Center says Heat Recovery Ventilators are the best way to provide balanced, continuous ventilation to the entire house while conserving energy in a cold climate. This article provides an overview of the purpose of HRVs as well as the different types, modes, efficiencies, and cost. (PDF)

Energy Recovery Ventilation Operation in Winter
Construction Instruction online animation shows how an energy recovery ventilation system works in winter time.

Online Guides on Keeping the Heat In
Natural Resources Canada is testing their new online format of the Keeping the Heat In guides.

Guidelines for Home Energy Professionals
US Department of Energy online Guidelines for Home Energy Professionals includes Standard Work Specifications for Home Energy Upgrades, Home Energy Professional certifications, and accreditation of energy-efficiency training programs.

6. Building Performance Issues

Stelpro Design & Uniwatt Construction Heaters Recalled
Health Canada recall concerns 4,800 watt construction heaters manufactured by Stelpro Design and Uniwatt. The heaters were manufactured between January 2000 and April 2009. The heating elements of the construction heaters may be defective, posing an electrical arcing and fire hazard.

Chromalox, Centurion, Electromode, Westcan & Dimplex Construction Heaters Recalled
Health Canada has recalled electric construction heaters sold under the Chromalox, Centurion, Electromode, Westcan and Dimplex brands. The affected units are 240 Volt, 4800 Watt, with a 30 Amp plug.

Recall of Ouellet Heating Appliances
Health Canada recall covers portable and permanent heating appliances manufactured by Ouellet, Global Commander and Electrimart. This notice concerns 4,800 and 5,000 watt appliances manufactured before April 2016. The heating elements of the portable and permanent heating appliances may be defective, posing an electrical arcing and fire hazard.

Research into Radon Control in Canadian Homes
National Research Council of Canada and Health Canada National Radon Program have been working on a multi-year study to develop safe and cost-effective solutions to minimize the health risks from radon gas exposure in Canadian homes and to provide guidance for radon prevention and mitigation.

Water Mitigation Strategies
Passive Buildings Canada online video describes how water mitigation strategies must operate in an honest way.

Health Benefits of Residential Retrofits
Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance online slide show presentation describes three projects related to capturing the value of non-energy & health benefits of residential retrofits. (Power Point)

Impact of Energy Disclosures on Home Sales
Green Building Advisor says a study of Chicago home sales showed higher prices when energy costs are part of the listing, but researchers wonder if the results will be the same in a hot market.

7. Products & Suppliers

6 Reasons to Invest in Green Roofs
NAHB says a green roof — also known as a living roof, eco-roof, vegetated roof and rooftop garden — has economic and environmental benefits that can offset its initial cost and required maintenance.

3D Printer Will Produce Homes in Saudi Arabia
Digital Trends says a new 3-D printer that is roughly the size of a small barn, is designed for construction purposes. It is capable of printing entire buildings up to 40 feet wide, 90 feet long and 30 feet high.

Green Tech & Rare Earth Elements
Green Building Advisor says solar and wind energy and electric vehicles depend on rare earth elements. Here's how to source them sustainably.

Solar Panels Produce More Energy Than They Consume
Earth Techling says new research from Stanford University further confirms that the energy produced by solar panels far outweighs the energy needed to manufacture and install them, though the picture isn’t quite as rosy when you throw solar batteries into the mix.

Replacing That Old Refrigerator
Dovetail report Replacing That Old Refrigerator: A Bigger Decision than You Think, says in general if a refrigerator is older than 10-11 years, it is better from an environmental perspective to recycle and replace it with a new unit.

100 km/h Electric Scooters with Removable Wheeled Batteries
Silence's 100 km/h electric scooters with removable wheeled batteries are expanding across Europe.

New Shrouded Micro Wind Turbines
Markets Insider says Halo Energy has begun manufacturing shrouded micro wind turbines measuring 12 feet in diameter, that generate twice as much power as a similarly sized conventional open-blade design.

Why Offshore Wind Industry Is About to Take Off
Green Building Advisor says as nuclear and coal plants close market forces are helping wind gain strength.

8. Installation & Procedures

Advanced vs Traditional Framing
Fine Homebuilding online video explains the differences between Traditional Framing and Practical Advanced Framing. Hopefully this will get a few of the old guard off the fence and give Advanced Framing techniques a fresh look.

Tools of Trade for Building Diagnostics
Building Science online slide show presentation describes various tools of the trade for building diagnostics, along with tips on how to make decisions based on diagnostics results. (PDF)

Insulating a Double-Stud Wall with Cellulose
Green Building Advisor says the double-stud wall assembly looks like the best value, but questions remain about how to get all that cellulose insulation blown in.

Waterproof Your Windows with Liquid Flashing
Fine Homebuilding describes how to install liquid-applied flashing to thoroughly seal a rough opening while also leaving a path for water to escape when it does get in.

Two Ways to Change Heat Pump Balance Point
Energy Vanguard describes two factors that can affect the heat pump balance point.

Something to Watch for When Replacing a Thermostat
HVAC School says when you find yourself in a position where you are going to replace a fancy thermostat with a simple one, you need to make sure the the new thermostat can do the job the old one did before you quote, an option that gets overlooked in matching up is dehumidification.

Replace Damaged Board Floor Sheathing
Fine Homebuilding describes how to tie in a new plywood subfloor after cutting old tongue-and-groove boards back to the wall.

9. Fuels, Energy & Transportation

One Way to Fix the Duck Curve
Green Building Advisor says Mandalay Homes is using a zero-energy, grid-integrated neighborhood to correct an imbalance that is bugging grid operators.

DC-Coupled Solar-Plus-Storage Systems Are Gaining Ground
Greentech Media says DC-coupled solar-plus-storage is becoming increasingly common for front-of-meter applications and will likely come to dominate the residential market.

Electric Vehicle Range Could Skyrocket with High-Density Battery
Earth Techling says Swiss battery maker Innolith has developed a rechargeable battery that could extend electric vehicle range to 1,000+ kilometers (or 620 miles) – about twice as far as the best EVs today.

Tesla Owners Suffer Through Polar Vortex
EarthTechling says below freezing temperatures means EV owners are suffering huge drops in their vehicles’ range.

Big Batteries, Not New Power Plants
Green Building Advisor says increasing energy storage on the grid will help stretch electricity generating capacity.

Utilities Starting to Invest in Big Batteries
The Conversation believes that utilities should prepare for the advent of cheap grid-scale batteries and develop flexible, long-term plans that will save consumers money.

Virtual Power Plant Snags Contract
One Step Off The Grid says Sunrun last week became the first company to win a contract to supply capacity to a wholesale power market from a virtual power plant, solar energy and storage aggregated from homes.

Global Energy Demand Rose by 2.3% in 2018, Fastest in Last Decade
International Energy Agency says worldwide energy demand surged 2.3% last year, driven by a strong global economy and the rise in heating and cooling load.

10. Information Sources

BC Statistics on Energy-Saving Lights
BC Stats says almost 9 out of 10 (86%) British Columbian households reported using at least one type of energy-saving light in 2017.

Use of Energy-Saving Lights, Canada & Provinces
Statistics Canada online database shows the amount of use of energy-saving lights in Canada and the provinces.

Vancouver Green Buildings Market Research
Vancouver Economic Commission has launched the Green Building Market Forecast, a report quantifying the potential economic impact of the BC Energy Step Code in Metro Vancouver.

Energy Efficiency Trends in Canada 1990 To 2015
Natural Resources Canada report Energy Efficiency Trends In Canada 1990 To 2015 tracks trends in energy efficiency and delivers on Canada's commitment to provide a comprehensive summary of secondary energy use and related greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.

Online Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator
NRCan online Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator helps to translate abstract measurements of GHG emissions into concrete terms, such as emissions from cars or households.

Seven Essential Books on Energy & Climate Change
Medium says these books will give you insight into energy and climate change as well as clear steps that can be taken to address them.

Clean Energy Review
Clean Energy Review is a free Canadian newsletter that brings you clean energy news and analysis.

Climate Science & Policy Debates
The Climate Discussion Nexus is a group of concerned Canadians who believe more information about climate science and policy debates will lead to better decisions.

Information on Meteorological & Climatologically Issues
Climate4you objective is to provide information on meteorological and climatologically issues of general and specific interest.

11. Conferences & Shows

2019 Solar Canada Conference & Exposition
Solar Canada 2019 conference and trade show will be held in Calgary, May 8-9. The program covers industry trends, policies, opportunities, and other developments that will affect the energy market.

ABM Indigenous West in Penticton
Advanced Business Match presents ABM Indigenous West in Penticton, May 13-15. It is about connecting communities and companies with complementing goals, supporting economic diversification and innovation while providing opportunities to form partnerships that result in new ventures, stronger market presence and a sharper competitive edge.

Building Lasting Change Conference 2019
Canada Green Building Council and World Green Building Council conference Building Lasting Change 2019: Striking a balance between carbon reduction, health and resilience, will be held in Vancouver, May 28-30. Participants will have access to knowledge and insights from Canadian and global experts in green building design and retrofits, government policy, real estate finance, market transformation and technology innovation.

Habitat X Summer National Conference
Habitat X 2019 Summer National Conference will be held in Montana June 12-14. These conferences have become a reliable point of connection for professionals from across all sectors of the energy and housing industries, as they offer an adaptable and productive venue in which thought leaders and decision makers create real working solutions for their organizations.

12. Education & Training

LEED IAQ Management and Erosion & Sediment Control
VRCA seminar LEED IAQ Management and Erosion & Sediment Control, will be held in Vancouver on April 25th. This half-day seminar will develop your understanding of LEED indoor air quality and erosion and sediment control.

Passive House Design & Construction in Vancouver
Passive House Design and Construction is a four-day course that will be held in Vancouver, April 29 - May 2. It covers the technical, economic and policy elements of Passive House buildings. Participants will learn how to apply Passive House principles in the context of building physics, windows and mechanical systems.

Solar Panel Installation Training in BC
Stardust Solar is hosting solar installation training in several areas of BC. They cover how to design a system, procure the correct parts, mount the solar array, optimize the system for maximum yield, connect the modules in a circuit, and start producing clean energy.

Women in Renewable Energy Networking Event
Women in Renewable Energy networking event will be held in Vancouver, May 9th. WiRE meet-ups present a welcoming and casual opportunity to meet peers, share ideas and opportunities, and educate colleagues about projects and initiatives of interest to the group. All women working in a field related to renewable energy are invited, as are students and developing professionals who are looking for perspectives on joining the renewable energy sector.

Passive House Technical Group Meeting
Passive House Canada is holding the bi-monthly Passive House Technical Group in Vancouver on May 15th. Formerly known as the PHPP User's Group, this event will feature deeper dives into a broader range of Passive House topics and various energy modelling software.

Building Smart with Insulating Walls & Roofs
BC Housing seminar Building Smart with Insulating Walls & Roofs will be presented on May 16th. It will cover methods for building higher R-value assemblies and provide attendees with the information necessary to meet increasingly stringent energy code requirements. It will focus on wood-frame assemblies for low-rise detached and semi-detached homes, row-houses/townhomes, and multi-unit residential buildings up to six storeys.

A Holistic Approach Towards Improved Air Tightness
Homebuilders Association Vancouver presents the hands-on, interactive, full-day workshop A Holistic Approach Towards Improved Air Tightness, on May 23. It provides builders with a holistic perspective of the overall performance of the building envelope in terms of air tightness. Supported by a wide range of mobile building envelope assemblies, attendees will see various method of improving air tightness of wood, concrete, and steel-framed buildings, as well as how the presented methods impact on moisture management, energy efficiency, and thermal comfort.

Online Course on Net Zero Homes & Green Infrastructure
Home Builders Association of Vancouver offers this online Course on Net Zero Homes & Green Infrastructure. It takes a deep look at NetZero homes and performance pathways to build a home that leads by today's standards, and examines existing and emerging opportunities and requirements for green infrastructure in Metro Vancouver. After an overview of green roof performance for coastal BC, other forms of green infrastructure are introduced and how their integration can produce zero-discharge, low impact developments.

Net Zero Webinars
CHBA offers several webinars each year on a variety of topics focused on aspects of how to achieve Net Zero. Each webinar is usually one hour long with approximately 45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of question and answer at the end.

13. Costs & Savings

BC Step Code Creates Higher Costs in Some Municipalities
Victoria Residential Builders Association says at a National Building Code meeting last week, a presentation by Natural Resources Canada revealed the BC Step Code metrics and targets result in higher costs to build in some municipalities over others despite having similar climates.

Heat Metering Technology Gains Traction
HPAC Magazine says heat metering represents a significant and broad emerging market in North America. It is a niche that is ideally suited to those working with hydronic heating and cooling systems.

Now, Even in Canada Unsubsidised Solar Beats Fossil Fuels
Renew Economy says German energy giant Innogy has finalised plans to build two solar farms in Canada that will be built without subsidies, highlighting the potential and growth of the global solar industry over the last few years.

Renewables Cost Less & Are as Reliable as Fossil Fuel Generation
Microgrid Knowledge says new reports by Energy Innovation Policy and Technology and the Rocky Mountain Institute lay out the argument that renewables can cost less than fossil fuel generation, and are as reliable, especially when they are coupled with a suite of distributed energy resources (DERs), such as virtual power plants and demand response.

Levelized Cost of Energy for Lithium-Ion Batteries Is Plummeting
Greentech Media says there has been a 35% decline in the Levelized Cost of Energy of lithium-ion batteries in the short time from the first half of 2018 to today - to US$187/MWh. Technology innovation, economies of scale, stiff price competition and manufacturing experience are the main reasons for making it possible.

14. Incentives, Financing & Programs

FortisBC Increases Energy Efficiency Initiatives
FortisBC is doubling down on conservation programs and tripling incentive spending over four years.

Furnace & Boiler Rebates for Income Qualified Customers
Income-qualified customers who replace their old natural gas furnace or boiler with an eligible Energy Star model could qualify for up to a $3,000 rebate on a furnace, or a $2,000 rebate on a boiler.

FortisBC 2019-2022 DSM Expenditure Schedule
BC Sustainable Energy Association says the BC Utilities Commission has accepted FortisBC Inc.'s 2019-2022 demand-side management expenditure schedule. The DSM budget is for $44-million over the four-year period.

Indigenous Intern Leadership Program
Indigenous Intern Leadership Program is a joint initiative of the Business Council of BC, the BC Assembly of First Nations and Vancouver Island University. Indigenous graduates from the twenty five post-secondary institutions in BC are encouraged to apply for meaningful work through internship positions that match their skills and professional interests.

After School Program Gives Kids Taste of Trades
Construct Connect says a rural municipality in southwestern Ontario has taken an unusual step to deal with the growing shortage of skilled trades. Strathroy-Caradoc is running an eight-week after school program in carpentry (and other trades) for elementary school students aged nine to 13. The aim is to give the kids a taste of the trades, with hopes some of them will see it as a career option someday.

PACE Financing is Saving Serious Energy
ACEEE says property assessed clean energy (PACE), a popular, long-term financing tool for energy and water conservation projects, has grown quickly in recent years across the United States.

Outstanding US Utility Energy Efficiency Programs
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy honored 53 of the United States’ leading energy efficiency programs with the Exemplary Program Award. They selected these programs based on their innovation and effectiveness in helping customers increase energy efficiency in their homes and businesses.


Dittie For Today: On Responsibility

We can do it, you know. We can get there. We can have it all. The Third Millennium AD can be the green millennium, the time in which we learn to live as responsible human beings at last. There is no law, natural or divine, which demands that the world we live in become poorer, harsher and more dangerous. If it continues to become that way, it is only because we do it ourselves. - Isaac Asimov and Frederik Pohl


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