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Basics & Theory

Custom Home Magazine: Examples Of Vent Hood Designs
Custom Home Magazine online slide show provides examples of beautiful vent hood designs.
Information Sources

ROCIS: Resources on Kitchen Range Hoods & IAQ
ROCIS online document Kitchen Range Hoods has a comprehensive list of references on range hood research and cooking emissions.
Issues & Performance

CAN/CSA-C260-M90 (R2007) Rating Performance of Residential Mechanical Ventilating Equipment
CAN/CSA-C260-M90 (R2007) Rating Performance of Residential Mechanical Ventilating Equipment standard establishes a uniform method to determine air movement characteristics; and to measure sound output of residential mechanical ventilation equipment.

CAN/CSA-F326-M91 (R2014) Residential Mechanical Ventilation Systems
CAN/CSA-F326-M91 (R2014) Residential Mechanical Ventilation Systems standard defines requirements for performance, installation and application, and performance verification of mechanical ventilation systems.

Energy Star Canada: Qualifying Criteria For Ventilating Fans
Natural Resources Canada outlines qualifying criteria for Energy Star residential ceiling or wall-mounted fans, in-line fans, and kitchen range hoods. (PDF)

Energy Vanguard: The 2 Main Problems With Kitchen Ventilation
Energy Vanguard discusses indoor air quality, specifically as it relates to kitchens and ventilation systems.

GBA: Does Vent Hood Need Makeup Air?
Green Building Advisor discusses whether or not there is a need makeup air for a kitchen hood when building a tight house.

GBA: Makeup Air for Kitchen Exhaust
Green Building Advisor describes what the code does and doesn't say about kitchen exhaust and makeup air and how to prevent backdrafting of certain combustion appliances.

HVI: 915 Procedure For Loudness Rating Of Residential Fan Products
Home Ventilation Institute standard 915 Procedure For Loudness Rating Of Residential Fan Products specifies prescriptively HVI procedures for sound testing and loudness rating in sones for residential ventilating products, in accordance with (ANSI) consensus standards. (PDF)

LBL: Performance Of Installed Cooking Exhaust Devices
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory study Performance of Installed Cooking Exhaust Devices shows that airflows of installed devices are often below advertised values and that less than half of the pollutants emitted by gas cooking burners are removed during many operational conditions. (PDF)

GBA: Dealing With High-Capacity Range Hood
Green Building Advisor describes why big fans need lots of makeup air, and where it can come from.

HPAC Magazine: Ignore Pressure Differentials At Your Peril
HPAC magazine describes the unintended consequences of monster-size range hoods.

US DOE: Air Sealing Bathroom & Kitchen Exhaust Fans
Building America Solution Center online guide describes how to air seal bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans.

US DOE: Installing Kitchen Exhaust
US Department of Energy describes issues and considerations for installing an exhaust fan in the kitchen to exhaust steam and cooking odors to the outdoors.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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