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Basics & Theory

Appliance 411: Glossary Of Technical Terms For Appliances
Appliance 411 provides glossary that explains different technical terms, with quite a few diagrams and drawings.

Repair Clinic: Tips & Help For Appliance Repair
Repair Clinic site provides troubleshooting guides to learn how to fix your appliance problems yourself. Click on the appliance and then enter the model number in the search box to discover the exact parts causing your appliance to fail. To start troubleshooting your appliance: 1) Choose the symptom that best describes your issue. 2) Review the list of causes to learn the source of the problem.
Industry Information

US DOE: Research & Development Roadmap For Next-Generation Appliances
US Department of Energy report Research & Development Roadmap for Next-Generation Appliances targets high-priority R&D, demonstration, and commercialization activities that, if pursued by DOE and its partners, could significantly reduce residential appliance energy consumption. The roadmap prioritizes those technologies with the highest energy savings potential and greatest likelihood of being embraced by both manufacturers and consumers. (PDF)
Industry Sectors

AHAM Canada: Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) is the trade association of the home appliance manufacturing industry with offices in the United States and Canada. Its members include the manufacturers of major, portable, and floor care home appliances and the companies who supply and service these manufacturers. AHAM members market products in both the U.S. and Canada.

AHAM: Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers is the US trade association representing manufacturers of major, portable, and floor care home appliances.
Information Sources

NRCan: Resources On Various Types Of Major Appliances
Natural Resources Canada offers online resources on major appliances. Click on sections in left panel to access information on different types.

Trail Appliances: Listing & Links Of Appliance Manufacturuers
Trail Appliances lists major manufacturers with links that go directly to their sites.
Issues & Performance

ACEEE: Actual Prices Lower Than Predicted For Higher Appliance Standards
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy report Appliance Standards: Comparing Predicted and Observed Prices, shows the US Department of Energy has overestimated the impact that energy-efficiency standards for appliances and other products have on their price tags. This study found that across nine appliance and equipment efficiency standards, DOE estimated an average increase in manufacturer's selling price of $148, but on average the actual change in price was a decrease in manufacturer's selling price of $12.

ACEEE: Opportunities For New US Federal Appliance Efficiency Standards
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy report says US national appliance standards for 26 common household and business products planned over the next few years could slash total US electricity use by over 1,900 terawatt-hours by 2030 while saving consumers and businesses over $123 billion.

Appliance 411: Limited & Extended Warranties On Appliances
Appliance 411 site has brief articles on different warranty types and their coverage. Also click #8 and #9 on left panel.

BC Gov: Proposed Energy Standards For Residential Appliances
BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources is proposing BC Energy Efficiency Act standards for household appliances. This regulatory impact statement provides details on the proposed standards for residential refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, and clothes washers. (PDF)

BC Steward Consultations: BC Major Appliance Stewardship Plan
Canadian Appliance Manufacturers Association and Retail Council of Canada drafted a stewardship plan for major appliances in British Columbia. The plan describes a proposed system to build on and support the successful market-driven system for major appliances that operates in British Columbia today. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Energy-Smart Kitchen Appliances
Fine Homebuilding article says kitchens consume the most electricity of any room in a house, and it explains how to choose the most-efficient appliances, how to maintain their high performance while cutting energy consumption, plus it describes some appliance-efficiency innovations.

GBA: Are Energy-Efficient Appliances Worth It?
Green Building Advisor says price premiums for Energy Star dishwashers, clothes washers, refrigerators, and freezers are small and pay for themselves in no time.

GBA: Fine Print on Appliance Energy Efficiency
Green Building Advisor says more efficient appliances cut energy consumption, but behavioral differences among consumers are the key to savings.

GBA: Get Ready For Smart Appliances
Green Building Advisor wonders if homeowners are willing to let utilities have remote control over their air conditioners, dishwashers, and refrigerators.

Greentech Media: New Standard For Smart-Grid-Ready Home Appliance
Greentech Media says a group of smart grid and consumer electronics heavyweights, the Consumer Electronics Association and the Electric Power Research Institute, announced a new standard that could, someday, make the term "smart appliance" obsolete, by making every appliance smart grid-ready.

Home Energy: Web Resources For Energy-Saving Appliances
Home Energy article provides links to website resources for energy-saving appliances.

NRCan: Energy Consumption Of Major Household Appliances In Canada
Natural Resources Canada report provides data and analysis on trends for energy consumption of major household appliances shipped in Canada, for 1990-2016.

NRCan: Energy Star & EnerGuide Label For Major Appliances
Natural Resources Canada outlines the EnerGuide labelling instructions for appliances and room air conditioners.

US DOE: eeCompass Resource For Evaluating Energy Efficient Appliances
US Department of Energy site eeCompass allows you to evaluate modern consumer appliances and their adherence to energy efficiency requirements.

Appliance Repair: Online Appliance Repair Manuals
Appliance Repair offers online repair tutorials to help people through the repair process, including washers, dryers, fridges, dishwashers and ranges.

BC Gov: Resources On Electronics & Electrical Recycling
BC Government electronics and electrical recycling program expanded significantly in 2012. They provide information for major categories including; Batteries (Household); Cell Phones; Electronic Equipment and Devices; Information, Technology & Telecommunications; Lamp and Lighting Equipment; Large Appliances; Outdoor Power Equipment; Small Appliances, Tools, Sports and Hobby Equipment; Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms; Thermostats.

Dimension Express: Dimensions & Specification Sheets For Appliances
Dimensions Express offers you both the dimensions of appliances and specification sheets. There is free registration for occasional use and a US $130 cost per year for unlimited use.

Fix It Now: Resource Site On Appliances
Fix It Now resource site offers FAQ on appliance repair, personal appliance repair help, parts and specialty tools can be ordered online, tips on appliance breakdown repair with drawings, and much more.

How To Clean Anything: Cleaning Hints For In & Around The House
How To Clean Anything site offers simple hints for cleaning almost anything (pets?) in and around the house.

Parts Select: Online Videos On Appliance Repair
Part Select enhanced YouTube Channel offers a comprehensive library of professionally-produced instructional videos for appliance repair.

US DOE: Cost/Benefit Analysis Of Smart Appliances For Peak-Load Shifting
US DOE report Use of Residential Smart Appliances for Peak-Load Shifting and Spinning Reserves Cost/Benefit Analysis presents results of an analytical cost/benefit study of residential smart appliances from a utility/grid perspective. (PDF)
Product Supply

BC Hydro: Kilowatt-Hour & Energy Use Of Home Components
BC Hydro Power Smart describes how much it costs to run each electrical device in your home.

BC Hydro: Online Calculator For Finding Efficient Appliances
BC Hydro Power Smart offers this easy-to-use online calculator to help you figure out how much it costs to operate different appliances in your home.

Builder Magazine: 11 Appliances That Will Blow Your Buyers Away
Builder Magazine describes 11 appliances that help elevate a kitchen to a status-symbol level.

Consumer Reports: Appliance Buyers Guides
Consumer Reports provides easy to read guides that could help homeowners select products that fit their specific needs, as well as some safety tips and reports.

FortisBC: Online Home Energy Calculators For DHW, HVAC, Appliances
FortisBC provides online home energy calculators for DHW, HVAC, and appliances. The Energy Comparison Tool lets you calculate your home energy costs for water heating and space heating and cooling, and then compare the cost difference between natural gas, oil, propane and electricity. The appliance cost tool identifies the approximate annual energy cost for a variety of home appliances, lighting, water heating and space heating and/or air conditioning systems including natural gas and electricity.

NRCan: Choosing & Using Appliances With EnerGuide
NRCan provides information on EnerGuide ratings and energy efficient selection of a wide range of appliances. (PDF)

NRCan: Energy Cost Calculator For New Appliances
National Resources Canada site allows online calculation of lifetime operating costs for specific models of new appliances, to help in comparing different products.

RESNET: Estimating Appliance Energy Consumption
US Residential Energy Services Network describes a formula you can use to estimate appliance energy consumption.

US DOE: Online Estimation Of Appliance & Home Electronic Energy Use
US Department of Energy Our online appliance and electronic energy use calculator allows you to estimate your annual energy use and cost to operate specific products.
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