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Basics & Theory

Automated Buildings: Overview Of Thermostat Types & Features
Automated Buildings site explains thermostat types and features, programming, power, changeover, display, button type, service reminders, communications, and applications.

Do It Yourself: Different Types Of Residential Thermostats
Do It Yourself briefly describes different types of thermostats including line-voltage, low-voltage, programmable thermostats, mechanical thermostats, and electronic thermostats.

Edmonton Real Estate: Understanding Your Thermostat
Edmonton Real Estate online guide is designed to help you become more familiar with the various types of thermostats available. It covers the difference between manual, programmable and smart thermostats and how to best choose and utilize each for the greatest efficiency.

How Stuff Works: How Home Thermostats Work
How Stuff Works explains how one of the most common heating system units works. This article which includes pictures, has sections on dissection, making it work, wiring, digital thermostats and lots more information.

HVAC School: Low Voltage Electrical Basics
HVAC School podcast describes the basics of low voltage electrical systems for HVAC applications.

NRCan: Thermostats For Heating Systems
Natural Resources Canada describes thermostats for heat pumps and heating systems.

Wikipedia: Overview Of Thermostat Types & Uses
Wikipedia provides an overview of different types of thermostats, along with their features and benefits, and installation considerations.
Issues & Performance

Energy Vanguard: Nest Thermostat Operational Data Unveiled
Energy Vanguard summarizes some Nest thermostat data that helps us understand how homes really work.

Fraunhofer: A Case For Thermostat User Models
Fraunhofer study A Case For Thermostat User Models says there is a need to improve thermostat assumptions and update models with more realistic schedules. Free site registration required. (PDF)

Fraunhofer: Framework For Comparing Residential Thermostat Energy Performance
Fraunhofer CSE and Nest Labs have co-developed a new data-driven framework for comparing the energy performance of residential thermostats. This paper identifies the key challenges facing thermostat assessment and proposes a framework that can help overcome those challenges. (PDF)

Statistics Canada: Thermostat Use In Canadian Homes
Statistics Canada says just over half of Canadian households with a thermostat reduced their home’s temperature while they slept. Households using a programmable thermostat were more likely to lower home temperatures than those with non-programmable thermostats.

BRI: How Installers Select & Explain Domestic Heating Controls
Building Research and Information article discusses how installers might influence the use, and subsequent energy consumed through, domestic central heating systems through the selection and explanation of controls.

GBA: Strange Geography Of Thermostat Settings
Green Building Advisor describes how, contrary to expectations, in winter Northerners set their thermostats lower than Southerners.

HVAC School: Something to Watch For When Replacing a Thermostat
HVAC School says when you find yourself in a position where you are going to replace a fancy thermostat with a simple one, you need to make sure the new thermostat can do the job in matching up is dehumidification.

HVAC School: Thermostat Cycle Rate Settings
HVAC School describes how most controls and thermostats will have some sort of cycle rate per hour setting that kicks in to prevent over cycling once setpoint is reached.

HVAC School: Thermostat Heat Anticipator
HVAC School describes how the thermostat heat anticipator functions.

US DOE: Review of Residential Comfort Control Products & Opportunities
US Department of Energy research paper Review of Residential Comfort Control Products and Opportunities outlines residential HVAC advanced controls and sensors. It includes a technology review, applications, maintenance and commissioning, occupant behavior and a summary of the state-of-the-art technologies for advanced controls for residential HVAC. (PDF)

US DOE: Thermostat Placement In Low-Load Homes In Sunny Climates
US Department of Energy report Impact of Thermostat Placement in Low-Load Homes in Sunny Climates says the ideal control strategy, system type, and thermostat location vary with house geometry, climate, and latitude. Typically, only one or two rooms pose comfort problems in low-load homes. Such rooms can be made somewhat more comfortable by changing the thermostat location for a particular house. (PDF)

VTT: Characteristics Of Usable Room Temperature Control
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland report describes the characteristics of usable room temperature control. (PDF)
Product Supply

Tekmar: Outdoor Reset Controls
Tekmar, a BC company recognized for advanced hydronic control systems, gives you an overview of outdoor reset controls.

US DOE: Existing & Future Residential Use Cases for Connected Thermostats
US Department of Energy report Existing and Future Residential Use Cases for Connected Thermostats considers how connected thermostats might be used to advance residential energy efficiency efforts. (PDF)
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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