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Flexible Duct: Resource Site On Flexible Ducting
Flexible Duct site from the Air Duct Council provides information and resources on flexible ducting.
Issues & Performance

Air Duct Council: Standards For Flexible Ducts
Air Duct Council sells the Flexible Duct Performance & Installation Standards for use and reference by designers, architects, engineers, contractors, installers and users for evaluating, selecting, specifying and properly installing flexible duct in heating and air conditioning systems.

Energy Vanguard: Sagging Flex Ducts & Air Flow
Energy Vanguard describes why sagging flex ducts are bad for air flow.

Energy Vanguard: US Model Mechanical Code May Limit Flex Duct
Energy Vanguard says some professionals in the industry are pushing for limits on the use of flex duct. International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) use the Uniform Mechanical Code for heating, cooling, ventilating, and refrigeration systems. Among the changes recommended for the 2018 UMC is this: 603.4.1 Length Limitation. Factory-made flexible air ducts and connectors shall be not more than 5 feet (1524 mm) in length and shall not be used in lieu of rigid elbows or fittings.

ASHRAE: Duct Sizing Calculator Available
A new duct sizing calculator from ASHRAE and the Air Distribution Institute allows HVAC air distribution system designers to more accurately size ducts, especially flex ducts under varying amounts of compression,

Building Science: Foibles, Follies & Fixes Of Flex Duct
Building Science online slide show presentation describes issues and considerations for proper design and installation of flex ducts. (PDF)

Energy Vanguard: How To Install Flex Duct Properly
Energy Vanguard describes how to install flex duct properly, based on information from the Air Diffussion Council flexible duct performance & installation standards.

Energy Vanguard: The Joy of Flex
Energy Vanguard describes key factors in the design and installation flex ducts.

GBA: Should Flex Duct Be Banned?
Green Building Advisor says like fiberglass batt insulation, the flex duct product is rarely installed properly.

HVAC School: Best Practices for Flex Ducts
HVAC School says while the proper sealing of ductwork in unconditioned spaces is nearly universally recognized as important, it is rare that a flex system get’s installed properly in these other important areas.

US DOE: Analysis Of Flexible Duct Junction Box Design
US Department of Energy report Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Flexible Duct Junction Box Design explores the relationships between pressure and physical configurations of flexible duct junction boxes. Through a suite of computational fluid dynamics simulations, relationships between individual box parameters and total system pressure have been predicted. (PDF)

US DOE: Optimizing Configuration Of Flexible Duct Junction Boxes
US Department of Energy measure guideline Optimizing the Configuration of Flexible Duct Junction Boxes offers recommendations to HVAC system designers for optimizing flexible duct, constant-volume HVAC systems using junction boxes. (PDF)

US DOE: Sealed & Insulated Flex Ducts
US Department of Energy describes issues and considerations for installing sealed and insulated flex ducts.

US DOE: Support At Intervals For Flex Ducts
Building America Solution Center says if ducts are to be installed in a vented, uninsulated attic or crawl space, hang the ducts with supporting straps or saddles of sufficient width and frequency to adequately support the ducts so that the ducts do not sag and are not pinched or compressed in a manner that would cause damage to the ducts, the duct insulation, or the duct air barrier covering.
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