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Basics & Theory

For Residential Pros: Overview Of Moldings
For Residential Pros says on a typical remodel, moldings are rarely given the attention they deserve, but adding crown molding, wainscoting and coffered ceilings, changing out baseboard, casing and chair rail, will not only boost the scale of a small project, but if done with careful design and quality materials, upgrading moldings can lead to a nice profit center and a specialty career.

RMD: Glossary Of Terms For Moulding
Royalton Millwork & Design Wood Moulding site has a very good and easy searchable glossary of moulding terms.
Information Sources

Amazon.ca: Purchasable Book On Theory Of Mouldings
Amazon.ca sells this republication of a 1926 study looking at mouldings from historical, practical, aesthetic, and perceptual points of view; Richard Sammons foreword and a selection of mouldings in use address applications in contemporary architecture.

Builder Magazine: Beautiful Corner Detail Made From Plywood
Builder Magazine describes how a beautiful corner detail was made from plywood.

Fine Homebuilding: Best Way To Cut Crown Molding
Fine Homebuilding online video demonstrates a system for accurate crown molding cuts.

Fine Homebuilding: Coping Crown Molding
Fine Homebuilding article describes tips and considerations for coping crown moldings.

Fine Homebuilding: Coping Flat & Crown Moldings
Fine Homebuilding article describes methods of coping flat or crown moldings.

Fine Homebuilding: Coping Inside Corners of Baseboards
Fine Homebuilding online video demonstrates how to achieve a perfect inside corner when running baseboard.

Fine Homebuilding: Cutting Crown Molding Upside Down & Backward
Fine Homebuilding online video explains why cutting crown molding upside down and backward is the only way to go. It shows how and why this makes sense, as well as the jigs and tips that make it foolproof.

Fine Homebuilding: How to Install Built-up Crown Molding
Fine Homebuilding describes time-tested design principles and basic carpentry techniques to create beautiful layered crown and cornice trim details that will dress up any room in your house.

Fine Homebuilding: How To Scribe Beadboard Wainscot Around Window Trim
Fine Homebuilding online video describes how to scribe beadboard wainscot around window trim.

Fine Homebuilding: Installing Baseboards
Fine Homebuilding describes how to achieve first-class results with timesaving techniques when installing baseboards. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Precision Window Trim
Fine Homebuilding describes how a systematic approach to cutting and assembling window casing ensures better joints and a faster installation.

Fine Homebuilding: Well-Proportioned Interior Trim
Fine Homebuilding says getting interior trim proportions right doesn't take the keen eye of an experienced designer. All it takes is consideration and use of a few time-tested rules.

For Residential Pros: Interior Details With Moulding & Millwork
For Residential Pros article describes how interior moulding and millwork can turn an OK home into a work of art.

Home Depot: Tips On Installing Crown Moulding
Home Depot provides step-by-step instructions on the proper installation of crown moulding.

JLC Forums: Cutting Crown Moulding
Journal of Light Construction forum discusses ways to ensure accuracy when cutting crown and underlines the importance of buying millwork from a good supplier.

JLC Forums: Installing Crown Molding & Hangers
Journal of Light Construction forum discusses how to install crown molding and hangers.

JLC: Cutting & Installing Crown Molding
Journal of Light Construction article by finish contractor Gary Katz describes techniques for cutting and installing crown molding. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Installing Arched Casing
Journal of Light Construction walks you through the layout and installation of three different styles of arched casing.

JLC: Installing Interior PVC Trim
Journal of Light Construction describes a good trim option for damp interior applications.

JLC: Making Curved Crown Molding On Site
Journal of Light Construction describes how to cut, fit, assemble, and shape curved crown molding on site, starting with straight molding stock. (PDF) Free Registration Required
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