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HPAC Magazine: Hybrid Mechanical Systems
HPAC Magazine discusses how hybrid mechanical systems Amy be bigger part of the future.
Issues & Performance

HPAC Magazine: Ghost-Busting Heat Transfer In Return Air Plenums
HPAC magazine describes how common sense, a bit of heat transfer knowledge and strict adherence to specifications go a long way to improving the air/hydronic dynamic.

Healthy Heating: Schematic Of Health Wellness & Comfort System
Healthy Heating schematic describes how some sophisticated houses, or more discerning owners, may benefit from a hybrid system that combines hot water and forced air.

US DOE: Feasibility Of Hydronic Distribution With Fan Coil Delivery
US Department of Energy report A Feasibility Study: Ductless Hydronic Distribution Systems with Fan Coil Delivery, estimates potential energy savings relative to conventional ducted air distribution, and to identify equipment requirements, costs, and barriers. It focuses on ductless hydronic delivery systems that use water-to-air terminal units in each zone. This system type is applicable in all climate regions and can provide sensible and latent cooling and/or heating using a single hot and chilled water source such as a heat pump, or a separate water heater and chiller. (PDF)
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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