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Basics & Theory

Chromalox: Overview Of Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics
Chromalox technical bulletin on heat transfer fundamentals & thermodynamic properties explains heat transfer by conduction, convection, and radiation, plus physical constants and thermodynamic properties of materials. (PDF)

Construction Instruction: Conduction In A House
Construction Instruction online animation shows how heat is transferred by conduction in a house.

Energy Vanguard: BTU Explained
Energy Vanguard describes a BTU (British Thermal Unit) as the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

Energy Vanguard: Overview Of Latent Heat
Energy Vanguard explains latent heat, one of the most interesting concepts in heating and cooling.

GBA: Podcast On How Heat Moves Through Homes
Green Building podcast from Building Science Fundamentals engineer John Straube talks about convection, conduction, and radiation, and how we can and can't control heat flow in our homes.

GBA: What Heat Is
Green Building Advisor provides deeper meaning to what heat is and how it flows.

Healthy Heating: Introduction To Heat Transfer
Healthy Heating online video provides an introduction to heat transfer theory. Links to additional animations on heat transfer are located at the bottom of the video screen.

HVAC School: Heat Doesn't Rise
HVAC School says heat cannot rise because heat isn't a thing. Hot air, on the other hand, does rise in colder air.

HVAC School: Sneaky Effects of Radiant Heat Transfer
HVAC School says you can have a room with an air temperature at a comfortable 72° that can still feel hot or cold to an occupant based on the temperature of the surfaces around them.

Oklahoma Univ: Theory Of Heat & Methods Of Heat Transfer
Oklahoma University Oklahoma Climatological Survey site explains heat theory including; principle; forms of energy; evaporation, condensation, and latent heat; heat transfer methods of conduction, convection, and radiation; and specific heat.

ORNL: How Heat Moves Through Solids
Oak Ridge National Laboratory supports a century-old theory by Albert Einstein that explains how heat moves through everything from travel mugs to engine parts.

P&M: Learning About Conduction
Plumbing & Mechanical magazine describes how industry veteran Dan Holohan learn about conduction.

PBC: Sensible Heat Ratio
Passive Buildings Canada online video provides an explanation of the relationship between sensible heat to latent heat.

PBC: Sensible Heat Ratio & Why It Is Important
Passive Buildings Canada online video provides a simple explanation of why knowing the sensible heat ratio is important in Passivhaus design.

Pro Trade Craft: Heat Flow
Pro Trade Craft online podcast describes how heat moves from hot to cold in one of three ways, either by conduction, convection, or radiation.

US DOE: Basics Of Heat Flow & Heat Loss
Building America Solution Center examines the basics of heat flow and heat loss, including: basics of heat flow; heat loss calculations; common insulation mistakes; effects of heat flow.
Information Sources

Energy2D: Online Interactive Heat Transfer Simulations
Energy2D is a free, interactive, visual multi-physics simulation program that models all three mechanisms of heat transfer; conduction, convection, and radiation.

Building Science: Fundamentals Of Heat Control
Building Science online slide show describes the fundamentals of heat control. (PDF)

Building Science: Heat Flow & Thermal Control In Buildings
Building Science.com digest on thermal control in buildings covers background, methods of heat flow, insulation, thermal bridging, heat loss to the ground, air leakage, solar radiation through windows, interior heat gains, and conclusions.

Energy Vanguard: Layers & Pathways Of Heat Flow In Buildings
Energy Vanguard describes two ways heat flow through building assemblies, series and parallel heat flow.

GBA: How to Look at a House like a Building Scientist, Part 2, Heat
Green Building Advisor provides a nuanced look at thermal imaging and how it can shed light on much more than heat loss.

WBDG: Managing Enclosure Heat Flows
Whole Building Design Guide says importance of the control of heat transfer tends to become more critical as the severity of climate, either hot or cold, increases. Managing heat flows is critical to occupant thermal comfort, energy efficiency, durability, and increasingly, thermal resilience during periods of extended power outages.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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