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Basics & Theory

Fine Homebuilding: A Designer's Guide To Countertops
Fine Homebuilding article explains why style and use are the keys to choosing the right product for your kitchen. (PDF)

HGTV Remodels: 13 Kitchen Countertop Styles & Trends
HGTV Remodels describes 13 kitchen counter trends using materials that could add to your kitchen in both looks and performance.
Industry Sectors

CCI: Concrete Countertop Institute
Concrete Countertop Institute helps concrete countertop professionals with training, membership programs, events, research & testing, and advocacy.
Information Sources

Concrete Network: Resource Site On Concrete Countertops
Concrete Network offers information and resources to learn how concrete countertops are made and how they can be tailored to suit individual lifestyle and aesthetic tastes.

Fine Homebuilding: All About Concrete Countertops
Fine Homebuilding says you can get the inspiration and instructions you need to create your own beautiful countertops from this versatile and durable construction material.

HGTV Remodels: Articles On Kitchen Countertops
HGTV Remodels provides online articles with pictues on kitchen countertop types, design, and installation.
Issues & Performance

Buildipedia: Green Kitchen Countertops & Appliances
Buildipedia describes green and sustainable options to consider when choosing kitchen countertops and appliances.

Concrete Network: How To Remove Stains On Concrete Countertops
Concrete Network describes how to remove stains from concrete countertops.

Concrete Network: Vulnerabilities & Durability Of Concrete Countertops
Concrete Network online videos describe vulnerabilities & durability of concrete countertops and how to design around the inherent weaknesses of concrete and design to its strengths.

Ecohome: Laminate Countertops Good as Green Counter Choices
Ecohome says there are now better laminate countertops out there for sustainable green homes.

Concrete Exchange: Purchasable Book On Concrete Countertops
Concrete Exchange sells the book Concrete Countertops, a complete start-to-finish book on creating counter-tops from concrete that can be formed into both simple and complex shapes, based on the needs and design expectations of the homeowner. Photos throughout the book explore the many design possibilities of concrete countertops that you can color, polish, stamp, and stain.$30 USD

Concrete Network: Concrete Countertop Color Options
Concrete Network says when it comes to color options, concrete offers nearly limitless possibilities. Shades of white, gray, brown, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, black and more can be created.

Concrete Network: Concrete Countertop Design Ideas
Concrete Network explains how concrete is incredibly versatile and offers many design options. From traditional styles with ornate edge details to sleek counters with a polished surface, concrete can be used to achieve anything imaginable. Explore the examples provided to discover what design options suit your taste.

Concrete Network: Concrete Countertop Finishes
Concrete Network describes various concrete countertop finish options including marbleized, wood-grained, polished and more.

Concrete Network: Concrete Countertop Ideas By Room
Concrete Networks provides design ideas for using concrete for kitchen counters, bar counters, outdoor counters and more.

Concrete Network: Concrete Designs For Kitchen Counters
Concrete Network gives an overview of options of using concrete for kitchen countertops, with photos and links to related countertop information.

Concrete Network: Fixing Concrete Countertop Problems
Concrete Network provides in-depth answers to common problems associated with concrete countertops.

Concrete Network: Thickness & Weight Implications For Concrete Counters
Concrete Network describes thickness, weight and size limitations for cast concrete counters and how contractors create the illusion of massiveness.

Concrete Network: Ways To Personalize Concrete Countertops
Concrete Network describes some unusual ways to personalize concrete countertops.

For Residential Pros: Countertops Are New Kitchen Centerpiece
For Residential Pros magazine says mix-and-match countertops maximize beauty and personalization, while maintenance issues are also impacting choices.

JLC: Fitting a Countertop to Irregular Wall
Journal of Light Construction describes the quickest and most accurate way to template a countertop in an old house with wavy walls and odd projections.

JLC: Hardwood Kitchen Countertops
Journal of Light Construction says wood makes for an attractive and durable food prep surface in a kitchen. The key to success is proper allowance for expansion and contraction, the right finishes, and educating your client about proper maintenance.

NKBA: Choosing A Bathroom Vanity Top
National Kitchen & bath Association describes features of granite & marble, laminate, solid surface material, tile, and wood bathroom vanity tops.
Product Supply

Builder Magazine: Latest In Kitchen Countertops
Builder Magazine describes some of the latest materials for kitchen countertops.

Fine Homebuilding: Price Ranges For Kitchen Countertops
Fine Homebuilding provides a list of many of the basic kitchen countertop material types you will find today along with an approximation of their cost per sq. ft..

Kitchen & Bath Design News: Easy-Care Countertops & Creative Designs Trending
Kitchen & Bath Design News says countertops continue to play a critical role in the kitchen, serving as both a multifunctional work space and a key design element. While designers are seeing more interest in durable, easy-care surfaces, there's also a growing interest in creative applications such as layering of colors, materials and thicknesses to add visual pizzazz.
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