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General Construction Process
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Basics & Theory

AWC: Online Book On Conventional Wood Frame Construction
American Forest and Paper Association online manual Details for Conventional Wood Frame Construction has useful tables, illustrations, and easy-to-understand text describing details for building residential and light-commercial projects. (PDF)

Britannica Online Encyclopedia: Overview Of Building Construction
Britannica Online Encyclopedia provides an overview of building construction including history, modern building practices, additional reading, related links, and more.

CMHC: Glossary Of Housing Terms
CMHC online Glossary of Housing Terms: The A to Z of Housing Terms is a collection of housing terms for housing professionals, students and do-it-yourself practitioners. It defines, and provides context to, the many terms associated with residential design, construction and renovation. The glossary is organized both alphabetically and by subject area. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: How To Look At Houses, Starting At The Base
Fine Homebuilding online video Starting at the Base, is the first installment of How to Look at Houses (Like an Architect). Every house elevation has a base, middle and top. This video describes the base, which incorporates the foundation, and addresses how a house meets the ground.

Merriam Webster: Visual Dictionary Of House Components & More
Merriam Webster offers this online visual dictionary that has labelled pictures of various components of a house, along with descriptions of the meaning of each individual part.

Wikipedia: Encyclopedia Of Construction Topics
Wikipedia has overviews of the construction industry and process, alphabetically organizaed by topic.

Xactware: Glossary Of Terms For Tools & Construction
ILX Construction Training online glossary contains definitions for over 880 construction terms, many with graphics for further clarification.
Information Sources

Builders Book, Inc.: Purchasable Guide To Production Carpentry
Builders Book, Inc. sells the JLC Guide to Production Carpentry that describes how to plan and complete your custom projects using high-volume production carpentry techniques and tools. It covers Framing Layout Rules of Thumb, Gang-Cutting Rafters, Assembling Truss Roofs on the Ground, Fast Framing with Panelized Walls, Fast-Tracking a Second-Story Addition, Custom Porches, Finish Carpentry, Fast, Accurate Interior Trim, Installing Framed Cabinets, Installing Manufactured Stairs, Prefinished Hardwood Flooring, and much more. $36 USD

CMHC: Canadian Wood-Frame House Construction
CMHC book Canadian Wood-Frame House Construction is an introductory book for understanding and applying wood-frame house construction principles and the construction sequence for a typical house. The chapters are based on major aspects of wood-frame house construction from site planning, foundations, framing, mechanical and electrical services and finishes. (PDF)
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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