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Basics & Theory
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Basic Introduction

BC Gov: Overview Of Construction Industry In BC
BC government online Guide to the BC Economy and Labour Market describes, and provides statistics for, the construction industry in BC. See page 32. (PDF)

BCCA: What's Required to be a Construction Contractor in BC?
BC Construction Association online guide provides basic information on what's required to be a construction contractor in BC.

CMHC: Fact Sheet On Canada's Housing Construction System
CMHC supplies an overview of participants and their roles, and systems for determining what gets built, quality control, improving knowledge, allocating responsibilities, recourse, responding to problems, and more. (PDF)

National Codes: Canada's National Model Construction Codes Development System
Canadian National Codes site explains how the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes develops the national model codes, what should be included, roles of codes, and provincial & territorial input.

Builder Magazine: Great Failures In Our Past Building Industry
Builder Magazine describes a number of great failures in building products and technology within our industry.

CMHC: 60 Years Of Housing Progress In Canada
CMHC covers the past 60 years of housing in Canada, with the highlights of that period, the achievements, and the challenges ahead. See page 49-62. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: One Carpenter's Life
Fine Homebuilding article by legendary carpenter and author Larry Haun recalls the postwar housing boom of the 1950s and how it changed the way we build - from the adoption of assembly-line techniques in home building to the evolution of new tools, such as the California framing hammer, the pneumatic nailer, and the circular saw. (PDF)

JofC: New Book Chronicles Building Trades History in BC
Journal Of Commerce says the BC Building Trades recently marked its 50th anniversary with the release of We Build BC, History of the Building Trades.

National Building Museum: Featuring Architecture, Engineering, Design
National Building Museum in Washington D.C. explores all methods of modern architectural design and construction, especially the continuing investigation of green engineering. A place ideally suited for students contemplating a career in commercial construction, the museum is considered a building about buildings, and provides an inspiring overview of what it takes to become a builder in a world of diminishing natural resources.

Statistics Canada: Evolution Of housing In Canada, 1957 to 2014
Statistics Canada says urban growth is not so much moving outward as it is upward, as multi-family dwelling units, especially apartments and apartment-condominiums, have transformed the skylines of Canadian cities.

Statistics Canada: Historical Stats Of Canadian Construction & Housing
Statistics Canada supplies building industry summary statistics, many from 1926, on construction by type and by region, general stats of the construction industry, non-residential construction by the sector purchasing the construction, residential construction, housing stock, and mortgage funding.

VRCA: Two Decades Of Policies In The BC Construction Industry
Vancouver Regional Construction Association has report examines how policy decisions over the past 20 years have impacted the Lower Mainland construction industry. A Tale of Two Decades shows that the industry has benefited from low personal and business taxes, reduced red tape, innovative business models, and an environment that encourages private and public-sector investment in the industry. (PDF)

CMHC: Glossary Of Housing Terms
CMHC online Glossary of Housing Terms: The A to Z of Housing Terms is a collection of housing terms for housing professionals, students and do-it-yourself practitioners. It defines, and provides context to, the many terms associated with residential design, construction and renovation. The glossary is organized both alphabetically and by subject area. (PDF)

Wikipedia: Overview Of Construction Industry & Process
Wikipedia explains building construction, heavy & highway, industrial, design team, financial advisors, legal considerations, interaction of expertise, construction trades, temporary works, materials, structural elements, and more.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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