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Basics & Theory

Wood Heat: Overview Of Wood Stoves
Wood Heat Organization covers wood stoves in detail. Other wood heat options including fireplace inserts, advanced technology stoves, outdoor boilers, and fireplaces are listed in the left-side panel.
Education & Training

National Fireplace Institute: Certification For Gas, Wood, Pellet, Hearth Design
National Fireplace Institute is the professional certification division of the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Education Foundation, a non-profit educational organization for the hearth industry. NFI certifies planners and installers in three hearth product categories based on fuel type: NFI Gas Specialist; NFI Woodburning Specialist; NFI Pellet Specialist; NFI Hearth Design Specialist.

WET BC: Wood Energy Technical Training Certification Courses
Wood Energy Technicians of British Columbia is the provincial governing body of the Wood Energy Technical Training Program in British Columbia. They offer training courses and recognition of professional competence in the field of residential woodburning. The program was developed to promote knowledge of and adherence to, the safety regulations governing residential woodburning systems among those who provide professional services to the public.
Issues & Performance

BC Gov: Updated Solid Fuel Burning Appliance Regulations
BC Ministry of Environment has updated the Solid Fuel Burning Domestic Appliance Regulation (SFBDAR). The SFBDAR aims to reduce air pollution from domestic wood heating by regulating the sale of woodstoves and other solid fuel burning domestic appliances in BC. (PDF)

Building Green: EPA To Tighten Pollution Rules For Wood Heaters
Building Green says new EPA regulations will slash particulate emissions from woodstoves, wood hydronic heaters, pellet stoves, and masonry heaters.

CSA B365-17 Installation Code For Solid-Fuel-Burning Appliances & Equipment
CSA B365-17 Installation code for solid-fuel-burning appliances and equipment code specifies requirements for the installation, alteration, and maintenance of solid-fuel-burning appliances and equipment installed indoors or outdoors.

GBA: Wood Stove Safety & Efficiency
Green Building Advisor says wood stoves provide reliable heat, but make sure that yours is safe and efficient.

Green Spec: Have Your Wood Or Pellet Stove And Cleaner Air Too
Green Spec describes newer wood stove technologies that produce less smoke.

HPBA: EPA Certified Woodburning
HPBA fact sheet gives details on EPA standards and products, and explains how wood heaters that are EPA certified may be acceptable for use where other units are not. (PDF)

US EPA: Controlling Air Pollution From Residential Wood Heaters
US Environmental Protection Agency provides information and resources on controlling air pollution from residential wood heaters.

US EPA: New Performance Standards For Residential Wood Heaters
US Environmental Protection Agency new clean air standards for residential wood heaters will make new heaters significantly cleaner and improve air quality in communities where people burn wood for heat. The updates, which are based on improved wood heater technology, strengthen the emissions standards for new woodstoves, while establishing the first ever federal air standards for several types of previously unregulated new wood heaters, including outdoor and indoor wood-fired boilers, and indoor wood-burning forced air furnaces.

Ecohome: Choosing The Best Wood Stove Or Fireplace
Ecohome describes how to make sense of fireplace and wood stove specifications and know how to choose the right one for you.

GBA: All About Wood Stoves
Green Building Advisor describes how and when it might make sense to heat your home with wood, even though firewood is the least convenient of all common fuels.

GBA: Choosing A New Wood Stove
Green Building Advisor suggests matching the heat output of the wood stove with the heat load of the house, and leaving room for the quirks of human operators.

GBA: Heating With Wood Safely & Efficiently
Green Building Advisor describes how to reduce the pollution from your woodstove, and boost its efficiency.

GBA: How To Provide Makeup Air For A Wood Stove
Green Building Advisor discusses whether a wood stove get ducted outdoor combustion air direct to the firebox, or to a location near the stove, or perhaps no ducted outdoor air at all?

GBA: Providing Outdoor Combustion Air For Wood Stove
Green Building Advisor describes how to bring ducted outdoor combustion air to a wood stove by punching a hole through the back of an unused fireplace.

HPBEF: Purchasable Hearth Handbooks For Building Officials
Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Education Foundation provides a set of two handbooks, Hearth Handbooks for Building Officials: Gas Hearth Systems, and Hearth Handbooks for Building Officials: Solid Fuel Systems. The books provide information on important installation and code issues that building officials may not be entirely acquainted with, and they provide hearth retailers with a thorough resource for hearth product code issues. The Second Edition of the Handbooks, released in 2009, have been co-branded by the International Code Council(ICC). $69 each or $119 for both

United Univ: Rocket Mass Heaters Are Superefficient Woodstoves
United University online manual Rocket Mass Heaters: Superefficient Woodstoves you Can Build, describes their features and benefits, and construction and operation procedures. (PDF)

WET BC: Online Guides For Wood Heating Systems & Safety
Wood Energy Technicians of BC has online guides with procedures and specification for installation and maintenance of wood burning systems, equipment and components.
Product Supply

BC Gov: BC Provincial Wood Stove Exchange Program
BC Air Quality says the Provincial Wood Stove Exchange Program is designed to encourage British Columbians to change out their older, smoky wood stoves for low-emission appliances including new CSA-/EPA-certified clean-burning wood stoves.
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