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Basics & Theory

CMHC: Overview Of Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating
CMHC describes the basics of hydronic floor heating, constraints on the system, design and installation process, approximate costs, maintenance, benefits, some cautions, and sources of additional information. (PDF)

Concrete Network: FAQs On Radiant Floor Heating
Concrete Network answers some frequently asked questions about concrete floors and radiant floor heating.

Healthy Heating: 22 Radiant Myths
Healthy Heating describes 22 myths about radiant under floor heating.

Heating Help: The Fascinating History of Radiant Heating
In this informative and entertaining excerpt from his Classic Hydronics seminar, Dan Holohan will tell you about the history of radiant heating systems.

PM Engineer: 2011 Radiant Flooring Guide
2011 Radiant Flooring Guide provides information on various types of systems, and how to make proper choices on flooring over radiant heating systems, plus an updated directory of radiant floor product manufacturers.
Education & Training

Career Tap: Career Information For Plumbing & Hydronic Heating Industries
Career Tap highlights the wide range of career paths, co-op education opportunities and potential employers within Canada's plumbing and hydronic heating industry.

HeatSpring: Online Courses In Hydronic Radiant Heating
HeatSpring provides industry courses in hydronic radiant heating.
Industry Sectors

RPA: Radiant Professionals Alliance
Radiant Professionals Alliance is the North American trade association for industry members involved with various types of radiant heating.
Information Sources

ACCA Now: Industry Articles On Hydronics
ACCA Now provides industry articles on hydronics technology, products, issues and procedures.

CHC: Resource Site On Hydronic Heating
Canadian Hydronics Council provides information and resources on hydronic heating systems and suppliers.

Concrete Network: Information & Resources On Radiant Floor Heating
Concrete Network offers information on radiant floor heating, including benefits of concrete floor heat, design & installation tips, product suppliers, and more.

H2O Accepted: Hydronic Heating Resource Site
Radiant Professionals Alliance and Hydronics Industry Alliance have launched the H2O Accepted website that is designed to showcase the advantages of water-based (hydronic) commercial building space heating and cooling technologies.

Healthy Heating: Resource Site On Radiant Heating & Indoor Environment
Healthy Heating is an educational resource site with a wide range of information and news on radiant heating, indoor environmental quality, and HVAC industry.

HydroniX Talk: Internet Talk Show From Radiant Professionals
HydroniX Talk is an Internet-based talk show hosted by Radiant Professionals Association that brings together experts and professionals from the radiant and hydronic industry to discuss trends and issues facing contractors, designers and builders.
Issues & Performance

BC Housing: Improving Efficiency in Hydronic Radiant Heating Systems
BC Housing has released their Builder Insight 18, Improving Efficiency in Hydronic Radiant Heating Systems. It summarizes the impact of the hydronic heating system additive EndoTherm, which provides heating energy savings by improving heat transfer from hydronic heating systems. The pilot study of 12 existing multi-unit residential buildings was conducted by BC Housing in 2018 and 2019. (PDF)

Builder Magazine: Radiant Flooring Can Cause Legionnaires Disease
Builder Magazine says knowing how legionella grows in a domestic hot water system makes it clear why connecting potable water to a hydronic floor is of concern, and also helps us understand solutions.

CAN/CSA-B214-16 - Installation Code For Hydronic Heating Systems
CSA Group published this Code to establish uniformity in the installation of hydronic heating systems. The B214 Code also provides a reference point that proper installation of heating systems will lead to good performance, serviceability and longevity. $173 CDN

CIPH: Links To Information On Water & Heating Codes & Standards
Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating provides links to information and resources on codes and standards relating to water systems and hydronic heating.

GBA: Radiant Floor Heat In Superinsulated House
Green Building Advisor discusses issues and considerations for using radiant floor heating in a superinsulated house.

GBA: Should You Turn Down Radiant-Floor Heat At Night?
Green Building Advisor readers and editors discuss whether thermostat setbacks make radiant systems work too hard in the morning.

Healthy Heating: Concrete Codes & Standards For Embedded Piping
Healthy Heating says when working with embedded pipe system in Canada, radiant designers should familiarize themselves with the concrete code and standards for regulation of embedded piping systems.

Heating Help: Three Hydronic Radiant Heating Myths
Heating Help discusses three hydronic radiant heating myths.

HPAC Magazine: How to Align Expectations of Radiant Systems With Reality
HPAC magazine says the more common complaints consumers have are, more often than not, about comfort and speed of performance.

HPAC Magazine: Updates to CSA B214 Installation Code for Hydronic Heating Systems
HPAC Magazine the 2016 edition of B214 Installation Code for Hydronic Heating Systems has been updated for improved clarity, including reorganization of several sections. Several new requirements, written in specific and enforceable language, have been added.

P&M: Continuous Circulation in Floor Heating Circuits
Plumbing and Mechanical says a way to improve the ability of a high mass slab heating system to survive many cold winter days without heat input is to design the system for constant circulation.

P&M: RPA Refutes Canadian Radiant Study
Plumbing & Mechanical magazine article covers Radiant Panel Association comments refuting a CMHC study that showed homeowners with radiant in-floor heating systems do not set their thermostats significantly lower than homeowners with other types of heating systems. Included are responses from CMHC. Free registration required.

Plumbing & HVAC: Alberta Insulation Rules Unfairly Target Hydronics
Plumbing & HVAC magazine says hydronic heating contractors in Alberta have seen their market share plummet after provincial inspectors began enforcing new insulation requirements for radiant floor heating slabs. Contractors asked what is the industry and government doing to overturn these requirements in the National Energy Code, as it singles out one industry and if four inches of under-slab insulation is needed, it should apply to all buildings regardless of the type of heating system.

Plumbing & HVAC: Relief for Alberta Hydronics Industry
Plumbing & HVAC says Alberta hydronic heating contractors will soon see relief from onerous slab insulation requirements that have virtually put the industry out of business.

Construction Specifier: Planning In-Slab Hydronic Heating & Cooling
Construction Specifier describes how radiant systems are ideally suited to a broad range of commercial applications and achieve best results when combined with other energy-efficient solutions in tight building structures.

GBA: Radiant Floors Rarely Appropriate In Efficient Green Home
Green Building Advisor says although in-floor hydronic tubing provides comfortable space heating, these systems are expensive and rarely appropriate for a well-designed green home.

GBA: Radiant Hydronic Floor Heating In Highly Efficient Homes
Green Building Advisor discusses whether an in-floor hydronic heat distribution system may be overkill for a tight, well insulated house.

Hardwood Info: How To Install Hardwood Floors Over Radiant Heat
Hardwood Manufacturers Association describes different ways to install hardwood floors over radiant heat.

Healthy Heating: Control Valve & Balancing Theory
Healthy Heating describes 20 points every engineer and contractor should know about control valve and balancing theory.

Healthy Heating: Embedded Pipes In Concrete For Radiant Cooling & Heating
Healthy Heating provides 30 points on embedded cooling and heating pipes every architect, engineer and contractor should know for radiant cooling and heating systems.

Healthy Heating: R-Values For Floor Coverings
Healthy Heating describes heat transfer terminology, and for use when designing radiant floor heating systems it provides a chart with the R-values of a wide range of floor coverings.

HPAC Magazine: Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems & Radiant Heating
HPAC Magazine describes a low-ambient air-to-water heat pump combined with a low temperature radiant panel distribution system.

HPAC Magazine: Don't Just Go With The Flow When Scheduling
HPAC magazine says creating hydronic radiant equipment schedules is the key to successful radiant projects.

HPAC Magazine: Getting The Piping & Controls Right
HPAC magazine reviews mechanical piping and radiant loop layouts and their differences, as well as control strategies, to help you on the road to designing top-notch systems in terms of performance, efficiency and cost.

HPAC Magazine: Radiant Loop Layout Patterns
HPAC magazine describes the four most common loop layout options when dealing with an over pour installation. These are referred to as single-wall serpentine, double-wall serpentine, triple-wall serpentine and counter flow.

IAPMO: Canadian Handbook On Hydronic Heating Systems
International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials sells Canadian Hydronics Council new Handbook on Hydronic Heating Systems which is intended to assist installers, designers and inspection authorities with information about hydronic heating systems for residential and commercial buildings of three or less storeys with a building area of less than 600 m2. $106 CDN

JLC: Hardwood Flooring Over Radiant Heat
Journal of Light Construction says careful HVAC design and job-site moisture control ensure success with hardwood flooring over radiant heat. (PDF) Free site registration required.

JLC: Insulating Below A Radiant Slab
Journal of Light Construction Q & A by John Siegenthaler recommends how much insulation is necessary under a typical basement radiant slab, along with an example of costs and return on investment.

JLC: Radiant Heat May Melt Wax Ring
Journal of Light Construction says to be cautious when installing radiant heat in a bathroom floor, so the heat will not melt the wax ring.

Mechanical Business: Tubing Installation Methods & Spacing
Mechanical Business says there are numerous methods of how to physically install tubing in a radiant slab, various spacing configurations and tube depths that can be used, and are reasons and ramifications with every choice made on the jobsite.

P&M: 10 Hydronic Lessons Learned
Plumbing and Mechanical magazine article by John Siegenthaler Here describes 10 lessons he has learned over the last 20 years. All have influenced the way he designs systems, and deals with clients.

P&M: Back to Hydronics Basics
Plumbing and Mechanical describes how to apply a few of the basics to every hydronic system you work with.

P&M: Flow x Pressure drop = Energy
Plumbing & Mechanical magazine says with the exception of systems with electrical boilers or heat pumps as their primary heat source, few heating pros give much thought to the electrical energy used in their systems.

P&M: Insulating Radiant Panels
Plumbing and Mechanical magazine describes issues and considerations for insulating radiant panels.

P&M: Need Insulating Values for Nubbed Foam Panels
Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine says manufacturers offering nubbed foam panels for radiant heating should consider how top produce accurate design tools for heated slabs placed over such panels.

P&M: Purchasable Book On Modern Hydronic Heating
Plumbing & Mechanical sells Modern Hydronic Heating For Residential Light-Commercial Buildings, by John Siegenthaler. Geared to the heating contractor rather than the engineer, this book walks you through every phase of heating from sizing and selecting boilers to laying out distribution, zoning, and control systems. Radiant slab systems are covered in depth, along with new high-efficiency boilers, Euro-style radiators, and entrapped air problems. $200 USD

PM Engineer: Exploring Aspects Of Tubing Depth
PM Engineer describes the effect tubing depth has on the thermal performance of a heated floor slab.

PM Engineer: Radiant Heating Using Pellet Boiler
PM Engineer describes design considerations for a system intended to supply space heating and domestic hot water to residential or light-commercial buildings using a pellet boiler as the renewable energy heat source, and radiant panels as the comfort delivery method.
Product Supply

BNP: Online 2014 Radiant Flooring Guide
Radiant Professionals Alliance online Radiant Flooring Guide provides information on various suppliers of suitable floor coverings and sub-materials for use with radiant floor heating.
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