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Basics & Theory

Healthy Heating: History Of Radiant Heating
Healthy Heating provides a chronological history of radiant cooling and heating.

Healthy Heating: Radiant Theory
Healthy Heating describes 20 points every architect, engineer, contractor and their clients should know about radiant theory.

Heating Help: Roots of Radiant Heating
Heating Help online video describes the history of radiant heating, which is as old as the Romans. They're very economical and their effect is similar to what we feel on a cold day when we stand in bright sunshine, or when we wait outside under a radiant heater for the valet to bring our car. Dan Holohan is a masterful storyteller who combines learning and entertainment in delightful ways. And there's even some rock-and-roll in this one!

HPAC Magazine: Seven Radiant Heating & Cooling Myths
HPAC magazine says radiant energy and radiant systems myths continue and have expanded.

PM Engineer: 2011 Radiant Flooring Guide
2011 Radiant Flooring Guide provides information on various types of systems, and how to make proper choices on flooring over radiant heating systems, plus an updated directory of radiant floor product manufacturers.

Radiantek: Types Of Hydronic Floor Heating Systems
Radiantek, a system supplier, gives a good overview of hydronic systems including closed, indirect, open direct, with boiler and solar source options.

RPA: Basics Of Radiant Heating
Radiant Professionals Alliance offers radiant basics like definition, location, temperature, heating methods, controls, construction, thermal mass, response time, energy savings, and cooling.

US DOE: Types of Radiant Heating
US Department of Energy describes various types of radiant heating.
Industry Sectors

RPA: Radiant Professionals Alliance
Radiant Professionals Alliance is the North American trade association for industry members involved with various types of radiant heating.
Information Sources

Healthy Heating: Bibliography Of Radiant Heating & Cooling Resources
Healthy Heating provides a list of research and technical resources citations on radiant based HVAC systems for industry use.

Healthy Heating: Online Radiant Flooring Guide
Healthy Heating provides access to the Radiant Flooring Guide from the Radiant Professionals Alliance that provides all the information for making proper choices on flooring over radiant heating systems as well as an understanding of radiant heat, product options, design issues, and more.

Healthy Heating: Resource Site On Radiant Heating & Indoor Environment
Healthy Heating is an educational resource site with a wide range of information and news on radiant heating, indoor environmental quality, and HVAC industry.

IAPMO: Books On Radiant & Hydronic Heating
International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials sells books on radiant and hydronic heating systems.

Journal of Indoor Environmental Quality: Weblog On Industry Resources
Journal of Indoor Environmental Quality in conjunction with Healthy Heating serves as a technical interpreter and consolidator of academic research done within the building sciences. It provides professional development programs based on its analysis to application professionals such as architects, engineers, interior designers and related technicians. Topics include: air quality, comfort quality, sustainability, interior design, industrial design and product ergonomics as it relates to man machine interfaces for HVAC and building components.

PM Engineer: Modern Hydronics Done Right Volume 3
Plumbing & Mechanical and PM Engineer free eBook, Modern Hydronics Done Right, is a collection of columns and articles from John Siegenthaler, the well-respected hydronics expert. The topics in Volume III include focus on hydronic heat emitters, including articles on garage warming, panel radiator vs. radiant panel and future trends in thermal mass and more.
Issues & Performance

Contractor Magazine: Radiant Is More Efficient Than Forced Air
Contractor magazine says based on the results from energy simulations of different home types, in six regions of Canada, ICF Marbek reported this last January that annual energy savings of up to 18% could be realized with radiant heat.

John Siegenthaler: PM Magazine Article: Plateless In Radiantville
John Siegenthaler, a well-respected industry expert explains his concerns about problems that are surfacing with poorly designed plateless staple-up systems, especially in colder climates. (PDF)

P&M: RPA Refutes Canadian Radiant Study
Plumbing & Mechanical magazine article covers Radiant Panel Association comments refuting a CMHC study that showed homeowners with radiant in-floor heating systems do not set their thermostats significantly lower than homeowners with other types of heating systems. Included are responses from CMHC. Free registration required.

GBA: Heating a Bathroom Floor
Green Building Advisor says a warm bathroom floor is a something to look forward to on a chilly winter morning, and discusses ideas on the best way of accomplishing that.

Healthy Heating: Architectural Guide to Radiant Based HVAC Systems
Healthy Heating offers the Architectural Guide to Radiant Based HVAC Systems, a sectional drawing detailing the architectural/ mechanical interfaces for a health, wellness, and comfort system. $35 Donation Required

Healthy Heating: How To Avoid Radiant Heating Mistakes
Healthy Heating describes six common radiant heating and cooling mistakes and how to avoid them.

Healthy Heating: Radiant Based HVAC Design
Healthy Heating summarizes a literature review that mapped the impact of low temperature heating systems on thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and safety. Low temperature supply elements turned out to have many advantages over their high temperature counterparts.

Healthy Heating: Radiant Heating & HVAC Design Software Reviews
Healthy Heating provides a review of some of the more common and capable software programs available for designing HVAC and radiant systems.

RIMA: Reflective Insulation Materials Used Under Concrete Slabs
Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association technical brief trys to address some overly aggressive promises about the insulating value of reflective foil insulation. (PDF)

Watts Radiant: Guide To Selecting Floor Coverings
Watts Radiant provides a good overview of things to consider when selecting tile, hardwoods, or carpet floor coverings for placement over radiant floors.
Product Supply

P&M: Baselines For Residential Radiant Heat Efficiency In Canada
Plumbing & Mechanical magazine says Beautiful Heat, Canada's not-for-profit association dedicated to educating Canadians about the option of residential radiant heat, recently engaged ICF Marbek to complete an Energy and Comfort Study, measuring energy consumption of radiant heat vs. forced-air systems. Based on the results from energy simulations of different home types in six regions of Canada, annual energy savings of up to 18% could be realized with radiant heat.

PM Magazine: Radiant Heating Buyers Guide
PM Magazine displays the Radiant Comfort Report Buyers Guide that is a directory of manufacturers and suppliers of hydronic, electric, and system components for the radiant heating & cooling industry.
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