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Basics & Theory

Wikipedia: Overview Of Bathtubs
Wikipedia offers information on tub bathing, clawfoot tub, baby bathtub, hot tubs & whirlpool tubs, history of bathing, firestopping, and links to more resources.
Industry Information

P&M: Home Tub Trends
Plumbing & Mechanical says home tub drop-ins still dominate the bathtub market, but freestanding and soaking models are on the rise.
Issues & Performance

CMHC: How Effective Are Bathtub Grab Bars For Stopping A Fall
CMHC study examines four different bathtub grab bar configurations, and effectiveness of these grab bar configurations in preventing falls. Results indicate that presence of grab bars does not ensure they will be used when adults get in or out of the bathtub. However, participants used the vertical bar on the side wall most frequently to regain their balance during bathtub transfer. (PDF)

CMHC: Optimal Placement Of Bath Grab Bar For Seniors
CMHC study determined perceived and actual usefulness, safety and patterns of use for five different configurations of bathtub grab bars. (PDF)

US DOE: Water Management At Tub & Shower Assemblies
US Department of Energy online Water Management at Tub and Shower Assemblies guide covers the fundamental waterproofing strategies for tub and shower assemblies. (PDF)

Builder Magazine: Design Ideas For Showers & Tubs
Builder Magazine describes examples where the shower or tub takes center stage in a bathroom.

Builder Magazine: Examples Of Freestanding Bathtubs
Builder Magazine online slide show describes bathrooms featuring freestanding tubs, and how they can be the centerpiece of the room, making a statement about luxury, serenity, or even quirky style, a design object that stands on its own.

For Residential Pros: Tips For Specifying Whirlpools
For Residential Pros article describes how to specify the best whirlpool for your client, by being familiar with the individual mechanical elements of a whirlpool system.

JLC: Installing Tile Over Tile For Bathtub Surround
Journal of Light Construction explains how to install new tile over an existing tile tub surround.

JLC: Tiled Access Panel For A Jetted Tub
Journal of Light Construction describes details for a tricky tile installation around a jetted tub and installing an invisible tile door to provide access for maintenance. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Tiling A Flangeless Tub
Journal of Light Construction Q & A describes the best way to detail the joint between a deck-mounted tub that lacks an integral tiling flange and the tiled tub surround so that it won't leak.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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