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CSIA: Overview Of Chimney Safety
Chimney Safety Institute of America video explains how annual chimney inspections by a qualified professional can prevent carbon monoxide intrusion and chimney fires and can also help you identify potential system issues to address them before they become costly.

Rumford: Resource Site On Masonry Chimneys
Rumford is a famous name in masonry fireplaces, and their site has great info on chimney types and history, plans and instructions, products, stories, pictures, links and more.
Issues & Performance

Woodheat: Evil Outside Chimney
Woodheat gives a good description of how the house as a system effects chimneys, problems caused by backdrafting, and reasons for recommending that chimneys not be placed on outside walls.

BIA: Procedures & Materials For Flashing Chimneys
Brick Industry Association bulletin describes proper flashing of chimney base, intersection with roof, and crown, as well as types of flashing materials. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Bending Copper Chimney Flashing
Fine Homebuilding describes how to bend copper chimney flashing.

Fine Homebuilding: Sealing Air Leaks Next To Chimney
Fine Homebuilding article describes a simple method of sealing air leakage pathways around a chimney, using scraps of aluminum drip edge.

Fine Homebuilding: Video On Inspecting Masonry Chimney
Fine Homebuilding online video features an expert mason who walks you through his diagnosis of a failing chimney.

JLC: Flashing A Chimney With Soldered Copper
Journal; of Light Construction describes how to flash a chimney with soldered copper. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Flashing Of Chimneys
Journal of Light Construction field guide, with drawings, describes how to install chimney base, step, and counter-flashings, and how to make a chimney cricket to divert water. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Installing Chimney Cricket That Will Not Leak
Journal of Light Construction article describes how to install a cricket and new flashing to fix a leaky chimney.

JLC: Leakproof Chimney Flashing
Journal of Light Construction tip sheet says many contractors make the mistake of using masonry screws to fasten the counterflashing to the side of the chimney, then applying a bead of caulk at the top of the flashing. It describes how properly installed counterflashing is let in to a groove in the chimney and overlaps the upturned sides of the base flashing. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Relining Old Chimneys
Journal of Light Construction explains the ins and outs of restoring a chimney with a poured cementitious liner. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Removing A Structural Chimney
Journal of Light Construction describes how to remove a structural chimney. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Sealing Around A Chimney
Journal of Light Construction Q & A describes mehtods for air sealing around a chimney.

JLC: Troubleshooting Common Chimney Problems
Journal of Light Construction identifies the root causes of typical chimney problems and supplies prescriptions for prevention and cure. (PDF) Free site registration required.

JLC: Various Wall Flashing For Exterior Chimneys
Journal of Light Construction describes how to flash an exterior masonry chimney to the wall of a house.

Waterloo Univ: Construction Detail Of Counter Flashing For Chimney
Waterloo University provides construction detail of proper counter flashing for chimney and roof joints.

You Tube: Installing Lead Counter Flashing For Chimney
Online video demonstrates a method for cutting, bending, and fitting lead counterflashing for a brick chimney.
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