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Basics & Theory

Building Science: Sealed Combustion
Building Science describes sealed combustion, where combustion units are completely decoupled from interior environment through use of dedicated outdoor air intake and exhaust ducts connected directly to the unit.
Issues & Performance

HPAC: Challenge of Category IV Gas-Fired Appliance Venting
HPAC magazine describes issues and considerations around the challenge of Category IV gas-fired appliance venting.

Standata: Alberta Bulletin On Gas Venting & ABS/PVC Piping
Alberta Municipal Affairs gas safety bulletin from STANDATA covering direct vent appliances & equipment says the increased application of high efficiency furnaces and hot water tanks in construction has resulted in increased failures due to confusion with similar locations for combustion air and venting piping systems. The accidental installation of ABS/PVC piping on venting outlets that were intended for the combustion air piping is causing venting failures. (PDF)

TSBC: BC Directive For Plastic Pipe Venting
Technical Safety BC bulletin confirms the existing code provisions which require the use of ULC S636 certified plastic venting, and allows existing venting to be used with new appliances in specified circumstances.

TSBC: Chimney Issue Causes Carbon Monoxide Close Call
Technical Safety BC investigation traced the source of CO to a dislodged furnace vent connector.

TSBC: Incorrect Venting Could Have Caused CO Poisoning
Technical Safety BC says while conducting a physical assessment of a newly installed fireplace in a residence, a gas safety officer discovered that incorrect venting material had been used. The non-compliance could have resulted in venting issues leading to carbon monoxide poisoning.

BC Housing: Sidewall Venting of Gas Appliances`
BC Housing bulletin Sidewall Venting of Gas Appliances says. newer modern gas appliances used for space and water heating are increasingly being installed with sidewall venting as it is easier for builders and equipment installers to implement. Proper care and attention are required in the design and installation of the vents in order to ensure that the exhaust is dissipated away from the building and its occupants. (PDF)

Building America: Installing Direct Vent Equipment
Building America online solution center describes how to install direct vent equipment, including scope, description, ensuring success, climate, training, CAD, compliance, and more info.

Inspectapedia: Guide To Side Wall Venting & Flues
Inspectapedia online guide provides information on choosing, installing, & troubleshooting through-wall or side-wall venting exhaust devices for heating appliances like oil or gas fired boilers, furnaces, or water heaters.

JLC: Venting & Make Up Air For Heating Appliances
Journal of Light Construction field guide shows proper venting and make up air for heating appliances.

JLC: Venting Heating Appliances For Safety & Efficiency
Journal of Light Construction describes safety and efficiency rules to follow when planning and inspecting any atmospheric-vented combustion appliance. (PDF) Free Registration Required

PM Engineer: Flue Gas Venting Option
PM Engineer says the use of correct building materials for any job is essential.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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