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Basics & Theory

BC Business: Living Small In Laneway Houses
BC Business says laneway houses are tiny and adorable, and discusses whether they make economic sense.

Construction Dive: Sprout Is Developer Of Tiny Home Community
Construction Dive says Sprout Tiny Homes said these types of tiny house developments can serve as a remedy to affordability and inventory concerns across the US.

Curbed: 10 Best Tiny Houses in 2016
CURBED describes 10 of the best tiny houses from 2016, used for everything from housing the homeless to short-term rentals and full-time residences.

Fine Homebuilding: Inspiring Ideas For Small Houses
Fine Homebuilding online slideshow shows some inspiring small homes and great tips and ideas for living small.

Fine Homebuilding: The Big Deal About Tiny Houses
Fine Homebuilding describes four principles of intentional living from the tiny-house movement.

Globe & Mail: The Little House That Went To Market
Globe & Mail says spurred by a tragedy, James Stuart has developed a fully-functional 12-foot by 12-foot prefab home. He joins a growing list of home designers looking to do more with a lot less.

L41: Compact Affordable Energy Efficient House
L41home, designed by Architect Michael Katz and Artist/Designer Janet Corne is an ultra-compact, affordable, sustainable, high-design, high quality, energy-efficient house.

Montreal Gazette: Narrow Houses Offer Sustainable Living
Montreal Gazette says a row of skinny, stucco-clad houses seems an unlikely example of cutting-edge architectural principles. The nondescript two- and three-storey homes date back to the mid-1800s and were built to house the workers at nearby factories. As urban planners, architects and developers confront urban sprawl, rising real estate and energy prices, and rapidly changing demographics, these narrow, old working-class Montreal houses offer a glimpse of what sustainable living will look like in the future, says McGill University architecture professor Avi Friedman.

New Atlas: Examples Of The Best In Tiny Houses
New Atlas describes 10 of the most attractive, innovative, and downright interesting tiny houses they have come across in the past 12 months.

New Atlas: Top 10 Tiny Homes
New Atlas provides photos and information on 10 small abodes designed by architects around the world, some of which are commercially available.

Sol Haus Design: Vina's Tiny House Living Off The Grid In 140 Square Feet
Vina's Tiny House is a personal project: building & designing her own home. It reflects her philosophy about simplicity, sustainability, and living within her means.

West House: Vancouver Sustainable Laneway Home
West House is a made-in-Vancouver demonstration of a sustainable laneway home. It showcases leading-edge small footprint residential design, energy efficient, integrated systems and interactive technologies that encourage a sustainable lifestyle.
Industry Information

AIA: Annual Small Project Award Winners
AIA Small Project Practitioners (SPP) Knowledge Community presents their annual Small Project Awards Program to recognize small project practitioners for the high quality of their work and to promote excellence in small project design. This Award Program strives to raise public awareness of the value and design excellence that architects bring to projects, no matter the limits of size and scope.

BC Housing: Exploring Best Practices & Lessons Learned With Small Market Units
BC Housing report Research Study Exploring Best Practices and Lessons Learned with Small Market Units looked into small market housing experiences in BC and in other jurisdictions. It aimed to learn what is working well and what is not working as well with small market housing development, and how future development can be informed by this insight. (PDF)

Construction Dive: Builder Discovers Untapped Demand In Small Home Market
Construction Dive says this builder wouldn't be surprised to soon see a lot of builders switching over to this type of work.

UDI: Lessons Learned With Small Market Units
UDI research study Exploring Best Practices and Lessons Learned with Small Market Units aimed to learn what is working well and what is not working as well with small market housing development from experiences in BC and in other jurisdictions, and how future development can be informed by this insight. (PDF)
Industry Sectors

BC THC: BC Tiny House Collective
BC Tiny House Collective mission is to incorporate tiny homes in future and existing neighbourhoods as part of our regional housing strategies through community mobilization and stakeholder engagement.

Resources For Life: Small House Society
The Small House Society is an outreach of Resources for Life Housing Resources Group. They are a cooperatively managed organization dedicated to the promotion of smaller housing alternatives which can be more affordable and ecological.

Small Housing BC: Small Housing & Advanced Urbanism Advocate
Small Housing BC contributes to research, knowledge transfer, education, and the achievement of excellence associated with small forms of housing and related advanced urbanism.
Information Sources

Tiny House: Blog & Resources On Small House Living
Tiny House offers information on different tiny or small house structures available, from pre-fab to straw bale, modern to rustic. It includes stories of people living the tiny house life style.

Vancouver City: Information On Laneway Housing
City of Vancouver resource site on laneway housing offers information on regulations & guidelines, what's new, photo gallery, archive, related links, and contacts.
Issues & Performance

AEC: Tiny Houses Incorporated Into International Residential Code
AEC Daily says the International Code Council reported that the tiny house appendix passed their final round of voting. As a result, a tiny house specific appendix will be part of the 2018 International Residential Code (IRC), allowing people to receive a Certificate of Occupancy (COO) for their tiny house when built to meet the provisions of the adopted code appendix.

CMHC: Accessory Apartment Regulations In Canada
CMHC online report Accessory apartment regulations in Canadian Census Metropolitan Areas and Census Agglomerations quantifies the extent to which 650 Canadian municipalities allow accessory apartments or secondary suites and the changes since 2006 at the CMA level. It also investigates the types of policies that municipalities use to regulate accessory apartments and the relative frequency of different approaches such as regulating the size of the suite, the number of people that live in the suite or type of dwelling that can have a suite. (PDF)

CRA: GST/HST Implications Of Construction Of Laneway Housing
Canada Revenue Agency describes GST/HST obligations and entitlements of individuals who construct, or engage another person to construct, a secondary housing unit (referred to as a laneway house) on the individual’s land.

GBA: Tiny House Converts Benefit the Environment
Green Building Advisor says when people downsize to tiny houses, they adopt more environmentally friendly lifestyles.

HBC: Regulatory Issues For Manufactured Tiny Houses
Home Builder Canada magazine says a discussion paper from Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute has identified several factors to consider about where some types of tiny houses fit in the regulatory context.

Buildipedia: Designing The Small House
Buildipedia describes how to create a livable small home by using some basic design techniques.

CMHC: Tiny Houses On Wheels
CMHC describes a tiny house on wheels, and initial exploratory efforts to create tiny home communities. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Could There Be A Boom Of Backyard In-law Cottages?
A developer in Berkeley, Kevin Casey, offers homeowners a turn-key ADU package that includes private financing, design, permit approval and construction.

GBA: Why Tiny Houses Make Sense
Green Building Advisor says going small and dumping unnecessary possessions will help protect us from housing crises in the future.
Product Supply

New Atlas: MIT CityHome Project Re-Thinks Small Space Versatility
New Atlas article explains how two researchers at MIT have devised beds, desks and cooking areas that tuck themselves away in a modular unit that also can move to change the space.
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