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Basics & Theory

GBA: Get Ready For Heat-Pump Water Heaters
Green Building Advisor describes heat-pump water heaters that produce over twice as much hot water for each unit of electricity consumed as any other type of electric water heater (storage or tankless).

GBA: Heat Pump Water Heaters
Green Building Advisor provides an overview and discussions on heat pump water heaters.

P&M: Heat Pump Water Heaters Conserve Energy
Plumbing and Mechanical describes how heat pump water heaters can conserve energy and save homeowners money.

Plumbing & HVAC: Today’s Heat Pump Water Heaters
Plumbing & HVAC says today’s highly efficient heat pump water heaters are a hybrid of a heat pump and an electric storage-tank water heater. They offer efficient operation most of the year on the heat pump, but when a boost is needed, the electric element kicks in.

US DOE: Overview Of Residential Heat Pump Water Heaters
US Department Of Energy provides overview of heat pump water heaters including how they work, where to use them, design considerations, savings and maintenance issues.
Industry Information

Plumbing & HVAC: Heat Pump Water Heater Market Growing
Plumbing & HVAC says in the HVAC business heat pumps are making significant inroads and, perhaps surprisingly, heat pump water heaters are also starting to show some growth.
Issues & Performance

CMHC: Heat Pump Water Heaters & Whole-House Energy Consumption
CMHC online research highlight Impact of Heat Pump Water Heaters on Whole-House Energy Consumption examines the whole house impact of operating a heat pump water heater, including changes in basement air temperature, and any impacts on energy consumption for heating and cooling. (PDF)

GBA: Heat-Pump Water Heaters In Cold Climates
Green Building Advisor says heat-pump water heaters save energy on a year-round basis, but during the winter the energy savings will drop.

NREL: Evaluation Of Residential Integrated Heat Pump Water Heaters
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory report discusses a significant opportunity for residential integrated heat pump water heaters to provide energy savings in domestic hot water heating. (PDF)

US DOE: Heat Pump Water Heater Performance Evaluation
Department of Energy report West Village Community: Quality Management Processes and Preliminary Heat Pump Water Heater Performance evaluates performance and efficiency of the central heat pump water heaters as a strategy to provide efficient electric water heating for net-zero all-electric buildings and where natural gas is not available on site. In addition, effectiveness of the quality assurance and quality control processes implemented to ensure proper system commissioning and to meet program participation requirements is evaluated. (PDF)

US DOE: Multifamily Heat Pump Water Heater Evaluation
US Department of Energy report Multifamily Heat Pump Water Heater Evaluation summarizes the monitored performance of a central HPWH installed on student apartments at the University of California. The system was monitored in detail over a 16-month period, and results were used to validate a TRNSYS simulation model. The validated model was then applied to six US climates to evaluate performance using local weather and utility rates. (PDF)

GBA: Heat-Pump Water Heaters Come of Age
Green Building Advisor says now that pilot studies show that installed heat-pump water heaters are performing fairly well, it might be time to buy one.

GBA: Installing a Heat-Pump Water Heater
Green Building Advisor describes how to install a heat-pump water heater.

US DOE: Heat Pump Water Heaters In New & Existing Homes
US Department of Energy measure guideline Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH) in New and Existing Homes explores issues to ensure that homeowners and contractors have the tools needed to appropriately and efficiently install HPWHs. (PDF)

US DOE: Planning & Installing Heat Pump Water Heaters
Building America online Solution Center describes considerations for planning and installing heat pump water heaters.
Product Supply

GBA: Revisiting Heat Pump Water Heaters
Green Building Advisor describes some brands of heat pump water heaters available to North American buyers.

Home Energy: Heat Pump Water Heaters Save Energy & Money
Home Energy magazine says a new study shows that water heaters that use high efficiency heat pump technology, the same process that keeps your refrigerator cold, can cut the amount of electricity used to heat water by half or more, saving significant amounts of energy and money.
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