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Basics & Theory

HVAC School: Humidifier Facts
HVAC School says humidifiers are a big part of HVAC systems in dry locations, especially in the winter.

HVAC School: Impact of Adding or Removing Water From Air
HVAC School says we often add water to the air (humidify) and remove water from the air (dehumidify) as part of our work. they take a different look at what happens when we do that.

Lowes: How To Humidify Your Home
Lowes home improvement site explains humidifiers, health & other problems of low humidity, benefits of humidifying, choosing, humidifier types, setting up, care & maintenance, and things to remember.
Issues & Performance

Energy Vanguard: Will A Humidifier Hurt Your Indoor Air Quality?
Energy Vanguard says when you crank up the humidifier in winter, you may well be growing mold in your home.

Energy Vanguard: Humidifier Is Bandaid, Problem Is Infiltration
Energy Vanguard says if your heating system has a humidifier attached to it, it's most likely there to treat a symptom while leaving the underlying cause of that symptom alone. The symptom is dry air in winter. Unless you're in an extremely dry or cold climate, the cause is not dry air. The real cause is lack of air-sealing.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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