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Basics & Theory

ITABC: Overview Of Apprenticeship
Industry Training Authority of BC describes apprenticeship as a combination of on-the-job training and classroom learning that leads to a trade credential or "ticket". Once you complete your apprenticeship and receive your ticket, you are qualified to work in a skilled trade. You can be an apprentice during high school or after you graduate. Apprenticeship training helps you get a Certificate of Qualification (CoQ), which is accepted across BC. About 50 trades also offer an Interprovincial (IP) Red Seal, which certifies you to work across Canada.
Education & Training

Education Planner: Search BC Apprenticeship Programs
Education Planner is a publicly funded resource that allows you to compare post-secondary programs in BC. Education Planner helps learners find apprenticeship courses, and make well-informed decisions about their education and career options.

STEP: BC Skilled Trades Employment Programs
BC Construction Association offers their Skilled Trades Employment Programs (STEP) to target populations such as women, aboriginals, immigrants, graduates from the Secondary School apprenticeship and ACE-IT programs. Trades Employment Specialists will assess a persons employment potential, suggest training options, coordinate work placements that match skills and experience, and provide ongoing support for both workers and employers.
Industry Information

BC Gov: Annual Apprenticeship Student Outcomes Surveys
BC Government annual Apprenticeship Student Outcomes Surveys are conducted with former students who completed the final year of their apprenticeship training in a B.C. post-secondary institutions.

BCCA: Apprentice Demand in Top Ten Red Seal Trades
BC Construction Association report Apprentice Demand in the Top Ten Red Seal Trades describes apprenticeship trends data and projections to provide a forward-looking assessment of demand and supply for trade certification across the top 10 Red Seal trades in Canada. National, provincial and trade-specific assessments of demand and supply projections are also provided. (PDF)

Canada's Premiers: Premiers Commit To Apprentice Mobility
Canada’s Premiers have signed a Protocol that will facilitate the mobility of apprentices across Canada. The Protocol will enable mutual recognition of technical training, work experience, and examination results for apprentices moving between provinces and territories in Canada.

CCDA: Strengthening The Red Seal Program
Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship report Lessons Learned, Next Steps on the Strengthening the Red Seal explores enhanced occupational standards and methods of assessment in addition to the existing multiple-choice written examination. (PDF)

CD Howe: Effect Of Apprenticeship Restrictions In Skilled Trades
C.D. Howe Institute report Access Denied: The Effect of Apprenticeship Restrictions in Skilled Trades, says outdated provincial regulations are needlessly limiting the number of apprenticeship opportunities available to trades workers, and that reforming those tight regulations is crucial to meeting demand for skilled workers. (PDF)

ITA: Apprenticeship Advisors For Additional Apprenticeship Support
BC Industry Training Authority has introduced a team of Apprenticeship Advisors for additional apprenticeship support. The Apprenticeship Advisors are part of ITA's increased efforts to build knowledge and awareness of the BC apprenticeship system, and to provide guidance to both local trades apprentices and local employer sponsors.

Red Seal Recruiting: Job Site For Skilled Trades Employers & Jobseekers
Red Seal Recruiting works for skilled trades and technical people to find them the best jobs in industrial construction and manufacturing industries.
Industry Sectors

ITA: 2014 Review Of Industry Training Authority & Trades Training In BC
Online report Industry Training Authority and Trades Training in BC covers the role and function of the ITA, the Crown agency responsible for oversight of the industry training system for credentialed trades. It examines the current mandate of the ITA, including governance, roles and responsibilities, outcomes achieved to date, and relationships and interactions with its key system partners. It shares observations and provides recommendations that will lead to improved outcomes of the industry training system. (PDF)

ITA: Listing Of BC Public & Private Training Providers
BC Industry Training Authority lists colleges, universities and private institutions that provide technical training for British Columbia's apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs.

ITA: Resource Site For BC Trade Occupations
Industry Training Authority, responsible for BC trades training, has resources for career planning, employers & apprentices, and list of educational providers and courses.
Information Sources

BCCA: Links to Online Resources on Apprenticeship
BC Construction Association lists some online resources to help guide you along the apprenticeship training path.

CAF-FCA: Canadian Resource Site On Apprenticeships
Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF-FCA) is a non-profit organization that connects Canada�s apprenticeship community. Participants work collaboratively to support vibrant and innovative apprenticeship systems and policies with a view to developing a highly-skilled, inclusive and mobile skilled trades workforce. Employers, unions, equity-seeking groups, educational institutions and the jurisdictions support CAF-FCA operations through membership.

CAF: Employers Toolkit For Apprenticeships
Canadian Apprenticeship Forum online Employers Toolkit provides information and resources on apprenticeships in Canada.

Careers In Trades: Canadian Apprenticeship Resource Site
Careers in Trades site offers information about careers in skilled trades and why choosing such careers make so much sense. It has resources for youth, educators, parents, employers, and media.

Credential Engine: Moving Credentialing Forward
Credential Engine has released a first-of-its-kind centralized credential data platform, the Credential Registry, as well as a common credentialing language to create credential comparability both in the Credential Registry and on the Web, and a free prototype search app called Credential Finder, to search for information.

ITA: Overview Of BC Apprenticeship & Programs
Industry Training Authority of BC provides information on apprentices, trade programs, how to start, aboriginal people in trades, women in trades, immigrants in trades, youth in trades, and ITA Essential Skills.

ITABC: Information On Apprenticeships
Industry Training Authority of BC provides information and resources on apprenticeship programs and procedures.

Red Seal Program: Canadian Interprovincial Apprenticeship Program
Red Seal Program, a Canadian Interprovincial program, gives an overview of apprenticeship, how it is administered, and links to resources.

WorkBC: Resource Site On Apprenticeship
WorkBC offers information and resources for those interested in apprenticeship programs.

ITA: 2016 BC Trades Guide
BC Industry Training Authority online 2016 Trades Guide positions the trades as an exciting post-secondary option. It offers a visual overview of opportunities in the skilled trades across BC, as well as a guide about how apprenticeship works in the province and the steps needed to get started. (PDF)

ITA: Apprentice Job Match Tool Supports Job-Seeking Apprentices
Industry Training Authority and WorkBC online Apprentice Job Match tool connects BC apprentices looking for on-the-job training they need to boost their skills and achieve certification in their chosen trade.

ITA: Hiring & Managing Apprentices
Industry Training Authority of BC provides information on hiring and managing apprentices, tax credits for employers, and support & resources.

YouTube: 5 Reasons To Hire & Train An Apprentice
Online video 5 Reasons to Hire and Train an Apprentice suggests that if your ability to take on new contracts, expand your business and grow your bottom line depends on skilled tradespeople, you should consider these five good reasons to hire and train an apprentice.
Product Supply

BC Gov: Training Tax Credit Program For Apprentices
BC Ministry of Small Business and Revenue outlines their Training Tax Credits that provide refundable income tax credits for employers who employ apprentices enrolled in apprenticeship programs administered through the Industry Training Authority.

Canada Gov: Financial Assistance Programs For Apprentices
Canada Government describes their financial programs for apprentices including Canada Apprentice Loan, Canada Apprenticeship Incentive Grant, Canada Apprenticeship Completion Grant, Economic Action Plan - Measures for Apprentices and Employment Insurance for apprentices.
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