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Education & Training

CSA: Seminars On Essentials Of 2015 Canadian Electrical Code
CSA offers two-day workshops across Canada, where an expert instructor will lead you through interactive exercises and discussions to help you understand the newest requirements and changes to the 2015 Edition of the Canadian Electrical Code.
Industry Sectors

EIABC: Electrical Inspectors Association of British Columbia`
Electrical Inspectors Association of BC members include inspectors, associates, and contractors. It espouses electrical safety, provides a forum for interpretation of the Canadian Electrical Code, and is the voice of the Electrical Inspector.
Information Sources

CSA: Top Fifteen Changes To 2018 Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (CEC)
Canadian Standards Association outlines the top 15 changes to the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (CEC).

EIABC: Electrical Inspector FAQ's
Electrical Inspectors Association of BC provides an Inspector FAQ's section to possibly answer any questions you may have. If you do not get the desired information or answer from this section you may submit a question using the form provided.

TSBC: 2015 BC Electrical Code Adoption
Technical Safety BC bulletin provides guidance with regard to the use of the 2012 and 2015 Electrical Code editions, permits and performance of regulated electrical work.

TSBC: Comments from 2018 Canadian Electrical Code Review Consultation
Technical Safety BC lists all comments from consultations with stakeholders about the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code meant to identify important impacts and issues that are specific to BC.

TSBC: Electrical Work in Emergencies
Technical Safety BC directive provides guidance on the interpretation and application of the Safety Standards General Regulation with respect to electrical work performed in an emergency or when permit-issuing offices are closed.
Product Supply

BC Gov: BC Electrical Safety Regulation
BC Government online Safety Standards Act covering Electrical Safety Regulation describes General Qualification and Licensing Provisions, and Permits, Inspections and Regulated Products.

BCIT: Purchasable Book On BC Electrical Code Simplified
BCIT Online Bookstore sells Electrical Code Simplified which offers a simplified version of our Canadian Electrical Code and the British Columbia Amendments and Bulletins. It is divided into 33 sections, each dealing with a specific phase of the electrical installation. $22.95

CAN/CSA-C22.6 NO. 1-11 Electrical Inspection Code For Existing Residential Occupancies
CAN/CSA-C22.6 NO. 1-11, Electrical Inspection Code for Existing Residential Occupancies, is a new voluntary Canadian standard developed to establish a minimum level of safety in existing residential occupancies. The standard is limited to existing installations and does not overlap or conflict with the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I.

CSA Group: Canadian Electrical Code & Electrical Standards
Canadian Standards Association Group (CSA) develops our national electrical codes and product standards. Here is a summary of their electrical products and resources.

CSA: C22.1-18 New 2018 Canadian Electrical Code
C22.1-2018 Canadian electrical code, part I (24th edition), safety standard for electrical installations is now available. $180 CDN

CSA: New Canadian Electrical Code Goes Interactive With Electronic Version
CSA says the 2015 Canadian Electrical Code is now offered in a new interactive version that provides users enhanced ability to locate, interpret and calculate requirements of the code on a tablet or phone.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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