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Basics & Theory

99: Visual Guides to Domestic Architectural Designs
99% Invisible online visual guides to domestic architectural designs features single-family home styles in the US. There are 121 hand-drawn houses representing urban and rural residential styles, including: Colonial, Romantic, Victorian, Eclectic, Modern, Neo-Eclectic with subsections such as Italian Renaissance Revival and Ranch.

AAD: Differences Between An Architect, Interior Designer, Decorator
Art, Antiques and Luxury Design Blog defines the differences between an architect, an interior designer, and a decorator.

AIA: Guide To You & Your Architect
American Institute of Architects guide explains the process of working with an architect, including getting started, selecting your architect, important choices, services available from architects, negotiating the agreement, compensating your architect, and keeping the project on track. (PDF)

AIBC: What Types Of Projects Need An Architect
Architectural Institute of BC bulletin says the Architects Act is provincial legislation that defines architecture and designates which buildings require an architect by law. It provides links to more information on Buildings Requiring the Services of an Architect, Enforcement Procedures Of Architects Act of BC, and Architect & Derivative Titles & Resources. (PDF)

Arizona Univ: Architectural Styles Of North America
Northern Arizona University site uses hundreds of photos of homes and buildings to illustrate North American architectural styles, from colonial to post-modern.

Ontario Architecture: Descriptions Of Architectural Styles Of Buildings
Ontario Architecture resource site describes different architectural styles of buildings, with pictures of each.

Ontario Architecture: Glossary Of Terms For Architectural Building Design
Ontario Architecture resource site offers glossary of building styles and architectural design terms, with explanations and pictures.

Wikipedia: Types Of Houses & Apartments
Wikipedia online encyclopaedia explains the different types of houses & apartments, including multifamily, their characteristics, and offers pictures and links to more information, including architecture and building design.
Industry Information

AIA: Architects Predict 10 Major Residential Design Trends For Next 10 Years
American Institute of Architects predicts the top 10 residential design trends for the next decade. They say adaptable, connected homes are here, but changes in scale and function will define the home of the (near) future.

AIA: US Architectural Awards Programs
American Institute of Architects American has a number of awards programs that recognize individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievements in support of the profession of architecture.

AIBC: 100 Breathtaking Buildings That Represent The Future Of Architecture
Architectural Institute of BC online video presentation by Marc Kushner provides examples of where you’ll be living soon, from glass tree houses to inflatable buildings.

AIBC: Annual Conference & Exhibition
Architectural Institute of BC's annual conference brings together architects, intern architects, architectural technologists, builders, engineers, interior designers, faculty, students and other members of the design community to learn about industry trends, technological advances and best practices. This annual gathering, the largest of its kind in British Columbia, is also a chance to network, socialize and celebrate the innovative, impactful work of practitioners and theorists. The conference runs over three days and includes a keynote presentation, plenary sessions, seminars, workshops, panel discussions, networking receptions and an industry exhibitor show.

AIBC: Policies & Approaches Of Architecture & Engineering Professions
Architectural Institute of British Columbia and Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia memorandum sets out, for architects, engineers, clients, authorities having jurisdiction, and public, a number of key approaches and attitudes adopted as official policy by governing Councils of both professions. (PDF)

Architect Magazine: Annual Residential Architect Design Awards
Architect Magazine annual Residential Architect Design Awards demonstrate design excellence from within their industry.

Builder Magazine: 10 Top Design Trends Of 2011
Builder Magazine describes 10 of the strongest design trends of 2011. They are direct and smart responses to shifting priorities occasioned by tough economic conditions and anxious times.

Builder Magazine: 10 Top-Selling Small-Home Communities
Builder Magazine describes 10 communities across the U.S. where builders cracked the code for selling small houses.

Builder Magazine: Builder's 2012 Concept Homes
Builder Magazine describes Builder's Concept Home 2012 including three fresh and flexible houses that adapt and appeal to a wide range of buyers: Gen X, Gen Y, and Boomers.

Builder Magazine: Builders Choice Awards For Practical Design
Builder Magazine annual Builders Choice Awards honor industry pros who set the bar for great, practical design.

Builder Magazine: Design Trends From 2013
Builder Magazine shows 16 design ideas that are some of the greatest hits of 2013. They're concepts worth hanging onto, and they predict you'll see more of them in 2014.

Builder Magazine: Is The McMansion Dead?
Builder magazine says from accusations of ostentatious overconsumption to environmental indifference, the McMansion has taken some brutal hits in the recession economy. It discusses whether those blows are lethal enough to send starter castles to their grave, or if they will live to see another boom.

Builder Magazine: Top-Selling House Plans Under 2,000 Square Feet
Builder Magazine provides information and pictures of 10 of the best-selling house plans under 2,000 square feet. The selection is based on data provided by their house plan operation which provides the plans for dozens of house plan books along with the search engines BUILDER House Plans and ePlans. Most of these homes owe their best-seller status to a pleasing elevation that could fit into many neighborhoods, though usually not in the master planned communities in which large production builders toil.

Builder Magazine: Vintage Details Lend Character To New Homes
Builder Magazine describes how builders and architects are turning to reclaimed materials and historic elements to build tradition into high-performance new homes and remodels.

CHBA BC: Winners Of BC Georgie Awards
Canadian Home Builders Association of BC provides a list and project information for Georgie Awards winners. Their new home and home renovation projects highlight just some of the quality, skill, professionalism and excellence in BC's residential construction industry.

CHBA: Purchasable 2015 National Study Of Canadian Home Buyer Preferences
Canadian Home Builders Association inaugural Canadian Home Buyer Preference National Study, in partnership with Avid Ratings, outlines survey data in more than 50 in-depth areas of home design, building features, buying preferences and demographics.

Fast Company: Model Home Of Future Will Be Computer Generated
Fast Company says virtual technology has continued to improve, becoming increasingly capable of creating spaces that look uncannily like reality. Now, architects and designers may be able to harness those capabilities to create high-fidelity computer-generated model homes or interior spaces that clients can tour without ever leaving home.

Gold Nugget Awards: PCBC Show Awards For Design & Land Use
Gold Nugget Awards, part of the annual PCBC builders show, honor creative achievements in architectural design and land use planning for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Entries come from 14 Western states and international entries are now accepted for all countries.

NAHB: Best In American Living Awards
NAHB Design Committee's annual Best in American Living Awards (BALA) is the nation's premier award program continually redefining design excellence for the entire residential building industry. It spotlights the most creative and innovative builders, remodelers, architects, developers, land planners and interior designers in the nation.

NAHB: Characteristics Of US Single-Family Homes Started In 2012
US National Association of Home Builders study Characteristics of Single-Family Homes Started in 2012 scrutinized census data based on tabulating the recently released data for homes that were started during a particular calendar year. The most significant change in home features has been the median size of single-family homes, which continues to rise.

NAHB: Special Study On New Home In 2015
US National Association of Home Builders says in the next five years homebuyers' expectations and preferences for what their homes should look like will change along with their lifestyles. These changes are reflected in The New Home in 2015 study conducted by the NAHB Economics Group. The New Home in 2015 contains the data you need to stay ahead of the competition, and discusses the kind of homes home buyers will prefer in the future, and the impact of socioeconomic and demographic factors on the home-buying public. (PDF)

Professional Builder: Design Trends In Multi-Generational Housing
Professional Builder describes some of the trends appearing in multi-generational housing.

Professional Builder: Magazine Articles On News & Trends In Building Design
Professional Builder offers archives of magazine articles covering news and trends in US housing design and architecture, covering both new homes and renovations.

Proud Green Home: Hottest 2015 Home Design Trends From Pinterest
Proud Green Home infographic is a compilation of the most popular trending topics in home décor predicted for 2015 by Pinterest’s own blog posts and from Pinterest user boards.

RAIC: Canadian Awards Of Excellence In Architecture
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada selects its Awards of Excellence every two years in categories of innovation in architecture, advocate for architecture, architectural firm, and green building.
Industry Sectors

AIBC: Architectural Institute Of British Columbia
Architectural Institute of BC, the regulatory body for BC architects offers industry news, consumer & industry resources, education & career information, awards, professional conduct guidelines, members listing, and more.

ASTTBC-BD: Applied Science Technologists & Technicians Of BC Building Designers
Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC Building Designers (ASTTBC-BD)represent professional building designers practicing in BC under provincial statute with ASTTBC. Members’ expertise covers the full spectrum from residential, commercial and industrial to recreational.

RAIC: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, a voluntary national architecture association, offers industry news and information, career and education, research, consumer resources, and more.
Information Sources

Bldg Blog: Unique Perspectives On Architecture & Cities
Bldg Blog is for architects, artists and landscape designers, offering perspectives on architecture and cities.

Chieftalk: Discussion Forums For Chief Architects
Chief Architect has online discussion forums on a wide range of architectural issues, ideas and resources. Free to view, but you must register to post.

Dwell: Modern Architectural Design
Dwell offers information on modern residential architecture and design, and examples of well-designed spaces that integrate residents and their ideas and values.

Houzz: Resource Site For Planning Home Design & Remodeling
Houzz offers information and resources on house design, as well as a way to keep track of ideas for the time you may want to renovate or build. You are able to save favourite photos to an ideabook and create separate folders like kitchen, patio, etc. You can view photos and sort by room type, location, style, etc.

US Gov: Census Gives Characteristics Of New Housing
US Census searchable database provides a wide range of details on characteristics and components of different types of new homes in America.

World Architecture News: Architecture Industry & Project News
World Architecture News is a news channel for architecture featuring the latest news on projects worldwide.
Issues & Performance

AIA: US Resource Site On Sustainable Architecture
American Institute of Architects resource site on green and sustainable building has consumer and industry information, news, and resources.

AIBC: BC Architects Act
Architectural Institute of BC displays the latest edition (current to September 10, 2014) of the province's Architects Act. Introduced in British Columbia in 1920, it is the legislation that governs the architectural profession throughout the province. Its underlying purpose is to protect the public interest. While it is specific to architects and architecture, it affects everyone including related professions, government officials, clients and the public. The act specifies the legal responsibilities for those who practice architecture, including qualifications, professional conduct standards, liability, and certificates of practice. It also establishes the authority and mandate of the Architectural Institute of British Columbia, the regulatory body for the profession. (PDF)

AIBC: Guidelines On Intellectual Property
Architectural Institute of BC, Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC, and Consulting Engineers of BC developed Guidelines on Intellectual Property. It is a resource to consultants in the area of intellectual property and can be used in developing project agreements with clients. (PDF)

AIBC: Illegal Practice Resolutions
Architectural Institute of British Columbia responsibility includes investigating and taking appropriate steps when non-architects illegally provide architectural services or represent themselves as architects. Summaries of recent illegal practice resolutions are now posted on the AIBC web site.

AIBC: Legal Use Of Architect & Derivative Titles
Architectural Institute of BC document Right to Title: The Legal Use of Architect and Derivative Titles describes descriptive terms and variations not acceptable for use by individuals not registered as a member architect or for a business that does not hold an AIBC Certificate of Practice. (PDF)

GBA: Architect Group Reports Progress on Carbon-Cutting Goals
Green Building Advisor says architects participating in a global campaign to transition to carbon-neutral buildings by 2030 are making progress, but efforts so far are falling well short of current targets.

AIBC: Practice Guidelines For Building Envelope Services
Architectural Institute of BC and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC bulletin covers their understandings and agreements concerning terminology; respective roles; scope & application of Enhanced Building Envelope Services; and Joint Building Envelope Practice Points of Principle. (PDF)

AIBC: Standard Contract Between Client & Consultant
Architectural Institute of BC form Standard Contract Between Client & Consultant is for projects with separately engaged consultants. (PDF)

AIBC: Standard Short Form Contract Between Client and Consultant
Architectural Institute of BC displays its Standard Short Form Contract Between Client and Consultant. (PDF)

AIBC: Tariff Of Fees For Architectural Services
Architectural Institute of BC document has been prepared to assist a client and an architect in determining an architect's appropriate compensation, for both professional fees and reimbursable expenses, in respect of the architect's services on a commission, under certain conditions. It also contains important introductory information respecting the profession itself; when an architect must be hired; and how to select and engage an architect. (PDF)

Architecture Week: 10 Essential Steps Of Designing A Home
Architecture Week gives overview of the 10 steps in the building design process, including inhabiting the site, creating rooms, sheltering roof, capturing light, parts in proportion, flow through rooms, private and common areas, refuge in outlook, places in between, and composing with materials.

Buildings Canada: Architects & Construction Project Management
Buildings Canada describes how architects can manage their construction work phases more efficiently using construction project management tools & best-practices.

Fine Homebuilding: How Builders Turn Design Into Reality
Fine Homebuilding describes how a builder looks at the drawings.

Fine Homebuilding: How To Navigate A Set Of House Plans
Fine Homebuilding online video gives a brief overview of blueprint-reading basics.

Pipefitter: Purchasable Book On Blueprint Interpretation
Pipefitter sells IPT's Guide to Blueprint Interpretation which includes a wealth of information on drawing types, conventions and interpretation. Presented in a format unique to IPT, the layout allows for inclusion of complete industrial drawings. Each drawing also features comprehensive review questions and answers. $41 USD
Product Supply

Archiz.com: Directory Of BC Architects & Firms
Archiz.com provides directory of BC architectural firms.

ASTTBC-BD: Listing Of Building Designers In BC
ASTTBC Building Designers (ASTTBC-BD) offers listing and contact information for registered professional building designers in BC.

RAIC: How To Choose An Architect
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada explains how to find, select, & engage an architect, client & architect agreements, services, sub-consultants, fees & expenses, and more, to help in the architecture and building design process.

RAIC: Search For Canadian Architects
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada allows search of its members for architects and affiliates.
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