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Basics & Theory

Electrical Online: Common Cable & Wire
Electrical Online article gives an overview of cable and wire types, how wire is sized, and lists the most common cables and their uses.
Information Sources

Fine Homebuilding: Wiring Video Tips
These five videos from the Fine Homebuilding archives can help you to save time and to work safely on your next electrical project.
Issues & Performance

Electrical Business: PEI Electrical Inspectors Say Aluminum Wiring Okay
Electrical Business magazine says electrical inspectors in P.E.I. are advising Islanders that aluminum wiring can be safe but must be properly maintained. Inspectors have received a number of enquiries recently about the safety of aluminum wiring - many calls coming from homeowners considering alternate heat sources, such as portable heaters, electric fireplaces and electric baseboard heating.

Electrical Safety Authority: Facts About Aluminum Wiring In The Home
Electrical Safety Authority bulletin explaining that aluminum wiring is safe if properly installed, but it does require specific types of switches and receptacles. (PDF)

Old House Web: Overview Of Knob & Tube Wiring
Old House Web article from home inspector William Kibbel III, explains how properly installed knob and tube wiring is not a problem in and of itself, but handy homeowners, critters, and time are enemies of this vintage wiring system, and it is the belief of this home inspector that this type of system should be replaced.

Technical Safety BC: New Permit Category For Extra Low Voltage
Technical Safety BC bulletin New Permit Category Extra Low Voltage/Low Energy Decal gives the holder preauthorized permission to perform certain regulated work without the need to apply to BC Safety Authority beforehand for a permit. (PDF)

Technical Safety BC: Why Reversed Polarity Is A Hazard
Technical Safety BC says reversed polarity results when the hot and neutral wires are flipped around at an outlet, or upstream from an outlet. Fortunately it is usually easy to repair.

DIY: Basics Of Electrical Grounding
Do It Yourself describes basics of electrical grounding as a critical safety requirement for electrical systems in the home. It shows how a ground wire generates a short circuit and trips the circuit breaker or fuse when voltage is leaking improperly to the electrical box or to the case of a fixture or appliance.

Fine Homebuilding: Fishing Wire With PEX Tubing
Fine Homebuilding describes how to run new wires through existing walls using a length of PEX tubing.

Fine Homebuilding: Installing Rough Electrical Wiring
Fine Homebuilding article on rough electrical wiring offers tips for getting the job done efficiently, advice on how to calculate electrical box sizes, and a summary of key code requirements.

Fine Homebuilding: Running Cables Through Existing Walls
Fine Homebuilding article explains that installation of switches and receptacles in finished walls does not necessarily mean drilling a whole bunch of holes.

Fine Homebuilding: Snake Wire Through Old Walls
Fine Homebuilding online video shows how to snake wire through narrow wall cavities filled with plaster.

Fine Homebuilding: Wire-Stripping Tips
Fine Homebuilding online video shows an easy way to strip nonmetallic cable plus a great way to keep track of which wires do what.

GBA: How to Wire for LED Lighting
Green Building Advisor describes issues and considerations for wiring a house with all low-load LED fixtures.

JLC: Replacing An Electrical Service
Journal Light Construction article by an electrical contractor describes how to determine if a home electrical service is ready for an upgrade and how to install a new service.

JLC: Running Electrical Wiring Through Duct Chases
Journal of Light Construction Q & A describes when and how electrical wiring can be run through duct chases.

Plan It DIY: How To Run Wire Through Walls
Plan It DIY online video illustrates how to run wires through walls.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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