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Basics & Theory

Builder Magazine: Smart Home System Provides Digital Caregiving
Builder Magazine describes how a range of tech-based products bring customized solutions to a Canadian family with extensive medical needs.

CNET: Home Automation Bying Guide
CNET Network Home Automation Bying Guide provides a good overview on home automation including sections on: What kinds of 'things' can I automate?; How does home automation work?; Do I need a hub?; OK... so how do I get started?

Home Energy: Home Control Or Automation
Home Energy magazine discusses the difference between home control and home automation.

Home Toys: Designing Integrated Home Networks
Home Toys offers this article explaining design steps, key reasons to network, and different infrastructure devices, and explains how the computer network is a critical component of any system.
Education & Training

Automated Building: Articles & Links On Automated Building Systems Education
Automated Buildings, run by BC industry veteran Ken Sinclair, is a site for those involved in large buildings. The education section has lots of articles and links to training.
Industry Information

Automated Buildings: Smart Buildings Predictions For 2013
Automated Buildings provides smart buildings predictions for 2013 including the coming of indoor positioning systems, smart becomes the new green, eye-tracking, community microgrids, cross training for IT and FM, and pilot projects for direct current infrastructure in buildings.

Builder Magazine: Consumers Expect Smart Homes Sooner Than Later
Builder Magazine says a new survey finds out just how soon consumers expect home automation to be commonplace and what they most want from it.

Builder Magazine: Is Internet Of Things A Trend Or Fad?
Builder Magazine discusses how builders and architects do and will create better disciplines and practices around discovery of what people expect in their new homes.

Business Insider: US Smart Home Market Has Been Struggling
Business Insider says a report has analyzed current US consumer demand for the smart home and barriers to widespread adoption. It finds there are many barriers preventing mass-market smart home adoption: high device prices, limited consumer demand, long device replacement cycles, and the technological fragmentation of the smart home ecosystem.

CABA: Connected Home Roadmap 2010 Study
Continental Automated Buildings Association consumer market study examined all aspects of the connected home marketplace. Connected Home Roadmap 2010 was a large-scale study created to provide insights into consumer attitudes concerning technologies, value propositions and future market adoption. (PDF)

CABA: Connected Home Roadmap 2019
Continental Automated Buildings Association online report Connected Home Roadmap 2019 provides a summary of research into existing and future issues and opportunities for the connected home industry. (PDF)

CABA: Technology Roadmap for Intelligent Buildings
Continental Automated Buildings Association report Technology Roadmap for Intelligent Buildings investigates concepts behind intelligent buildings, and key issues related to current and evolving intelligent building technologies. It focuses on opportunities and potential payback presented by intelligent buildings technologies, highlighting the synergy and economic advantages that can be achieved through an integrated implementation. (PDF)

Current News: Huge Leap Forward in Home Energy Tech
Current News says Samsung, Bulb and Chameleon have partnered for huge leap forward in home energy tech.

EEWorld Online: Smart Home As A Service
EEWorld Online says instead of consumers being responsible for selecting, installing, maintaining, upgrading and programming their smart home devices, Smart Home a Service service providers could do it for them. This could be a typical service provider, like a telco, cable TV or internet service providers, who are already doing this to some extent and already have ongoing billing relationship with home owners. It could also be large retailers who already have a portfolio of home services and could easily expand. It could also be large utilities as well as small regional start-ups who see the market potential to provide smart services.

Energy Matters: Energy Efficiency A Major Australian Smart Home Market Driver
Energy Matters says the global smart home market was valued at around $24.10 billion last year and is expected to reach approximately $53.45 billion in 2022, achieving a compound annual growth rate of slightly above 14.5 per cent between 2017 and 2022. They say a major growth driver for the smart home market is growing awareness among consumers about electricity consumption and energy efficiency.

Fast Company: What Smart Homes Will & Won't Do In 2017
Fast Company says virtual assistants and other tech will make life easier and entertain us more than ever.

Florida Univ: Elderly & Disabled Smart House Project
University Of Florida offers a tour of this laboratory house project from the Research Center on Technology for Successful Aging to see options being tested for assisting the elderly & disabled. Click on Take A Tour.

Forbes: Top Trends At Smart Home Technology Expo
Forbes describes some of the smart home features that trendspotting designers attending CEDIA saw as critical to their work.

HIRL: Home Automation Products Installed in US Homes in 2017
Home Innovation Research Labs provides statistics on types of home automation electronics systems installed in US homes in 2017.

Home Energy : Evolution Of Home Energy Management
Home Energy Magazine says a recently published report is projecting global revenues from home energy management (HEM) products and services to grow from $586.9 million in 2013 to $2.4 billion in 2023. The optimism behind that projection lies in the evolution of HEM products and services.

New Deal for Buildings: How IoT is Transforming HVACR Industry
New Deal for Buildings says the tangible result of such smart technology being embedded deep into building automation equipment, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, is that larger property owner and management concerns will be able to have equipment issues diagnosed before service technicians are required to be dispatched.

Residential Systems: Consumers Want Simple Connections
Residential Systems magazine says the 2008 State of the Connected Home Market Study shows the one thing consumers want most in a connected home is convergence, the simple integration of new technologies.

TecHome Builder: TecHome Brilliance Awards
TecHome Brilliance Awards will salute excellence and innovation in home technology, honoring a diverse span of products, along with contractors, service providers and builders.

Telecompetitor: Smart Homes Becoming Necessity for Multi-Family Housing
Telecompetitor says multi-family smart home research suggests that smart technology is becoming more of a necessity than a nice-to-have option in the multi-family sector.

WP: Buyers Say They Are Willing To Pay Extra For Smart Homes
Washington Post says consumer polls point to smart-homes commanding higher prices and faster purchases from buyers, provided that the smart home features are installed before move-in. According to a project by Coldwell Banker Real Estate, 54 per cent of buyers (in a sample of 1,250) say that given the choice between two identical homes, one smart and one not, they'd buy the smart home.
Industry Sectors

CABA: Continental Automated Buildings Association
CABA is a not-for-profit industry association that promotes advanced technologies for the automation of homes and buildings in North America.
Information Sources

Automated Buildings: Links To Industry Blogs & Forums
Automated Buildings offers links to industry web logs and forums that cover topics related to automated buildings, energy efficiency, green building, and more.

Automated Buildings: Online Videos On Smart Automated IoT Buildings
Automated Buildings online videos help explain building automation, smart building direction and the internet of everything.

Automated Buildings: Resources On Commercial Building Automation
Automated Buildings is the best site for larger buildings. It has an online magazine, industry news, new and existing product info, education resources, directories of links, magazine archives, and more.

Builder Magazine: Top 10 Smart-Home Stories Of Past Year
Builder Magazine presents their 10 most popular smart-home stories of the last 12 months, as voted on by the clicks of their site users.

CABA: iHomes & Buildings Magazine On Intelligent Buildings
Continental Automated Buildings Association iHomes & Buildings magazine examines innovations in home safety as well as how electrical and surveillance systems are central to intelligent buildings.

CABA: Online Presentations From Automated Buildings Association
Continental Automated Buildings Association provides online presentations on various automated building topics.

Home Toys: Articles On Home Technology
Home Toys magazine archives articles on home technology and automation including current Issue, library, reviews, learning, home technology demo, tips & tricks, site search tools, and more.

Home Toys: Resource Site On Home Automation
Home Toys is a great home technology site with an online Emagazine, archives of past issues, a Library of resources, links to other Web sites, new product reviews and more.
Issues & Performance

Automated Buildings: How Do Smart Buildings Make A Building Green
Automated Buildings article describes how smart buildings make green buildings greener, and green buildings make smart buildings smarter.

CTA: List Of Standards For Communications & Electronics
Consumer Technology Association developes industry standards to enable interoperability between new products and existing devices. They list standards for audio systems; video systems; television data; DTV interface; intelligent mobility; health, fitness & wellness; consumer electronics networking; modular communications interface for energy management; residential systems; augmented & virtual reality; artificial intelligence.

Fast Company: Why Internet Of Things Might Never Speak A Common Language
Fast Company says a single standard for smart homes and other connected devices sounds great, but some of the biggest tech firms donít seem interested.

CMHC: Using Home Automation For Accessible Housing
CMHC guide describes how home automation systems can control lighting, appliances, telephones, and home security to help create living spaces that are convenient and energy efficient, minimize potential for accidents, and result in a house that is able to adapt to life changes. (PDF)

IRC: Smart Home Technologies To Support Independent Living
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction Centre for Computer-assisted Construction Technologies is developing and testing smart home technologies to support independent living. These are expected to provide high quality and yet affordable supports for seniors and people with disabilities to live safely and independently in their own homes. (PDF)

NHPC: Making Sense Of Smart Home For Home Performance
National Home Performance Council report Making Sense of the Smart Home: Applications of Smart Grid and Smart Home Technologies for the Home Performance Industry discusses evolution and future prospects of smart technology to enhance energy efficiency and home performance. (PDF)

Remodeling: Ways to Talk to Your Customers about Smart Home Technology
Remodeling magazine says the smart home market has seen general interest, but also a lot of confusion. Here's what to keep in mind.
Product Supply

Architect Magazine: Best & Most Realistic Smart-Home Tech From CES 2015
Architect Magazine reveals integrated smart devices, new uses for light fixtures, and ultra-efficient appliances from this year's consumer technology trade fair in Las Vegas.

BizTech: 5 Smart Home Technologies Improving Senior Care
BizTech says a pilot program at Masonic Homes of California tests how sensors, mobile devices and software can impact the quality of care for seniors.

Bob Vila: Best 9 Smart Home Gadgets Of 2015
Bob Vila ranks the nine best smart home gadgets of 2015. The list includes: Amazon Echo, Keen Home Smart Vent, WallyHome Water Sensing System, Switch from iDevices, Nest Cam, MyQ Garage Door Opener, Roost Battery, SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell and the Neato BotVac.

CABA: Best-Practices Guide for Evaluating Intelligent Buildings Technologies
Continental Automated Buildings Association online Best-Practices Guide for Evaluating Intelligent Buildings Technologies consists of criteria by which intelligent building technologies can be evaluated. The topics in this guide are important for various audiences, such as building owners and managers, intelligent building designers, installers. (PDF)

CABA: Life Cycle Costing Of Intelligent Buildings
Continental Automated Buildings Association report Life Cycle Costing of Intelligent Buildings identifies barriers to adopting life cycle costing and determines what issues need to be rectified in order to make life cycle cost processes more understandable. Free registration required.

CE Pro: Buyers Guide With Products & Manufacturers Listings
CE Pro online Buyers Guide gives you a summary of each product and direct links to manufacturer Web sites, if looking for products and/or manufacturers.

CEDIA: Find System Designers & Installers
Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association provides both designer and installer certification programs, and supplies an online search for a list of their members in your local area.

Curbed: 7 Home Tech Products To Upgrade Your Space Now
Curbed says with the release of iOS 10 earlier this month, Apple is finally pulling the curtain back on its new Home app, and, as is the vogue in the smart home sphere, voice activation is the name of the game.

Curbed: CES 2018 Smart Home Tech Trends
Curbed describes some smart home tech trends from CES 2018, from app-monitored home deliveries to all things sleep tech.

Hartford: Top 10 Smart Home Technologies For Mature Homeowners
Hartford says smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, wireless doorbell cameras, and keyless entry are among the top 10 smart home technologies for homeowners age 50 and older.

MaRS: Smart Automation Enables Home Energy Management
MaRS Market Intelligence report The Connected Home: Smart Automation Enables Home Energy Management, summarizes interviews with seven early-stage Canadian companies that are helping shape the connected home and HEM landscape. Their profiles highlight the companies' approaches to the market as well as their products. (PDF)

SSI: 2019 IoT Integration Awards Winners
Security Sales & Integration says spanning AV solutions to security products, the 2019 IoT Integration Awards Winners are making life easier for both integrators and end users.

TecHome Builder: 2018 TecHome Brilliance Awards Winners
TecHome Builder lists their 2018 TecHome Brilliance Awards Winners. The awards program recognizes the leaders in the home technology market as manufacturers implement innovations in home control, energy efficiency, connected appliances and more.

TechRadar: Best Home Automation Systems of 2019
TechRadar says the rise in wireless technology and connectivity means that there are now more opportunities that ever to create a home automation system, controlling everything from lighting, heating, to entertainment centers.
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