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Basics & Theory

GBA: Understanding Pellet Stoves
Green Building Advisor describes features and benefits of pellet stoves.

Hearth Net: Consumer Guide To Pellet Heating
Hearth Net guide from Hearth Education Foundation and Pellet Fuel Institute, prepared this overview (with drawings) to give an understanding of pellet fuels, and what to look for in pellet burning appliances.

REW: How Wood Pellets Are Made
Renewable Energy World article and video describes how New England Wood Pellet plant produces wood pellet fuel.
Education & Training

National Fireplace Institute: Certification For Gas, Wood, Pellet, Hearth Design
National Fireplace Institute is the professional certification division of the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Education Foundation, a non-profit educational organization for the hearth industry. NFI certifies planners and installers in three hearth product categories based on fuel type: NFI Gas Specialist; NFI Woodburning Specialist; NFI Pellet Specialist; NFI Hearth Design Specialist.

WET BC: Wood Energy Technical Training Certification Courses
Wood Energy Technicians of British Columbia is the provincial governing body of the Wood Energy Technical Training Program in British Columbia. They offer training courses and recognition of professional competence in the field of residential woodburning. The program was developed to promote knowledge of and adherence to, the safety regulations governing residential woodburning systems among those who provide professional services to the public.
Industry Information

Professional Remodeler: 2008 Pellet Fireplace Shipments Up 161%
Professional Remodeler says while gas-burning products continue to represent the largest number of fireplace products shipped to retailers in the U.S. (1,017,000), pellet stoves and inserts and other biomass-burning fireplaces saw a 161 percent spike in shipments (141,000) in 2008.

REW: Overview Of International Wood Pellet Markets
Renewable Energy World article provides an overview of the state of international markets for wood pellets.
Issues & Performance

BNL: Emissions From Gas, Oil & Wood Pellet Heating Systems
Brookhaven National laboratory report Evaluation ofGas, Oil and Wood Pellet Fueled Residential Heating System Emissions Characteristics measured emissions from a wide range of heating equipment burning different fuels including several liquid fuel options, utility supplied natural gas and wood pellet resources. The major effort was placed on generating a database for the mass emission rate of fine particulates (PM 2.5) for the various fuel types studied. (PDF)

Building Green: EPA To Tighten Pollution Rules For Wood Heaters
Building Green says new EPA regulations will slash particulate emissions from woodstoves, wood hydronic heaters, pellet stoves, and masonry heaters.

CSA B365-17 Installation Code For Solid-Fuel-Burning Appliances & Equipment
CSA B365-17 Installation code for solid-fuel-burning appliances and equipment code specifies requirements for the installation, alteration, and maintenance of solid-fuel-burning appliances and equipment installed indoors or outdoors.

GBA: Why Is Wood Burning Counted as Green Energy?
Green Building Advisor says a loophole in carbon-accounting rules is spurring a boom in burning wood pellets in European power plants.

Green Spec: Have Your Wood Or Pellet Stove And Cleaner Air Too
Green Spec describes newer wood stove technologies that produce less smoke.

Building Green: Heating With Wood Pellets
Building Green describes what to like and what not to like about pellet stoves and pellet boilers.

Earthscan: Purchasable Book On Wood Pellet Heating Systems
Earthscan sells Wood Pellet Heating Systems: The Earthscan Expert Handbook on Planning, Design and Installation. This fully-illustrated and easy-to-follow guide shows how wood-pellet heating works, the different types of systems (from small living room stoves systems to larger central heating systems for institutions) how they are installed, and even how wood pellets are manufactured. $54 USD

HPBEF: Purchasable Hearth Handbooks For Building Officials
Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Education Foundation provides a set of two handbooks, Hearth Handbooks for Building Officials: Gas Hearth Systems, and Hearth Handbooks for Building Officials: Solid Fuel Systems. The books provide information on important installation and code issues that building officials may not be entirely acquainted with, and they provide hearth retailers with a thorough resource for hearth product code issues. The Second Edition of the Handbooks, released in 2009, have been co-branded by the International Code Council(ICC). $69 each or $119 for both

WET BC: Online Guides For Wood Heating Systems & Safety
Wood Energy Technicians of BC has online guides with procedures and specification for installation and maintenance of wood burning systems, equipment and components.
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