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Basics & Theory

BD&C: Worlds Tallest All Wood Residential Structure Opens In London
Building Design & Construction magazine article describes how an eco-focused building team employs jumbo plywood and modern prefabrication techniques to create the worlds tallest all-wood residential structure.

Builder Magazine: Wood-Framed Construction For Taller Mid-Rises
Builder Magazine describes some tall wood-framed buildings throughout the world, but says going beyond six stories still raises questions in the US.

CEL: Historical Perspective On Building Heights In BC Building Code
Canadian Electronic Library BC displays the report Historical Perspective on the Rational for Building Heights in the BC Building Code, commissioned by the BC Building Policy Branch. It provides background for discussions of allowing six storey wood frame construction in BC. (PDF)

CWC: Mid-Rise Construction In British Columbia
Canadian Wood Council case study Mid-rise Construction In BC, based on the Remy Project in Richmond, describes mid-rise building solutions that are currently being developed and refined in BC. (PDF)

CWC: Mid-Rise Wood Buildings
Canadian Wood Council provides FAQs and links to research and information on mid-rise wood frame buildings.

Inhabitat: Worlds Tallest Wooden Building Planned For Norway
Inhabitat describes a new tower in Norway that will be 16-17 stories tall and constructed from natural materials with innovative and environmental solutions in all parts of the building.

Miller Wood Trade Publications: Quebec 6 Story Glulam Wood Office Building
Fond-action office building in Quebec City is a six-story commercial structure, featuring heavy timber frame construction designed and provided by Nordic Structures. Made of black spruce glue-laminated beams, columns and decking, the unique construction technology featured in this project is paving the way for similar alternative building projects across North America.

WoodWorks: Mid-Rise 2.0, Innovative Approaches to Mid-Rise Wood Frame Construction
WoodWorks online Mid-Rise 2.0, Innovative Approaches to Mid-Rise Wood Frame Construction case study looks at three different projects that are similar in that they are all mid-rise residential, but differ considerably in their approach to design, construction details and project delivery. (PDF)
Education & Training

BC Housing: Online Video Of Building Smart With Mid-Rise Buildings Seminar
BC Housing online video includes all presentations from their seminar Building Smart With Mid-Rise Buildings.

WoodWorks: Course On Mid-Rise Wood Buildings
WoodWorks describes courses available on mid-rise wood buildings.
Industry Information

DCN: BC Pushing Height Limit For Wood Structures & CLT
Daily Commercial News says British Columbia is pushing the height limit for wood structures, using cross-laminated timber.

WoodWorks: Survey Of International Tall Wood Buildings
WoodWorks report Survey Of International Tall Wood Buildings summarizes 10 tall wood buildings from the perspectives of owners, designers, regulators and builders. (PDF)
Industry Sectors

NRC: Canadian Research Consortium For Wood In Mid-Rise Buildings
National Research Council Canada describes new research into using wood for 5-6 storey construction that will focus on structural integrity, fire safety, acoustics and building envelope performance. (PDF)
Information Sources

CWC: Study On The Case For Tall Wood Buildings
Canadian Wood Council study The Case For Tall Wood Buildings illustrates how Mass Timber products, when used in combination with new structural approaches are significantly different from light wood-frame approaches in their ability to build mid-rise (6-12 storeys) and tall buildings (+/- 30 storeys). The study details how Mass Timber structures can meet relevant structural design criteria and fire and life safety needs, and do so within cost competitive marketplace conditions. (PDF)

FP Innovations: Updated Edition of CLT Handbook
The 2019 Edition of the CLT Handbook has been completely revised and improved based on new research performed by FPInnovations and partners to reflect changes made since the 2011 edition in recent Canadian codes and standards, including new guidance recently implemented in the CSA O86:19 standard.

NRCan: Green Construction Through Wood Program
NRCan mass timber program called Green Construction Through Wood is aimed at encouraging the long-term use of wood in non-traditional construction projects, such as tall buildings.

Woodworks: Resources On Mid-Rise Wood Construction
Woodworks provides information and resources on mid-rise wood construction.
Issues & Performance

BCBEC: Vertical Differential Movement In Mid-Rise Wood Frame Construction
BC Building Envelope Council online slide show presentation highlights required design considerations for vertical differential movement in mid-rise wood frame construction. (PDF)

BOABC: National Code Change Proposals & Research For 5 & 6 Storey Wood Buildings
Building Officials Association of BC online slide show presentation by Canadian Wood Council describes national code change proposals and research on 5 & 6 storey wood buildings. (PDF)

CSU: Mid-Rise Wood Building Withstands Earthquake Shake Test
Colorado State University article says scientists conducted the worlds largest earthquake shake table test in Japan, demonstrating that mid-rise wood-frame buildings can be built to withstand major earthquakes. The 40-second test, approximating a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, was carried out on a seven-storey condominium tower with 23 units, the largest wood-frame building ever built and tested.

CWC: Evaluating Stakeholder Concerns With 6 Storey Wood Frame Buildings & Fire Risk
University of Fraser Valley research report Evaluating Stakeholder Concerns with Wood Frame Buildings and Fire Risk evaluates the key stakeholder concerns with the proposed Ontario Private Member's Bill 52, covering 6-storey wWood frame buildings. Researchers examined concerns the buildings will present significantly greater risk to life and property than those currently allowed under the existing building code, and were unable to find evidence to substantiate these concerns. (PDF)

CWC: History Of Building Size Limits In Canadian National Building Code
Canadian Wood Council online report The Historical Development of the Building Size Limits in the National Building Code of Canada presents a chronological compilation of the development of fire-related building size limits from early Rome to the present in Canada, and is intended to provide a basis to establish the implicit risk associated with the building size limits in the current National Building Code of Canada. (PDF)

CWC: Tall Wood Course of Construction Site Fire Safety
Canadian Wood Council says compared to the general course of construction fire safety provisions for all low-rise and conventional non-combustible buildings of any size, the 2015 National Fire Code (NFC) (Section 5.6.3) and the upcoming 2020 edition of the NFC (Section 5.6.4) outline additional special fire safety measures that are required for all construction sites involving taller mid-rise wood and Encapsulated Mass Timber (EMT) buildings. (PDF)

FP Innovations: Vertical Movement In Six Storey Wood Frame Building In BC
FP Innovations report Vertical Movement Monitoring in Six-Storey Wood-Frame Building in BC provides results of measured movement over the entire building height recommending vertical movement estimate calculations taking in account both shrinkage and building load. (PDF)

J of C: Responding To Concerns About Wood Frame Structure Fires
Journal of Commerce says we should not confuse the fire risk of a building under construction with the fire risk of a completed building.

Morrison Hershfield: Mid-Rise Wood Construction In Ontario Building Code
Morrison Hershfield online report Ontario WoodWorks 2015 Reference Guide: Mid-rise Wood Construction in the Ontario Building Code explains new provisions in OBC and discusses opportunities as well as challenges. (PDF)

NRC: Six-Storey Combustible Construction Now Permitted In National Codes
National Research Council says the 2015 editions of the Canadian National Building Code (NBC) and the National Fire Code (NFC) now permit construction of six-storey buildings using traditional combustible materials (i.e., wood products).

Ontario Gov: Fire Safety During Construction For 5 & 6 Storey Wood Buildings
Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has developed the best practice Guideline: Fire Safety during Construction of Five- and Six-Storey Wood Buildings in Ontario. (PDF)

Popular Mechanics: Earthquake Test On 7-Storey Condominium
Hyogo Earthquake Engineering Research Center in Japan tested a seven-story wood condominium in the center of an enormous room. Deep rumblings and the sound of massive pistons pumping filled the room as the condo began to shake. It moved up and down, left and right, back and forth. Less than a minute later, the violent movement stopped and the surrounding engineers erupted in cheers. The condo remained standing, with only minor signs of damage - the building had just survived a simulated quake that reached approximately 7.5 on the Richter scale.

RDH: Moisture Management for Mass Timber Buildings
RDH Building Science online slide show presentation describes issues and considerations for moisture management in mass timber buildings. (PDF)

REMI: BC First to Allow 12-Storey Mass Timber Builds
REMI Network says BC will be first province in Canada to allow 12-storey mass timber buildings. The current building code allows only six-storey mass timber buildings, but the national building code is expected to be revised to increase height limits to 12 -storeys in 2020.

WoodWorks: Detailing For Wood Shrinkage
WoodWorks online slide show presentation Detailing For Wood Shrinkage examines shrinkage associated with wall and floor design, and demonstrate how to minimize effects of both shrinkage and differential movement with proper detailing. It describes how to prevent shrinkage induced construction issues such as drywall cracking, window frame wracking, and compromised plumbing lines. (PDF)

WoodWorks: Online Video on Fire & Sound Detailing for Mid-Rise Wood-Frame Buildings
WoodWorks online Webinar video says mid-rise Type III and Type V projects have led to a focus on cost-effective and buildable detailing strategies that align with code requirements for fire and life safety, acoustical separation and structural performance. Presented by an architect who has designed many multi-family and mixed-use mid-rise projects, this webinar goes beyond code provisions and focuses on the how-to associated with designing and detailing these wood-frame buildings.

APEG BC: Engineering Practice Bulletin For Mid-Rise Wood-frame Buildings
Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC online Technical and Practice Bulletin - Structural, Fire Protection and Building Envelope Professional Engineering Services for 5 and 6 Storey Wood-frame Residential Building Projects, provides basic technical and practice guidance on structural, fire protection and building envelope professional engineering issues related to mid-rise buildings, setting out the standards of practice a member should following in providing services for such buildings. The bulletin provides sources of information and in some instances design options. (PDF)

CMHC: Mid-Rise Residential Wood Construction
CMHC says based on research, advanced construction technologies and innovative wood products such as cross-laminated timber and structural composite lumber, 5- and 6-storey residential construction is becoming accepted in Canada and elsewhere. (PDF)

CWC: Report On Wood Solutions For Mid-Rise Construction In Ontario
Canadian Wood Council report contains some of the research findings from the Wood Solutions in mid-rise construction study. It highlights some of the opportunities, challenges, considerations and implications that would be associated with expanded wood use in the mid-rise market sector in Ontario. (PDF)

RDH: Mass Timber Enclosure Overview
RDH Building Science online slide show presentation covers mass timber materials and applications, wood and moisture, building enclosure design and mass timber, and lessons learned. (PDF)

WoodWorks: 21st Century Wood Design, Building and Construction Solutions
WoodWorks online booklet 21st Century Wood Design, Building and Construction Solutions provides an overview of a new generation of wood building products, systems and techniques which are making bigger, taller and more complex wood buildings possible. It showcases where innovative wood products have been used in recent projects in BC and answers common questions. (PDF)

WoodWorks: Building Enclosure Fundamentals For Wood-Frame Buildings
Woodworks online slide show presentation Building Enclosure Fundamentals and Best Practices for Wood-Frame Buildings explores designing durable, energy-efficient enclosures for mid-rise buildings using traditional light wood-frame construction. (PDF)

WoodWorks: Code-Compliant Detailing for Mid-Rise Wood Structures
WoodWorks online slide show presentation describe practical, code-compliant detailing for mid-rise wood structures. (PDF)

WoodWorks: Mid Rise Design Opportunity & Implementation
Woodworks online slide show presentation Mid Rise Design: Opportunity and Implementation provides an overview of design, detailing, and construction considerations. It covers heights and areas including allowable increases, fire resistive design, detailing for performance, shrinkage, structural framing, acoustics, and fire rated assemblies. (PDF)

WoodWorks: Mid-Rise Best Practice Guide
WoodWorks & BC Housing have released the new online Mid-Rise Best Practice Guide - Proven Construction Techniques for Five-and Six-Storey Wood-Frame Buildings. It features five innovative BC projects representative of the diverse and varied application of new techniques and best practices for mid-rise wood-frame construction. (PDF)

WoodWorks: Overview Of Multi-Story Wood Frame Structures
WoodWorks online slide show presentation provides an overview of multi-story wood frame structures including introduction, maximizing height and area, understanding shrinkage, and detailing considerations. (PDF)
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