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Basics & Theory

American Lighting Association: Three Basic Types Of Lighting
American Lighting Association guide explains the three basic types of lighting. Ambient, task, and accent systems each serve a different purpose in overall lighting solutions.

CED Engineering: Introduction To Solid State Lighting
CED Engineering provides an introduction to solid state lighting including a compilation of fact sheets from the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy. (PDF)

Light Search: Online Guides To Lighting
Light Search Light Guide Series provides basic information about lighting concepts, design, technology and policy issues.

NRCan: Basic Facts About Residential Lighting
Natural Resources Canada provides an overview of residential lighting including colour temperature, lumens & watts, Energy Star, light bulb types, and torchieres. (PDF)

NRCan: Lighting Reference Guide
Natural Resources Canada online lighting guide provides lighting technology information for people involved in purchasing, designing and implementing lighting systems, such as project managers, purchasers, building maintenance personnel, contractors and plant engineers. It describes different technologies available, performance, applications, and worksheets to help calculate life cycles and paybacks on investments. (PDF)

US DOE: Lighting Principles & Terms
US Department of Energy describes the basics of lighting principles and terms to help you choose the best energy-efficient lighting options for your home.
Education & Training

BCIT: Course On High Efficiency Lighting Economics & Maintenance
BCIT course introduces participants to economics of lighting. It includes maximizing return on investment, the simple payback period, various retrofit and redesign options and maintenance programs with scheduling. Opportunities for proceeding with a lighting upgrade are examined. Overview of programs available for financial assistance, businesses involving lighting upgrade work and case studies.

IES BC: Industry Courses On Lighting
BC Section of Illuminating Engineering Society offers several levels of lighting education.
Industry Information

HIRL: New Home Lighting Trends 2019
Home Innovation annual Builder Practices Report reveals some lighting trends. For example, there are far more lighting fixtures being installed on new homes now compared to a decade ago, both interior and exterior. Some configurations have seen more growth than others.

Lightfair: International Lighting Show In US
Lightfair is North America's largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference. It offers a comprehensive and diverse range of applications, high-end design and modern cutting-edge technology. It brings leading international and domestic architectural, design, engineering and lighting professionals together with exhibitors from around the world.

MCEE: Canadian HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical & Lighting Expo
MCEE is eastern Canada's largest plumbing, HVACR, hydronic, electrical and lighting industry expo.
Industry Sectors

BCEA: BC Electrical Association
BC Electrical Association, the trade association for the electrical & lighting industry in BC offers education & training, trade shows, networking, newsletters, industry news, and links to more information. If you want information on electrical or lighting systems and products they would be the ones to contact.

IALD: International Association of Lighting Designers
International Association of Lighting Designers is an international organization that strives to set the global standard for lighting design excellence by promoting advancement and recognition of professional lighting designers.

IES: Illuminating Engineering Society
Illuminating Engineering Society, the recognized technical authority on illumination, communicates information on all aspects of good lighting practice to its members, to the lighting community, and to consumers, through a variety of programs, publications, and services.

NCQLP: Search For Certified Lighting Professionals
National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions offers online search for certified lighting professionals throughout North America.

NLB: National Lighting Bureau
National Lighting Bureau is a not-for-profit organization founded to educate lighting decision-makers about the benefits of High-Benefit Lighting.
Information Sources

ePanorama: Links To Information On Lighting
ePanorama offers links to a wide range of information on lighting products and procedures.

HGTV Remodels: Lighting Tips For Every Room
HGTV Remodels provides information, resources, and tips for residential lighting systems.

IES: Books & Publications For Lighting Industry
Illuminating Engineering Society offers books and publications for the lighting industry.

NLB: Resource Site On Lighting
National Lighting Bureau provides articles, library, FAQs, and links to resources on lighting.

Phillips Lighting: Resource Site For Lighting Professionals
Phillips Lighting site features the latest in lighting technology, products and industry news, including a newsletter, discussion forums, archives, and links to many other resources.

US DOE: Tips On Energy Efficient Lighting
Department of Energy provides tips on types and selection of energy efficient lighting.
Issues & Performance

Architect Magazine: Greener & Energy Efficient Lighting
Architect Magazine article provides an overview of current energy efficient lighting trends and products for the green building market.

Building America: High Efficacy Lighting
Building America Solution Center describes types, issues and considerations for selecting energy efficient lighting.

Building Performance Community: Lighting Audits As Subset Of Energy Audits
Building Performance Community discusses the possibility that everyone would benefit from having a lighting audit done as part of an overall energy audit.

CLTC: California Online Lighting Guides
California Lighting Technology Center online guides were developed to help navigate the lighting requirements in their Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

GBA: Paving the Way for Efficient Light Bulb in Every Socket
Green Building Advisor describes how a 13-year transition to more efficient bulbs will save US consumers more than $10 billion a year.

Green Energy Futures: Green Lighting Basics
Green Energy Futures describes LEDs, CFLs and light multiplying fixtures.

IRC: Dimming Lights For Demand-Responsive Lighting
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction report describes how, based on prior laboratory studies and a field study, they suggest guidelines for dimming lighting as a demand response strategy. (PDF)

IRC: Energy Efficient Lighting Enhances Employee Well-Being
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction paper reports a field investigation into behavioural effects of an energy-saving lighting retrofit. The results show that workstation-specific direct-indirect lighting with individual control is perceived as being more comfortable than recessed parabolic-louvered luminaires. (PDF)

NRCan: Choosing Energy Efficient Lighting Equipment
Natural Resources Canada provides an introduction and tips for selection of energy efficient lighting.

NRCan: Energy Star Technical Specifications For Lighting Products
Natural Resources Canada describes Energy Star technical specifications for lighting products, including lighting fixtures, compact fluorescent lamps, decorative light strings, LED luminaires, and LED lamps-integral. Select the product from the Lighting Products section half-way down the page.

NREL: Efficient Lighting Strategies
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory fact sheet gives a good overview of design and different products that can save watts and bucks, if energy efficiency is a priority. (PDF)

Power Smart: Tips For Energy Efficient Lighting
BC Hydro Power Smart provides tips for effective and energy efficient lighting products, systems, and operation.

US DOE: Efficient Lighting Strategies
US Department of Energy fact sheet Efficient Lighting Strategies describes how to employ efficient lighting strategies in the home for comfort and safety. (PDF)

US EIA: Residential Lighting Use & Potential Savings
US Energy Information Administration study shows the overwhelming majority of lights in residential households are incandescent, the least energy efficient of all light types. The total U.S. household energy that would be saved by replacing all incandescent bulbs used 4 or more hours per day would be 31.7 billion kilowatthours (kWh) annually, or 35 percent of all electricity used for residential lighting. (PDF)

BC Hydro: Tips For Lighting Your Living & Dining Rooms
BC Hydro article offers tips for lighting design in living & dining rooms.

Builder Magazine: New Lighting Design Ideas
Builder Magazine article offers ideas from three lighting designers on the brightest ways to illuminate your homes.

Don Klipstein: Troubleshooting Tips On Lighting
Don Klipstein site is full of tips and tricks for troubleshooting light bulbs, fixtures and lamps. Some of this info might help homeowners to fix their own problem.

GBA: 10 Rules Of Energy Efficient Lighting
Green Building Advisor says although most homes are poorly lit, they still use too much energy for lighting. Follow these rules to brighten up your home while lowering your energy bills.

GE: Online Calculators For Lighting Design & Energy Costs
GE offers online lighting calculators including Simple Energy Estimator, Lighting Layout Estimator, Dimming System Watts Estimator, Simple Life-Cycle Cost Estimator, Fixture Replacement Estimator, and Cost of Waiting Estimator.

HGTV Remodels: 10 Ideas For Landscape Lighting Design
HGTV Remodels provides design tips for choosing a landscape lighting system for your yard and outdoor areas.

IBACOS: High Performance Lighting Guide
IBACOS online High Performance Lighting Guide provides energy-conscious builders with information on high performance lighting background and terminology, and how to implement it in the new homes they build. (PDF)

JLC: Designing Balanced Lighting
Journal of Light Construction article written for builders and renovators suggests ways of designing different light sources for each room, including pictures with examples. (PDF) Free Registration Required

Light Search: Understanding Light & Colour Metrics
Lightsearch article explains the colour appearance of different light sources, and gives you some selection tips.

NLB: Lighting Options For Your Home
National Lighting Bureau online guide Lighting Options for Your Home helps you figure out which of the many high-efficiency, low-cost lighting alternatives to use.

Product Care Recycling: BC Lighting Product Recycling Program
Product Care Recycling, previously known as LightRecycle is a non-profit program to recycle lighting products in British Columbia. Our light recycling program was established in BC in 2010 in response to recycling regulations and requirements for mercury-containing bulbs in Canada. The program has since expanded to Manitoba, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island. Lighting fixtures including string lights and ballasts are only accepted in British Columbia.

Tech Hive: Optimize Your Home Lighting Design Based On Color Temperature
Tech Hive says as you think about which type of lighting to use in your home, you should consider how you can use color temperature to optimize your environment.

US DOE: High Performance Residential Lighting
US Department of Energy guideline High Performance Residential Lighting offers methods to greatly reduce lighting energy use through the application of high quality fluorescent and light emitting diode (LED) technologies. High performance lighting strategies may be applied through the range of builder-installed lighting, from the simplest code compliance level to built-in lighting for each room of the house including exterior lighting. (PDF)

US DOE: Measurement & Verification Plan For Lighting Retrofit Projects
US Department of Energy report Standard Measurement and Verification Plan for Lighting Retrofit Projects for Buildings and Building Sites provides a framework for standard measurement and verification (M&V) of lighting retrofit and replacement projects. It was developed to provide site owners, contractors, and other involved organizations with the essential elements of a robust M&V plan for lighting projects. (PDF)
Product Supply

Architect Magazine : 7 Eco-Friendly Luminaires
Architect Magazine describes seven eco-friendly luminaires that address the illumination requirements of applications ranging from expansive, open-plan offices to small apartments, including a sleek task lamp with integrated motion and daylight sensors, LED downlights, and a biodegradable composite that can be molded into design pieces such as lampshades.

Construct Connect: Directory Of Lighting Products
Construct Connect has a good listing of lighting product manufacturers, if looking for a supplier of a particular product.

Design Quarterly: Top Lighting Trends For 2018
Design Quarterly says interior lighting is often the finishing touch that entirely transforms a space, and this has never been truer than it is today.

Lighting For Tomorrow: Annual Winners Of Lighting Products Competition
Lighting for Tomorrow describes the winners of their annual Awards for solid state lighting and controls.

Topbulb: Find Online Any Lightbulb Anytime
Topbulb site claims to be the place to find any light bulb anytime. If one needs to find a really weird light bulb, rather than running all over town check it out.
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