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Basics & Theory

Fine Homebuilding: Drain-Waste-Vent Systems
Fine Homebuilding explains how drain-waste-vent systems evolved and the rules and best practices for installing them to ensure that they do their jobs properly. (PDF)

Inspectapedia: Plumbing Vent Definitions & Distances
Inspectapedia provides an explanation and drawings of plumbing vent systems.
Issues & Performance

CCHRC: How to Keep Attic Vent From Freezing In Winter
Cold Climate Housing Research Centre says having the stack vent freeze up is a common problem in northern climates in the winter time. This happens when warm, moist air from your toilet and sink drains freezes before it is able to exhaust through the roof vent. This online video describes what is causing the issue and simple, do-it-yourself solutions to keep your stack vent clear.

CMHC: Noise Produced by Drain, Waste & Vent (DWV) Pipes
CMHC report from MJM Acoustical Consultants where they measured the noise produced by toilet flushing in DWV pipes made of cast iron, flexible plastic (PVC) and rigid plastic (ABS). Results are shown in this chart. (PDF)

JLC: Soundproofing Drainpipes
Journal of Light Construction describes how to dampen the sound of a PVC waste pipe.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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