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Basics & Theory

Fine Homebuilding: Are You Ready For Building Information Modeling?
Fine Homebuilding says unlike traditional building design, which relies on two-dimensional drawings, building information modeling (BIM) provides design information in five dimensions: width, height, depth, time, and cost.

For Residential Pros: Intelligent Design Through Building Information Modeling
For Residential Pros article gives a brief introduction to building information modeling, a process that covers geometry, spatial relationships, code information, product quantities and details. It offers a new way of working collaboratively using a software model created from reliable design information to facilitate faster decision making, optimize material combinations, and streamline product specification.

PBC: Understanding BIM
Passive Buildings Canada online gives a very brief introduction to Building Information Modeling (BIM).
Education & Training

BuildForce: Introduction To Building Information Modeling
BuildForce online course Introduction To Building Information Modeling covers basic concepts, getting started, and putting BIM to work in building construction. It also provides an overview of how BIM can improve productivity, cost-effectiveness, worker-effectiveness, and error-management during the six phases of a project: design, bidding, construction, commissioning, delivery, and as-builts.

buildingSMART Canada : Canadian BIM Education Update
The goal of the buildingSMART Canada CanBIM Education Committee is to provide a national and international benchmark for openBIM training.
Industry Information

T&F: How Digitizing Building Information Transforms Built Environment
Taylor & Francis says digitizing building information is reshaping the relationships that users have with the built environment, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the professionals who operate, maintain, design and deliver buildings and cities
Industry Sectors

CanBIM: Canada BIM Council
Canada BIM Council is dedicated to serving the entire construction industry, education community and owners who are working collectively with Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies and practices. Our Mission is to provide our professional, educational, construction, fabrication and supply chain members a collective voice dedicated to BIM.
Information Sources

CanBIM: Canadian Resource Site On BIM
CanBIM provides information and resources on BIM for the Canadian construction industry.

Construction Business: Videos On BIM, Value & Cost Of Implementation
Construction Business online videos discuss the uptake rate of BIM in the Canadian construction industry and what needs to be done to accelerate adoption, benefits of BIM to the construction and architecture industries, and the challenges in adopting this new technology.

IBC: Purchasable Canadian Practice Manual for BIM
Institute for BIM in Canada and buildingSMART Canada developed the Canadian Practice Manual for BIM. It provides a general background of the various uses and benefits of BIM, a detailed explanation about how to implement BIM within an organization, and an explanation on preparing for and participating in collaborative BIM Projects. $100
Issues & Performance

Building Smart Canada: Canadian BIM Standards Development Information
Canadian chapter of buildingSMART International has been established to provide the appropriate body and home for Canadian BIM Standards Development through participation in the development of international BIM standards as the voice of the Canadian marketplace and to promote the awareness of buildingSMART International (bSI) within Canada.

Building Smart Canada: Open Standards for BIM
Building Smart Canada says open standards for BIM are seen as the vehicle to achieve data interoperability and the integration required for improvements in the construction sector’s efficiency and productivity.

CanBIM: Canadian AEC BIM Protocols
CanBIM online AEC BIM protocols provides the beginnings of a Canadian based compliant, platform-independent protocol for designers BIM authoring tools based on internationally recognized standards and adapted only where required to meet the Canadian AEC industry needs. (PDF)

NIBS: BIM Guide for Building Owners
US National Institute of Building Sciences online comprehensive BIM Guide for Building Owners outlines steps for creating standardized BIM documents for design, construction, operations and maintenance of facilities. (PDF)

ASHRAE BC: Integrated Building Design & Building Information Modeling
ASHRAE BC online slide show presentation describes requirements to begin the process of adopting and using BIM as an integrated design tool. (PDF)

Building Smart: Data Dictionary of Objects & Attributes
Building Smart online Data Dictionary is a library of objects and their attributes. It is used to identify objects in the built environment and their specific properties regardless of language, so that "door" means the same thing in Iceland as it does in India.

CIC: BIM Protocol
UK Construction Industry Council BIM Protocol identifies the Building Information Models that are required to be produced by members of the Project Team and puts into place specific obligations, liabilities and associated limitations on the use of the models. The Protocol can also be used by clients to require the adoption of particular ways of working - such as the adoption of a common naming standard. (PDF)

HBC: BIM For Residential Home Builders
Home Builder Canada magazine describes how building information modeling can benefit residential home builders.

MCCA: Achieving Spatial Coordination Through BIM: A Guide For Specialty Contractors
Mechanical Contractors Association of America, Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association and National Electrical Contractors Association developed this online guide Achieving Spatial Coordination Through BIM: A Guide for Specialty Contractors. The guide, which is practical, comprehensive and well-written, is for specialty contractors seeking to embrace BIM practices and technologies in their firms. (PDF)

PBC: Designing & Building with Integrated Project Delivery & BIM
Passive Buildings Canada describes a better way of designing and building highly efficient buildings with Integrated Project Delivery and Building Information Modelling.

Penn Univ: Impact Of Building Information Modeling On Construction
Pennsylvania University research assessed perceptions about the impact of the implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) on construction projects. (PDF)

Professional Builder: BIM For Home Builders
Professional Builder magazine article describes features and benefits of building information modeling software for home builders who are considering adopting the technology.
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