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Basics & Theory

Canadian Contractor: The Case for Electrical Radiant Floor Heating
Canadian Contractor says occupant comfort, energy savings and customized heating zones are compelling arguments for using electrical radiant floor heating.

PM Engineer: Electric Radiant Heating
PM Engineer magazine describes some features and considerations for radiant electric heating.
Industry Sectors

RPA: Radiant Professionals Alliance
Radiant Professionals Alliance is the North American trade association for industry members involved with various types of radiant heating.
Information Sources

Healthy Heating: Resource Site On Radiant Heating & Indoor Environment
Healthy Heating is an educational resource site with a wide range of information and news on radiant heating, indoor environmental quality, and HVAC industry.
Issues & Performance

GBA: Should You Turn Down Radiant-Floor Heat At Night?
Green Building Advisor readers and editors discuss whether thermostat setbacks make radiant systems work too hard in the morning.

P&M: RPA Refutes Canadian Radiant Study
Plumbing & Mechanical magazine article covers Radiant Panel Association comments refuting a CMHC study that showed homeowners with radiant in-floor heating systems do not set their thermostats significantly lower than homeowners with other types of heating systems. Included are responses from CMHC. Free registration required.

Hardwood Info: How To Install Hardwood Floors Over Radiant Heat
Hardwood Manufacturers Association describes different ways to install hardwood floors over radiant heat.

Healthy Heating: R-Values For Floor Coverings
Healthy Heating describes heat transfer terminology, and for use when designing radiant floor heating systems it provides a chart with the R-values of a wide range of floor coverings.

JLC: Electric Radiant Heat For Small Space
Journal of Light Construction describes how electric radiant heat for a superinsulated small space makes a lot of sense.

JLC: Radiant Heat May Melt Wax Ring
Journal of Light Construction says to be cautious when installing radiant heat in a bathroom floor, so the heat will not melt the wax ring.
Product Supply

BNP: Online 2014 Radiant Flooring Guide
Radiant Professionals Alliance online Radiant Flooring Guide provides information on various suppliers of suitable floor coverings and sub-materials for use with radiant floor heating.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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