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Basics & Theory

Concrete Network: FAQs On Concrete Floors
Concrete Network provides answers to common questions on concrete floors.
Issues & Performance

Concrete Network: Fixing Acid Stains
Concrete Network provides advice for solving acid staining issues.

Concrete Network: Green Concrete Floors
Concrete Network describes the top reasons to go green with concrete floors including design versatility, energy efficiency, easier breathing, economy, and durability and resource conservation.

Concrete Network: How To Fix Discolored Concrete
Concrete Network provides three tips for hiding blotches and streaks or changing a concrete floor colour.

Concrete Network: Polished Concrete Makes Healthy Flooring
Concrete Network provides seven reasons why installing polished concrete floors can create a healthier environment for you and your family.

Concrete Network: Removing Grease From Concrete Floors
Concrete Network describes how to remove grease contamination from a stained concrete kitchen floor.

JLC: Spalling Concrete Floors
Journal of Light Construction explains the mistakes that can cause concrete slabs to spall.

Concrete Network: 2010 Report On Concrete Floor Trends
Concrete Network online 2010 Concrete Floor Report offers insights about current attitudes and trends in concrete floor design. (PDF)

Concrete Network: Caring & Maintaining Concrete Floors
Concrete Network provides decorative concrete flooring maintenance tips, cleaning guidelines and advice for fixing flaws and discoloration.

Concrete Network: Concrete Floor Finishes
Concrete Network describes different concrete floor finishes, what they cost, and how they can be customized.

Concrete Network: Concrete Floor Overlay Installation
Concrete Network describes how to install decorative concrete overlay or microtopping for restoring and enhancing worn, damaged or discolored concrete, vinyl tile, or wood flooring.

Concrete Network: Ideas For Personalizing Concrete Floors
Concrete Network provides examples of some of the innovative ways you can personalize your own concrete floor.

Concrete Network: Installing Concrete Floors
Concrete Network describes factors to consider when installing a decorative concrete floor.

Concrete Network: Popular Concrete Floor Colors For 2011
Concrete Networks describes the colors that are most popular for indoor concrete floor projects. (PDF)

Concrete Network: Sealing Interior Concrete Floors
Concrete Network answers six questions about having a sealer applied on an interior concrete floor including types of sealers, what they do, how to choose the right one for your floor, and more.

Fine Homebuilding: Installing Decorative Concrete Floors
Fine Homebuilding describes how to turn an ordinary concrete slab into a low-maintenance, inexpensive finished floor with the look, feel, and durability of more expensive stone floors. (PDF)
Product Supply

Concrete Network: Concrete Flooring Costs
Concrete Network provides an overview of average costs for installing basic to high-end decorative concrete floors, and some factors that can influence final costs.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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