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BC Gov: Overview Of Construction Industry In BC
BC government online Guide to the BC Economy and Labour Market describes, and provides statistics for, the construction industry in BC. See page 32. (PDF)

BC Housing: Research Paper On Market Housing Demand & Labour Supply
BC Housing research paper Homes in 2026: Who Will Buy Them & Who Will Build Them outlines changing forces affecting market housing demand and labour supply in the BC residential construction industry. 2008 (PDF)

BCCA: BC Construction Industry 2019 Statistics
BC Construction Association has released key construction sector statistics and the results of a province-wide survey that highlight the value of the sector to the provincial economy. (PDF)

Buildforce Canada: Canadian Construction & Maintenance Looking Forward 2016-2025
Buildforce Canada report National Construction & Maintenance Looking Forward 2016-2025 analyzes employment requirements, available workforce, training and certification programs, replacement demand related to retirements, workforce mobility and market rankings for 34 trades and occupations in 12 regional markets over the next nine years. (PDF) Free registration required

BuildForce Canada: Labour Market Forecasts & Resources
BuildForce Canada provides credible, well-respected labour market forecasting and other resources and services.

Buildforce: 2019 Labour Market Assessments for Residential Construction Industry
Buildforce online 2019 Labour Market Assessments for the Residential Construction Industry forecasts future labour requirements, tracks 34 trades and occupations, and provides labour market condition rankings to help industry employers with the management of their respective human resources.

CHBA: Canadian Housing Industry Performance & Trends 2011
Canadian Home Builders Association October 2011 report Canadian Housing Industry Performance and Trends covers New Housing Activity, Residential Construction and the Economy, Drivers of Housing Activity, Projections of Housing Demand, Housing Prices, State of Homeownership Affordability, Challenges Facing Homeownership Affordability, Challenges Facing the Renovation Sector, and Challenges Facing the Rental Sector. (PDF)

CHBA: Housing Industry Information & Statistics
Canadian Home Builders Association fact sheets reflect estimated economic impacts of residential activity for the past year based on Statistics Canada and CMHC data.

Fine Homebuilding: 2010 Predictions For Next Decade Of Building Industry
Fine Homebuilding gives its 2010 predictions for the next decade in the building industry including water conservation, countertops, construction shifting from job site to factory, and lean times & big opportunities.

Industry Canada: Statistics On Canadian Construction & Companies
Industry Canada provides construction industry statistics including definition, companies & establishments, GDP, labour productivity, company directories, and other Information.

Reed: Canadian Construction Overview 2014
Reed Construction Data online presentation provides an overview of statistics for all sectors of the Canadian Construction industry. (PDF)

Statistics Canada: Canadian Statistics For Residential Construction
Statistics Canada provides a wide range of statistics on residential construction.

Statistics Canada: Statistics On Canadian Construction Industry
Statistics Canada has statistic data tables & publications on construction industry, materials, machinery & equipment, non-residential building construction, non-residential engineering construction, and residential construction.

WorkBC: Index of Career Occupational Profiles
WorkBC online Index of Occupational Profiles offers information on trade & technological occupations, nature of work, main duties, example titles, education & training, working conditions, wages, employment opportunities, and more.

Bank Of Canada: Financial Rates & Statistics
Bank Of Canada provides current exchange rates, interest rates, price indexes, monetary policy indicators, and more.

BC Credit Unions: Economic Research and Reports
BC Credit Unions provide weekly economic briefings which depending on the week, mightaddress export volumes, consumer spending, population, unemployment, new home starts, housing and permit volumes, and vehicle sales, among other statistics.

BC Stats: BC Economic Statistics Reports
BC Stats provides statistics on consumer price index, company formations and failures, manufacturing, construction and housing, and more.

CBofC: Reports On Canadian Economy
Conference Board of Canada is an independent, not-for-profit applied research organization that delivers knowledge about economic trends, public policy and organizational performance. It also offers learning events, executive networks, research products, and customized information services.

CHBA: Economic Impacts Of Canadian Housing Industry
Canadian Home Builders Association provides statistics on the economic impact of the housing industry in various provinces and municipalities in Canada.

CIBC: World Markets Research & Reports
CIBC supplies archive of reports on equities, fixed income, corporate debt, bond indices, economics & strategy, foreign exchange, Canadian ABS/MBS, and commercial paper.

Housing Economics: US Resources On Housing Forecast & Statistics
Housing Economics from US National Association of Home Builders, available by subscription only, provides the latest housing forecasts, market trends, in-depth economic analysis, and archival data relating to the building industry.

ICBA: BC Booms When Population Grows
Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of BC report says BC forestry, mining, and tourism remain important, it is population growth (the in-flow of individuals and families from the rest of Canada and increasingly from overseas) that is at the heart of our economy. (PDF)

IMF: World Economic Outlook Of Housing & Business Cycle
World Economic Outlook (WEO) presents the IMF staffs analysis and projections of economic developments at the global level, in major country groups (classified by region, stage of development, etc.), and in many individual countries. It focuses on major economic policy issues as well as on the analysis of economic developments and prospects.

NAHB: US Housing Industry Blog: Eye On The Economy
US National Association of home Builders free blog Eye on Housing offers the latest US economics and housing policy news, analysis, studies, charts and graphs from NAHB. It also includes links to relevant housing stories and information from other news sources.

TD Bank Financial Group: Economic Analysis & Reports
TD Economics provides analysis of economic performance and the implications for investors. The analysis covers the globe, with emphasis on Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.

WorkBC: BC Labour Market Statistics & Career Outlooks
WorkBC provides insight into current and anticipated labour market conditions and career outlooks using provincial and federal data to generate reports, information and graphics.
Existing Homes

CMHC: Canadian Private Housing Stock, 2006-2011
CMHC summarizes the main changes in the private housing stock from 2006 to 2011. The first section provides an overview of how Statistics Canada defines and classifies housing units, and the second section discusses major changes in the stock. (PDF)

HiCO: Online Tool For Analysing Canadian Housing Data
CMHC tool, Housing in Canada Online (HiCO) is an interactive tool that incorporates a selection of CMHC's data on housing conditions and core housing need in 2011, 2006, 2001, 1996, and 1991. It enables you to choose the data you wish to explore and determine the components of the data to be shown or hidden. You can conduct your own analyses of housing conditions and create tables that highlight the relationships, variables, and geographic areas that are of interest to you.

Statistics Canada: Dwellings in Canada 2016 Census
Statistics Canada presents information on the types of dwellings in which we live. Dwellings are divided broadly into two types: private and collective. Private dwellings are classified according to their structural type, such as single-detached, apartment or mobile home. Collective dwellings refer to dwellings of commercial, institutional or communal nature.
Housing Market

Bank of Canada: New Housing Registrations As Leading Indicator Of BC Economy
BC Housing and Bank of Canada study New Housing Registrations as a Leading Indicator of the BC Economy assessed whether new home registration data can be used as a leading indicator for economic activity in BC. Study results found that quarterly increases in new registrations for single-detached homes has statistically significant predictive content for growth in real GDP over the next one to three quarters. (PDF)

BC Housing: BC New Home Statistics
BC Housing provides online statistics for the new homes including Registered New Homes, Licences Issued & Renewed, and Warranty Insurance Claims.

BC Housing: BC Residential Building Statistics & Trends Report 2017
BC Housing online BC Residential Building Statistics & Trends Report 2017 presents market information and insights on new construction activities for current and prospective homeowners. (PDF)

BC Stats: BC Construction & Housing Statistics
BC Stats provides construcdtion and housing statistics on building permits, housing starts, and house sales.

BCREA: Quarterly BC Housing Forecast
BC Real Estate Association quarterly BC Housing Forecast includes information about mortgage rates, economic issues, and BC housing markets. (PDF)

BCREA: Reports & Statistics On BC Real Estate Market
British Columbia Real Estate Association provides research, analysis and information on economic factors affecting BC and its housing markets including: Statistical Releases, Housing Market Update Webcast, BCREA Nowcast, Market Intelligence Reports, Markets at a Glance, Forecasts, Commercial Leading Indicator, Housing Forecast and Mortgage Rate Forecast.

BuildForce Canada: Canadian Construction & Labour Forecasts
BuildForce Canada's annual Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward forecasts offer a 10-year scenario of workforce supply and demand by trade, province and region. These forecasts help industry, training providers and government decision makers manage workforce requirements.

CHBA: 2017 Canadian Home Builders Association Forum for Growth Report
Canadian Home Builders Association Forum for Growth brings together Members of Parliament and home building industry leaders from across Canada for a day on Parliament Hill to discuss housing, Canadians and communities. The 2017 Forum for Growth took place on March 7, and you can read a summary report, Continuing the Conversation about Homes, Communities and Canadians, here. (PDF)

CHBA: Economic Impacts Of Canadian Housing Industry
Canadian Home Builders Association provides statistics on the economic impact of the housing industry in various provinces and municipalities in Canada.

CMHC: 2012 Renovation and Home Purchase Report
CMHC publication highlights the key trends, analyses and statistics from CMHC's Renovation and Home Purchase Survey, conducted in ten major Canadian centres. The survey provides information on prior year's renovations in all ten centres. Intentions to buy or renovate a home are highlighted in five of the centres, so you can learn more about Tomorrow's Customers Today. (PDF)

CMHC: 2014 Report On Canadian Residential Building Activity
CMHC 2014 report on Canadian Residential Building Activity covers dwelling starts, completions, under construction, and newly completed & unabsorbed dwellings. (PDF)

CMHC: Calendar For Upcoming Market Analysis Reports
CMHC lists the issue dates of their upcoming media releases on housing trends and information.

CMHC: Canadian Household Formation & Housing Construction 1971 - 2006
CMHC Research Highlight examines household formation in Canada from 1971 to 2006, relating growth in number of households to number of new homes constructed, shifts in this relationship over the last three and a half decades, and factors that influence this relationship. It explores household formation in major urban housing markets, linking differences in the rate of household growth to differences in construction activity. 2008 (PDF)

CMHC: Canadian Housing Market Insight Publications
CMHC Housing Market Insight addresses special topics related to housing In Canada. It provides insights, analysis and information to support informed decision making within the housing and housing finance sectors. You can choose to view reports for Canada, Different Provinces or Census Metropolitan Areas.

CMHC: Canadian Housing Observer Housing & Market Statistics
CMHC Housing Observer Online provides detailed information on all Canadian major housing markets, on topics including housing stock, demographics, residential construction activity, owner and rental market trends, mortgage lending, and housing affordability.

CMHC: Evolving Housing Conditions in Canada
CMHC summary offers a statistical picture of housing trends and conditions in Canadian metropolitan areas between 1991-2001. (PDF)

CMHC: Guide To The Over-55 Market In Canada
CMHC online Housing for Older Canadians: The Definitive Guide to the Over-55 Market Volume 1 Understanding the Market, targets housing developers and non-profit groups interested in developing or sponsoring housing that is specifically geared to older Canadians. It provides a broad overview of the seniors market in Canada and of trends in seniors' housing arrangements, incomes, and retirement. (PDF)

CMHC: Household Growth Projections for Millennial Generation
CMHC report says the share of Millennial generation households is projected to increase continually to about 2031 and then stabilize. Slightly above one-third of all households are projected to be Millennial generation households by 2036. (PDF)

CMHC: Housing Market Outlook - Canada
CMHC Housing Market Outlook - Canada provides timely information on housing trends and forecasts. With both a national and local perspective, this quarterly report provides a two-year forecast of housing starts, sales, prices and key economic indicators and is a valuable resource for all those who are involved in the Canadian housing industry. (PDF)

CMHC: Housing Market Outlook For Major Canadian Centres
CMHC Housing Market Outlook - Major Centres reports provide forward-looking analysis needed to anticipate emerging trends in Canada's new home, resale and rental housing markets. They include forecasts for important housing industry variables such as starts, prices, resales and listings, all illustrated with numerous graphs and tables.

CMHC: Impacts Of Aging Population On Housing & Communities
CMHC Research Highlight summarizes what we know about the aging of the Canadian population, explores potential impacts on Canadian communities and housing, outlines possible responses and indicates where further work is needed. 2008 (PDF)

CMHC: Long Term Canadian Household Projections
CMHC has updated its long-term household growth projections to reflect Statistics Canada’s latest population projections and data on household formation. By 2036, between 2.3 million and 6.1 million new households are projected to be formed in Canada. The number of households in Canada is projected to increase continually in all scenarios, but at a slower pace than previously projected, reflecting lower expected population growth. The median age of household maintainers is projected to continue to increase, from 50.9 in 2011 to between 54.7 and 56.2 by 2036. The share of senior households is projected to grow to over one-third by 2036. More than half of senior households is expected to be 75+. One-person households will be the most common type of households by 2036. The average annual growth for owner households is projected to be some five times that for renter households. Single-detached houses continue to be the most common dwelling type. Household growth rates vary across Canada, with generally strong household growth on the prairies, and more moderate growth elsewhere. (PDF)

CMHC: New Free Seniors Housing Reports
CMHC now offers free Seniors' Housing Reports, a national and provincial suite of housing market publications with description and analysis of seniors' housing market across Canada and in each region, including vacancy rates, rents, and universe data for retirement homes.

CMHC: Web-Based Housing Market Information Portal
CMHC online Housing Market Information Portal provides national, provincial and local housing statistics through a map-based interface and state-of-the-art search function. Users can access historical, current and comparative reports in a range of outputs, including tables, charts, and maps available in PDF and spreadsheet formats.

ConFacts: Building Permit Reports For Greater Vancouver Regional District
ConFacts provides subscribers with building and renovation permit information for municipalities in the Grater Vancouver Regional District.

Construct Connect: 50-Year Histories of Housing Starts in Canada's Largest Cities
Construct Connect provides a 50-year histories of housing starts in Canada's largest cities.

FVREB: Fraser Valley Real Estate Market News
Fraser Valley Real Estate Board provides regular news releases on the real estate market in the Fraser Valley.

Green Sheet: Permit & Project Data For Lower Mainland
Green Sheet provides subscribers with project development and building permit information for Greater Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton.

Landcor: Purchasable Analysis Of BC Real Estate
Landcor system combines multiple sources of data and creates a series of customized reports and property evaluations.

REFBC: Built Environment In BC: Status, Trends, Future Prospects
Real Estate Foundation of BC report The Built Environment in BC: Status, Trends and Future Prospects Discussion Paper tells a complex story that includes frustratingly slow progress in some areas, pockets of incredible innovation and progress, and some hopeful signs that attitudes and practices are changing for the better. (PDF)

REFBC: Towards A Sustainable Built Environment For BC
Real Estate Foundation of BC report Towards A Sustainable Built Environment For BC is the culmination of a research study with the following aims: understand the state of BC's Built Environment movement through literature research, interviews and focus groups; articulate a theory of how change happens in the built environment; use these insights to generate strategic recommendations for where and how REFBC and others can intervene most effectively in the Built Environment system to accelerate change. (PDF)

Rennie Marketing: Metro Vancouver Housing Cycles From 2006 To 2021
Bob Rennie of Rennie Marketing Systems describes housing market cycles in the Metro Vancouver Region from 2006 through to 2021. (PDF)

Royal LePage: Survey Of Canadian House Prices
Royal LePage Survey of Canadian House Prices is a quarterly report geared to help you learn more about house prices in your specific market, as well as give information on trends in average house prices in markets across the country.

Statistics Canada: Canadian Housing Statistics
Statistics Canada has launched a new Housing Statistics Portal that allows users to easily access all data and products related to housing in one convenient location.

Statistics Canada: Canadian Housing Statistics Program
Statistics Canada has undertaken a joint project with CMHC to develop a framework designed to address data gaps related to housing. This first release from the Canadian Housing Statistics Program provides a coherent and consistent structure to measure the ownership of Canadian residential real estate. This information will also demonstrate how Canada's housing stock changes over time.

Statistics Canada: Tables On Construction Industry
Statistics Canada provides statisics on the construction industry, including; building permits, capital and repair expenditures, construction materials, housing starts, infrastructure, investment in construction, machinery and equipment, non-residential construction, property values and other content related to construction.

Stats Canada: Population Projections For Canada, & Provinces 2018-2068
Statistics Canada projections show that growth would continue in Canada over the next 50 years, and that the population could reach between 44.4 million and 70.2 million inhabitants by 2068. In the medium-growth scenario, the Canadian population would grow from 37.1 million inhabitants in 2018 to 55.2 million by 2068. By 2068, the proportion of the population aged 65 and older would reach between 21.4% and 29.5%, depending on the scenario. In comparison, 17.2% of Canadians were aged 65 and over in 2018. During the same period, the share of the working-age population - that is, people aged 15 to 64, most of whom are in the labour force - would decrease according to all projection scenarios, from 66.7% in 2018 to between 57.9% and 61.4% in 2068.

UBC Library: Links To Real Estate Market Statistics
UBC Library and Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia offers this online guide that lists market statistics material available within the UBC library system, and provides links to external internet resources.

UDI: Housing Data & Statistics from Governments, NGOs & Experts
Urban Development Institute online Housing Data & Statistics from Governments, NGOs and Experts provides links to some excellent sources of key housing market data.

US Census Bureau: Residential Construction Permits & Stats
US Census Bureau maintains statistics on housing starts, building permits, and housing completions including building permits, housing starts, and housing completions.

BC Gov: BC Stats
BC Stats provides statistics on aboriginal peoples, business & industry, census data, economic, environmental statistics, exports & imports, labour & income, mapping & geography, population & demographics, regional, social, and surveys & analysis.

Civic Info BC: Statistics & Surveys For BC Municipalities
Civic Info BC, a web resource for information sharing among local government sectors, offers searchable database of Ministry of Community Services statistics, local government surveys, and Statistics Canada 2006 Census information for BC municipalities.

CMHC: BC Statistical Publications & Reports
CMHC offers statistical reports for BC including Housing Market Outlook, Housing Now, Rental Market Reports, Renovation & Home Purchase, and Seniors Housing.

Melissa Data: Databases & Search For Information & Statistics
Melissa Data provides places to find addresses, area codes, phone numbers, demographics, US federal resources, and statistics.

Statistics Canada: 2016 Census Of Canada
Statistics Canada 2016 Census offers a wide range of analysis and data according to topics that paint a portrait of Canada.

Statistics Canada: Statistics On All Things Canadian
Statistics Canada supplies a wide range of statistics on census, market, consumer, industry and more.

Builder Magazine: Top 100 Builders In The US
Builder Magazine provides a listing of key statistics on the top 100 builders in the US.

NAHB: US Economic & Housing Data
US National Association of Home Builders produces in-depth economic analyses of the home building industry based on private and government data, from information gained through surveys of builders, home buyers, and renters to gain insight into the issues and trends driving the industry.

NAHB: US Housing Market Statistics
US National Association Of Home Builders provides information on housing starts and completions, employment and permit data, as well as homeownership rates. Learn more about the characteristics of new homes, multifamily buildings, and the price by location of a square foot of floor area.

Standard & Poor: Case-Shiller US Home Price Indices
Standard & Poor offers access to their Case-Shiller Home Price Indices measuring the residential housing market, tracking changes in the value of the residential real estate market in 20 metropolitan regions across the United States.

US Census Bureau: US Housing Statistics
US Census Bureau offers statistics on the US housing topics including fact sheets, american housing survey data, Census 2010, homeownership, affordability, vacancy, market absorption of apartments, property owners & managers survey, housing patterns, and historical tables.

US Gov: Census Gives Characteristics Of New Housing
US Census searchable database provides a wide range of details on characteristics and components of different types of new homes in America.

US Gov: Outlook For US Housing Starts 2009 - 2012
US Congressional Budget Office report says looking forward, several alternative paths for residential construction are possible, ranging from a fairly quick turnaround to a severe slump that lasts several years. (PDF)

OECD: Statistics For OECD Countries
OECD.Stat is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development statistical data warehouse. It provides a single access point for statistical data and metadata across the Organization.

BC Housing: 2012 BC Builder Perceptions
BC Housing summarizes results of its 2012 Survey of Licensed Residential Builders. The survey measured satisfaction with the licensing and home warranty insurance systems and the owner-builder exemption, as well as builders' views related to training, education and research needs of the residential construction industry. (PDF)

BCCA: 2016 BC Construction Industry Survey
BC Construction Association report 2016 BC Construction Industry Survey focuses on trades wages & salaries. They surveyed their membership and subscriber base and received an impressive 900 respondents, all of them BC construction employers or skilled workers. The big picture results are included in the Survey Report. (PDF)

Building Science: Looking At Tomorrow In Technology, Buildings & Industry
Building Science digest says examining trends is useful as an aid to understanding the direction the building industry is headed, and where it might end up. It describes a series of changes and possible changes that may influence the building industry and society.

CMHC: Industry Challenges & Opportunities For 21st Century
CMHC reports on the structure of the building industry, external factors that have short and long term effects on industry, and major trends such as demographics, the economy, regulation, and technology. (PDF)
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