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Issues & Performance

JLC: How Traps Fail
Journal of Light Construction says without venting, pressure imbalances cause traps to fail.

PHCP Pros: Cleanouts in Drainage Systems
PHCP Pros says as water conservation efforts continue to move forward, drain-line blockages are bound to increase.

Alberta Gov: Floor Drains & Trap Seal Replenishment
Alberta Safety Services and Plumbing Technical Council bulletin informs the plumbing industry of the requirements associated with floor drain and trap seal replenishment. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: How To Hang Drain Lines So They Stay Straight & Secure
Fine Homebuilding online video describes a better way to hang drain pipe.

Fine Homebuilding: Online Video On Rebuilding A Sink Trap
Fine Homebuilding video describes how to rebuild an entire sink trap assembly.

Fine Homebuilding: Replace A Trap & Add Cleanout
Fine Homebuilding describes considerations and steps for replacing the trap in a sink drain and adding a cleanout.

Fine Homebuilding: Tying Into a Drain Line
Fine Homebuilding says rubber couplings are a popular code-approved option for tying into a drain line, but a permanent connection offers added stiffness and durability.

JLC: Drain Traps
Journal of Light Construction describes the purpose and design considerations for drain traps.

P&M: Mysteries Of Wet Venting In Bathrooms
Plumbing and Mechanical describes the venting of one or two bathroom groups. A bathroom group includes all the fixtures located within a bathroom, such as a water closet, lavatory, bathtub, shower or bidet.

PHCP Pros: Selecting Shower Drainage for Construction Projects
PHCP Pros says a good drainage system is at the core of every good shower, ensuring a safe, clean and hassle-free experience. The drainage solution you choose will depend on a variety of factors, including flow rate, project cost, flooring and layout.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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